Thrax Mega Power 35 Lite (MP 35 Lite) Badminton Racket

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Product Specifications

  • Innovative Frame technology –Aerotech Frame for fast racket swing speed
  • Lean Attack, CWB (counter weight balance for better power transfer)
  • Frame made from HM graphite material, Shaft made from Graphite with Nano-material Better repulsion and powerful
  • Balance: Head Heavy, Shaft Stiffness: Medium Flex
  • Weight 84 gms , Max String Tension 24 lbs , Strung Racket with Made in Taiwan Gut for better repulsion and maximum power transfer to shuttle.

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Thrax Mega Power 35 Lite (MP 35 Lite) Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.1140

  • About the Racket


    Thrax introduces the new technology fitted series of badminton rackets, which is "Thrax Mega Power 35 lite". The new series of Thrax racket is perfect for the beginners and all-round players. It comes with the latest technology and features to enhance the performance of the players. The full specifications of this badminton racket are given below:

    Racket frame

    The frame of the racket is made up of the latest Aerotech technology, which generates maximum swing and fast knocking on the shuttle. It is manufactured with a high module graphite material, which is lighter and fits perfectly. It provides balance and more stiffness to the racket and also has equal balance distribution. The groves on the head region support the string well and help in improving the torsional resistance.

    Racket weight

    This badminton racket from Thrax is generally lighter in weight and weighs around 84 gm only. The lighter weight helps in leaving a direct impact on the shuttle and is also helpful in enhancing the performance of the badminton players. The lightweight of the Thrax racket provides maximum swing and avoids the indolent speed.

    Size of the handle of the racket

    The Thrax mega power 35 lite is having handle size G4. The size of the handle is also of paramount importance to offer maximum gripping and firm handling to the players. The dimension of the G4 includes: 3 inches long and ¾ inches wide. It also includes grooves that provide stability to the hands of the players.

    String material and Racket shape

    The shape of the racket is also customizable and comes in two variants- oval and rounded. However, the strings of badminton rackets are strictly made from flexible Taiwan gut material. It offers maximum power to transfer to the shuttle and maximum repulsion. Moreover, the strings can also be customized as per the need of the player.

    Balance point of the Thrax racket

    There are mainly two balance points in the new Thrax series racket. The one is a heavy head balance point, which is having a measure of 295mm. The heavy head constitutes more weight as compared to the overall frame of the racket. The heavy head offers power on the knocking shot and generates maximum momentum. It is helpful for all-round players.

    Shaft stiffness point The shaft of the racket is also manufactured from high module graphite. It is fitted with nano-technology, which offers better repulsion and knocking power at the molecular level. It is also composed of a slim shaft and heavy tension. It gives medium flexibility and the ability to generate 24 lbs tension. It offers improved bending when it comes to knocking out the shuttle.

  • Thrax_Mega_Power_35_Badminton_Racket_Specification





Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

Country Of Origin :India
Manufacturer :
Importer :
Generic Name :Badminton Rackets
Item Weight :
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Questions and Answers
Q : String tension & string quality that comes with the new racquet .......?       ZIA UDDIN AHMED (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Zia, The string used in this badminton racket is made in taiwan and the string tension comes in this new racket is 22 lbs.

Id : TH_BR_02@0
Q : It is not fixed that what is the tension.somewhere it is written that the tension is 24ibs and somewhere it is written 26ibs        Amandeep kaur (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Amandeep, Thrax Mega Power 35 Badminton Racket is supports maximum tension upto 24 lbs

Id : TH_BR_02@2
Q : Is it a single piece frame racket       Rajender (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Thrax Mega Power 35 Badminton Racket is a single piece badminton racket.

Id : TH_BR_02@5
Q : This racket is suitable for change the string       K.Gowtham (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : TH_BR_02@6
Q : How is the durability of the product        Sudakar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Frame of this Badminton Racket is made from HM Graphite which is provide enough durability to the racket.

Id : TH_BR_02@7
Q : Is it sold with racket case       Shrikant (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : TH_BR_02@8
Q : Cash on delivery available?        Siadh S R (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Cash on Delivery is temporarily suspended on our website for ensuring safe and contactless delivery in the time of pandemic.

Id : TH_BR_02@9
Q : Is it isometric?       Avijit Roy (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes it has isometric head shape

Id : TH_BR_02@10
Q : what was actual tention in package?       Mariappan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can put string tension up to 24lbs in this badminton racket.

Id : TH_BR_02@16
Q : Is there any return policy?       Shivam singh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please Read Our Return Policy Here

Id : TH_BR_02@11
Q : Is it available cash on delivery       Phani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Cash on Delivery is temporarily suspended on our website for ensuring safe and contactless delivery in the time of pandemic.

Id : TH_BR_02@12
Q : Thrax mega power 29 is good or mega power 35       Nikhil (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Both the racket is same only color is different.

Id : TH_BR_02@18
Q : Is the tension can be increased        Abhishek (Verified Buyer)
Ans : No, You can put the maxiumum string tension up to 24lbs.

Id : TH_BR_02@20
Q : Exchange time       Praveen Kumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can return the product within 7 days after receiving the product with following conditions: (1) Buyer need to register their request on Khelmart Login Page . (2) Product should be in unused condition. (3) Product original packing and tags should remain intact as they were in delivered condition. (4) Buyer will get the refund or replacement, once we receive the returned goods at Khelmart Office. (5) If packing or original seal is broken then Khelmart will not return the product

Id : TH_BR_02@23
Q : It is a rocket suitable for fast hitting for smashes       S. Ponnusamy (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes. Thrax Mega Power 35 Badminton Racket is comes with the demo gutting please use BG 66 for best result.

Id : TH_BR_02@19
Q : Is this racket good for a 6 year old girl? If not please suggest me a good racket for my 6 year old daughter. I just need to know whether a regular sized racket shall be given to a kid for playing?       Manoj A (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, this racket is suitable for 6 years old girl

Id : TH_BR_02@21
Q : Is this bat is for beginner are suitable for players for smash shorts        Dinesh s (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes

Id : TH_BR_02@22
Q : Is it available tubeless frame?       Prakash honey (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , it is Joint free and tubeless frame.

Id : TH_BR_02@28
Q : Is COD available Pin 791101       SAQIB (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Hello sir, Cash on delivery is available on this pin code...

Id : TH_BR_02@24
Q : Which is best among the following racquet? 1. Li Ning G Tek 80 II Muscle Badminton Racket 2. Yonex NanoRay 6000 i Badminton Racket 3. Thrax Mega Power 35 Lite (MP 35 Lite) Badminton Racket       Jeetesh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Thrax Mega Power 35 is Aprox 90gms head heavy racket with full graphite configuration which offers best performance in making smashes and powerful 3rd line clear

Id : TH_BR_02@25

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Reviews of Thrax Mega Power 35 Badminton Racket


Average rating based on
12 users
Thrax Mega Power 35 Badminton Racket
average Rating 4.33 Out of 5 Total user 12
BNV Srinivas

Thrax m.p 35
I received on 06/12/19, frame was very nice shaped but the string was not good
Sekhar raman

Racquet quality
As mentioned the racquet is very light weight and the best thing about it is the smashes it can make. For a beginner like me, even i am now able to hit good smashes. And for normal play also its very good. So if you are watching for a good quality light weight racquet with all round performance then just go for it
Kishan sharda

Huge cooperation and understanding. 2 got stocked out but they still provided me the expensive one in the same price. And the product is so good!!
Prasada rao

Awesome product ?? and light weight... Perfect Smashes .... ...
Shyam mohan maurya

Best in the market this price .nice racket.and very good smesh.

Great in this price range

Thorax mega power 35
Racquet is good but the get is bad we need to get it new for better use.
Sushil kumar

So cheap
Not a small thing to get so much of discount purchased this product for Rs1090/-.Thanks to khelmart.

Badminton Racquet Thrax MP 35
Bats look good and not any damage found.....would like to see the performance further than Yonex and li-ning....

Thrax Mega Power 35
I found the product in good condition. What I realise is that the string of badminton is little bit loose. Though I satisfied with my product.

Thrax mp35
A quality product, very eye catchy graphics Excellent for smash and attacking game. Cons- Heavy feeling, though the racket weighs just 85 gm, it feels heavy on hand due to overly loaded weight on to the head. This makes smashing easy but deft touches, net plays is difficult in this. Guts has to be changed immediately for better performance.
Akhil Vardhan

Best buy in this price range.
Firstly, the delivery was very fast (received in two days to Vizag). I received the bat in good condition, thanks for the exceptional packaging. Racket feels good in hand. Head heavy and flexible. Good graphics.

  • Thrax Aura --  Thrax Aura 900 Badminton Shoes Blue Lime
    Excellent support, delivered in good condition , courier service is good

    verified   Siad 11/22/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good  --  Nivia Super Court 2.0 Badminton Shoes Aster Blue
    The product was good , delivery was on point and a day before mentioned date .

    verified   Kannan11/20/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Thanks khel mart love your quality of product  --  Cosco Sprint In Line Skates Blue Size XL 43_46
    Love you khel mart plz continue while selling original quality of products not like flipkart

    verified   Kailash dubey11/16/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Mavis 350 --  Yonex Badminton Shuttlecock Mavis 350
    Good product to helpful to us , next I search a discount for mavis 350 ,thank you

    verified   Dinesh 11/16/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Nice --  SG R17 Cricket Batting Gloves White and Blue RH
    Original product, very good , comfortable material

    verified   Ravi11/14/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • One of the best --  Thrax Opti Attack Cricket Stud shoes Red Camo
    One of the best shoes i like it the outer part is nicely coated and it is very comfortable to wear so i want the shoes to be like it

    verified   Aditya11/11/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good product  --  Thrax G Force Explode 84 Gms weight 38 Lbs Tension Unstrung Badminton Racket
    As expected ?? brilliant,fabulous. Nice racket with a nice piece amazing.

    verified   Kunal shing11/9/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Yonex Nanogy 99 --  Yonex NBG 99 Badminton Racket String set of 5
    Great Strings. Good quality delivered by Khelmart.

    verified   Tarun Khosla11/8/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Best  --  Nivia Power Strike 2.0 Badminton Shoes Sky Blue and Black
    Best shoe ever bought khelmart is very amazing site to purchase sports goods

    verified   Ajay11/7/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Very good --  Thrax PU Based Super Foam Badminton Grip Set of 5 Assorted Colour
    All the grips are very good. They come in 5 different colours.

    verified   Pallab Mandal11/6/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Very good  --  Yonex Badminton Shuttlecock Mavis 10
    This app thinking about the people choice thats beautiful

    verified   Santanu jana11/6/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Yonex Mavis 350 --  Yonex Badminton Shuttlecock Mavis 350
    Great shuttle for practice. Every day you play with this shuttle and great in trajectory. Excellent shuttle, latest stock and great lowest price provided from khelmart.

    verified   Sachin K11/1/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Light Weight  --  Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racket
    It really feel very light fit perfectly in your hand

    verified   Manu Thakur 11/1/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Court power 999 badminton shoes review  --  Thrax Court Power 999 2022 Badminton Shoes Gray Black
    Best shoes in this price range???? Material quality is too good.. Very comfortable and the shoes gripping on indoor is very good.. Thanks khelmart????

    verified   Anurag11/1/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good  --  Moonwalkr Thigh Guard Medium
    Awesome product value for money fastly delivered good quality perfect fit to wear

    verified   Faizan Ali 10/31/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer

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