Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus Badminton Racket G4 3U Extra Flexible

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Product Specifications

  • Weight: 3U (85-89 gm)
  • Head Shape : Oval/Traditional
  • Flex : Extra Flexible
  • Head Material : Graphite Shaft Material : Graphite
  • Balance : 6 (Even balance)
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Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus Badminton Racket G4 3U Extra Flexible PRICE: RS.1760

  • YONEX 8000 Plus | Round Shape Head for Extra ordinary Feel and Power
    This racket is the most popular racket in complete carbonex and mid range Yonex series. It is fitted with oval shape head which is designed to deliver superb control on shots. Oval shape head is considered to be best shape for intermediate badminton player because it offers great handling and better control. While oval shape offers comparatively smaller sweet spot but at the same time it gives better offensive characteristics to player. Yonex Carbonex 8000 Plus is made of full carbon graphite material. With graphite and carbon nanotube, this racket will provide player extra advantage during intense badminton rallies. It will provide extra power during 3rd line shot clears. Further, with nanotube racket shaft will offer better repulsion which will helps in quick shots delivery and fast returns to opponent.
    Overall, this racket is suitable for intermediate badminton player with offensive playing style. Its head shape, racket material and other configuration will helps in powerful smashes, easy 3rd line clears and fast racket handling at net area.
    Key Specification of Carbonex 8000 Plus
    1. This racket is manufactured with graphite material which is design give better strength , repulsion and flexibility
    2. This Racket is belongs Carbonex series which is designed for intermediate player with offensive playing style. >
    3. Racket head shape is oval which give better control and fast racket handling.
    4. Racket weight is around 88 g with G4 grip configuration
    5. Racket is equipped with BOX type frame which is designed with aero dynamic concept. This gives better swing speed and racket maneuverability.
    6. With new and latest built in T Joint (At joint area of Racket frame and shaft) , this racket will offer you a great stability during hard hitting
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Reviews of Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex 8000 plus


Average rating based on
29 users
Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex 8000 plus
average Rating 4.66 Out of 5
Total user 29

Great one
Great service and product. Really happy with the original product.
Sudha Verma

Availablility at lowest price and also good service
prakash p

For badminton rocket
I have received the rocket with good quality without any damage..Nice packaging as well cheap rate..

Carbonex 8000 plus
My first purchase from khelmart. Very timely delivery. Good packing. Awesome racket from yonex.

Very Good
Really nice product! Really worth the price. Early delivery by Khelmart.
Santosh Rao

Fully satisfied
Receive delivery before time. Fully satisfied
S K Katariya

Fully satiafied

Badminton Racket yonexyonex
Timely delivery. Genuine products
Nataraju r.m.

Very good
Fast delivery with in 2 days ..

In time delivery, raquet experience yet to be takenc
Khelmart delivered it in time and value for money. Thank you
Jayesh Gautam

Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus.
Awesome product for the intermediate player.

Awesome .
Firs i was worried if the product would be genuine or not .. then when i recieved the yonex 8000 plus .. i was very happy with the product and product was authentic. ??
Amit sukul

Good product and on time delivery

the product was advised. very quick delivery. highly recommended
neeraj rawat

Overall satisfactory experience. Kindly mention product specification in your message just after the booking.

Product Receive genuine but delivery time is more


The perfect racket for every day playing
Carbonex 8000 plus is a solid racket, built for durability and suitable for entry level and intermediate players. Better than low end nanorays, voltrics and muscle powers. Khelmart delivered it in 1-2 days, something that neither Flipkart nor amazon is able to manage without charging extra.
Lamanto T Somervell

Completely satisfied
I got 30% discount and free grip. Very strong packing reinforced with wooden pieces. Original Yonex product. Thanks Khelmart.
Roshan singh

Good deal from khelmart
Greatest deal from khelmart on carbonex 8000 plus no other give such kind of deal. Package is nicely packed delivered in the given time. Nice service from khelmart. ??????? ?????? ??? mart ??? ??
Anand Bajpai

Great Service Levels
Very in time delivery and intact material quality on delivery.Kudos.
Himanshu Gupta

Best badminton racket for beginners
This racket is best in the price range less than 2000. It becomes best if gutting is BG65 or BG70.
Ravinder Singh

Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex 8000 plus
Nice racket for defensive style, drops
Ajay Pal Singh

Carbonex 8000 Plus Badminton
I have ordered carbonex 8000 plus racquet on 29 April. I received the original product in proper packing on 3rd May. This is my 1st purchasing from khelmart, I am fully satisfying with their service.
Vikas Nema

1st time used Ur services it was nice experience... Keep it up
Amish Shah

Length of the carbonex 8000 plus racket
The length of the carbonex 8000 plus racket is slightly less than the other yonex carbonex 8000 plus racket I have
Ajay Saini

carbonex 8000 plus
very prompt delivery
Syed Faheem Azmi

Carbonex 8000
I have bought carbonex 8000 plus from khelmart.. i have received the genuine product...thanks to khelmart team
Pramod Kumar Tiwari

Genuine products and excellent services
I purchased Yonex badminton racket Carbonex 8000 plus which is one of the excellent racket with super qualities. Packing was good and delivery was in time.

  • Wow --  Thrax Astra 73 32 LBS 73gm Unstrung Badminton Racket
    Nice racket, I kept a tension on 28 and its superb very lite.. Loved it

    verified   Ananthu
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Streak X 102 --  Thrax Streak X 102 79Gms weight 30 Lbs Tension Badminton Racket
    Streak x 102 that I bought fron Khelmart was up to the mark.Excellent!!!. Thankyou Khelmart.

    verified   S Imtitemjen Ao
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Badminton racket --  Thrax Streak X 102 79Gms weight 30 Lbs Tension Badminton Racket
    Nice racket ... prompt delivery. Nice tension with good smash .. light weight .. slightly head heavy..overall satisfied with khelmart and product.

    verified   nithin kumar
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Impressive  --  Thrax Reserve Edition Cricket Kitbag Grey Sky blue and Lime
    The deleveraging is so kindly to four your hammm to your to very satisfying

    verified   Yash Patel
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Packing --  Yonex Voltric 2 DG Badminton Racket
    Packing & shuttle is Very good and nice. Delivery time is very exactly

    verified   Shanmugam
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Excellent product  --  NB TC 1260 Thigh Guards Combo
    Worth for Price... Thank you Khelmart for this product

    verified   Goutham Mohan
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good --  Thrax Hi Power Stud Cricket Shoes White and Blue
    Shoes are very good quality and good for cricket sports I have agreed

    verified   Mahadev I Maranur
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Best for Single cricket kit --  Thrax Ezy Pack Wheel Cricket Kit Bag Blue and Orange
    Bag is of good quality Material of bag is very Nice and will last longer Thanks to khelmart for best products at low prices

    verified   VML
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Excellent quality --  Thrax Astra Badminton Shoe Blue and Orange
    Received d shoes before time.quality and fit of shoes is perfect.

    verified   Ruturaj Shinde
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Lining Racquet - Khelmart Good Service --  Li Ning TURBO X 50 Badminton Racquet
    Khelmart has provided great service and discount. Received timely delivery. Great Job.

    verified   Srinivas M
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • International quality  --  Thrax Opti Run Composite Material Thigh Guard
    I have bought another model from thrax and i have been using it for nearly six months. After using that i want to present the same to my friend who is a good Cricketer. So i went to buy this now he is quite happy. Khelmart is the best and thrax is the best of all. Nice work. Keep it guys.

    verified   Rajarathinam Packiri
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Awesome --  Thrax Super Pack Wheel Cricket Kit Bag Army Color
    Great product in the price.. value for money quick delivery

    verified   Arpit Bhatnagar
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Quality Product --  Yonex Duora Z Strike Badminton Racket
    Good Customer service, nicely packaged and delivered. Keep it up.

    verified   Mukesh Bhatt
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good --  Thrax Gel Extreme Badminton Shoe White Black and Lime
    Received n good quality.. Recomands to my friends circle

    verified   Sowmi
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Voltric Z Force 2 --  Yonex Voltric Z Force II Lin Dan Badminton Racket
    Excellent product but need time to master. Delivered in perfect condition.

    verified   Fwwrman Brahma
    Verified Khelmart Buyer

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