Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball

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Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball
Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball

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Product Specifications

  • Internal: Air Dried Inner Core.
  • Material: 4- Piece Alum Tanned Indian Leather
  • Layers: 5 Layer Quilted Centre.
  • Colour: Red
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Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball PRICE: RS.1590

  • Key Specification of Kookaburra Super Test Cricket ball
    1. This Cricket ball is suitable for the Tournament level players.
    2. It is water proof ball so you can play in the moisture condition.
    3. Kookaburra super test cricket ball is made by Alan Tanned leather.
    4. This ball have 5 layer Quilted centre.
    5. Quantity of the ball:01.
    6. Weight of this ball Around 150 to 160.
  • Red coloured Kookaburra super test cricket ball. It is constructed with 5 layer quilted center. Waxed and finished to English requirements. Selected first grade alum tanned steer hide cover with fine linen stitching.A great cricket ball is one that delivers all round performance in terms of durability, flight and bounce making it a joy to bowl, catch or dispatch to the boundary. The Kookaburra Super ball is a great quality cricket ball. Kookaburra s range of cricket balls is world-renowned for their quality and excellent seam and shape retention
  • Guide on Leather Cricket Balls:

    Cricket Ball is an important part of Cricket Game. It is made from fine quality leather and required lots of hand skills in order to produce a perfect shape cricket ball. Different Manufactures are doing continues R & D work to get the durable and perfect shape cricket ball. In this guide we shall explain the different types of Cricket ball and its impact of Cricket game.

    Leather Cricket Ball Manufacturing :

    Cricket Ball Manufacturing includes different manufacturing steps like seasoning of Leather, Cutting of leather as per ball specifications, first cut stitching of leather pieces, Leather pieces and cork ball assembly , Final stitching of leather ball assembly , Pressing of leather ball , Polishing of leather ball , Final packing and dispatch. Check out full Article of Cricket Full Manufacturing . Based on manufacturing process precision and skill level of operator, quality of cricket ball can be decided. Skilled operator with well defined manufacturing process wills results into perfect cricket ball for professional level cricket play.

    Test Match Cricket Ball – Red Color :

    Originally, Red Cricket Ball was introduces in Test matches. Red color cricket ball is used to play in Day Cricket Games. Red Color ball gives clear visibility to batsman in day matches and offer good spin and swing. Test Match Cricket Balls are made of top quality leather material with alum tanned leather processing which gives extra ordinary ball performance. Test Level Cricket ball required more durable performance thus needs to be manufacture by high skills operators and precise manufacturing process.

    One Day Match Cricket Ball – Red Color\White :

    One day cricket game is dynamic in nature and required optimum cricket ball performance in order to maintain the interest of batsman and bowlers. One day cricket ball is manufactures with four piece lather configuration with précis manufacturing process. Nowadays, One day Cricket games are organized in day – night playing style for which ball color is very important. In One day Cricket match, bowlers need more swing control while on other hand, ball bounce should be optimized enough to dominate in game.

    Types of Cricket Ball based on internal Stitching :

    Leather Cricket balls can be classified into two types based on its internal stitching. Internal stitching holds the leather cut piece strongly so that it should maintain the shape and give durable performance. Based on internal stitching, leather balls can be classified into two types:
    (1) Two Piece Leather Ball (2) Four Piece Leather Ball

    Two Piece cricket Ball :

    Two Piece Cricket Balls are made by two leather piece stitch together by durable thread in order to get perfect shape cricket ball. In two Piece configuration ball become more rigid and give rough performance as compare to four piece configuration. Two piece balls are suitable for entry level cricket play and it is economical in use.

    Four Piece cricket Ball :

    Four Piece cricket Ball is made by four leather piece stitch together by high quality and durable thread. In Four piece leather ball there are three types of stitching takes place. Two Rough stitching with thick thread to join the four leather pieces (To make two separate half leather circles parts). One Final Stitching to join the 2 half leather circles and cork ball assembly. Due to this type of ball configuration, leather ball gives durable performance while its spin and swing will helps player to dominate in the game.

    Alum Tanned Leather Cricket Ball :

    Alum Tanned Leather is a processing of leather which gives super fine leather for perfect cricket play. Alum tanned process gives cleaning of leather on slow and steady rate to get best in class leather. Leather processed with Alum Tanned technique give superior quality leather balls.

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