Li Ning SS 98 III Badminton Racket

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Product Specifications

  • Weight: W2 ( 81-85 g)
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Flex : Flexible
  • Head Material : Carbon Graphite Shaft Material : Aerotec Beam System ; Dynamic Optimum Frame
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Li Ning SS 98 III Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.1889

  • LI Ning SS 98 III Gen is super series racket with even balance configurations. It is a flexible shaft racket which is designed to deliver explosive power on smash and easy 3rd line clear.

    This racket is very popular among the intermediate badminton players as it provides better features, specification under Rs 2000 Price point. Its weight is around 85 to 89 gms

    The combination of even balance and flexible shaft are suitable for attacking game style. This LI Ning Badminton Racket is developed with graphite material which provides better strength to frame.

    LI Ning use ultra carbon technology which is high grade graphite material for better rigidity and impact strength. With ultra carbon material technology, player will get extra power on smash.

    To improve the overall aerodynamics of the racket frame, Li Ning use aero tech beam system. Aero tech beam system is the technology which focuses on frame cross section to make it more aerodynamically strong. With improved aerodynamics characteristics, player will feel confident and perform better on court.

    LI Ning SS 98 III racket is developed for intermediate player while new dynamic optimum frame concept is use to offer better sweet spot area.

  • LI Ning Badminton Rackets Series Overview

    Li Ning Badminton Rackets are choice of International badminton players like Lin Dan, LI Xuerui , CHEN Long and many more. Chinese National Badminton team is sponsored by Li Ning Badminton. LI Ning Badminton rackets are the equipped with “State of the Art” advance technologies and they have very good control over manufacturing process which give superb quality racket for all round performance. Nowadays Li Ning racket are getting popular in badminton players due to its advance technology and superb quality. 1. Li Ning consists of different racket as per different game need. Li Ning Rackets are classified into following categories:
    2. Mega Power Series (MP Series)
    3. Extra Skills Series (ES Series) )
    4. Ultra Sharp Series (US Series) )
    5. Multi Control Series (MC Series) )
    6. Pro Master Series (PM Series) )

    Mega Power Series (MP Series)

    Li Ning MP Series is designed for aggressive badminton players. Rackets of this series are equipped with carbon fiber reinforcement technology which enables multi carbon fiber layer placement at racket head side. With this type of carbon fiber placement at racket head gives stronger racket configuration with enhanced stiffness and durability. Mega Power Series of Rackets are come into Head heavy category which gives flexibility to player to make more aggregative shots. Due to Head heavy nature, racket get more swing power which results into destructive and powerful badminton shots from 3rd line. Rackets Like Li Ning N 90II , LI Ning N 90 , LI Ning N70 II are belongs to Mega Power series. Great Chinese Badminton start Lin Dan also use Mega Power Series.

    Extra Skills Series (ES Series)

    This series is designed for more skillful player who wants to control the game with more drop, drive shots and lightening super fast return shots. To ensure skillful game, Li Ning designed the Extra Skill series in which Badminton rackets are equipped with soft shaft and light frame. Quick return shots are very important in badminton game as with quick return you can surprise your opponent and win the point. In order to make the quick return shots, players need to have racket which can quickly move in air without creating the drag forces. Li Ning introduces Extra skill series which uses technologies like UHB shaft and aerotec-Beam. These technologies enables racket shaft and frame design aerodynamically which gives less air resistance and results into fast racket movement in air. With less air resistance, players can quickly move racket with enhanced swing speed and ensues proper shot play position for next badminton shot. Rackets Like Li Ning HC1500, LI Ning Windstrom 680, LI Ning Windstrom 690, LI Ning Windstrom 660 are belongs to this category.

    Ultra Sharp Series (US Series):

    Li Ning Ultra shape series is designed for badminton players who like to play game combination of attack and defense. Ultra Sharp series uses the flexible shaft and light weight racket configuration. With elastic and flexible shaft players get super fast racket repulsion which helps in playing drive and cross court drop shots. Ultra Sharp series uses the technologies like dynamic optimum frame and aerotec beam which gives less air resistance and fast racket swing which helps in playing powerful badminton smashes. Ultra Sharp series of badminton racket gives two fold benefits (1) Helps in making fast drive and cross court badminton shots (2) Enabled power smash shots from 3rd line. So considering all these point, Ultra series is suitable for players who want to quickly switch game from offensive style to defense style based on need to the game. Badminton Rackets like N 60, N33 II are belongs to ultra Sharpe series.

    Multi Control Series (MC Series):

    Multi control badminton racket series is suitable for players who want to dominate in the game with more drop and net area work. This series is equipped with medium heavy head and soft flexible shaft which give extra control on shots. With moderate head heavy frame, players get optimum racket balance which helps in accurate shuttle place while with the help of soft flexible shaft players can effective give direction to shuttle in order to win the point. This series is also consist of enlarge and concentrated sweet spot. With this kind of sweet spot configuration, player will get more opportunities to hit the powerful smashes and 3rd line to 3rd line shots. In is also ensures that if player make off center shuttle and racket contact then power of shots should not be compromised. Badminton Rackets Like Li-Ning UC3920, Li-Ning UC3900, Li-Ning Rocks N30-II belongs to Multi Control Series.

    Pro Master Series (PM Series):

    LI Ning Pro master series is designed for all rounder badminton players. This series is equipped with technologies like Wing stabilizer which gives optimum racket flex results into perfect racket repulsion. Normally in an intense badminton game, player needs combination of attacking and defensive game. Rackets equipped with head heavy nature will give you more powerful shots while if it is equipped with head light frame them it will offer you fast racket swing. In order to get combination of both attacking and defensive game, badminton racket shots consist of properties which can suitable both types of game style. With Li Ning Pro master Series Rackets you will get combination of both attacking and defensive game.

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Reviews of Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98 Strung


Average rating based on
23 users
Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98 Strung
average Rating 4.65 Out of 5
Total user 23
Ziegen Joseph

Quick Delivery. Good product. Best pricing.
The Racquet is an intermediate level Racquet and is one of the best versatile racquets out there at this price range. Im impressed with the prompt delivery and good quality packing by Khelmart.
Arun Mahuri

Value for money. Good Product.
Nicely packed and timely delivered. Genuine product and very happy with the product.
Vipul Gohil

Khelmart and its awesome service!! ??
First things first: Hats off to Khelmart for such a speedy delivery of item. Item received in best packing possible. Item is totally genuine and of fine quality. Best thing: Product price is way lesser than the one offered by the likes of Flipkart and Amazon. And this is worth it. Recommend Khelmart to everyone. I an not here advertising for Khelmart. This is my genuine opinion.

Sidharth Pg

Super series 98 iii, excellent ??
Nice racket. Delivery was little delayed. But product is nice.
swmkhwr narzary

Li-ning Super series ss 98
Superb..racket affordable price and fast and safe delivery.

Very Nice but....
Highly recommended. But GATI delivery is the worst. They kept at my city for a week without delivering. I had to go to their office and collect it. Pls avoid GATI courier.
Mohammad Ahmed

superb racket...!!!
One of the best racket at this price. Super light to play, very good in defense. Good in smashes but not as good as voltric series of yonex, might because of the string which is average type. For better performance change the string to bg65, it will become incredible racket
Anand S

Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98
Good Racket
Susheel Soni

Product is original and delivered on time.
Jayant Sharma

Great Service
Great service and great product
austin d rozario

My first Li-Ning Badminton racquet
The SS 98 III racquet is really good I feel it can be handled very nicely, and good for smashes too. Value for money.
Anish K

Excellent service
I am very much delighted on the prompt delivery you have provided. The packing too was superb.

Happy with the service Product also good
Wanted the product to be delivered in a specific time. The delivery was done before that. Very nicely packed. I would rate the packing better than amazon or flipkart . Good luck guyz . U are doing a nice job. Do not get acquired just grow on your own.
Ajay K.

Li Nig Badminton Racket SS 98 2016 Model Review
Kudos to for supplying good quality sports materials at very competitive prices. Li Ning SS98 badminton racket was delivered as promised by within 3-4 days. Packing was very good and it was delivered by good courier service FEDEX. I have been using the racket for more than 10 days, It is a quality product. Thanks to khelmart and FEDEX for timely delivery of good product at affordable prices.

It is a question from my end
Will it be good for all round players, and also will we get a full cover for this racket, expecting a positive response
Pratap Kollu

nice bat
really wonderful bat at an affordable price. delivery is a nightmare, GATI is the worst company - they delivered the bat after a week subjected to my repeated phone calls.
Johnson Joseph

Superb powerful racket
Nice packing. Low price. Superb racket.

Simply Great service by Khelmart
1 thing without any doubt your services are at best, delivery before time. As per as product just about to use it. For Khelmart complete 5 stars even 1 more from my side
Sekhar, Hyderabad

Great racket at great price
Very good experience on the first purchase @ khelmart. Competitive price...Thanks... The packing was very carefully done to avoid any damage... The bad was awesome.

BEST Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98 Strung
BEST Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98 Strung

Li Ning Badminton Racket Super Series SS 98 Strung
Good Racket for beginners.Very much light weight.
chetan singh

lining ss98
The racquet is super lite and very good for smash and control. The only problem is the gutting broke within a month.The packing and delivery was good by Khelmart
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