Carlton Vapour Trail 10.1 Badminton Racket

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Product Specifications

  • Balance - Head Heavy (295mm)
  • Length - 675 cm
  • Weight - Avg. 87 gms
  • Stringing Advice - 22- 30 lbs
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Carlton Vapour Trail 10.1 Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.4499

  • Vapour trail 10.1 racket is developed with Bi Axial technology which improves the overall frame aerodynamics to reduce the air resistance during racket movement in air. Carlton improves aerodynamic is better than other competitor. It offers increased head speed and better swing of racket

    Developed with Japanese Hi Modulus (HM) Carbon (this type of carbon fiber is the finest quality material available in market for racket manufacturing). With HM graphite, now racket frame can withstand the more string tension and offer better impact strength.

    This is an advance badminton racket developed for professional player with maximum power on shots at the same time with better aerodynamic s. Thanks to Bi Axial technology, which helps in offering best in class racket swing speed

    It is head heavy racket which provide better pouch and power on shots for easy 3rd line clear and powerful fore hand and smashes.

Questions and Answers
Q: How good is Carlton racket in India.
A: Carlton racket is emerging in India and gaining the market. Carlton racket are known for its soupier quality and innovative technology. Carlton brand are putting lots of effort on R & development in order to produce best in class racket for all type of player. Carlton Rackets are equipped with some of finest racket technology like Carlton Aero Slim Frame Technology, BI-AXIAL DYNAMICS, TRIPLE TAPER TECHNOLOGY, WIDE BODY FRAME, J HM Carbon, NANOPULSE, RAZOR GUIDED TECHNOLOGY, XTREME TENSION FRAME and many more.
Checkout the Latest Carlton Badminton Racket technology
Checkout the Latest Carlton Badminton Rackets
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