Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Unstrung

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Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket

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  • Weight: 3U (85-89.9g)
  • Head Shape: Square/Isometric
  • Flex: Stiff and B.Pt: B.Pt: 4 (Head Light / Even Balance)
  • Head Material: H.M. Graphite Sonic Metal. Ex-HMG Shaft Material : H.M. Grahite, Nanometric, X-Fullerene
  • unstrung
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Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket Unstrung PRICE: RS.11600

  • YONEX NanoRay Z-Speed is a new badminton racket in NANORAY Series and already register the name in Guinness Book of World record with fastest smash of 493 Km/Hr. This Racket is launched in INDIA by great Indian badminton player’s Saina Nehwal & Prakash Padukone on 13th-Sept-13. In India only 8 dealers are register by YONEX to sell this product.YONEX NanoRay Z-Speed is developed with new and innovative concepts like Horizontal H Concept , New & improve Sonic Metal . “A Horizontal concept” is revolutionary design change done by YONEX in frame. With this concept, now racket string will move effectively into frame grommets and give you optimum flex. With Improve flex , Nanoray Z Speed will provide effective contral and power to badminton player.
  • YONEX NanoRay Z-Speed used Cutting Edge Material like X-Fullerene . With the help of new material, racket frame and its shaft cross section is compress to improve the aerodynamic of racket. As per YONEX racket swing speed is improve by 10% with Nanoray Z speed. Improved racket swing speed will results into fast rackets smashes and quick drive shots.
Yonex Nanoray Z Speed Badminton Racket
  • YONEX Badminton Rackets Guide

    YONEX , the leading brand in badminton equipment manufacturing and most innovative company in racket sports produces quality badminton rackets for professional, advance and entry level badminton players. YONEX Racquets are known for its superior quality, expert level series classifications and innovative racket technologies with precision on manufacturing technology. YONEX used state of the art designed technique like Computer Aided Design to accurately design the racket shapes.
    YONEX classified its badminton rackets into professional series like YONEX Nanoray , YONEX Arcsaber , YONEX Voltric and YONEX Nanospeed series. These series are designed based on players individual badminton need and playing style. For example, Aggressive badminton players are always required rackets with extra power while on other hand, player with defensive playing style preferred to play with lightweight badminton racket which they can move very fast with easy control.
    This article will help badminton player to quickly identify the correct YONEX Badminton racket series as per there playing style and game need. Before move to YONEX rackets series, it is recommended to read article on badminton rackets basics and its components .

    YONEX Arcsaber Series - More Control on Game:

    YONEX Arcsaber series is designed for those players who want to control the shuttle with more accurate and precise manner. YONEX developed new and innovative material technology named as CS Carbon Nanotubes placed at side of racket frame. With accurate placement of CS carbon nanotubes in racket frame, it’s enhanced the elasticity of frame and results into holding the shuttle on badminton racket string bed for longer time. Due to this extra time, player get more control on badminton shuttle and place the shuttle more accurately.
    CS nanotube are developed by layering the nano carbon fiber in predefined manner to get best in class material performance which give better elasticity , more repulsion and extended durability to racket frame. CS nanotube ensures the frame flex in controlled manner when shuttle hits the string bed and release the shuttle more precisely. With the help of this types of racket badminton player can place the shuttle in more control way. It will help in placing the shuttle from 3rd line to corner drop shots, fast drive shots in order to get quick points during opponent attack, strong backhand shots and first line net work.
    YONEX also incorporated the T anchor technology in Arcsaber Badminton rackets series which placed at racket T joint. T anchor controls the torque when shuttle hits the rackets string bed. Due the T anchor technology, Badminton player feels more control on shots. YONEX Arcsaber FB , Arcsaber 11 , Arcsaber 6 , Arcsaber 7 are the famous rackets in this series.

    YONEX Nanoray Series- Speedy Racket Handling

    YONEX Nanoray series is designed for those badminton players who want fast Racket Swing speed .Nanoray series is a head light series in which racket balance is kept toward handle side. Due to its light head, racket move fast is air and gives lightening fast swing speed by which you can supersize your opponent. Nanoray series uses the X-FULLERENE technology in which carbon fiber joint rich material is placed at racket shaft. This type of structure results into enhanced material properties like increase in bending strength by 103 % which give better racket durability , Increase in repulsion by 109 % which give quick shot delivery and stiffness improved by 107% which results into better shaft stability helps in accurate shot placement.
    YONEX Nanoray series is equipped with Aero frame technology. In this technology racket frame is designed in aerodynamic shape which gives better racket dynamics and reduce the air resistance. Due to less air resistance, racket moves very fast in air and player observed better racket swing speed. Better Swing speed helps in quick shot placements.
    With Nanometric YONEX technology Racket shaft becomes thinner which results into lightweight and more stiffness. Due to thinner shaft, Inertia a property is also improves which gives better stability of shaft. YONEX Nanoray series rackets like YONEX NANORAY Speed and YONEX NANORAY 900 are most speedy racket.
    With Sonic metal (New titanium allow material which is lightweight in nature) is positioned at top on the racket frame. With sonic metal, badminton player gets high racket repulsion which results into quick badminton shot delivery. Also sonic metal improve the sound of shuttle hitting with string bed. It’s give more clear and louder hitting sound by which you can supervise your opponent.

    YONEX Voltric Series-All Round Performance

    YONEX Voltric series is endorsed by world number 1 Lee chong wei and its is dedicated to aggressive badminton players with all-round performance. Voltric series is a head heavy badminton racket series which mean it will provide you powerful badminton smashes. It is a rule which states that if a racket is build on head heavy configuration then due to its head weight, racket swing will be compromised. But to break this rule, YONEX Voltric series is designed with state of art Tri Voltage technology which gives combination of fast racket swing and powerful badminton smashes. With Tri Voltage System, YONEX Voltric series rackets are stiffer in nature at top side of frame which hold the shuttle with delay time and gives super fine control on shuttle while on side of the frame it is build with flex property material which give superb energy transfer to shuttle. Overall with these changes in racket frame, badminton player will get better power on smashes.
    In order to further improve the racket properties like stiffness, impact strength and bending strength, YONEX is reinvent the carbon fiber material technology. YONEX used Nan technology in with carbon fiber is combines together with epoxy resin material which gives new and improved material known as NONOpreme. YONEX NONOpreme gives better bending strength, stiffness and impact strength. NONOpreme technology helps in developed the ultra slim shaft which gives better stability and more rebound as compare to traditional badminton rackets.
    Further, to improve the air resistance of racket frame, YONEX used the AERO BOX frame technology.
    In AERO Frame, Racket frame is designed with aero dynamically shape which gives minimum air resistance and thus provide better racket swing which helps in better and quick shot placements.
    YONEX Voltrix Z force, YONEX Voltric Z Force II , YONEX Voltric 9 Neo , Voltric 7 , Voltric 5 rackets belong to YONEX Voltric series.

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Badminton RacketKhelmart priceDiscount(%)FlexConst.ShaftBalanceWeight/Grip
731528Flex: 60 mm - Medium and Balance: 292 mm from handle - Head lightHead Material : Graphite Shaft Material :High Modulus Graphite, FullereneunstrungWeight : 91 g
601228Flex : stiffHead Material: Graphite Shaft Material : Full Graphite / Super Slim ShaftunstrungWeight: 3U (85-90g)
1160628Flex : Medium Stiff and Balance: 7 (Even Balance) Head Material :HM Graphite Shaft Material :HM GraphiteunstrungWeight: (3U) 85-89gm
379027Combining incredible power and fast racquet handlingStandard model for mid-range players using tri-voltage system for good racquet handling and powerLin dan special editionFrame: Graphite,Titanium & Weight : 4U/G4, 84g
1249228 Flex : Stiff and Balance : Head Light Head Material: H.M. Graphite Fullerene Shaft Material :H.M. Graphite X-FullereneunstrungWeight: 3U (85-89.9g)
157628Flex : MediumHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material :  Weight :2U (90-94.9g)
1160040 Flex: Stiff Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NanoMetricB.Pt: 5 (Even Balance) Weight: 73gm (F)
923446Flex: Extra Stiff and Balance : 7 (Even Balance toward Head Heavy)Head Material :CS Carbon Nanotube, High Modulus Graphite Shaft Material : Ultra PEF, High Modulus GraphiteunstrungWeight: 3U (85-89.9g)
297026Flex : StiffColor : Black & OrangeHead shape: IsometricFrame: Graphite, NANOAIR SPRING
242036Flex: MediumHead Material : Aluminium Shaft Material : SteelBalance: Light BalanceWeight: 85-89.9 g
116020Flex: StiffHead Material: Steel Shaft Material : SteelBalance Point : 6 (Even Balance)Weight: (1U) 95-99gm
144028Flex : FlexibleColor : Black Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC, X-FULLERENE
102021Head Material: Aluminium & Shaft Material : SteelMaximum Control.Nylon Shuttlecock & Speed : Slow, 75Weight : 120 g & Flex: Stiff
153718Materials: Frame: AluminiumFrame: Durable FrameIdeal for beginner to intermediate playersShaft: Graphite
277228Flex: MediumHead Material : High Modulus Graphite, Aluminium Shaft Material : High Modulus Graphite, SteelBalance: Even BalanceWeight: 3U (85 - 89.9 g)
172020Flex : FlexibleColor : Black Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC, X-FULLERENE
249034Shaft: H.M. Graphiteweight / Grip size : 3 U (avg 83gm), G4,5 Flex : Extra stiff
189732   Shaft Material : HM Graphite
179023Isometric Head PowerBulit in T jointG4-4U(AVG 80GMS)Ideal for professional level playerShaft Material : HM Graphite
206331Flex: Flaxible Grip Size : G4Weight : 3U(85 to 89.5 g)Frame Material : Graphite & Nanoair spring
90028Flex : StiffHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : SteelBalance : 6 (Even balance)Weight : U (95-99.9g)
176428Flex : MediumWeight:3U (85-89.9g)Level of play:RecreationalHead Material:Graphite
831628Flex: FlexibleHead Material : Graphite, Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube Shaft Material :High Modulus GraphiteBalance: Evenly balancedWeight: 80-84g
699938Extremely light and highly manouverableGrip size : G 5 and Durable performance and great controlunstrungRacket shaft is composed of C 60 Nano Carbon Fullerene
314039Top players stay relaxed and win points at critical times in the match and Color : Royal Blue and White T-shirtTHRAX clothing dries sweat quickly and lowers your body temperature to keep you comfortable.Stay cool under pressure and concentrate on winning. Air Flow Dry FitFrame: Graphite,Titanium & Weight : 4U/G4
1059447Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEFWeight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5 unstrungFlex: Medium
565228Flex : FlexibleWeight: 4U (80-84.9G)Level of play: Head Material:Graphite
220510Specifically designed for supreme performanceFirm gripUltra lightweightShaft: Graphite, Frame: Graphite
197940Flex : Flexible / Medium StiffHead Material: Carbon Graphite Shaft Material : Carbon GraphiteBalance : 6 (Even balance)Weight : 85.0-89.9 gms (3U)
181322Flex : MediumColor : Red Frame: Graphite
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