ON Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein 2 Lbs

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  • Size 2 lbs / 900 gm|No. of Intake Per Pack : 28
  • Type: Build Muscle | Protein Per Intake :24 g
  • Type of Supplement: Protein Blend
  • Brand : ON (Optimum Nutrition )
  • Flavor | Banana & Cream

ON Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein 2 Lbs PRICE: RS.3348

  • Why you need ON Gold standard 100 whey proteins:
    It is trusted as world’s best whey protein source at economical price range. It is equipped with whey protein isolate which is established as purest form of protein. On gold standard gives 24 gms of pure protein in each serving. It is a combination of whey protein isolate and blended with fine ultra filtered whey protein concentrated.
    Mix-ability is a very common issue in every health supplement. This whey protein supplement is having excellent Mix-ability nature. It mix very easily with liquid and give best in class blend for use.

    1. It is premium source of Whey Protein isolate.
    2. Superb blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Ultra filtered whey Protein concentrates.
    3. In each serving, you will get 4 gms of Glutamine & Glutamine acids (Glutamine is one of essential amino acids available in human muscles. Glutamine transports the Nitrogen into our body muscle cells. Glutamine also helps in maintains the metabolism in our body.)
    4. It gives 5 gms of BCCA’s in each serving. It is finest quality whey protein available in market.

    1. Size 2 lbs / 900 gm|No. of Intake Per Pack : 28
    2. Type: Build Muscle | Protein Per Intake :24 g
    3. Type of Supplement: Protein Blend
  • User Guide
    About Whey Protein :
    We all know, milk and egg are natural source of protein. But taking whole food as primary protein source is good if you don’t have expectation in terms of growing your muscle size Fast. Milk is a good option but you have to wait longer time to see the good results. Whey Protein supplements are good source of protein and it can give you good results.
    Milk is made of two proteins
    (1) Casein
    (2) Whey
    Normally Whey Protein is the byproduct during cheese production. Whey protein is considered as best source of protein and gives best results. Whey Protein is easily digested and considered as fast acting protein source. Whey Protein is equipped with Es¬sential Amino Acids (EAAs)–including the three Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and they contain subcomponents (microfractions) that appear to provide benefits above and beyond amino acids and elemental nitrogen.
    Qualities of Whey Protein:
    Reduce Fats : A study done on subjects for 12 weeks shows that subject who used the whey protein burn more calories. Study is done for 12 weeks on two groups. One group is putted on specialized whey fraction (Prolibra™, high in leucine, bioactive peptides and milk calcium). After 12 weeks study results shows that subject who used Prolibra burn more calories.
    Give Better Size and Strength: Study done for 10 weeks with 14 grams of whey and casein protein along with 6 grams of free amino acids on resistance training athletes. Athletes putted on resistance training and whey protein supplement before and after exercise. After analyzing the data it is found that athletes got better results in terms of fat free mass and muscle strength.
    Control Hunger: Group of Australian reaches done a study on different mans putting on different drinks. Those who used whey protein drinks reduce the amount of ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin hormone transfer signals to mind that your stomach is empty.
    Types of Protein:
    Whey Protein Concentrated:
    Based on protein amount and its purity, whey proteins are classified into three main categories. Whey Protein concentrated contains around 25-89 % of protein. This is a very common type of protein formula which is putted on whey health supplements. Whey Concentrated can be used as pre or post workout supplements, Whey Protein Isolate:
    WPI is considered as most pure form of protein. It contains ~ 95% of pure protein. It is good source of protein which contains less amount of lactose. As it is purest form of protein and required more fine flirtation process.
    Whey Protein Hydrolyzed: With improved process, long protein chains are broken into small protein chain known as peptides. This type of proteins is easy to digest and gives better results. It contains around 80-90 % of whey Protein.
    Casein Proteins: We know that 80% of protein in milk is Casein. Casein protein as considered as slows acting protein and digesting process is slow as compare as other protein. It is recommended to take Casein Protein at bedtime.
    Egg Protein: Eggs are good source of protein. Egg proteins are equipped with Essential Amino Acids which helps in muscles tissues recovery. Egg proteins are also easy to digest and will give you best results. It is considered as lactose free protein source.
    Blended Protein:
    If you’ll get benefits of slow, fast and intermediate protein together in single protein health supplements.This type of protein will give you best protein. Blended proteins give you more sustained protein digestion than single-source pro¬teins like whey, casein, or egg.
    Best Time to take Protein Supplement :
    In the Morning:
    You can use the protein shake in the morning as breakfast. Further, Amino acids will helps in recovering the muscle tissues and protein will give you better energy for whole day. It is recommended to use fast acting the whey protein supplement to get instance results. Pre Workout:
    It is study which shows that taking whey protein shake before 1 hour of workout will give you better results. If the Essential Amino acids and BCCA are the parts of protein shake then it will helps in recovering muscle tissues faster. Egg Protein will be suitable option as pre workout supplement as it contains amino acid and it is easy to digest.
    Post Workout: Post workout time is very important. If you take proper supplement after 30-60 min of workout then you can significantly improve the results and performance. Enzymes and hor¬mones are actively repairing and rebuilding ex¬ercise-induced damage as well as replenishing glycogen stores, so your muscles are especially receptive to nutrients. By supplying a post-workout recovery protein containing whey, ca¬sein, egg, and simple carbohydrates during this “window” of opportunity.
    BEFORE BED: Prepare your body for the long fast ahead with a casein protein shake a half an hour before bed. Unlike whey which is rap¬idly broken down in the gut, casein is digested at a much slower rate releasing its amino acid constituents over several hours throughout the night while you sleep.
    About Creatine :
    Creatine is nitrogenous acid which is generated by Liver and helps in supplying energy to muscle cells. It is made of 3 amino acids namely as L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine. Creatine is transport by blood to body muscle and gives energy to muscle for intense workout. Because of this unique ability, Creatine is very popular in bodybuilder community. Creatine Supplements are commonly used by athlete and body builder to improve the performance. Study shows that use of Creatine can improve the performance of body builders during intense workout
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Optimum Nutrition 100 Per Gold Standard Whey Protein 900 gm
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nice product
Product is good and service is also fast love to buy it again

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