Li Ning US 930 Badminton Racket

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  • Weight : 84g
  • Flex : Medium
  • Composition : Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Size : S10
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Li Ning US 930 Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.3260

  • LI Ning US 930 is developed for all round type of playing skills with attacking game style. The racket is developed with MPCF reinforce technology (ultra rigid carbon material ) offers ultimate rigidity to frame and allow player to put string tension upto 32 lbs. Ultra carbon series is made of ultra strong material which gives more optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for exact and steady strokes. Ultra rigid frame also helps in making frame stable for accurate shot delivery.
    Li ning US 930 is good racket for those who love to play with higher string tension. Racket material and its graphite combination helps in making rocket ultra light. Its weight is around 82 gms. US 930 is developed on new concept known as Dynamic Optimum frame. This type of frame. In this type of frame concept racket is developed with improved mechanical property to get best possible playing characteristics. Further , to improve the Flex of racket , Li Ning used high tensile shaft. HT shaft offers best strength and rigidity to racket.
  • Technologies Used in Ultra Strong Series:
    DOF (Dynamic Optimum Frame):
    Sweet spot is considered as an area where player get maximum power. Badminton players always want to make a shuttle contact at sweet spot. If player will get enlarged sweet spot then it will be an added advantage for them. These Badminton rackets are developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area for badminton player.
    Aerotec Beam System:
    Li Ning Rackets are developed with Aerotec beam system in which racket frame beam is design with considering all the critical parameters of aerodynamics. By doing so, Li Ning developed a frame in which overall air resistance is very less which helps in following ways:
    (1) It gives very less air resistance thus player gets more racket swing speed. With improved swing speed, badminton player can effectively place the fine drop shots and cross corner shots.
    (2) With Improved swing speed, player get more time to prepare for next shots, thus it will helps in pacing the return shots. It gives lightning fast response time to player.
    High Tensile Slim Shaft:
    High tensile slim shaft is developed by 0.7 mm top slim shaft design. With extra rigid material , slim nature , shaft provide better repulsion and strength to player. With HT shaft , player can accurately place the shots and dominate on opponent.
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