Yonex Nanoray:

Yonex NanoRay 7000i Badminton Racket
MRP Rs.1925   28% Off
Yonex NanoRay 7000 Badminton Racket
MRP Rs.6850   26% Off
Yonex NanoRay 6000 Badminton Racket
MRP Rs.1690   24% Off
Yonex NanoRay ACE Badminton Racket
MRP Rs.3150   21% Off
Yonex NanoRay 6 Badminton Racket
MRP Rs.1910   11% Off

Yonex Nanoray is head light series developed by Yonex for that badminton player who like to play with racket which is really fast in handling. With fast racket handling, you can dominate to opponents by making quick return and drives.

Yonex used the smaller cross section area at top side of the frame which give less air resistance thus provide fast racket handling. While at bottom side of frame, thicker cross section is used which offers better repulsion.

Overall, Yonex Nanoray series is developed for those players who really wants to enjoy the speed of racket and capitalized it in winning the point in badminton rallies.

Due very fast racket swing speed, Yonex Nanoray z Speed is already marked as fasted racket to make smash speed of 493 Km/Hr.

Key Benefits of Yonex Nanoray:

These rackets are head light series racket which provide super fast racket swing speed helps in making fast drive shots , quick cross corner shots , fast net area drop shots and very quick return to opponent.

This series of rackets are suitable for those players who love to play with attacking game and wants to surprise the opponent by very fast racket movement and shots like fast drives.

Exception speed and control help in dominating the opponents.

Key Technologies in Nanoray Rackets:

Yonex X-Fullerene:

X Fullerene is the material which is developed by Yonex; it is enhance carbon graphite material which is equipped with 4 radial ribs to make circular structure.

With enhance graphite material player will get 15 % better racket stability and 5 % better repulsion.

With the help of X Fullerene technology, now player will get better stiffness (6 % Better stiffness).

The Main benefits of X Fullerene material is that it provides better repulsion on shaft. On impact, shaft works like spring which stores the energy during impact and releases it with more power and speed.

Isometric Frame:

All the Yonex Muscle Power rackets are equipped with Isometric Frame technology. Due to Isometric frame shape, length of vertical string and horizontal string is same which gives more playable area for players.

Due to similar length of vertical and horizontal strings, size of sweet spot enlarged up to a great extent. This results into better power on shots.

Yonex Hybrid Frame Cross Sections (Box + Aero) :

Yonex used hybrid badminton racket frame concept. In this concept, upper side of frame head is kept as Aero shape cross section. Aero Cross section offers less air resistance thus help in better racket swing speed, better power transfer to shuttle.

Further, Box type frame is used at lower and mid ways which give better strength to racket frame. With better strength, player will feel better racket head stability which help in good direction control of shuttle.

Yonex Built in T Joint:

Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device.

In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transferred to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle.

Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket.

Yonex Control Cap:

Control cap is a concept which is developed by Yonex to improve gripping of racket. Cap is a part which connect shaft with handle.

Badminton player hold the racket from handle and finally grip its Cap. Yonex used more flat surface on cap (88 PERCENT flat surface) which gives opportunity to grip more accurately.

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