Kookaburra Verve kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.3200  51% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna 800 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.25149  25% Off
Kookaburra Ghost 300 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.10849  22% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna 1000 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.30619  22% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna Players English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.39999  22% Off
Kookaburra Cadejo 350 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.10999  22% Off
Kookaburra Instinct 300 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.10999  21% Off
Kookaburra Cadejo Players Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.29999  21% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna 600 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.19149  20% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna 350 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.12999  20% Off
Kookaburra Instinct 800 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.21599  19% Off
Kookaburra Royale Players Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.32999  19% Off
Kookaburra Verve 400 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.12999  17% Off
Kookaburra Verve 100 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.5599  17% Off
Kookaburra Kahuna 500 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.16399  14% Off
Kookaburra Instinct 500 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.14449  11% Off
Kookaburra Blaze 250 English Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.9849  10% Off
Kookaburra Instinct Prodigy 30 Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.1899  7% Off
Kookaburra Surge Prodigy 20 kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
MRP Rs.1899  5% Off


About Brand
About Kookaburra bats:
Kookaburra Cricket is an Australia Based Cricket Equipment Manufacturing Company which developed quality cricket equipments for amateur to professional players.

Kookaburra cricket balls are most popular among the player and offers best in class performance for international and domestic cricket matches.

Kookaburra cricket lunched latest 2018 range of cricket bat with all new feature and updates.

Kookaburra Fever series is latest 2018 bat series which is developed for professional to armature players. The unique quality of this series is its shape and profile of the bat. This series of bats are developed with unique shape and back profile which ensures the best in class bat performance every time.

Following are some key Kookaburra Bats Series
mostly popular among the players:

Kookaburra Kahuna Series:
It is legends bats series from Kookaburra which is developed with fullback profile concept with minimum or no concaving at back side of the bat. This type of profile provides better ping and performance.

Kahuna series is endorsed by legendary cricket player like ricky ponting , AB DE VILLIERS,BRAD HADDIN,MARTIN GUPTILL and many more. With its unique profile, better back profile and curve blade , Kahuan Series is one of the most popular series.

The most expensive bat in Kahuna series is Kahuna player’s edition. Player edition is most popular bats in the world.

Following are the some Important Bats in Kahuna Series:

Kookaburra Kahuna Players Edition:
Kahuna player edition is the most popular bat in Kahuna series for pro players. It is made from player’s grade English willow with fullback profile. Its sweet spot is mid to low which is balance very well by kookaburra. This kookaburra bat is used by many international cricket players and already made lots of record.

Kookaburra Kahuna 1000:
Kahuna 1000 is made from grade 1 English willow with better shape and profile to offer best in class balance to players.

Kookaburra Kahuna 800:
Kahuna 800 is made from grade 1 English willow with super spine concept which ensures the better and optimized sweet spot position and shape.

Kookaburra Kahuna 600
Kahuna 600 is made from grade 2 English willow with super spine concept which ensures the better and optimized sweet spot position and shape.

Kookaburra Kahuna 350:
Kahuna 600 is made from grade 2 English willow and it is developed with traditional bat shape concept. With traditional bat shape concept, player will get better ping and balance which results into destructive power on shots.

Kookaburra Ghost Series:
Ghost series is latest 2018 Kookaburra bats with super spine concept. Ghost series offers best spine which is maximum at sweet spot and kookaburra tried to make it as high as possible throughout the bat profile. Ghost Series is developed for those players who love to player powerful strokes with easy bat handing.

Kookaburra Ghost Series is equipped with maximum sweet spot concept which offers destructive power on shots.

Following are some popular bats in Ghost Series:

Kookaburra Ghost Pro:
Ghost pro is professional level bats developed for international level cricket players. It is made of premium quality grade A English willow cleft. It is developed with concept like super spine which will improve the overall performance of player.

Kookaburra Ghost 1250:
Ghost 1250 is made from Grade 1 English willow. It is developed with handmade technique which ensures the proper balance and ping of the bat.

Kookaburra Ghost 700
Ghost 750 is made from Grade 1 English willow. It is developed with handmade technique which ensures the proper balance and ping of the bat. It is lightweight English willow cricket bat.

Kookaburra Blaze Series:
Blaze is re launched by Kookaburra in year 2018 with all new features, graphics, shape and profile. Blaze graphics are very attractive which is inspired by playing style of Jos Butler shows the modern day game style.

All Kookaburra Blaze bats
comes with attractive color graphics which used minimum cover concept to show you what is inside the sticker of the bat

Following are some popular bats in Blaze series:

Kookaburra Blaze Pro:
This bat is made from player grade 1 English willow which offers best in class perform. It is Equipped with all new features and latest graphics. Blaze pro is unique in its shape so that player can play the lots of improvisational shots along the boundaries.

Kookaburra Blaze 900:
Made from Grade 1 English willow, Blaze 900 is suitable for all round type of playing style.

Kookaburra Blaze 500:
Made from Grade 2 English willow, Blaze 500 is suitable for attacking of playing style.

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