Yoga is a union between the body, mind, and the spirit which can ultimately connect you to the whole world. You can commence this regime at any point of life and time, and it will undoubtedly make you fresh and give you the utmost peace of mind.

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Most of the people think that why eco-friendly Yoga Mats are essential for yoga practice as yoga practitioners provoke all individuals to use these mats. To this question, answers are numerous, but the final words are that these mats are human and environmental friendly and keep you fresh and at ease, during your yoga sessions.

10 Best Yoga Mat in INDIA

Other than this, a myriad of companies all over the globe are manufacturing all types of mats, and people are buying them in spite of the material used by them to make it. But there is no advantage of using those mats because of their toxic nature. A good eco-friendly mat has these necessary qualities which makes it unique and comfortable for the user. They are: -


1. The material used in securing them does not harm the environment at all

2. While practicing yoga, it will be soft and sticky to the surface

3. Durability is high and hard-wearing

4. Ethically made

As you all know that yoga is the best exercise to keep the body fit and healthy, and the workout gets a boost while using an eco-friendly mat. In this post, you will come to know about best eco-friendly mats which must be pricey than usual ones, but after using these mats, you are helping the environment and yourself to be safe.

The seven best eco-friendly mats are as follows: -

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1. Manduka Eko lite mat


The Eko series of mats give the person natural gripping on the earth surface and prevents from slipping. The material used in this mat is truly bio-degradable and eco-friendly, which leaves no landfills after use. The non-amazon harvested tree rubber mat firmly supports both- your comfortable practice and the environment. Moreover, it produces zero percent waste and is free from toxic foaming agents, PVC, and plasticizers. Manduka Eko is a well established manufacturing company which offers eco-friendly products in an affordable price.

Features: -

• Has a thickness of 4mm and this length is established by experts in yoga after thorough study

• Experience unmatched grip during hot and sweaty sessions

• The manufacturing organization does not use latex as it will degrade the atmosphere

• When you step on to this mat, you will feel awesome, and additionaly it has pad inside it for full support of sensitive joints.

• It is light in weight and easy carry at home and for the classes at a reasonable price

2. The Astra organic cotton and jute mat


It is one of the beautiful and environmentally-friendly choices for yogis. It is mainly dyed in herbs like Tulsi, neem, and Turmeric for better result. When you first try this mat, you will feel the earthly smell from it because of the organic things.


• It is 6 feet long with 2.5 in breadth, and weight is around 1.1 kgs which is very comfortable to carry while traveling

• The neem is used while making this mat which is excellent for skin when it comes in contact

• Organic cotton is utilized which is handwoven in Kerala and dyed by traditional families which are doing this work from many years

• Easily washable and provides proper gripping on the surface because of extra grip lines

• Quickly absorbs sweat without making it slippery and sticky

3. Yoloha cork yoga mats


If you are tired of buying mats because of their extra slippery nature, then Yoloha mats have come with an option for you.Yoloha is a well-established company, making mats since many years with excellent features of using natural material to save the environment. In their manufacturing, they dont use a single piece of plastic. The material used in the mat called cork is taken out from the cork tree furnishing them to survive for hundreds of years.

Features: -

• Cork and rubber are mainly used in making this mat comfortable

• The cork is also known for its stickiness, which works both on the wet and dry surface

• Gives superior performance and optimum durability

• The non-toxic feature makes it perfect for every practice

• Cork is a renewable and recyclable material which cannot harm the environment at all

• It is 5mm thick with 4 lbs, and 5 inches diameter in a roll; with portable feature

• Easy to travel while carrying this mat because of a handy feature

4. Suga yoga mats


Suga mats are entirely made up of 100% recyclable material, which is helpful for its durability, stickiness, density, and elasticity. Compared to other mats, this mat has a long-lasting grip which makes it unique and comfortable.


• Thickness is 5mm which provides extra cushioning in conventional asanas

• These mats have extra traction with all the crucial elements for being the best mat

• The closed cell foam enclosed in these mats make it easy to clean when a lot of dirt is fetched into the carpet from studio floors

• Lowest carbon footprints have collaborated in these mats

• Made in the USA as this nation is a world power and a helping hand in making the environment clean and green

• With extra durability, the manufactures guarantee the customer to get away your old mat and go with a new mat if it will ever wear out

• The dense feature in this mat gives a firm base while practicing different arms and legs postures

5. Lottus life mats


The manufactures of lottus life mats satisfy the customers through their quality. It is made up of pure jute. The core principles of the company are comfort and functionality. So,forget any other mat and quickly buy these mats for fantastic exterior, durability, and ease while performing your exercises. The material used in making this mat signifies spirituality, peace, and natural connection with the earth.

Moreover, you can use this mat at home, for gym workouts, and especially for practising yoga in a comfortable way.

Improve your overall health with lottus mats, which delivers maximum strength and flexibility during meditation.


• The technology in-built in these mats is enviro smart which uses fibers of pure jute

• With an ultimate thickness of 8mm, it is designed for an enthralled yogi to practice yoga with extra comfort

• The cushions inside the mats will deliver protection to your joints, hips, knees, and wrists • The strap for carrying this mat is adjustable according to the need

• Practicing yoga using this mat will offer life force from the ground which delivers positive attitude towards meditation

• Non-slippery, reversible, memory foam protects various parts of the body from pain

• Colors make the life authentic, so lottus mats come with unique colors and in awesome patterns which make the person motivated to do yoga

6. Jade yoga natural rubber mats


The mission of jade yoga mats is taking responsibility for the environment which they signify through woven yoga mats. Indeed, these mats are best for the beginners in yoga. Jade yoga offers functionalities which you want in your favorite mat like fresh colors, incredible grip, comfortable, and sustainable. The material used in these mats is natural rubber, which is a renewable resource excluding PVC, EVA, and synthetic rubber. The brand is committed towards environment and they plant one tree in place of the one which they cut to make a mat since 2006. They have tied up with tree plantation organization called tree of the future to do this work.


• The three lengths of the mat are 68, 71, and 74 inches

• Delivers supreme Traction with extra griping which makes your pose secure

• The thickness of the mat is 3/16" which offers a great cushion to your body while standing, sitting, and balancing

• Available in fluorescent colors which provides peace in the eyes

• Open cell surface

• Behaves soft and sticky right from the beginning

• Affordable as compared to other mats

7. Affirmats yoga mats


Affirmats comes with great functions and inspiration wrapped in pure love from the yoga mat brand. The motto of Affirmats is delivering comfortable experience not only physically but in the overall body, which offers peace of mind as well. The design of these yoga mats is incredible with the non-slippery feature. Nonetheless, it is an excellent and a reasonable gift for those who love doing yoga.


• Metal, latex, and phthalates are not included by the company to make it eco-friendly

• Thickness is 5mm which is the same as all other yoga mats which are perfect for meditation

• The company has made this mat perfect in size according to the need that is 69, 25” inches

• Slip-resistant quality makes the person concentrate on poses while doing yoga

• Made up of bio-degradable jute and blended PVC for excellent results

• Non-toxic in nature which is safe for an individual and environment both

• Other than this, more use of this mat makes it more slip resistant

A person who loves yoga spends most of his precious time in practicing yoga on a yoga mat. It is advisable to them to purchase a mat which has long-lasting life, and is not made up of nasty chemicals as those chemicals degrade the environment and your body also because of carbon footprints. Additionally, it does not matter which mat you use if it stays in the corner of the room, then there is no use of buying an expensive carpet. Yoga is meant to make your mind and soul happy; so more you practice, the more you get the result.




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