Yonex VOLTRIC 5 Badminton Racket

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Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT: 3U (85-89.9g)
  • Head: Square/Isometric
  • FLEX: Medium
  • Head Material: Graphite, Tungsten Shaft Material : H.M. Graphite
  • Balance: 8 (Head Heavy Balance)
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Yonex VOLTRIC 5 Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.2599

  • Killer Voltric 5 for Attacking Players
    This racket is designed for intermediate badminton players with lots of new and innovative technology by YONEX. Racket is developed with Tri Voltage System (New technology by YONEX for improved racket frame design and its Aerodynamic) which gives following key benefits to badminton payers:
    • Head heavy Racket configuration: Due to head heavy configuration, players get maximum power on shots which helps player to dominate in the game by powerful third line clear and explosive smashes from 3rd Line.
    • Racket Frame cross section is designed with latest Aerodynamic concepts which offers less air resistance and results into fast racket swing speed. With fast racket swing speed player can effectively place the drive shots, half smashes and cross corner shots. It also helps in better drop shots and quick return in critical badminton rallies.
    Overall Yonex Voltric 5 is best choice for intermediate badminton player who wants to improve the game by utilizing the racket innovation. Yonex perfectly identifies the need to modern game .i.e. lightening fast shuttle speed.
    Key Specification of Racket
    1. This racket manufactured with Graphite, Tungsten material .
    2. This Racket is belongs to head heavy series which is designed to delivery fast powerful badminton smashes. >
    3. Racket weight is around 88 g with G4 grip configuration
    4. Racket is equipped with Aero-BOX frame which is designed with aero dynamic concept. This gives better swing speed and racket maneuverability.
    5. YONEX Voltric 5 is equipped with state of art YONEX Tri Voltage Technology, which enables player to get maximum power without losing the racket speed.
    6. Yonex used tungsten Infused grommets at racket frame. This type of grommets works as self lubricant in nature and offers a smooth travel of string through the grommets. This helps in better control on shuttle.
    7. Racket used control support cap which offers 88% flat surface to hold the racket which results into better grip.
  • Technical Details of Yonex Voltric 5:
    All New Black Micro Core:
    Yonex first times used black micro core into upper part of badminton racket frame. Black micro core is dense material which serve as a damping device. This dense material is also stiff in nature which provide a vibration absorbing device. This device or material absorb the unwanted vibration caused by shuttle impact and gives stable racket frame which helps in accurate shuttle placement. It is an innovative material technology which reduces the frame vibration up to a great extent.
    Nanometric Shaft:
    Yonex used Nanometric material in shaft which gives excellent shaft characteristics. It improves the bonding strength of carbon fiber and lesser carbon content in shaft helps in producing slim and thinner shaft. By testing Nanometric shaft on following results are observed:
    Nenometric shaft gives 8% more Bending strength as compare to traditional graphite material.
    9 % better stiffness.
    16% better impact strength.
    Super Slim Frame:
    Yonex modified the shape and size of the badminton racket head which gives ultra slim racket head.
    Ultra slim racket head provides following key benefits to players.
    Better racket head swing speed.
    Better racket maneuverability.
    Best suited for those who wants to try fast drive and smashes.
    All New Yonex Tri Voltage System:
    Tri Voltage System Gives Powerful racket smashes:
    Voltric series is head heavy series as per Yonex design. Head heavy series badminton rackets generate tremendous power on smashes as it leads to give more momentum. Further, to improve the head heavy racket characteristics, Yonex used stiff material at racket head which result into optimized shuttle hold time at string bed. By using stiff material at racket head, now player will get better power and control on shots. Yonex further improve the racket characteristics by making thin racket frame side. This improves the racket flex and help in transferring the more energy into shuttle. With more energy transfer, badminton player will get maximum power on shots.
    Overall, the combination of head heavy, stiff racket head top and flexible side offer incredible power, speed and control to badminton players.
    Tri Voltage System Gives Speedy Racket handling:
    In order to balance the head heavy effect of racket, Yonex first time used the very thin and aerodynamically shape side at frame head. This type of aerodynamically designed racket head side offers fast racket swing speed by which player gets quick racket response which helps in placing fast drive shots, quick corner smashes and quick response to opponent drives.
    Overall, with the help of Tri Voltage System, Badminton player will get maximum power while player dont need to compromise on badminton racket speed.
    Built in T Joint (More joint rigidity):
    Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device. In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transferred to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle. Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket.
    Control Cap for Better Gripping:
    Control cap is a concept which is developed by Yonex to improve gripping of racket. Cap is a part which connect shaft with handle. Badminton player hold the racket from handle and finally grip its with Cap. Yonex used more flat surface on cap (88 PERCENT flat surface) which gives opportunity to grip more accurately.
    New Grommets Patterns - More Grommets -More Hole:
    In order to improve the string pattern, Yonex used single passed grommets hole construction system. This type of system gives more grommets hole in same racket frame length which delivers the best in class rackets holes optimization.
    Combination of Aero Box Type Frame:
    Yonex Used combination of Aero and Box type frame for making the cross section of the frame. Box type frame construction gives better strength while aero type cross section offer better aerodynamics of racket frame. The combination of two certainly helps in improving the overall characteristic of the racket.
  • Question and Answer:
    How is Yonex Voltric 5 for attacking players ? Yonex Voltric series is developed for attacking players only. It is head heavy racket. In head heavy racket , weight of racket is adjusted towards head side. This provide extra moment of inertia during smash or 3rd line clear and provide extra power on shots. So, Voltric 5 will definitely designed for attacking game type

    Dose head heavy rackets are sluggish in nature? By law of physics , Yes. Head heavy racket provide slow swing speed. But , Yonex identified this issue and developed new and innovative technology in Voltric 5. .i.e. Tri Voltage System. In Tri Voltage system, shape of the frame cross section is developed in such a way so that it faces less air resistance during racket movement. Due to less air resistance , player get maximum swing speed even racket belongs to head heavy series.

    What is Flex in racket and does it impact the player performance? Flex is very important parameter of racket and level of flex impact the performance of player. Flex refer to flexibility of shaft. Basically racket comes with either Flexible Shaft , Medium Flex ,Stiff or Extra stiff Flex. Flexible racket shaft offer absolute power on shots but flexible shaft racket are difficult to control due to its fast swing speed. Stiff racket shaft offers maximum power and perfect control on shots. Most of the Voltric series rackets comes with stiff shaft. Extra Stiff racket shaft Extra stiff shaft are developed for those who really wants absolute control on shots. So extra stiff shaft offer less power but more control on shots.

    What is best badminton racket voltric series ? In term of power , Yonex Voltric Z force II is most powerful racket in complete Yonex Voltric series..

Yonex VOLTRIC 5 Badminton Racket
  • YONEX Badminton Rackets Guide

    YONEX , the leading brand in badminton equipment manufacturing and most innovative company in racket sports produces quality badminton rackets for professional, advance and entry level badminton players. YONEX Racquets are known for its superior quality, expert level series classifications and innovative racket technologies with precision on manufacturing technology. YONEX used state of the art designed technique like Computer Aided Design to accurately design the racket shapes.
    YONEX classified its badminton rackets into professional series like YONEX Nanoray , YONEX Arcsaber , YONEX Voltric and YONEX Nanospeed series. These series are designed based on players individual badminton need and playing style. For example, Aggressive badminton players are always required rackets with extra power while on other hand, player with defensive playing style preferred to play with lightweight badminton racket which they can move very fast with easy control.
    This article will help badminton player to quickly identify the correct YONEX Badminton racket series as per there playing style and game need. Before move to YONEX rackets series, it is recommended to read article on badminton rackets basics and its components .

    YONEX Arcsaber Series - More Control on Game:

    YONEX Arcsaber series is designed for those players who want to control the shuttle with more accurate and precise manner. YONEX developed new and innovative material technology named as CS Carbon Nanotubes placed at side of racket frame. With accurate placement of CS carbon nanotubes in racket frame, it’s enhanced the elasticity of frame and results into holding the shuttle on badminton racket string bed for longer time. Due to this extra time, player get more control on badminton shuttle and place the shuttle more accurately.
    CS nanotube are developed by layering the nano carbon fiber in predefined manner to get best in class material performance which give better elasticity , more repulsion and extended durability to racket frame. CS nanotube ensures the frame flex in controlled manner when shuttle hits the string bed and release the shuttle more precisely. With the help of this types of racket badminton player can place the shuttle in more control way. It will help in placing the shuttle from 3rd line to corner drop shots, fast drive shots in order to get quick points during opponent attack, strong backhand shots and first line net work.
    YONEX also incorporated the T anchor technology in Arcsaber Badminton rackets series which placed at racket T joint. T anchor controls the torque when shuttle hits the rackets string bed. Due the T anchor technology, Badminton player feels more control on shots. YONEX Arcsaber FB , Arcsaber 11 , Arcsaber 6 , Arcsaber 7 are the famous rackets in this series.

    YONEX Nanoray Series- Speedy Racket Handling

    YONEX Nanoray series is designed for those badminton players who want fast Racket Swing speed .Nanoray series is a head light series in which racket balance is kept toward handle side. Due to its light head, racket move fast is air and gives lightening fast swing speed by which you can supersize your opponent. Nanoray series uses the X-FULLERENE technology in which carbon fiber joint rich material is placed at racket shaft. This type of structure results into enhanced material properties like increase in bending strength by 103 % which give better racket durability , Increase in repulsion by 109 % which give quick shot delivery and stiffness improved by 107% which results into better shaft stability helps in accurate shot placement.
    YONEX Nanoray series is equipped with Aero frame technology. In this technology racket frame is designed in aerodynamic shape which gives better racket dynamics and reduce the air resistance. Due to less air resistance, racket moves very fast in air and player observed better racket swing speed. Better Swing speed helps in quick shot placements.
    With Nanometric YONEX technology Racket shaft becomes thinner which results into lightweight and more stiffness. Due to thinner shaft, Inertia a property is also improves which gives better stability of shaft. YONEX Nanoray series rackets like YONEX NANORAY Speed and YONEX NANORAY 900 are most speedy racket.
    With Sonic metal (New titanium allow material which is lightweight in nature) is positioned at top on the racket frame. With sonic metal, badminton player gets high racket repulsion which results into quick badminton shot delivery. Also sonic metal improve the sound of shuttle hitting with string bed. It’s give more clear and louder hitting sound by which you can supervise your opponent.

    YONEX Voltric Series-All Round Performance

    YONEX Voltric series is endorsed by world number 1 Lee chong wei and its is dedicated to aggressive badminton players with all-round performance. Voltric series is a head heavy badminton racket series which mean it will provide you powerful badminton smashes. It is a rule which states that if a racket is build on head heavy configuration then due to its head weight, racket swing will be compromised. But to break this rule, YONEX Voltric series is designed with state of art Tri Voltage technology which gives combination of fast racket swing and powerful badminton smashes. With Tri Voltage System, YONEX Voltric series rackets are stiffer in nature at top side of frame which hold the shuttle with delay time and gives super fine control on shuttle while on side of the frame it is build with flex property material which give superb energy transfer to shuttle. Overall with these changes in racket frame, badminton player will get better power on smashes.
    In order to further improve the racket properties like stiffness, impact strength and bending strength, YONEX is reinvent the carbon fiber material technology. YONEX used Nan technology in with carbon fiber is combines together with epoxy resin material which gives new and improved material known as NONOpreme. YONEX NONOpreme gives better bending strength, stiffness and impact strength. NONOpreme technology helps in developed the ultra slim shaft which gives better stability and more rebound as compare to traditional badminton rackets.
    Further, to improve the air resistance of racket frame, YONEX used the AERO BOX frame technology.
    In AERO Frame, Racket frame is designed with aero dynamically shape which gives minimum air resistance and thus provide better racket swing which helps in better and quick shot placements.
    YONEX Voltrix Z force, YONEX Voltric Z Force II , YONEX Voltric 9 Neo , Voltric 7 , Voltric 5 rackets belong to YONEX Voltric series.

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Yonex Badminton Racket VOLTRIC 5
average Rating 4.76 Out of 5
Total user 50

Good service and product as described
Received racket with very good packing. Racket is as described on the web

Excellent Racket Value for Money
This Voltric 5 by Yonex is excellent racket. I definitely recommend this at the price offered by Khelmart which is lowest in India at this time. And racket is good for day to day club playing.
Akshay Lakhina

good packing but OK courier
packing was good but you need to change Gati as courier, they wasted 2 days to deliver the package eventhough they got in Faridabad store within 2 days

Good one
The package was packed very well with wood on the sides and front and back with thermocol, then tightly packed with card board. In short good protection for the racket. As the racket goes is good one from Yonex as head heavy type.Thank you khel Mart for sending the racket without a scrath.
Vinod kumar

Badminton racket
Item delivered in good condition.. The racket is excellent for beginners. Only suggestion is to improve on delivery time..
Sandeep Jamwal

Great Power pack Racket!!!
1 I got red racket, its somewhat red / orange gradient look , beautiful though!!! 2 a great racket to play with 3 the packing was very good 4 belivered next day to indirapuram ghaziabad

Prabhu Easwar

Excellent deal. Satisfied with the product
The product comes with good packing condition. But the courier partner that you chose is really frustrated. They kept the package for almost 6 days after transit to destination. Apart from that, the product is so good and I am very satisfied with this. Surely I will recommend Khelmart to my friends. Hope I will deal with you again. Unfortunately your website design is not upto the standards. Please improve the User Interface and My account section.

Awesome product and perfect delivery
Really racket is very good .... Buying this is worth of money Much satisfy about the racket very good ...

Yonex voltric5
Excellent delivery time, pakageing & price
keshav goyal

Yonex voltric 5 racket
The delivery is very fast...and the packing is very good...also the quality of product is best as mentioned....i am very happy to see my new racket

Economical price
G.S. Manakikar

Yonex Muscle Power 29 and Voltric 5
Original items As promised on website Delivery could have been more faster Value for money

Amazing Price, Prompt Delivery & Amazing Racquet
Yonex Voltric 5 is my first order on Khelmart and was doubtful if product would be genuine. So opted for Cash-on-delivery. The delivery was made on time and the packing was good. Received 100% genuine product and verified it online. 5 our of 5 for my Khelmart. And about the Racquet: It is head heavy but balanced Racquet (counter balanced by U4 handle which is slightly heavy). Being a Muscle Power user for almost 4 years which itself is a good Racquet for amateur, Voltric 5 did not disappoint. Good for both attack and defence, it is a very good Racquet at mid price range.

Voltric 5 Rating
Excellent delivery and Packaging. I have used MP 29 light and Bobolat N Force lite previously, This racket is very good for offense and defense, Really good in this price range. Go fot It !!!
Harikrishna pendli

Superb packing & Genuine product
When know that khelmart courier its products through Gati, I was in a little apprehension that how do they pack & how Gati handles my product in transit. When I received my product through Gati, i felt I was completely wrong. Khelmart packed my product well and I received a genuine product. Thank you khelmart for giving me the best rocket in reasonable price. Keep it up. My advice to buyers that you can trust khelmart, they deliver genuine product.

Great deal
Amazing price and good packing, good delivery, very good item.
Swaroop l Amalzare

Awesome experience
Thank you very much for such a wonderful service. Product quality is good. Delivered in time.
Raveendra Babu Aripaka

Very Good
The product is really nice and the delivery is intime. Thank You

racquet experience
still in my beginning days with the raquet , the tension is a bit low for me and i dont feel comfortable with it . i am sure with the change of the strings and raquet tension things will be a lot better.
Mathew Shenu Sam

Yonex Voltric 5
The Product is Good and you can trust KHELMART it provides original product. The Package is as describe on site.
Mathew Shenu Sam

Review Date 2 Dec 2017 Hi Guys YOUNEX Voltric 5 is my first Khelmart Product which i have bought online. I was not sure of the Khelmart purchase but I suggest You can have Trust on Khelmart as the product is Original and as describe in the Product Detail available on the site. I am happy with Khelmart. Delivery Agent GATI is realy good partner as they delivered the goods on Time and responsive service. The product was well packed and protected well. Overall for the first time buyer i would suggest trust Khelmart you will get what you have ordered.
Manjunath Suryanarayana

Promising Service... Just keep up the good work!!
Original Product, Decent Pricing, Excellent Packing, Prompt Delivery... what else one needs??? :) A Big Thumbs Up for Khelmart!!

shipping by khelmart was good
Delivery by gati courier was soo bad. My order reached by before the delivery time , the courier guys just delivered the product after two days , very poor delivery by hati
Omkar Singh

How to improve your services
i like that you have a wide range of all sports gears. however, i would to insist that you should also provide options to the customer to choose the colour/design of any product which i think is not there right now.

Vrey Good Bad
I have already taken one bad. This is second time for my friend. Excellent bad. I like this bad very much even my friends also playing this bad they also said the same.I checked this same bat @4150. but they offering at very less. i suggest this product to buy.
ankur chaudhary

satisfied product
plz change ur courier company... rest m happy to shop again.
gaurav saroha

nice product
Product was great but please change your gati courier services,no clear answers were given i have wasted around 30-40rs on there customer care services
Narayan Bhat

Worth for money
Good Racket
Chethan krishna

Voltric 5 first impression
Packing is not much good.But the product is awesome.original product received.But strings are slightly loosed.Weight is not much heavy.It is not bent.perfect product.Will update this aftet my first use.No cons to specify

Authentic services
I got this racket just one day after my order. Really lucky to get this at the lowest price.

Voltric 5
Very nice packing thanjs to khelmart

Voltric 5
Ordered Voltric 5 and is delivered in 2 days, really surprised, Thanks Khelmart.... also the best price in the market .. got 45% discount which is no where in Amazon, Flipkart etc.... KHELMART THE BEST.....

very good service.
Good packing. Very new product. Volric 5 is not good choice. No control over shot.

Original, classic packaging, 4 days, simple, very good.

Voltric 5 Review
Delivered before the mentioned date. Packing was good. Product is fine. Satisfied with khelmart service

Yonex Voltric 5
Very good product..timely delivered. .best price offered. Superb racket for intermediate players..

awesome !!!
Ordered voltric 5 after going through lots of reviews. Moving from muscle power to voltric. Its really nice, smashes are awesome. And khelmart, done a fantastic job. Got my racket within 2 days with properly packed and as descried. Thanx :)

Awesome Product & Quick delivery
The product as awesome as its features suggest, very happy with its performance. Got the product within just 2 days of ordering. Product was packed well and received in good condition. Thank you khelmart.com ! will surely consider for future purchase.

Voltric 5
Excellent product in perfect condition.
Robin Chowdhury

Good Job Khelmart!
This was the cheapest deal for this racquet I could find on the internet. Khelmart was very spontaneous with the delivery, and I received the product 2 days after the order. Excellent racquet received in good condition and packaging! :)
Saravanan Chellappan

very nice experience

Very good racket
Bought this a while back - and has served very well.
sayantan giri

good racket
Good racket for immidiate players....product is good..
Bhaskara Raju

Yonex Voltric 5
The best price I got after comparing to other online stores in the internet. The packing was very good and Received in good condition. No need to write about the Voltric racket(s) by Yonex. Overall a happy customer ????.

yonex voltric 5
racket was shipped in good packing. racket was lighter than muscle power 29, and very handy.
Sreekumar V.S.

badminton Racket
Got the item before I expected the day with a good packing...
Jibi PT

Excellent Service
I ordered Yonex Voltric 5 Badminton Raquet and Thrax shoes, I got in 4 days... In between when I called for asking doubts after putting order, really good follow ups from Khelmart team. I am really very happy with you... (My experience after the first purchase)
Rakesh Raushan

Best product
Genuine product at unbeatable price
Soumya Das

This is an awesome Racket.It is light-weight and the head is a little heavy but is appt for playing high energy smashes.It is definately helping my game.The color is so cool and great and the stiffness of the rod makes you feel the heat during the play.
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