SS Master 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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Product Specifications

  • Latest Manufacturing Date Bat with 90 to 95% Moisture Level (latest 2021 –Last 1-2 Month Manufactured bat), SS Changed the Bat Sticker for 2021 onwards
  • Grains: 6 to 10 evenly spaced straight grains,Construction: Hand crafted from Premium Grade 1 English Willow
  • Edges: Big edges (35mm to 40mm - depending upon the weight) with embossed TON sign.
  • Handle: Round handle made out of 12 piece imported sarawak cane which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility
  • Weight: 2lb 8oz – 3lb 0oz and Grip: scale grip

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SS Master 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat PRICE: RS.13572

  • About Profile of the Bat:
    SS Master 7000 bat is Professional level Cricket bat in SS Cricket bat catalogue. The sweet spot of the bat is located at low to mid position.

    As a Low to mid sweet spot bat , sometimes it is difficult to manage the balance of the bat as weight of the bat moves little lower point but SS cricket manage it very well by shape the toe in unique way which is the combination of little round and flat toe.

    In this Cricket bat, SS used fullback profile at back side. There is little concaving on the backside but that is very marginal to optimized and weight and balance of bat. So, with fullback profile in the hand and optimized weight, player will get power pack performance from it with maximum power. SS Master 7000 is known for its powerful performance.


    Edge profile of bat is around 40 mm. With 40mm edge and flat face, you will get destructive power on shots. In order to maximize the power , SS used optimized compression willow technique which provide uniform willow grains compress results into powerful bat face.


    About Willow of the Bat:
    For making this bat, SS used finest quality handpicked top grade English willow. Willow is processed naturally which gives perfect grain structure and results into best in class Light weight English willow.

    It is considered as Premium Grade 1 hand selected English Willow Cricket bat and player will get around 7 to 10 straight grains in it.SS used best technique to process willow which provide optimized in the bat which will offer best durability and optimum performance.

    About Weight of the Bat:
    Weight of this bat varies from 1180 gms to 1250 gms. As per khelmart recommendations ideal weight of all-round type of cricket player would be around 1170 to 1180 gms. In this weight range player will get maximum side edge, maximum wood behind the sweet spot and extra power on shots.

    About Handle of the Bat:
    Handle of any bat is very important part and it should be rigid and durable enough to sustain the high impact caused by ball hit.

    Moreover it should transfer the maximum energy to cricket ball.

    SS used 12 piece cane handle to develop the bat. 12 Piece can handle is laminated with cork lining so that it can provide a best possible combination of rigidity and durability.

    12 Piece swark cane handle with cork lining is considered as best handle for top grade English willow bats.

    About Cover of the Bat:

    SS used high quality cricket bats cover which is made of PU, 6X6 fabric and other high quality material. Bat cover of SS Ton Master 7000 is developed to protect the bat from unwanted dents and other possible damages.

    SS bat cover is padded by inner lining, It is equipped with high quality zippers and should – hand straps to carry the bat easily.

    About Authenticity of SS Bats:
    SS Cricket is proved 3 point Authenticity check for all English and Kashmir Willow Cricket bats:

    SS provided bar code at the back side of the bat which can is stretchable and player can stretch it to get the authentication number.

    Further, this number can be verified at the SS Cricket website or by downloading the SS Mobile app.

    SS Provided the 3D hologram on backside of the bat. This hologram is unique in nature which can be seen from all direction and you will get SS name in this 3D hologram.

    Additionally, All the SS English Willow cricket bats are passed with regress quality check of SS bat factory. After checking the quality of the bats, SS proved unique quality check on the back side of the bat.

    So player need to cross check this entire step to authenticate the SS cricket bats. At khelmart, we sell only 100% authentic and genuine cricket bats.


Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

Country Of Origin :India
Manufacturer :Sareen Sports Industries, Salarpur, Mawana Road, Near Translam Academy, Meerut 250001 (U.P.)
Importer :
Generic Name :Cricket Bat
Item Weight :2.Kg
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Questions and Answers
Q : Please tell me the total cost of SS Master 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat including oiling and knocking of the bat.       Rajat Kumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We charge 500 INR for Oiling and Knocking so the total cost of the bat is the price shown on the website and 500 INR.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@0
Q : How to pay for oiling and knocking if I make an online payment from overseas.       Fenil Savani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please mail us at

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@1
Q : I just want to buy ss master 7000 english willow cricket bat with long handle size       kapil sharma (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Normally we sell only standard size and short handle SS Bats , so you will get only short handle ... for Long handle you need to wait 7 days once you make the order. After making your after , kindly inform us about specification so we arrange accordingly

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@2
Q : how to i call customer care       kapil sharma (Verified Buyer)
Ans : You can find our customer care executive number is contact us section of the website. We are available from 9:30 am to 6 pm

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@3
Q : Is the bat handle round or oval? Also, let me know if the bat handle is thin or not?       Amit Agrahari (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Amit, SS Master 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat is comes with the Short Round Handle. Thank you.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@4
Q : Do you have a piece weighing approx. 1200 gms?       Rishi (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@5
Q : Is this product authentic and latest. I am why the discount of 33% as i am seeing no discount being offered in the SS website. They are charging full 14760 for this bat.        Wahid Hussain (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Be assured about the authenticity of the bat because on bat a 3D hologram and QR code is printed so you can scan the code and check the authenticity of the bat. Also SS charged full amount because if they give discount so what retailers do. Hope It Helps. Thank you.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@6
Q : Cod available??       Shivam parihar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Currently Cash on Delivery is not available.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@7
Q : Do u have this bat in the weight range of less than 1100 gms and with good balance? I prefer much less weighted bats for better bat speed. So do u have bat with weight less then 1100 gms with good balance?       Yash patel (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, you will get this bat under the weight of the 1100 grams.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@8
Q : Do you do extra pressing if requested?        Ravi (Verified Buyer)
Ans : No , the size of this bat is standard size from ss campany

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@9
Q : I want 1160 gms bat is it available?        Mohammed (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , we can arrange master 7000 bat on 1160 gms weight range

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@10
Q : Is this bat available latest 2021 make Edges around 40/ spine 60+ / weight 1180-1190 gms / sh / grains aprox 10. If available then mail me with latest pics Thanks       Pankaj Aggarwal (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, you will get latest 2021 bat with weight around 1185 gms , edge around 40 mm , spine 60 mm . As far as grains are concerns it will be around 6 to 8 clears grains with best possible grains profile. Moreover , no of grains are not always important , grains profile is important, how grains are distributed that is very important.

Id : SS_EWCB_0003@14

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4 users
SS Master 7000 English Willow Cricket Bat
average Rating 5 Out of 5 Total user 4

Great bat
This is one of the great bat ever ..loved it
Nirav Naik

Awesome !!!
The bat is original SS. Received as explained. Fast delivery. Thanks to
VenkataSiva Darsi

Great bat, worth buying
excellent pickup and ping, get it seasoned before using it for matches.
Rishabh Saxena

Perfect balance for tall batsmen
It has great balance and punch, use it with two grips

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