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Product Specifications

  • Weight: 73g
  • Grip: G4
  • Max Tension: 20-28 lbs
  • Flex: Medium

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Yonex Astrox Smash Strung Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.2245

  • About the Racket:

    Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket is latest Badminton Racket from house of world leader “Yonex”. Yonex launch this badminton racket in the low price segment with the lots of advanced features like Rotational Generator System, Isometric Head Shape, Control Support Cap and many more.

    Astrox Smash is the head heavy offensive badminton racket for dominant smashes and aggressive attack. Also its light weight structure supports those players who have weak arm strength and need support.

    This Racket comes with the Rotational Generator System in which applying the counter balance theory weight is distributed through the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control so the transition of the next shot can be performed smoothly with a rapid succession.

    This Strung Badminton Racket comes with the Isometric Head Shape which is responsible for equal length of horizontal and vertical string wires that creates maximum sweet spot in all the directions.

    For easy grip this racket is equipped with the Control Support Cap which provides 88% more wider flat surface than an ordinary racket for easier grip.

    Yonex Astrox Smash comes in many different colors with advanced technology at affordable price that makes it a first choice for all badminton players.

Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

Country Of Origin :Taiwan
Manufacturer :YONEX Co.Ltd,3-23-13 Yushima Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 113-8543 Japan,Tel: 03-3836-1202
Importer :
Generic Name :Badminton Rackets
Item Weight :
Have doubts regarding this product?
Questions and Answers
Q : How to choose restring option?       Seeni Ibrahim (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can order it from our website , we will confirm the Sting option

Id : YO_BR_00803@27
Q : Is this racket is good for singles and wht is the maximum tension of this racket        Aditya (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes this racket is good for singles and the maximum tension you put in this racket is 28 lbs

Id : YO_BR_00803@0
Q : which one is better Yonex Voltric LD200 or yonex astrox smash ??       ashwani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Ashwini, Almost both the racket is same but if you want light weight and higher string tension then you can choose astrox smash otherwise you can go for the voltric ld 200 badminton racket.

Id : YO_BR_00803@4
Q : What is the initial string tension        Rahul Ramdas (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Rahul, The intial string tension of this racket is around 24lbs.

Id : YO_BR_00803@5
Q : which type of material is used ? which racket is better this or voltric 0.1 dg ??       ashwani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Material used for making this Yonex Astrox racket is High modulus graphite materiel. Both the racket .1 DG and Astrox smash is different. Astrox smash is lightweight racket suitable for fast playing skills

Id : YO_BR_00803@3
Q : what is length of this bat? (yonex astrox smash)       bijoy (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Bijoy, The length of the Astrox Smash Badminton Racket is approx 675mm or 26.5 Inch.

Id : YO_BR_00803@6
Q : Can we select the colour and I want to know which type of cover we get with it       Sarthak (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sarthak, You can place the order and you will recieve a confirmation call from us. On call you ask for the picture of the racket and other colour model of this racket.

Id : YO_BR_00803@7
Q : How many head balance astrox smash?       Yoseph (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Yoseph, Yonex Astrox Smash is a head heavy badminton racket with the balance point of 300mm +/- 3. Thank you

Id : YO_BR_00803@8
Q : Is it possible to restring this racket with BG65 Ti on 27lbs?       Ashok A (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : YO_BR_00803@9
Q : Which one is better? Yonex astrox smash or yonex nanoray light 8i. Frame durability and strength?       Debasish Singha (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, If we compare both the racket on the point of durability and strength the astrox smash is more durable and powerful compare to the nanoray light 8i because Astrox Smash made from H.M Graphite with Tungsten and nanomesh while Nanoraty Light 8i is made from only H.M Graphite.

Id : YO_BR_00803@10
Q : Is 28lbs powerful or weak Or is 32 lbs powerful or weak       Kavya Rathod (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Kavya, Higher the string tension gives you the more is a misconception, Higher the string tension is recommended for the better control over the shuttle. Keep the string tension moderate around 24 to 26lbs which provide you the optimum power and best control.

Id : YO_BR_00803@11
Q : if i want to restrung this racket with Bg 65 at 26 lbs ..can u provide me . ..if u how much pay ?       wasif (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, You can restrung this badminton racket with BG65. We charged Rs. 100/- for gutting and BG65 string charges.

Id : YO_BR_00803@16
Q : IS IT MADE IN INDIA ?        VEDANT PRASAD (Verified Buyer)
Ans : No. Yonex Astrox Smash is a made in China badminton racket. If you want made in India racket than choose from Thrax Badminton Racket range they are made in India and some high end racket is imported from Taiwan.

Id : YO_BR_00803@19
Q : Where is made Taiwan or china       Ram (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Ram, Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket is made in China Badminton Racket.

Id : YO_BR_00803@18
Q : Astrox smash or li ning super force 82. What are differences apart from their weight       dipanshu (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Material, Shaft Flex, Grip size and technology used in these rackets are completly different.

Id : YO_BR_00803@20
Q : If I buy the raquet can you re-gut with BG66 ULTIMAX and what would be your recommended tension for powerful smashes and longevity?       Sebastian Simon (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes. We will re gut it with BG 66 Ultimax. You can set the tension as per your requirments and we recommended you to set the tension at 24lbs.

Id : YO_BR_00803@21
Q : Which one is better among nanoray 9i, 18i, astrox smash. In all aspects.       Piyush Rawat (Verified Buyer)
Ans : All the 3 rackets are best. Choose the racket according to your playing style and requirments.

Id : YO_BR_00803@22
Q : Is this racket strung by default?       Surya (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , this is strung racket

Id : YO_BR_00803@43
Q : Astrox smash or astrox 39 which is the best        Dr sivannarayana (Verified Buyer)
Ans : If you want light weight racket that go for Astrox Smash and if you want a racket for massive smashes than go for the astrox 39.

Id : YO_BR_00803@23
Q : Is this racquet a good option for doubles play where quick reflexes and fast play is required??        vinay orre (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : YO_BR_00803@24
Q : Which racket is best between carbonex 8000 plus vs Yonex Astrox Smash Strung Badminton Racket ?       Kalai (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Go for Astrox Smash because it is latest model and equipped with some best and latest technology.

Id : YO_BR_00803@26
Q : Is the Yonex carbonex 8000 plus racket is bwteer than Astrox Smash, pl suggest       Pushpraj Singh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , it is better than Astrox smash

Id : YO_BR_00803@28
Q : What is the tension in the strung that comes with the racket and the model of the string       Jayant Saha (Verified Buyer)
Ans : This racket is strung with 26 lbs

Id : YO_BR_00803@29
Q : Is this for advanced or intermediate level play?        Sabz (Verified Buyer)
Ans : This racket is for advanced level play

Id : YO_BR_00803@30
Q : 1. Is this for advance or intermediate playing level? 2. What is the max tension? 3. When was this model released? Which year?       Sabish Bhaskar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : This racket is for intermediate playing level and we can give you maximum tension of this racket is 27 to 28 lbs This racket is the latest model of the 2020

Id : YO_BR_00803@31
Q : Yonex Astrox Smash - is this good for beginner to intermediate . i just need latest yet light racquet . do you thing re string is required for the same ?       S A Rajan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please contact this no. for any query +91 - 11 40844616

Id : YO_BR_00803@32
Q : Hi. I would like to purchase Yonex Smash badminton racquet with BG 66 Ultimax and tension of 25 lbs. How can I pay the amount including the charges of gutting. Please advise.       Srikanth (Verified Buyer)
Ans : For New order information please mail us at inquiry@khelmart.com

Id : YO_BR_00803@33
Q : I am an advance player with attacking and smashing game which racket i should prefer       Hrishikesh Narayan Jha (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Can you tell me your price range and brand also

Id : YO_BR_00803@34
Q : Previously I used MP29 light and now it is broken so I want to take a new racket .Can I prefer the astrox smash which bat I have to prefer suggest me This racket shaft is stiff or flexible?,if flexible is it light or moderate???       Yedukondalu Barli (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket is one of the best racket and it is perfect for you

Id : YO_BR_00803@35
Q : Astrox smash is aswom racket but it suitable for signle more it breakes in double due to clash between rackets...3 racket broken in last 1 month no other racket can match its weight and overall fell...but due to quality what are other option in the same weight and headheavy choice of rackets..which are durable Also another question is stung comes with default gutting ? if we want to order it with Bg65 22 tension option is it possible to do so ?       sujit Sadanand dhaygude (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can try of https://www.khelmart.com/Cricket/items/Thrax-Astra-73-32-LBS-73gm-Unstrung-Badminton-Racket.aspx

Id : YO_BR_00803@36
Q : which is the best strings for Yonex Astrox Smash ? Yonex Bg 66 or Yonex Bg 65?       Diptesh Jadhav (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can try it https://www.khelmart.com/Cricket/items/Yonex-BG-66-Ultimax-Badminton-Strings.aspx

Id : YO_BR_00803@37
Q : Yonex astrox smash or yonex astrox 38d which one is best rackets for smash lover and intimidate player       Ricky (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yonex Astrox 38D Badminton Racket is the best racket and it is perfect for you

Id : YO_BR_00803@39
Q : Which default string is used in astrox smash ? and how much string tension? and below 20 lbs is harmful to racket?       Dev (Verified Buyer)
Ans : BG 65 is the default string in Astrox smash , Normal string tension is 26 lbs.. 20 Lbs is not harmful at all

Id : YO_BR_00803@41
Q : which is better astrox smash or muscle power 29 or 33.       tanishq dhawrani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Astrox smash in better inters of weight , balance and overall performance of the racket .

Id : YO_BR_00803@42
Q : Can we choose the colour yonex astrox smash strung , if yes then how?. If we have selected string, then we will get old string or not?        Shivansh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : color of string is assorted colours , if you select stringing facility so you will get new string , we will remove the existing string from racket as restrung it with new string you selected...

Id : YO_BR_00803@44
Q : Dear Team, Request you to provide gutting tension of 27lbs with BG65Titanium just now placed an order .Order number is OR_398301.Hope to hear back from you soon. Please confirm the same on priority.       Dr Piyush Srivastava (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, We will take care the instruction made by you.

Id : YO_BR_00803@45
Q : Can you string it with bg68ti at tension points 27. This string is not available in the website menu. And how much does this sting cost.       Sinan aalam (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , we can strung it in 27 Lbs , Yonex BG65 ti is Available in menu , you can select the string and complete the order.

Id : YO_BR_00803@46

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Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket
average Rating 4.88 Out of 5 Total user 8

Light weight and looking great
I bought the racquet at 2080/- . It is light weight and hence easier to handle. You will get an awesome feelings when u hold this beaty in ur hand. I am really satisfied with this one.

Good service
Got within 4 days . ............................................
Shivang Rathi

Happy to Order from Khelmart
Before time delivery, nice packaging and desired quality product. I wish to continue my association with Khelmart
Yash kushwaha

Astrox smash
Superb in smash. Control and LCW weight are really good.
Don Jose

Great delivery
I have ordered the same product from flipkart and amazon, both times i received broken racket. Packing from khelmart is excellent. No need to worry about damage of product in transit. Pricing is also very good.
Neeraj Gupta

Good product
Good quality of products must buy all sports accessories from here. Satisfaction in all products
Aman Kumar Sharma

Over all the product was good ....Had a good experience

It was a nice product. The packing was very satisfactory and the product authentic.

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    Good prouduct Good quality best srvice lowest price

    verified   Krishna patel1/22/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
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    Value for money spend, comfortable, and soo balanced.

    verified   Subin 1/21/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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  • Very nice racquet --  Carlton Fireblade 300 Badminton Racket
    Khelmart is my favourite sports app. Every one should try this sports items in very low prices

    verified   Raju1/20/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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    The quality of the bat is good. It will fit a full kit of batsmen and wicket keeper. Has separate helmet compartment. Has separate shoe compartment. Fits two bats internally and has a seperate zip top access it. The stitching quality, roller quality and padding material used is good grade and should last well if used carefully. Only missing in design is one small pouch or zipper for storing essentials like wallet, phone, volini spray, masks, keys, etc.. Rest everything is superb

    verified   Rajasekhar1/17/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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    Excellent..Got in time.product is superb.Genuine product.Also want to purchase power cushion shoes with variant.

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    Rates are very very genuine I am shocked the product which I m getting of 3000 outside here same thing I get it 2200 only too much price fluctuation

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    Nice product in budget price ..nicely designed thanks khelmart

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