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Product Specifications

  • Weight: 1180-1250|Grains : 5-7 Clear Grains , Maximum Edge , Flat Face , Powerfull toe , Maximum Sweet Spot Concept
  • Willow Type: 100 % Authentic and Genuine English Willow Grade 1 English Willow (Willow Cleft Imported from UK , England)
  • Handle Type : Full Cane Handle -With Imported Swark Canes
  • Cover : Full Size Padded Bat Cover.With Shoulder Strap and High Quality Velcro
  • Manufactured by Thrax Expert Manufacturing System , Superb Balance , Ultra Lightweight English Willow Cricket Bat for Professional Level Game Play

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Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat PRICE: RS.7980

  • Thrax_English_Willow_Bat_Review.jpg



    About Profile of the Bat:
    Thrax Grand Edition bat is Professional level cricket bat in THRAX Brand. It is a mid to low sweet spot bat which generates massive power on stroke. In order to manage the balance of the bat THRAX BRAND optimizes the bat weight effectively.

    Further, the optimization of bat is achieved by doing little round and flat toe. In this light weight cricket bat, THRAX used fullback profile at back side, to optimized bat weight and balance THRAX used little concaving on the backside. So, with fullback profile in the hand and optimized weight, player will get power pack performance from it with maximum power.

    Thrax Grand edition bat is tested by Professional player and found outstanding performance with lots on run on scope board already.

    Bat Edge profile is around 40 mm. With 40mm edge and flat face profile, It will provide more power on shots. To get better grains, THRAX used optimized compression willow technique which provides better power.


    About Willow of the Bat:
    For making this bat, THRAX used premium quality handpicked top grade English willow. Willow is processed naturally which gives best in class Light weight and perfect grain structure. It is considered as Top grade Premium Willow bat and player will get around 5 to 7 clear grains in it.

    About Weight of the Bat:
    Weight of this bat varies from 1130 gms to 1240 gms. As per khelmart recommendations ideal weight of all-round type of cricket player would be around 1170 to 1180 gms. In this weight range player will get maximum side edge, maximum wood behind the sweet spot and extra power on shots.

    Bat balance is very good so even if you select the bat with weight around 1190 gms it feel you around 1140gms due to it lightweight pickup.

    About Handle of the Bat:
    Handle of any bat is most important part and it should be unchangeable and durable enough to sustain the interactive caused by ball hit. Handle of any bat is most important part and to get best performace it should be durable enough to sustain the specially by ball hit. Moreover it should transfer the maximum energy to cricket ball. THRAX used 12 piece imported cane handle to develop the bat. 12 Piece can handle is laminated with cork lining so that it can provide a best possible combination of rigidity and durability.

    12 Piece Imported cane handle with cork lining is considered as best handle for top grade English willow bats.

    About Cover of the Bat:
    THRAX used high quality cricket bats cover which is made of PU, 6X6 fabric and other high quality material. Bat cover of THRAX Grand Edition is developed to protect the bat from unwanted dents and other possible damages.

    THRAX bat cover is padded by inner lining, It is equipped with high quality zippers and should – hand straps to carry the bat easily.

Manufacturing, Packaging and Import Info

Country Of Origin :India
Manufacturer :
Importer :
Generic Name :Cricket Bat
Item Weight :2.Kg
Have doubts regarding this product?
Questions and Answers
Q : Will I get oiled and preknocked bat?        Rajinder (Verified Buyer)
Ans : No, This is not a preknocked bat but we provide oiling and knocking service at the charge of 500 Rupees.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@0
Q : So after placing the order, will you guys contact me for the bat specifications and preknocking?        Rajinder (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, We will contact receiving your order.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@1
Q : Can I get short handle       Harichandran krishnan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : This bat comes with short handle only.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@2
Q : If i order bat from your site, will i receive it in ready to play condition.        Tarun Maheshwari (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Thrax bats are hard press but it is not ready to play , you need to do oiling and proper knocking for this bat before you use it for matches or practise

Id : TH_CBE_0001@4
Q : Can you choose the weight of your bat? and do you have a knocking in service?       Stephen (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure you can choose weight of the bat as per your requirment and we also provide oiling and knocking service at the charge of 500 Rupees.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@6
Q : If I do online payment for the bat then how can I Get pre knocked and oiled bat?       Suman Das (Verified Buyer)
Ans : After getting your order , we shall send you separate link for the payment for oiling and knocking service

Id : TH_CBE_0001@7
Q : Can I choose my bat on whatsapp ??       PRAKHAR SHARMA (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Once you order on website , we will send you bat pics for your confirmation

Id : TH_CBE_0001@8
Q : Short handal bat       Shakeel. Khan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, This bat is short handle English Willow Bat

Id : TH_CBE_0001@54
Q : Where us sweet spot in bat        E.Ramakrishnaiah (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Sweet spot of Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is Mid to Low. Thank you.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@16
Q : this bat suffort leather ball       E.RAMAKRISHNAIAH (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes

Id : TH_CBE_0001@11
Q : Hi. I want to buy a bat. But I am confused with a bat weight. I want bat 2.7 but which but Bat I am looking to buy on there is said that bat weight is 1180-1250 this. I don’t understand what weight is this? Can u please email with more information with be really appreciate.... thanks and only email please no call as I will be in work so wo t be able to answer call. Thanks        Sameer (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sameer, The weight shown on the website is in grams.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@10
Q : I need this bat exact weight 1170 to 1180 g is it available ?        keerthiseelan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, You will get Thrax Grand Edition Cricket Bat in the weight range of 1170 to 1180 grams. Only you have to place the order of this bat and call us and told for specific bat weight to our customer care executive. Thank you.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@14
Q : is this really a grade 1 bat??       mayank (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat is made from 100 % Authentic and Genuine English Willow Grade 1 English Willow (Willow Cleft Imported from j s wright Farm , England).

Id : TH_CBE_0001@20
Q : Which is better bat Thrax Custom Made Grade A Plus T16 or thrax grand edition       RAVIKANT (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Both are good but the main difference is Thrax Custom made almost totally customizable as compare to grand edition.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@23
Q : Exact weight of this Bat       Priyanshoo (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear Sir, Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket Bat is comes in the weight range of 1180-1250 grams however you can customize the weight of this bat according to your needs.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@22
Q : Can we use it in Under-19 Matches       Sheikh Rayees (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes. This bat is designed for professional players.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@25
Q : Can I get Harrow Size Bat?       salik patwegar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Ok , we can do Please contact this no. +91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@34
Q : I need this bat in full back profile without any concavity and hitting zone must be mid to low. Can I customise it accordingly.       Tufel Khan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes you can customise it

Id : TH_CBE_0001@26
Q : Can we use this bat for power hitting?        Rohit menon (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , we can use this bat for power hitting

Id : TH_CBE_0001@27
Q : I would like to customize EXTRA MIDDLE PROFILE with SLIGHT CURVE and maximum BLADE WIDTH and color of stickering too, please advise available profiles for this GRAND EDITION THRAX bat.       RC Mohan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We can customize the bat profile for you, but the color of the bat sticker will be the same , we cannot change it.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@29
Q : OR_363800 My order ID Recently I ordered Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat from Khelmart. Kindly contact me for further. 9585559225        Mathiyarasu (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please contact this no. +91-11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@30
Q : I would like order this (Bat size SM/SH), please let me know the charges for KNOCKING for the same.        RC Mohan (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Oiling and knocking charges is Rs 500

Id : TH_CBE_0001@31
Q : Return policy is there        Ramesh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : you can check it

Id : TH_CBE_0001@33
Q : is this English willow imparted or planted in India ?       vikram (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please contact this no.+91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@32
Q : Can I see the ping of the bat       Joshi udit (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please mail us for ping For New order information please mail us at

Id : TH_CBE_0001@35
Q : Can we return the bat after buying        Srinivasulu (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please contact this no. +91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@36
Q : After ordering,can I choose the bat I want from 7-8 pieces of the same bat?       Prakhar Yadav (Verified Buyer)
Ans : For New order information please mail us at Any help required , kindly let us know Please contact this no. +91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@37
Q : Required 1170 grm bat       Pratap (Verified Buyer)
Ans : For New order information please mail us at Any help required, kindly let us know please contact this no. +91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@41
Q : Can I get a bat English Willow weigh less than 1100grams with good balance        C G Venkatsubramanian (Verified Buyer)
Ans : For New order information please mail us at

Id : TH_CBE_0001@38
Q : How to order knocking oiling want to order the bat knocked oiled and ready to use       Sudeep Munjal (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We can do oiling and knocking by hand oiling and knocking charges is Rs. 500/-

Id : TH_CBE_0001@39
Q : I have just purchased this bat order ID 371962 .I want it oiled and knocked and customise it to be light weight with best ping for power hitting.       Maheshkumar Mane (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Please contact this no.+91 - 11 40844616

Id : TH_CBE_0001@40
Q : I want 6 no.size it possible.? What about return policy.?       Anil (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes , Size 6 is available in this Thrax Bat. You can return the bat within 7 days if you dont like if , provided bat should be unused

Id : TH_CBE_0001@42
Q : I want number 5 bat, can I get it at a discount? If possible, what should I do?       Umesh Patel (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, Size 05 is possible in this bat but discount in not possible

Id : TH_CBE_0001@51
Q : Can you tell me the dimension of the blade. Length, width and thickness of the bat blade.       ANAND (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Width and length of blade is standard as per ICC rule book. Edge thickness is around 40 to 420 mm

Id : TH_CBE_0001@57
Q : Which is the best bat thrax Terminator or thrax grand edition?        Tarun yadav (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Thrax Grand edition is grade 1st English willow bat so Grand edition is better bat.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@44
Q : I have placed an order of thrax bat. Kindly contact me on whatsapp or on my phone number.. i have some more queries about the bat.       Shahfer (Verified Buyer)
Ans : sure , we will contact you on phone to clarify your doubts.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@43
Q : is this bat with short Handle?       gurpal singh (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Yes, this bat is short handle standard blade bat.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@46
Q : I see you also do knocking. Want to know if its machine Knocking or you do Manually with Hammer or Ball ?       Sanjay (Verified Buyer)
Ans : we do manual Knock with wooden hammer.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@45
Q : This is original grade 1 willow       Madhan Kumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Thrax Grand Edition is Grade A English Willow Bat

Id : TH_CBE_0001@55
Q : I have just ordered this bat. Will someone contact me regarding weight and process. Nilesh       Nilesh Varsani (Verified Buyer)
Ans : As per our discussion on whatsupp , we are sending you the bat

Id : TH_CBE_0001@63
Q : Thrax bat have warranty       Madhankumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Warranty of the bat is for handle and vertical and horizontal middle cracks

Id : TH_CBE_0001@64
Q : Where is my order. OR_390049? Send me the actual pictures of the bat with more than 7 grains, less than 1180 grams & clear & knot free free blade as requested through email.       Nandeesh Kumar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Hello Sir, Be assured , Our dispatch team will contact you for real bat pics , after receiving confirmation only we shall ship the bat.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@50
Q : I want this grand edition bat ... But I want a standard size bat but need some customisation in this .. can you provide me ... So for my enquiry and customisation where I can contact .. I will send video of my old bat so can you make bat bit like that shape .. plzzz       Aadinath bhargav (Verified Buyer)
Ans : WE will contact you the get the all details

Id : TH_CBE_0001@53
Q : I want this bat .. with 7to 8 grain .. but I need some customisation... Can you tell me where I can contact you to tell my likes .. I need a bat in this price range ... plzzz tell me .. I will buy one ...        Aadinath bhargav (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We will get in contact with you

Id : TH_CBE_0001@52
Q : Plz your wp nambar I SH ful size       Mayur R trivedi (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure , we will contact you for more details

Id : TH_CBE_0001@60
Q : Hi, I came across a video on YouTube. I liked the profile of the bat, can you make a similar one for me?        Rony (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure, you will get the same Profile what is mention on website

Id : TH_CBE_0001@61
Q : Mujhe ye bat kharidna he bhai ,or full nock hua ...thik edge wala chahiye 1100 se 11800 tak        Asgar (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Dear sir, we will contract to you on your whats app.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@62
Q : I want to buy this bat. I want the profile similar to Thrax T 20 Power Blade English Willow Cricket Bat. Please let me know if this is possible.       Sarat (Verified Buyer)
Ans : We can do customization in this bat

Id : TH_CBE_0001@65
Q : I am looking for little weight bat but powerful one (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure , That is possible... you can order it from website

Id : TH_CBE_0001@66
Q : I have just placed an order. Can you please share the pics of the bat before shipping?       Anil Negi (Verified Buyer)
Ans : Sure , we will share you the bat pics before shipping it.. be assured

Id : TH_CBE_0001@67
Q : I was about to order this bat (full size) but a customer of khelmart who already bought this bat six months ago told me this bat lacks power at the bottom end. Is this true? Also is it possible to customize it to like 1kg or 1050 grams and still let it be full profile bat with good power at bottom? I really want to buy this bat. Please help me with your expert opinion. Also how minimum the weight of the bat could go for me ?        Bhaskar Saikia (Verified Buyer)
Ans : 1050 Gms is full size , any manufacturer with 1050 Gms bat weight range needs to compromise of wood shaping thus will defiantly impact on bat performance. Weight of fullback profile of standard size English willow bat is around 1180 Gms however if the balance of bat is good then you will feel bat weight less.

Id : TH_CBE_0001@68

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Reviews of Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat


Average rating based on
26 users
Thrax Grand Edition English Willow Cricket bat
average Rating 4.65 Out of 5 Total user 26
Kris Dixit

Good ping, looking forward to play with it
Ravi from Khelmart really helped me with the bat images to send me a bat that I liked and that looked like it would work. The bat has a really good ping and I am looking forward to use it in a match. This site is great for overseas buyers.
Amjad Sharief

Awesome bat
Very nice bat. Delivered earlier than expected. Good grains and has a nice ping. Yet to use it in a matcb
Tariq Siddiqui

Good bat with issues
The Grand Edition comes with a lot of pomp and after requesting knocking and oiling, tested it in field. Though the bat does look good, the grip installed on it was loose, with the underlying cane threads coming loose, making the overall shots somewhat unreliable, had to go back to my original bat. I was able to get a best shot to around 80m for a six with the Thrax, but nowhere close to where my old SS bat delivers on an average of 90m. So I guess for a price of around 7000 it should be expected.
Anubhav Yadav

Value of Money Product
It is a perfect product for intermediate players. It is Light weight. It has good decent sweet spot. Have 5 to 6 clear grains. Though my bat has a break in grains near the bottom end. Overall it is worth the price paid for.

Nice bat (value for money)
I am reviewing after 5-6 month use. It is a great bat and very affordable also.. Good stroke and lightweight too.. Others brands will offer such product for atleast 10-12K..

super piece of English willow
super piece of English willow for reasonable prize .large sweet spot. light pick up. weight was heavier than i asked so little appointed.
Anand G

Great bat
Great performance bat for money spent than brand name bats
Wilson Gajbhiv

best bat in this price range
i was bit worried before ordering this one , but when i received my shipment i was very happy , shipment arrived in less then 48 Hrs , bat ping is outstanding & well balance & 13 straight visible grains , very excited to play with this bat , i highly recommend khelmart
Amit Jain

Very professional service
On time delivery and good customer support system. Would recommend to use Khelmart for online ordering of sports equipment.

Worth it for what you pay
It is a great bat with strock and performance.
Rahul jain

100% good bat
Amit Mehta

Excellent Bat
This is my second bat purchased from khelmart. Ping is excellent. Straight grains. Suitable for my batting conditions. Providing the quality at very reasonable price.Packaging was excellent.Very nice bat at this price.
I Praveen Kumar

Very good bat tq khelmart
I receive very good bat light weight 6 clear grains
Anuj Sharma

Thrax grand edition
Amazing bat!! These bats very well pressed. Ping is great after knocking in. Very happy with the purchase and will be buying more soon??
Himangshu Borah

very good
It is a professional level English Willow bat but need proper knocking before playing in the match ....great stock provide after knocking
Francis Lawma

Pros and Cons
To my surprise delivery was very punctual and superb. About the bat, weight, balance and grip were awesome, however i dont get to the chance to choose the bat, got only5 grains bat, on performance wise, it was good but not as expected

Bat with a different class
If the Same bat was purchased from sg or as they would have priced it of around 61-19 thousand awesome sound well balanced 5 stars

Awesome bat
Great bat with a lot of hitting areas, great product from Thrax brand. Hoping to buy more product from thrax.
Jagannathan Subramanian

Pretty good - TESTED IT IN A FEW FRIENDLY GAMES. Suggest a toe guard guard is fixed to the bat as most of the cracks starts from the bottom.Good value for money.

Great Profile
Feel lighter than it’s dead weight due to shape of it’s profile.

Cricket bat - Thrax Grand Edition
Bat looks good. Need to test it out. Tapped with an old ball & the ping is good. Waiting to test the bat on nets /games.
Gautam kohli

Well balanced bat
Must buy product,excillent ping, beautiful grains overall a perfect bat at this price range.Thanks Ravi for your wonderful service.

Beautiful Bat with Great Profile. I ordered this bat in 1st week of december 2020. Didnt played with the bat yet but ping is great. Bat us currently in Knocking after that i can tell if its great on the field as well.

great bat
great bat great performance great quality i m very impressed with this bat
Maheshkumar Mane

Best English willow bat for power hitting at this price
I have been using this bat for last 2 months and used it in three 20 / 20 matches, results were great. I personally recommend this bat and should be used after proper knocking to attain best results
Amit Handoo

Nice bat
Nice and well balanced bat recommend it to every cricketer to buy this. Packaging was nice. Value for money

  • Semma packing --  Thrax Bouncer Red Cricket Ball 12 Balls Set
    Great package and quality of ball very nice...thanku khelmart good experience buying online cod ...

    verified   Muthuraja9/28/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Yonex skyarc string --  Yonex Skyarc Badminton String
    Very nice string. So much control. Exactly delivers the place where u want to hit...

    verified   Lochan9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Value for money  --  Thrax Court Power 999 Badminton Shoes Gray Black
    Satisfactory quality with make in India brand.... Instead paying more than double cost to Yonex, lining etc brands for equivalent quality

    verified   R.P.9/24/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Yes  --  Thrax Black Edition Duffle Cricket Kit Bag 2021
    Is very nice kid bag next time iPad Hamlet and paid cricket ka sara product in Chennai , thanks your khelmart

    verified   Kumar chhotu 9/23/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Awesome and genuine  --  Yonex Astrox 6 Badminton Racket
    Thanks for the amazing racket, thank-you khelmart.

    verified   Abhishek9/22/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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  • Very best quality --  Moonwalkr Thigh Guard Medium
    Fastest delivery ever thanks for good quality and good service

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  • Awesome  --  Set of 2 Yonex AC2042TT Towel Badminton Grip
    Best place for good offer and genuine product, thank you khelmart. Delivery little delayed

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    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Wrong product received  --  Li Ning Ultra IV Badminton Shoes Navy Gold
    I ordered lining ultra iv , but I got lining ultra fly shoes

    verified   Siva Reddy 9/16/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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  • Amazing disign best price.  --  NIVIA Cricket Shoes Caribbean

    verified   Bhavesh Khakhkhar 9/15/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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  • Value for money  --  GKI Euro XX Table Tennis Racquet
    Khelmart has given me the best possible rate. I had checked all the e commerce websites but price on the khelmart was too good compare to others. Product is 100 percent real and genuine with cover also. So dont hesitate to buy it. If you are regular player then you must know the demand of euro xx. Best on price range. . Recommended

    verified   Aayush 9/3/2022 12:00:00 AM )
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    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Beautiful and best  --  Thrax Astra 73 32 LBS 73gm Unstrung Badminton Racket
    Good racket beautiful best. Nice attacking racket

    verified   Harikumar Astra is good racket. Better good finishing 8/19/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Glove  --  Thrax T 20 IPL Edition Cricket Batting Gloves Black
    Very good nice products .. quality is nice Very soft lether and beautiful ??

    verified   AK 8/18/2022 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer

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"Khelmart.Com is a web interface platform for display and sell the different products and is owned by khelmart enterprises a sole proprietorship Firm having its GSTIN registration (09AKUPG8499B1ZH) as "Khelmart Enterprise" office at Plot No - A19, Harman City Commercial Area,Bagpat Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh,India, Pin: 250002. (Here in after referred to as khelmart). Khelmart is India’s trusted online sports company since 2013, which provides true and best information related to sport goods with competitive prices and high quality products" Khelmart is committed to provide best information and quality products to its customer every time. Khelmart having its own warehouse where every single product passes through certain quality checks before being delivered to customer and to assure its customer best online shopping experience.

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Choosing sports equipments rather a difficult task, our sports specialist make it simple for you and choose best equipments for you.
# We have tied up with many sports specialist to select our equipment to ensure our customer to get them best equipments every time.
We Care Our Customers. For Khelmart team, Customer satisfaction is on top priority.
# We always try to deliver best quality sports equipment to become India's Trusted Online Sports Store.

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