A racket is the essential equipment in a badminton game. The performance of badminton racket is measured on certain factors such as massive head, headlight, even balance, string tension, etc. Each badminton racket possesses a unique quality that makes it ideal for a specific player; for example, a headlight racket is most suitable for players who play doubles and are club players.

The quality and type of racket must match the players style and playing ability. It is also considered to choose the right badminton racket as it affects the overall game of the player.

How to choose the right badminton racket?

While purchasing a badminton racket, you may get easily confused as there are plenty of options present in the market. But how you should select the best badminton racket is explained below: -

There are generally three attributes that must be considered while buying a badminton racket. They are: -

Racket weight

Balancing point

String tension

Weight of the racket

Usually, U denotes the weight of the badminton racket. The small value of U indicates a higher weight of badminton racket.

Balanced weigh of the racket allows excellent stroking speeds, recovery, and brings fewer injuries to the badminton player.

Balancing point

Badminton rackets are also categorized by balancing points. The type of balance point is determined by placing a finger just below the head of the racket and then identifying the direction in which the racket tilts. These are three balancing points.

Head-heavy balance- Has more mass on the racket head. This racket brings power to the strokes.

Headlight balance- Has mass away from the head of the racket. Moreover, this badminton racket is easy to control and swing.

Even balance- As the name said, it provides a middle ground between the above two balancing points. This badminton racket is best for beginners.

String tension

If you need to apply more force in your delivery, then you require badminton of higher string tension. You can determine the tension of the racket by pressing your hand in the racket string and identify the depth of the sink. A 1mm sink is an ideal value.

If you are looking for the right badminton racket for your game, then you should opt for Gosen badminton racket

. About the company

GOSEN CO. LTD was founded in the year 1951. Primarily they manufactured fishing lines and later started making and selling badminton rackets. They introduced the first carbon badminton racket in 1980, and until now, they are producing it. In 1986, their products were approved by the International Tennis Federation.

GOSEN is a leading company in Japan that manufactures rackets. They use the latest technology in each process of racket production. From raw material to the manufacturing of final products, all equipment used is of superior quality. These qualities of Gosen products keep the brand distinguishable from all other sports manufacturing companies. Besides manufacturing Tennis and Badminton Strings, they also make other strings like fishing, electric appliances, construction, agriculture, etc.

About Gosen Badminton Racket

Gosen badminton racket is highly recommended for both players who have started their career in this field or are experienced players. This fabulous badminton racket brings incredible grip in hands and also reduces the chance of injuries of wrist and shoulders.

Gosens racket high string tension provides more balance and control, making it more durable and reliable. Their premium badminton rackets are ideal for players who play doubles as its extraordinary flexibility helps the players to move the racket easily and quickly in the various defensive positions. They are available in an exotic range that provides effortless balance at the point of the head and helps in bringing the shuttlecock at a decent distance.

Gosen Racket Technology

Gosen is one of the worlds first companies whose strings are approved by the Badminton World Federation. They also have a longstanding history of manufacturing synthetic strings. They are also first in the area of introducing stringing techniques.

Gosen synthetic threads and strings are used by many leading industries and factories across the world. But now they have started manufacturing badminton and tennis sporting goods and also got expertise in it. They use updated technologies methods in the manufacturing of target products. For different badminton rackets that are built for a particular purpose, they use different materials and technology.

Their frame is strengthened with super alloy Aermet for better control. Rackets Aero Dynamic design reduces air resistance created by the swing. Carbon sheets of racket frames are weaved from all three directions that help lower torque at the moment of hitting and also balance the pressure of high tension produced. For more excellent elasticity and durability, superior quality high-modulus carbon is used.

If you are looking for the latest Gosen badminton racket available in the market, surely you are coming up with many confusing options. Undoubtedly it is crucial to select the right racket to ensure success. Here are some options that are reliable and high-quality badminton rackets: -

Latest Gosen rackets available in 2020

1. Gosen INFERNO series

Gosen comes up with its extraordinary series called the Gosen INFERNO series. In this series, Gosen provides five unique badminton rackets that are: -

INFERNO EX: gives you greater strength and power control. The material used is Mitsubishi chemical Pyrofil, and this racket is red in color. Its upgraded version Inferno EX with Crushing Power is also available.

INFERNO PLUS: makes powerful shots because of its ideal super long length. In manufacturing, they used Pyrofil material of Mitsubishi chemicals and it comes in carbon black color.

INFERNO: Its 5.1% shuttle lock speed and 2.5% smash angle make it the ultimate badminton racket for players. In manufacturing, they use the most trusted high modulus carbon and Pyrofil material of Mitsubishi.


INFERNO TOUCH: It is lightweight and is most suitable for players who want quicker ability in their racket. The material used in the building is of Mitsubishi chemical Pyrofil. It comes in an attractive white marine color. It is featured with unusual novel shapes. Its flexible shaft generates sharp and clear shots. This white color badminton racket is manufactured from Pyrofil material of Mitsubishi chemicals.


2. Gosen GUNGNIR 08S

This dimpled frame badminton racket comes with a rigid shaft that makes your swing power directly to the shuttlecock. This excellent racket is made of Triaxial carbon and is of green color. Its unique OG square shape enlarges the sweet spot area. To reduce torque and the strings tension, its carbon sheets are weaved from multiple directions. It comes in an ideal length of 680mm.


3. Gosen GRAVITAS 9.0-SX CL

This badminton racket is incredibly coated with polyethylene and also manufactured with selected wood and Pyrofil material by Mitsubishi chemicals that provide you optimal grip. It is designed with the concept of " strike the shuttlecock at the centroid." It is featured with speed touch at the front and power shot at the back. This racket is available in Black color to enhance its looks.

4. Gosen Roots Aermet Chronicle EX

Its original shaped shaft bends at 2 points that smoothly accelerate the shuttlecock. During manufacturing, high modulus carbon is used. This racket is also braided with Aermet alloy that strengthened the frame. It is beautiful by coloring it black. To bring better control in the game, you must try it.

5. Gosen Power Master Series

In this Gosen power master series, they included three badminton rackets. All of them are well-designed and well-featured for bringing better results. They are: -

Power master 110

This badminton racket supports the tension of the string, which maximizes its durability. Gosen power master badminton racket is made from super resistant, high-modulus carbon. These badminton rackets come in two attractive colors, red and lime green.


Power master 130

Like power master 110, this badminton racket is also highly durable and sustains the tension of the string. In the manufacturing of this fantastic racket, they use carbon of high modulus. It is available in red and blue.


Power master 180

This high durable badminton racket is available to us in neon orange and lime green color. During its manufacturing process, they use high modulus material that is carbon that upgrades its strengths.



Badminton rackets must have an isometric shape and grommet pattern that will improve the overall performance of badminton players. The ideal characteristics of a badminton racket are admired by players that directly position the shuttlecock. Gosen badminton racket fulfills all the requirements of players and provides flexible, durable, and highly resistant performance. Not in Japan but also the exotic range of Gosen badminton rackets is available in India. Explore them now to have a remarkable experience.

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