YONEX Voltric series of rackets is dedicated to those players who want, attacking game style on 3rd line while on other hand, fast and speedy racket handling at net area. Yonex used state of the art racket material and cutting edge science to develop the rackets so that players get best in class racket performance. In Yonex Voltric series, new approach is used in which New and innovative racket frame design is used.
Yonex Worked on Two area of Racket frame to improve the performance.

Material properties and Racket Frame Re-Design change at Top Area:
Traditionally, to make racket head heavy, manufacturing companies used extra material at head area so that more racket swing can be generate to get maximum power. But to make racket head heavy, players need to compromise on racket swing as head heavy racket tends to give off balance. Yonex used, stiff racket geometry at racket top which gives racket bending action in a controlled manner. Further, to improve the flexibility, Yonex used flexible sides so that shuttle gets maximum energy transferred from string bed. By combining both the technologies together (Stiff racket top and Flexible racket side) , Yonex Voltric series racket delivered incredible power and quick racket repulsion.

Material properties and Racket Frame Re-Design change at Top & Bottom Area:
Further, Yonex re design the frame in which racket weight is redistributed at top and Bottom part. By doing so, players get maximum benefits of head heavy racket balance point. Thin cross section at side, gives less air resistance thus player will get better and improved racket swing speed.

Following are key points & Benefits of Yonex Voltric Series:
Yonex Voltric Series is a head heavy series which gives powerful smashes and hard hitting to attacking for attacking game style. Due to its aerodynamic frame shape, its offer best in class racket swing speed, which helps in providing edge on fast drive shots and quick return shots. Yonex Voltric series offer versatile playing style which suits the style of all-round type of players. Voltric series gives combination of power and control which helps player to dominate in the game.
Yonex developed different configurations in Voltric series so that player with different playing style can get best racket as per playing need.

Badminton RacketKhelmart priceWeightHead ShapeFlexHead MaterialBalance
4760 Head Material:Graphite + CS Carbon Nanotube Shaft Material: Graphite Flex : Medium Weight: 3U (85-89.9g) Level of play:Intermediate
2499Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5Frame: Graphite, Tungsten | Shaft: GraphiteStringing Advice: 4U 19-24 lbs |Flex: Medium Kit Bag : Two large compartment and one shoe compartmentLength: 70 cm Width: 27cm Height: 20 cm | Heavy duty shoulder, durable straps and Durable zipper
2470 WEIGHT: 3U (85-89.9g) Head: Square/IsometricFLEX: MediumHead Material: Graphite, Tungsten Shaft Material : H.M. Graphite Balance: 8 (Head Heavy Balance)
2999Weight 80-84.9 gms Head Shape: Isometric Flex Medium Head Material:H.M Graphite with tungsten Shaft Material : Graphite Balance : Head heavy
12600H.T. Graphite, H.M. Graphite, Nanometric, Super HMGGrip Size: G4Balance: Head LightWeight : 85.0g - 89.9g 
11865Flex: Medium Frame: H.M Graphite, NANOMETRIC, TungstenShaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra PEFWeight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5 unstrung
3540Weight: 89g +/- 2 (3U-G5) Balance: 305mm +/- 3 (Head Heavy) Frame Material: Super-high elasticity carbon, high elasticity carbon fiber Shaft Material: High Elasticity Carbon Flex: Stiff
13590Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5 3U (Ave.88g) G4,5 Frame: H.M.Graphite, NANOMETRIC DR, TungstenShaft: H.M.Graphite, NANOMETRICStringing Advice: 4U 20-27 lbs, 3U 20-28 lbsFlex: Stiff
3418Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5 Frame: H.M.Graphite, Sound Filter, TungstenShaft: H.M.GraphiteStringing Advice: 5U 18-23 lbs, 4U 19-24 lbsFlex: Stiff
3359Weight / Grip Size: 5U (Ave.78g) G4, 5 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5Frame: Graphite, TungstenShaft: H.T.GraphiteStringing Advice: 5U 18-23 lbs, 4U 19-24 lbsFlex: Medium
2250Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5Frame: Graphite, TungstenShaft: GraphiteStringing Advice: 4U 19-24 lbsFlex: Medium
2380Weight: 88 +/-2g (3U G5)Frame Material: High Modulus Graphite + Aero+Box Frame + Tri-Voltage SystemShaft: GraphiteBalance: Head HeavyMaxTension: 35lbs
2495Head Shape: IsometricHead Material : Graphite Shaft Material :Graphite + NanoMesh + Carbon NanoTubeWeight: 4U (Ave.83g)| Grip : G4String Tension : 19-24lbs 

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