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Cricket Players are alway looking for bats those are lightweight in nature. Lightweight cricket bats gives better feel to player and these bats are easily to swing. Cricket bat weight around 1050 gms to 1150 gms are considered as lightweight bats.

With lightweight cricket bats , players will get following benefits:


  1. Lightweight cricket bats pick is good which helps in placing good improvisational shots.
  2. With the help of these bats player can easily swing it and perform better shots with good timing.
  3. Lightweight bats helps in better shot timing.
  4. Lightweight bats are very beneficial in playing bouncy cricket pitches.
  5. Players who like to play pull , hook and cut shots will definitely like the light weight cricket bats.

SG Bats offers good range and players can get bat with weight range around 1100 gms to 1150 gms. Along with lightweight configuration , SG Cricket bats are also offers good pickup and balance point.

Based on weight range , we are listing the Best SG Lightweight English Willow Cricket Bats.

SG Opener Limited Edition:


SG Opener Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

SG Opener Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

It is an higer end cricket bat which is developed for advance cricket players. This cricket bat is made from top end english willow. Willow is processed naturally in the air which gives best in class performance.Bat edge thickness is around 40 to 42 mm while bat back profile is full. Bat shape is traditional which is developed by state of the art SG Cricket Manufacturing system.

SG opener LE bat handle is developed with 12 piece swark cane handle with rubber laminated technique. This type of handle with advance laminated technique gives better control and flex to player. This cricket bat is equipped with Toe guards and comes with full body padded cover.

SG Player Xtreme:


SG Players Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat

SG Players Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat

This Cricket bat is made from grade 2 English Willow cleft. Its profile is traditional whereas its main unique point is lightweight design. Bat is developed by considering modern cricket game requirements. With lightweight design and massive edge profile ,player can hit the powerful cricket shots with controlled power. Its blade is curve which provides better directional control on shots. Sweet Position of this cricket bat is bit higher which is design to deliver better drive , hooks and pull shots.

Cricket player will get 5 to 7 straight grains in this bat. Bat handle is made of 12 piece cane. Bat comes with full body padded cover.

SG Player Edition:

SG Players Edition Cricket Bat

SG Players Edition Cricket Bat

This SG cricket bat is latest model developed by SG for all round type of game play. Developed with Grade A (Finest Willow) and standard SG bat making technique. This bat gives super willow quality for professional game play. Player will get 7 to 9 straight grains with absolutely clear willow profile. Edge thickness of bat is around 40 to 45 mm with enlarged sweet spot position. Its Enlarged Sweet spot & big edge helps in making big hits while balance body weight will allow player to make quality dives and cut shots.

The main feature of this bat is its unique spine profile and back profile. Spine is tradition with fullback profile which gives enlarged sweet spot for maximum power in shots. SG used new Chevtec grip in this bat. Chevtec grip gives better and cushioned surface for gripping action.

SG Sunny Tonny:

SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat

SG Sunny Tonny Cricket Bat

SG Sunny Tonny is again a big hit is SG professional series bat. This bat is used by legendary Indian Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. So SG maintained same quality in this bat which was used once by Sunil Gavaskar. Developed with Hand Selected premium Grade A English Willow with traditional SG Bat making process which gives durable cricket bat performance for extended bat use. Bat spine shape , Bat profile will suit the all round type of game with improvisational game style.

Sunny Tunny is developed for those who want improvisational cricketing shots. Its balance, pickup and spine suits the all round type of playing style. Further to improve the overall bat dynamics, SG used unique Bat spine to give light weight bat feel with perfect balance and pickup. Player will get 7 to 10 grains in the bat while its weight is around 1180 gms.

SG King Cobra:

SG King Cobra Cricket Bat

SG King Cobra Cricket Bat

This bat is all time hit in complete SG professional bat series. Featured with SG new concept like Hand Crafted , Big Sweet Spot , Power Drive Handle, Big Edge , Rounded Face Profile. Developed with Premium Grade A English Willow, SG King Cobra is suitable for Attacking game style of play. Bat Balance and Weight distribution is very uniform and gives feather light bat feel.

Bat edge Thickness is around 37 to 41 mm. Its handle is made from Saravak cane (Importance from Singapore). With Saravak cane and Chevtec grip , SG King Cobra is a unique combination for power and control. This series of bats are dedicated to aggressive players like suresh Raina.

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