Yonex voltric 7 Badminton Racket G4 4U Medium

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Product Specifications

  • Weight 80-84.9 gms
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Flex Medium
  • Head Material:H.M Graphite with tungsten Shaft Material : Graphite
  • Balance : Head heavy
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Yonex voltric 7 Badminton Racket G4 4U Medium PRICE: RS.3450

  • Enhance Your Smash Power with YONEX Voltric 7
    YONEX Voltric Series is a head heavy badminton rackets series in which Racket Balance is kept as head heavy which gives extra power on forehand and backhand smashes. Traditionally in Racket design and development it is established fact that if the racket is head heavy than players need to compromised in racket speed. But in YONEX Voltric 7 , latest and improved TRI-Voltage system is used. This Tri Voltage System reduces the extra Air Resistance by adopting the aerodynamic bat shape and give lightning fast racket handling. With fast racket handling you can dominate in the game by placing fast drive shots, Quick cross corner shots.

    Play with Latest Design YONEX Voltric 7
    YONEX Voltric 7 is developed with latest racket design and suitable for intermediate to Advance Badminton players. It is a head heavy balanced racket with improved tri voltage system. Its frame material is H.M Graphite. HM Graphite is strong material and offers good stiffness & bending strength. Racket weight is around 85 Gms.

    All time Hit Model Yonex Vt 7 is all time hit model and always the first choice of intermediate player who love to play with head heavy badminton rackets. It provides extra ordinary power on shots and enhances sudden punch. Player who loves to play powerful forehand, Powerful smashes will like this racket most.
  • Technical Details of Yonex VT7:
    All New Black Micro Core:
    Yonex first times used black micro core into upper part of badminton racket frame. Black micro core is dense material which serve as a damping device. This dense material is also stiff in nature which provide a vibration absorbing device. This device or material absorb the unwanted vibration caused by shuttle impact and gives stable racket frame which helps in accurate shuttle placement. It is an innovative material technology which reduces the frame vibration up to a great extent.
    Nanometric Shaft:
    Yonex used Nanometric material in shaft which gives excellent shaft characteristics. It improves the bonding strength of carbon fiber and lesser carbon content in shaft helps in producing slim and thinner shaft. By testing Nanometric shaft on following results are observed:
    Nenometric shaft gives 8% more Bending strength as compare to traditional graphite material.
    9 % better stiffness.
    16% better impact strength.
    Super Slim Frame:
    Yonex modified the shape and size of the badminton racket head which gives ultra slim racket head.
    Ultra slim racket head provides following key benefits to players.
    Better racket head swing speed.
    Better racket maneuverability.
    Best suited for those who wants to try fast drive and smashes.
    All New Yonex Tri Voltage System:
    Tri Voltage System Gives Powerful racket smashes:
    Voltric series is head heavy series as per Yonex design. Head heavy series badminton rackets generate tremendous power on smashes as it leads to give more momentum. Further, to improve the head heavy racket characteristics, Yonex used stiff material at racket head which result into optimized shuttle hold time at string bed. By using stiff material at racket head, now player will get better power and control on shots. Yonex further improve the racket characteristics by making thin racket frame side. This improves the racket flex and help in transferring the more energy into shuttle. With more energy transfer, badminton player will get maximum power on shots.
    Overall, the combination of head heavy, stiff racket head top and flexible side offer incredible power, speed and control to badminton players.
    Tri Voltage System Gives Speedy Racket handling:
    In order to balance the head heavy effect of racket, Yonex first time used the very thin and aerodynamically shape side at frame head. This type of aerodynamically designed racket head side offers fast racket swing speed by which player gets quick racket response which helps in placing fast drive shots, quick corner smashes and quick response to opponent drives.
    Overall, with the help of Tri Voltage System, Badminton player will get maximum power while player dont need to compromise on badminton racket speed.
    Built in T Joint (More joint rigidity):
    Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device. In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transferred to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle. Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket.
    Control Cap for Better Gripping:
    Control cap is a concept which is developed by Yonex to improve gripping of racket. Cap is a part which connect shaft with handle. Badminton player hold the racket from handle and finally grip its with Cap. Yonex used more flat surface on cap (88 PERCENT flat surface) which gives opportunity to grip more accurately.
    New Grommets Patterns - More Grommets -More Hole:
    In order to improve the string pattern, Yonex used single passed grommets hole construction system. This type of system gives more grommets hole in same racket frame length which delivers the best in class rackets holes optimization.
    Combination of Aero Box Type Frame:
    Yonex Used combination of Aero and Box type frame for making the cross section of the frame. Box type frame construction gives better strength while aero type cross section offer better aerodynamics of racket frame. The combination of two certainly helps in improving the overall characteristic of the racket.
  • YONEX Badminton Rackets Guide

    YONEX , the leading brand in badminton equipment manufacturing and most innovative company in racket sports produces quality badminton rackets for professional, advance and entry level badminton players. YONEX Racquets are known for its superior quality, expert level series classifications and innovative racket technologies with precision on manufacturing technology. YONEX used state of the art designed technique like Computer Aided Design to accurately design the racket shapes.
    YONEX classified its badminton rackets into professional series like YONEX Nanoray , YONEX Arcsaber , YONEX Voltric and YONEX Nanospeed series. These series are designed based on players individual badminton need and playing style. For example, Aggressive badminton players are always required rackets with extra power while on other hand, player with defensive playing style preferred to play with lightweight badminton racket which they can move very fast with easy control.
    This article will help badminton player to quickly identify the correct YONEX Badminton racket series as per there playing style and game need. Before move to YONEX rackets series, it is recommended to read article on badminton rackets basics and its components .

    YONEX Arcsaber Series - More Control on Game:

    YONEX Arcsaber series is designed for those players who want to control the shuttle with more accurate and precise manner. YONEX developed new and innovative material technology named as CS Carbon Nanotubes placed at side of racket frame. With accurate placement of CS carbon nanotubes in racket frame, it’s enhanced the elasticity of frame and results into holding the shuttle on badminton racket string bed for longer time. Due to this extra time, player get more control on badminton shuttle and place the shuttle more accurately.
    CS nanotube are developed by layering the nano carbon fiber in predefined manner to get best in class material performance which give better elasticity , more repulsion and extended durability to racket frame. CS nanotube ensures the frame flex in controlled manner when shuttle hits the string bed and release the shuttle more precisely. With the help of this types of racket badminton player can place the shuttle in more control way. It will help in placing the shuttle from 3rd line to corner drop shots, fast drive shots in order to get quick points during opponent attack, strong backhand shots and first line net work.
    YONEX also incorporated the T anchor technology in Arcsaber Badminton rackets series which placed at racket T joint. T anchor controls the torque when shuttle hits the rackets string bed. Due the T anchor technology, Badminton player feels more control on shots. YONEX Arcsaber FB , Arcsaber 11 , Arcsaber 6 , Arcsaber 7 are the famous rackets in this series.

    YONEX Nanoray Series- Speedy Racket Handling

    YONEX Nanoray series is designed for those badminton players who want fast Racket Swing speed .Nanoray series is a head light series in which racket balance is kept toward handle side. Due to its light head, racket move fast is air and gives lightening fast swing speed by which you can supersize your opponent. Nanoray series uses the X-FULLERENE technology in which carbon fiber joint rich material is placed at racket shaft. This type of structure results into enhanced material properties like increase in bending strength by 103 % which give better racket durability , Increase in repulsion by 109 % which give quick shot delivery and stiffness improved by 107% which results into better shaft stability helps in accurate shot placement.
    YONEX Nanoray series is equipped with Aero frame technology. In this technology racket frame is designed in aerodynamic shape which gives better racket dynamics and reduce the air resistance. Due to less air resistance, racket moves very fast in air and player observed better racket swing speed. Better Swing speed helps in quick shot placements.
    With Nanometric YONEX technology Racket shaft becomes thinner which results into lightweight and more stiffness. Due to thinner shaft, Inertia a property is also improves which gives better stability of shaft. YONEX Nanoray series rackets like YONEX NANORAY Speed and YONEX NANORAY 900 are most speedy racket.
    With Sonic metal (New titanium allow material which is lightweight in nature) is positioned at top on the racket frame. With sonic metal, badminton player gets high racket repulsion which results into quick badminton shot delivery. Also sonic metal improve the sound of shuttle hitting with string bed. It’s give more clear and louder hitting sound by which you can supervise your opponent.

    YONEX Voltric Series-All Round Performance

    YONEX Voltric series is endorsed by world number 1 Lee chong wei and its is dedicated to aggressive badminton players with all-round performance. Voltric series is a head heavy badminton racket series which mean it will provide you powerful badminton smashes. It is a rule which states that if a racket is build on head heavy configuration then due to its head weight, racket swing will be compromised. But to break this rule, YONEX Voltric series is designed with state of art Tri Voltage technology which gives combination of fast racket swing and powerful badminton smashes. With Tri Voltage System, YONEX Voltric series rackets are stiffer in nature at top side of frame which hold the shuttle with delay time and gives super fine control on shuttle while on side of the frame it is build with flex property material which give superb energy transfer to shuttle. Overall with these changes in racket frame, badminton player will get better power on smashes.
    In order to further improve the racket properties like stiffness, impact strength and bending strength, YONEX is reinvent the carbon fiber material technology. YONEX used Nan technology in with carbon fiber is combines together with epoxy resin material which gives new and improved material known as NONOpreme. YONEX NONOpreme gives better bending strength, stiffness and impact strength. NONOpreme technology helps in developed the ultra slim shaft which gives better stability and more rebound as compare to traditional badminton rackets.
    Further, to improve the air resistance of racket frame, YONEX used the AERO BOX frame technology.
    In AERO Frame, Racket frame is designed with aero dynamically shape which gives minimum air resistance and thus provide better racket swing which helps in better and quick shot placements.
    YONEX Voltrix Z force, YONEX Voltric Z Force II , YONEX Voltric 9 Neo , Voltric 7 , Voltric 5 rackets belong to YONEX Voltric series.

Questions and Answers
how is Yonex VT7 for attacking players? Yonex Voltric series is developed for attacking players only. It is head heavy racket. In head heavy racket, weight of racket is adjusted towards head side. This provides extra moment of inertia during smash or 3rd line clear and provides extra power on shots. So, VT 7 will definitely design for attacking game type.

Dose head heavy rackets are sluggish in nature? By law of physics, Yes. Head heavy racket provide slow swing speed. But, Yonex identified this issue and developed new and innovative technology in VT 7. .i.e. Tri Voltage System. In Tri Voltage system, shape of the frame cross section is developed in such a way so that it faces less air resistance during racket movement. Due to less air resistance, player get maximum swing speed even racket belongs to head heavy series.

what is Flex in racket and does it impact the player performance?
Flex is very important parameter of racket and level of flex impact the performance of player. Flex refer to flexibility of shaft. Basically racket comes with either Flexible Shaft, Medium Flex ,Stiff or Extra stiff Flex. Flexible racket shaft offer absolute power on shots but flexible shaft racket is difficult to control due to its fast swing speed. Stiff racket shaft offers maximum power and perfect control on shots. Most of the Voltric series rackets comes with stiff shaft. Extra Stiff racket shaft extra stiff shaft are developed for those who really wants absolute control on shots. So extra stiff shaft offer less power but more control on shots.
Checkout All stiff Shaft badminton rackets

what is best badminton racket Voltric series? In terms of power, Yonex Voltric Z force II is most powerful racket in complete Yonex Voltric series..
what the difference in Voltric 5 and Voltric 7
VT 7 and Vt 5 Is belong to same racket series and material and technology wise there is no big difference, but the main difference is weight. Vt 7 weight is around 82 gms while Vt 5 around 85to 89 gms. So players who love to play with lightweight racket will defiantly like Vt7.
Check out the details Blog on comparison between Vol5 vs Vt 7
Checkout the Voltric 7 here
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Reviews of Yonex Badminton Racket voltric 7


Average rating based on
26 users
Yonex Badminton Racket voltric 7
average Rating 4.65 Out of 5
Total user 26
Amit Saha

Racket feels nice. Delivery was within a 4 days.
The product came in a good package and it was delivered quite quickly. I already tried the racket and it feels good. The only information I would have liked with the racket is the tension of the factory string. The racket is slightly lighter than the Armortec 250 that I already use so it might take a few days to get used to especially for fast, wristy shots. At the sale price, this is an absolute bargain. Cannot comment on longevity of racket since I have had it for a day now :-)
Rajdeep Randhawa

Value for Money
Voltric 7 is good option for intermediate players. I am happy with the performance of racket as of now. Price is good, in this price range you won’t get Voltric kind of aggression.

Bought Yonex Voltric 7 - Excellent racket!!!!
About Racket- Very light, head heavy racket , excellent for volleys ,hard smashes and good with drops. Earlier I had Carbonex 22SP but this will surprise with its light weight and speed. Worth every peny(Bought for 3470INR-39%off), where as in flipkart it was with 30%off as excellent deal khelmart!!! About delivery: 1. Expect delivery date was within 4-5 days but I got it in 2 days. 2. Packing was too good, took me around 10 min to unpack. Packed between 2 thick thermocol sheet and on top of it wrapped in hard carton box. Overall great first experience with Khelmart.

Nice racket. Best buy.
I used Carbonex series (8000 plus & 6 lite), Muscle Power 29 lite & ArcSaber 2. Voltric 7 is lighter than all the above & powerful shots are delivered. For a week or so you will experience some problems in defence because of its head heaviness, but in time you will be getting your defence back (thanks to its light weight)racquet is not that much head heavy. If you are trying head heavy for doubles/singles this is the best in this range. I recommend this to all.
Shivaditya Singh

Great product and delivered in record time
I am delighted at purchasing Yonex Voltric 7 racket from Khelmart.The delivery was much before the promised date which was excellent as it was intended as a gift.The price was the best compared to all the sites I viewed.
Babu Jose

The product is good and customer service by khelmart is also nice. But the courier service took pretty long to deliver the item.eventhough I registered 2 complaints regarding the same with gati no prompt action was not taken.so I am not happy with gati. Overall I am happy but not cent percent satisfied due to long delivery time
Manoj Kumar

Good medium Racket
Good racket for medium player s
ajithkkumar from keralam

voltric 7
booked on 4th aug and delivered on 11th aug( keralam). nice and safe packaging. racquet is safely reached here.

Racket is light weight but packs a punch. Excellent racket and very good service by khelmart
Chandra mouli

Yonex racket
Recived the racket in perfect conditio n, on time delivery and good packing.

Excellent deal with Khelmart
The product is of Yonex and they are well known for quality so yes the quality of the product is up to the mark but what i want to convey here is khelmart provided excellent deal with a price lower than those e-commerce giants and it was delivered in just 2 days after order confirmation. The packaging was also pretty good. So best price, fast delivery and good packaging makes khelmart the first choice for me to buy sports goods.

Perfectly genuine
I was Bit afraid of this order initially,after receiving package felt so happy as i got a genuine voltric 7 manufactured in may 17 @ lowest possible price available in all of ecommerce sites,thank you khelmart would love to shop with yu...

Voltric 7
Received the racquet before the promised date. The packing was excellent. The racquet surely feels heavy...due to the head heavy thing I guess. Yet to start playing...
Lieutenant Harpreet Singh

Review for Yonex Voltric !!
This was my first experience for a purchase with Khelmart. Great response, Superb delivery, Awesome packing...and Good discount prices. Fully Satisfied !!
Justin J

Yonex Voltric 7
Item as described. Happy to shop again.

nice racquet
Perfect packing. On time delivery. Excellent racquet
Lohit Jindal

Awesome product and fast delivery
The racket is of excellent quality. Just noticed improvement in my shots with this racket. Was able to select this racket after reading the rackets information and comparison given on this site.

Voltric 7
Good racket to play. Delivery process is smooth and well packed.
Ankit Dubey

The picture you had show for VOLTRIC 7 And the colour you had give Is not which i picked or wanted. But I m happy with the price and sad wih the colour.
Amit Sharma

Yonex Badminton Racket voltric 7 review
Nice Racket, Very good for starters and intermediate players
Manish Kothiwale

Voltric 7
J. Augustine

Voltric 7
Good service. On time delivery

Yonex Voltric 7
I found this racket a very good and genuine product. Very good shot accuracy and also good for smashes.Overall a good value for money
Sri rami reddy

Good product and good job by khelmart most reasonable price among compititors
Dipankar Pradhan

Best in class for intermediate/beginner
Fine balance between defensive & aggressive play. Light weight 4U, for defence & quick movement without tiring the wrist. Slight head heavy balance for smashing but this is subtle. Overall a nice combo for intermediate and advanced beginner. I am an intermediate player and just upgraded from carbonex lite.
Ajay Sam

Yonex badminton voltric 7
super fast delivery. smooth

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    It is a very good item delivered on time and bag is as good as given in specificatiomn.

    verified   Kaustubh Tamhankar
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Thrax Reserve edition cricket bat --  Thrax Reserve Edition English Willow Cricket bat
    The bat quality is superb has 9 grains very light. Very good customer service and fast delivery highly recommend for overseas costumers

    verified   Rahul Suri
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Best in class for intermediate/beginner --  Yonex Badminton Racket voltric 7
    Fine balance between defensive & aggressive play. Light weight 4U, for defence & quick movement without tiring the wrist. Slight head heavy balance for smashing but this is subtle. Overall a nice combo for intermediate and advanced beginner. I am an intermediate player and just upgraded from carbonex lite.

    verified   Dipankar Pradhan
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Slow delivery --  FALX N Curve Badminton Kit Bag Navy blue and Orange
    Plz speed up delivery here

    verified   Prem Prajapati
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Excellent product --  Yonex Power Cushion SHB03EX Badminton Shoes Navy Blue
    Great shoes, comfortable and worth the price, quick delivery by bluedart, overall excellent in all categories.

    verified   FARHAAN HAQUE
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
    Good Product and fast shipping

    verified   Aochuba
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
    Quick deivery, good quality and best prices.

    verified   sreenivas Vemulapalli
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Great --  Thrax Pro series Badminton Kit Bag Blue
    Very good product , spacious too.

    verified   Bharathi Kumar
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good --  Thrax Cricket Protection Kit
    Nice products. All of them.

    verified   Bharat
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Excellent product and excellent service from khelmart --  Yonex Court ACE Matrix Badminton Shoes Gray and Red
    Very happy with the product and service provided by khelmart..got the product before the scheduled delivery

    verified   Sanjay Saha
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • It’s really ultra strong, stiff and light  --  Li Ning US 978 Badminton Racket
    Loved it , good packing with ultra fast delivery!!!keep it up

    verified   Sahil
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Awesome.. Recommended --  Thrax Smash Badminton Kit Bag Navy Blue and Lime
    I bought two for my friends, one after the other just love it..

    verified   Javed Ahmed
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Nice dress --  SS Cricket Clothing T Shirt Color Neck with Full sleeve size Medium
    Nice quality dress.. I want to order more products from khelmart. Hope that khelmart will give us nice genuine products

    verified   Sunilkumar.m
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Yonex aerobite string --  Yonex Aerobite Badminton String
    Designed for control, this string indeed works well in what it meant for. Happy about the performance.

    verified   Arun Deep
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  • Item looks good  --  Thrax Rapid Z 104 85gms 26 Lbs Full Graphite Badminton Racket
    Expected delivery was Aug 3, but I got on Aug 6

    verified   Kranthi
    Verified Khelmart Buyer

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