Carlton PowerBlade 8400 Badminton Racket

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  • Shaft & Frame Material - Japanese HM Carbon
  • Ultra Flexible Shaft
  • Length: 675 mm
  • Weight :Avg. 82 gms
  • Stringing Advice : 24 - 30 lbs
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Carlton PowerBlade 8400 Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.2090

  • Carlton used high module Japan graphite material in this racket. HM graphite is high degree graphite material which is used in this racket. With HM graphite material, Carlton Powerblade 8400 can sustain string tension up to 33 lbs.

    It is a fact that if we increase the quantity of material at playing area than the racket will generate more power. Carlton developed new technologies in rackets in which construction material is reduced from unwanted area and increased the material within the shaft at more power generating are of the racket. The cross sectional area of the frame profile has been minimized in comparison with other competitor frame. Carlton’s give continue efforts to increase the design technology for the creation of the Aeroslim frame profile.

    Carlton doing research and development & studying the bio-mechanics behavior of the badminton swing. Carlton developed new Bi-Axial frame profile more efficient in comparison with other competitor frame and give the aerodynamics shape to the frame overhead the badminton swing. As aerodynamics of the frame is improved so player gets minimum air resistance on frame. Eventually, you will get lightening fast badminton racket swing.

    Carlton invented and used the micro grommets system. This type of grommets system, help in easy string movement from frame archway results into better string movement and increased power.

    In order to reduce the overall racket weight and to improve the performance, Carlton used improved Cap in powerblade 8400 rackets. Improved cap is 28% lighter as compare to traditional racket and better in durability.

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