Kookaburra Kahuna Players English Willow Cricket Bat Free Oiling and Knocking Standard Size

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Product Specifications

  • WEight: Light Weight Bats from 1150 to 1210 Gms Grains : 7 to 11 , Straight Grains , Clear Face , Well Balanced and Pickup
  • Willow Type : Grade A Players Hand Selected English Willow
  • Handle Type : Short Handle, Round, Sarawak Cane , Multi Scale Grip for Better Control and Feel
  • Body Features : High Spine and Thick Edges , Full Back Profile with Massive Edge
  • Additional Benefits: Toe Guard with bat, Full bat cover
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Kookaburra Kahuna Players English Willow Cricket Bat Free Oiling and Knocking Standard Size PRICE: RS.29990

    Kahuna players is one of the promising bat of Kookaburra kahuna series. To manufacture this bat, Grade 1 English willow is used. They are of the best quality and give you the perfect result. The willow which is used in this bat is imported English willow which provides the best quality grains, flexibility to design, stability and structure to the bat.

    The number of grains on the bat decides the age of the willow and performance of the bat. Willow plays key role if the players play with hard balls.

    Toe guard in the bat provides longevity by protecting it and preventing future scuffs and splits, in kookaburra bats the toe guard also helps to authenticate the bat.

    Large mid sweet spot in the bat manage the weight of the bat and maintain the balance of the bat for the players while making shots.

    Kookaburra uses traditional methods to prepare willow which is naturally processed. The willow of the bat is grade 1 English willow, which carries more clear and straight grains in the bat.

    The willow provides the long life to the bat and offers optimized moisture level.

    There is uniformity in kahuna players bat and without any blemishes on surface of bat.

    Kahuna players carries 7 to 11 clear and straight grains.

    The weight of the bat is around 1150 to 1210 gms, the designing of the bat helps to manage the weight. through which the batsman feels the weight lightly.

    The edges of the bat is around 34 to 41mm, which is high spine and thick edges.

    Kahuna players English willow bat curve plays vital role in balancing the weight of the bat.

    The series of kookaburra kahuana players English willow bat is short handled which is made up of 12 Piece Sarawak Cane and Round Handle with Xtreme Trio Grip.

    Handle plays a key role in bat which helps to provide flexibility and rigidity to the players.

    The kookaburra uses specific and following symbol to check out the genuinity of the bat.

    At the backside of bat 2D hologram is updated.

    You can also check the authenticity of the willow and the brand through bar code which is updated at the front side of the bat.

    In bar code the authentication no. mention you can verify App.

    Player can also check the Kookaburra Mark engraved on toe guards for authenticity.

  • Power plus Bat Surface: Kahuna Cricket Bat series are developed with unique face which give optimized contact between bat and ball and eventually maximize the stoke power. As ball contact is optimized due to unique face so you can play powerful straight d
  • AIR: Kookaburra uses the traditional way of drying the willow which include slow process of moisture removing from clefts. This process gives perfect willow for cricket bat manufacturing.
  • Hand Craft: Critical operation of cricket bat manufacturing is handled by skilled operator at Kookaburra factory. It means operation like shaping , profiling and pressing which decides the bat performance is performed by skilled operator.
  • Power-Dive: Handle is very important and critical part of a cricket bats as it connect player with bat. Kookaburra uses 12 pieces of specially selected cane for developing the bat handle which give combination of flexibility and power.
Questions and Answers
what is the Profile of this Cricket Bat?
It is mid sweet spot with Full Back profile bat developed for pro players. Kookaburra used High spine concept in this cricket bat.
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what is the specialty of this bat?
This bat is equipped with unique bat profile which includes best in class features like high spine , flat face , massive edge profile , super willow , angled toe, light weight profile , rigid handle , two fold grips .
what is the weight of this Cricket Bat?
It is light weight English Willow bat, weight of the bat is around 1160 to 1190 gms
is it knocked bat or fully prepared?
Yes, Kookaburra claimed to be pre knocked bat, ready to use but we will recommend to do some knocking at your end.
What is the difference in Kookaburra Kahuna players edition and SS Ton Reserve Edition Bat?
Both the bats are good and made of good quality willow (premium English willow) , SS Ton Reserve edition is equipped with Mid to low sweet spot while Kahuna Players is equipped with Mid sweet spot
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