BDM Dynamic Power English Willow Cricket Bat

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Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1120 gm to 1180 gm | Edge : 35 mm to 40 mm
  • Willow Type:English Willow
  • Handle Type:Short
  • Body Features:Unbleached, super smooth & wax finished
  • player Type

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BDM Dynamic Power English Willow Cricket Bat PRICE: RS.11950

  • BDM Dynamic Power Original:
    BDM Dynamic Power Original English Willow cricket Bat is made of hand selected English Willow. It is packed with Power Ark blade with contoured edges. It consists of 8 to 10 straight grains. This bat is designed to give top class performance for all kind of surfaces. BDM Putted Extra meat behind the sweet spot will give you maximum power and punch on strokes. It is made from good quality. BDM cricket Bats with unique shape and edges profiles are very famous in cricket community in India and abroad.
    Key Features of BDM Dynamic Power Original:
    1. Made from Grade 1 English Willow.
    2. Traditional Shaped bat with power packed edges.
    3. Optimum weight redistribution Which Offers better balance & Great pick up.
    4. Toe protector for better durability and maintaining the moisture level.

Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

Country Of Origin :India
Importer :
Generic Name :Cricket Bat
Item Weight :2.Kg
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Questions and Answers
Q : Need a 1000g cricket bat. With great hitting ability Which bat would be better sb sunny tonny Or bdm dynamic power original. And who is the seller (does BDM directly sells the product?)        Manish (Verified Buyer)
Ans : 1000 Gms is difficult in Dynamic Power Original English , minimum weight what we can provide you is around 1140 gms in BDM Dynamic bat. BDM Dynamic Power Original comes with fullback profile and with massive sweet spot which is suitable for attacking playing style. We source the bat from authentic distribution of BDM and SG so be assured on authenticity of the bat.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@0
Q : But BDM manufacturers told me that they can provide me 1050 g bat. But they are providing me less discount and charging more delivery charges...        Manish (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We can also offer 1050 weight but that will be spacial case , you need to order it and wait for 7 days for company to manufacturer it. Discount will be the same as mention on website.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@1
Q : Need a 1050 g dynamic power. What will be the manufacturing date of the bat. What will be the guarantee and warranty policy. And what if I am not satisfied with bat (quality issue) , then Can I return the bat and get refund. Kindly reply       Manish (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes we will aranged this bat with 1050g weight but it takes 5 to 7 days because it is a custom requirment and yes we will provide warranty or guarantee as per the BDM policy.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@3
Q : Ok then Will I have the option for cod payment option and what will be the manufactured date of the bat and what will be the warranty and guarantee of the bat. And somehow if the bat is not upto the mark, will the bat be returned and I would get refund or not        Manish (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Full COD amount is not possible as it is more than 5000 Rs. There will be warranty of bat for vertical and horizontal crack and damage , handle will be also covered on warranty. Cracks occur on toe will not be cover on warranty ... Within 7 days you can return the shipment if you dont like it

Id : BDM_EW_000031@2
Q : I am interested in this BDM Dynamic power cricket bat. I need it to be long/wide blade with super short handle. I need this to be shipped to Texas USA. Please get back to me with your turnaround and best possible pricings.        karthik (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, BDM Dynamic Power Cricket Bat comes with standard blade size and short handle. For more information please mail us at Thank you

Id : BDM_EW_000031@6
Q : can you get a BDM Dynamic power original cricket bat weighing between 1185 to 1190 grams , with 8-9 straight grains . I dont want any heart wood or blemishes on the phase of the bat. I also want a very light pick up .       Narendran Ramakrishnan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@5
Q : do u ship to adelaide, south australia? how much and how long?        Nogal (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, We ship to south australia and your shipment will take 6 to 8 days for delivery after shipping. For more Information regarding International shipping please mail us at

Id : BDM_EW_000031@8
Q : I am looking for Bdm dynamic power original With mid and low profile and also I want to know what is the customisation process like do I need to call u up or will u call me?        Rajagopal Raju (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Hello Mr Raju , This BDM English Willow bat is available in Mid to low. We shall whats up you

Id : BDM_EW_000031@9
Q : Hi, Can you provide this BDM dynamic power original bat with a Sachin profile. Weight around 1180 to 1190 grams.?        Ashish (Verified Buyer)
Ans : yes , we can do please contact this no. +91 - 11 40844616

Id : BDM_EW_000031@10
Q : i want to buy this bat but i am confused. Should i buy this one or the Thrax bat which is available at around 7.5 K with a discounted price. please suggest which bat has a more quality wood and grains among these two.       prateek Samadhiya (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Both the bats are good as per given specs. You can chose as per your playing style . Thrax Grand edition is top selling bat as per its price and the quality it offers in such a less price range.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@11
Q : What are the different weights that this bat is available in? Does this bat come with a pre-fitted toe guard? Does this bat come pre-oiled and pre-knocked? Can you please share some photos the current in-stock bats that you will be shipping?       Bobby (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Different bats in BDM comes with different willow grade. Mostly BDM bats come with toe guard protection

Id : BDM_EW_000031@14
Q : What is the weights that this bat is available in? What is the lightest weight and medium weight that you can offer? Is this bat pre-oiled and pre-knocked?       Bobby (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Weight of the bat normally in this BDM bat would be around 1140 to 1200 gms . this bat is not pre knocked bat . player need to oiling and knocking before go to ground

Id : BDM_EW_000031@15
Q : Hi i want to buy a bat 1140g . Another question, that bat weight which is 1140g after oiling as well.        Lahiru (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , we can arrange the BDM super power in 1140gms weight

Id : BDM_EW_000031@16
Q : Can I get dynamic power original in 40+ mm edge with no concave and weight around 1180gm.       Varundeep singh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , we have this type of profile with us

Id : BDM_EW_000031@17
Q : hello to you, i want a dynamic super bat with the weight around 1140 and 8 to 10 clear straight grains,, and a fully knocked ready to play bat because i am an opener batsman as a hard hitter so that ready to play bat i need and a pair of SS limited edition keeping gloves of adult size not extra large will you please help regarding this        Rishpal singh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear sir , we will contract to you on your whats app number.

Id : BDM_EW_000031@18
Q : Can i get this bat in 1225 gm? Also what are your charges for shipping overseas       sonam (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure , We have BDM Dynamic Power Original bat in 1225 Gms weight

Id : BDM_EW_000031@19
Q : Is this a Grade I bat or Grade II. I want your help in deciding which one to choose among SS TON RETRO BLACK EDITION and BDM DYNAMIC POWER ORIGINAL in terms of lower bottom punch/stroke and Perfect balance. I need the lower bottom or toe to have great punch. Also which one among them has the lowest possible weight (lightweight). Please help       Bhaskar Saikia (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Its grade 1 English Willow cricket bat. Of you are looking for low bottom , fullback profile with excellent ping then you can select Dynamic Power Original

Id : BDM_EW_000031@20
Q : Can I get this bat with weight 1130 gm?       Premkumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Weight of the bat would be around 1170 Gms

Id : BDM_EW_000031@21

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BDM Dynamic Power Original English Willow Cricket Bat
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dynamic power best cricket bat ever
The bat with great hitting ability and value for money product... Nice....
Prasad C

Excellent Bat
Excellent, Super Bat in this range of price,

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