Yonex Muscle Power series racket are equipped with muscle power frame ,Isometric Head shape. All the Muscle Power series racket are equipped with lightweight but durable frame and graphite shaft. Frame of muscle power series is made of Aluminum which offer better stability , durability and rigidity required for better control and power. While graphite shaft provide optimum Flex which is must needed for beginners or advance level of badminton players. All these material improvements in muscle power series provide headlight configuration which offers better repulsion and superb power to badminton player.

Following are the Key Technologies in Muscle Power Frame:

Isometric Frame:
All the Yonex Muscle Power rackets are equipped with Isometric Frame technology. Due to Isometric frame shape , length of vertical string and horizontal string is same which gives more playable area for players. Due to similar length of vertical and horizontal strings ,size of sweet spot enlarged up to a great extent. This results into better power on shots.
Muscle Power Frame:
In conventional racket frames , racket string passes through straight frame which gives slow movement of string due to friction and resistance. This phenomena caused into power losses during shot placement. Yonex identified this issue and invented new frame concept known as Muscle Power Frame. In this technology , Yonex used arc type of frame grommet cross section which helps in better string movement and provide effective power transfer from string bed to shuttle. This better frame design eventually helps into extra power on shots.
Graphite Frame:
All the Muscle Power racket developed with graphite material. Graphite material is very lightweight in nature and provide durable racket frame performance. Stiffness and Flex of frame can be further optimized based on racket requirement.

Badminton RacketKhelmart priceWeightHead ShapeFlexHead MaterialBalance
896Weight : U (95-99.9g) Head Shape : Square/IsometricFlex : StiffHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : SteelBalance : 6 (Even balance)
1920Weight :2U (90-94.9g)Head Shape : Square/IsometricFlex : Medium StiffHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : Carbon GraphiteBalance : 6 (Even balance)
1372Weight :2U (90-94.9g)Head Shape : RoundFlex : Medium Head Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : Carbon GraphiteBalance : (Even balance)
1567Weight :2U (90-94.9g)Head Shape : RoundFlex : MediumHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material :  
1839Weight :U (95-99.9g)Head Shape : Square/IsometricFlex : StiffHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : Balance : 6 (Even balance)
1230Weight :2U (90-94.9g)Head Shape : Square/IsometricFlex : Medium StiffHead Material : Aluminum Shaft Material : Balance : 6 (Even balance)
862Weight: (1U) 95-99gmHead: Square/IsometricFlex: StiffHead Material: Steel Shaft Material : SteelBalance Point : 6 (Even Balance)
2070Weight : 85.0-89.9 gms (3U) Head Shape : Square/Isometric Flex : Flexible / Medium StiffHead Material: Carbon Graphite Shaft Material : Carbon GraphiteBalance : 6 (Even balance)
2923Weight : (2U)Head Shape : Square/Isometric Flex : Medium Flex Head Material: High Modulus Graphite with Ti-Mesh Shaft Material : High Modulus GraphiteBalance 6 (Even balance)
2402Weight 85 - 89 gms Head shape: IsometricFlex : Flexible Head Material: Graphite Shaft Material : GraphiteBalance Even Balance
3105Weight: 3U (85 - 89.9 g)Head Shape : IsometricFlex: MediumHead Material : High Modulus Graphite, Aluminium Shaft Material : High Modulus Graphite, SteelBalance: Even Balance
1292Shaft: GraphiteFlex: MediumMaterials: Frame: AluminiumFrame: Durable FrameIdeal for beginner to intermediate players

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