About Comparison:
Yonex Mavis series is one of the best series in Nylon shuttlecock categories. Mavis series offer following key benefits to players:

1. Better Flight patterns – Almost similar to Feather shuttlecock

2. Better Durability – Shuttle offer better life and durability for practice matches

3. Better Shuttle speed - Mavis series offers optimum shuttle speed which is very close to feather shuttlecock performance.

4. Cost Effective: Mavis series is cost effective shuttlecock as compare to other brand nylon shuttlecock.

5. Good Shuttle for Practice: Yonex Mavis series is good option for regular practice and club level competition tournaments.


With above mention points , we can say that , Mavis series is better shuttlecock which offers better durability , flight patterns and very cost effective for daily practice.

Mavis series is having different categories like Mavis 07, Mavis 200i, Mavis 350, Mavis 600, and Mavis 2000.

Different Mavis series are designed for different playing condition and practice level.

For Ex, Mavis 200i is suitable for beginner level and advisable to those players who love to play badminton game with intermediate playing skills.

In this blog, we shall do the comparison of two different Mavis series shuttle, Mavis 350 vs Mavis 2000

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About Mavis 350:

Yonex Mavis 350 is all time hit Nylon shuttlecock for practice session as it’s provide close to feather like shuttle performance. Mavis 350 gives very consists performance to badminton players. Each shuttle is tested by Yonex quality team with high quality standard so that player can get best performance every time on court. As claimed by Yonex, Mavis 350 is 5 times durable as compare to other brand Nylon shuttles.

Yonex Mavis 350 is available in different speed configuration for different weather conditions. We all know that skirt of Nylon shuttle is made of nylon material which is sensitive to temperature. To overcome this problem, Yonex manufactured shuttle in 3 different color variant which will meet the required of player as per playing condition.

Recovery time of Nylon Shuttle is very important as its decide the performance of shuttle. Quick recovery time gives better flight, opportunity to hit proper shots. Yonex Mavis 350 gives recovery time of .02 Seconds. This time is .008 second faster than other brand Nylon shuttles and .005 second slower than Yonex feather shuttle.

About Mavis 2000

YONEX Mavis 2000 Badminton Shuttlecock is a Nylon base shuttlecock design to give best performance and durability. New and advance Nylon material at Shuttle skirt and precise manufacturing process, gives feather shuttle like performance and flight characteristics. It is an economical, durable and best shuttlecock for tournament and training sessions.

Comparison in Two Shuttlecocks:

• Both the shuttlecocks are suitable for practice sessions, these shuttlecock are made of better nylon material which offers better durability and playing characteristics.

• By comparing the durability, we found that durability of Mavis 2000 is bit better as compare to Mavis 350. It hold good for practice long hours and perform better on harsh playing condition. We tried the shuttle with toughest playing condition to test the durability parameter of both the shuttles.

• Flight Patterns of Mavis 350 and 2000 are almost similar and offer close to feather shuttlecock performance.

• Shuttle recovery time is of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350. It means, Mavis 2000 offer better shot playing ability. However, this margin is very less.

• Based on flight pattern, durability and shuttlecock recovery time, it is clear that Playing Condition of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350.


Yonex is world leading in manufacturing the sports equipments. Yonex produces the quality badminton equipment for all types of players. Yonex Company is founded by Minoru Yoneyam a in year 1946 by starting of selling wooden products in Japan.

Yonex done lots of research on racket material and as results of the same, High Quality Badminton Racket are produced by company.

Material science is very important for making the lightweight and durable badminton rackets. Yonex used latest nano science technology to develop the best suited rackets for pro players.

With Nano science technology Yonex developed with ultra lightweight, durable, high impact, thinner and stronger rackets.

We all know that selection of a proper badminton rackets is very important

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Yonex classified its rackets into different categories as per the playing style, playing level and rackets performance.

It is very important to understand the each on these Yonex categories to select the Yonex Badminton Rackets.

Checkout the Below Image:




This shows the detail classification on Yonex rackets:

Detail of Yonex Badminton Racket Selector (Racket Balance Vs Shaft Stiffness)
In this image, you can see that, on X axis Shaft stiffness is mentioned while on Y axis, head configuration or balance point is mention.

Following are the finding this graph:
• Most of the Voltric series comes in Positive repulsion and head heavy side. It means, Voltric series is head heavy series with better repulsion power. Voltric Z Force and Voltric Z Force 2 come in Head heavy and extremely repulsive racket.

• In complete Voltric Series, Yonex Voltric 5 FX is better in control.

• Most of the Nanoray Series comes in even to head light balance with positive repulsion .Nanoray Z Speed is the even balance while its better in repulsion. In fact is the best Nanoray rackets in repulsion.

• Nanoray 750 is top head light racket.

• Most of the Arcsaber series comes in even balance while some rackets are better in repulsion others are better in control.

• Arcsaber 11 is even balance (Slightly head heavy), while its repulsion is on positive side.

• Arcsaber 6 FL even balance racket while it is suitable for control play.

• Most of the Duora Series rackets comes in Even Balance (Duora 6, Duora 55 , Duora 88, Duora 77).

• Duora Z Strike Head Heavy racket with extraordinary repulsion power.

• Duora 10 again is slightly head heavy racket with intermediate repulsion.

• Most of the Astrox series rackets are head heavy racket with good power on shots. • Astrox 77 is very good racket for power play.

With above point it is easy for player to understand the complete knowledge of Yonex rackets with technical knowhow like, power, repulsion and control.

Now we will explain the detail of each Yonex Rackets Types:

Yonex Duora Series:


Yonex Duora is revolutionary racket series which provide two fold benefits to player in single racket frame design.

In dual optimum fame concept, YONEX putted 2 types of frame sections design into single frame constriction. Front side of the frame is designed with box section frame while backside of frame is designed with aero frame.

This type of configuration gives two sections into single frame construction. Box section is designed with new material Nanometric Dr while aero section is designed with NI-TI fiber material. Both the Material together gives new and revolution frame designed which gives following benefits to badminton players.

Forehand side of frame is designed with Box type section and equipped with Nanometric DR Material which gives shuttle hold time 3%. Due to this player place the shuttle with more power and superb control.

Backhand side of frame is designed with aero type section and equipped with NI-TI fiber which gives repulsion 9%. Due to this player gets stiffer racket which results into quick racket repulsion.

Yonex Duora 10 is the most popular model in Duora Series. This racket provides better forehand and fastback hand option to players.

Duora 77, 88 and 77 LCW are also good models for mid level players. These rackets are best rackets in mid range for all round type of players.

Yonex Voltric:


All Voltric series rackets are equipped with Tri voltage system which is unique concept developed by Yonex

YONEX Voltric series of rackets are suitable to those who want, attacking game style on 3rd line while on other hand, fast and speedy racket handling at mid court while exception skill game of Net area.

Yonex used state of the art racket material and cutting edge science to develop the rackets so that players get best in class racket performance. It is a head heavy series which offers better power on shots.

In order to improve the overall aerodynamics of racket frame, Yonex worked on its shape and material to get best aerodynamics properties.

Z Force II is the most popular in complete Voltric Series. It is professional Racket with head heavy configuration.

Yonex Voltric 5 is the most suitable model for mid level player with attacking game style.

Yonex Nanoray:


Nanoray is referred to light frame racket which is suitable for those player who always prefer to make quick shoots rather than power. Due to lightening fast frame speed , player will get advantages on drives and push shots.

Yonex Nanoray is head light series developed by Yonex for that badminton player who like to play with racket which is really fast in handling. With fast racket handling, you can dominate to opponents by making quick return and drives.

Yonex used the smaller cross section area at top side of the frame which give less air resistance thus provide fast racket handling. While at bottom side of frame, thicker cross section is used which offers better repulsion.

Overall, Yonex Nanoray series is developed for those players who really wants to enjoy the speed of racket and capitalized it in winning the point in badminton rallies.

Due very fast racket swing speed, Yonex Nanoray z Speed is already marked as fasted racket to make smash speed of 493 Km/Hr.

Yonex Nanoray 95 Dx racket is developed with DX frame with HM Graphite Material. High modules graphite is used to make this racket frame and shaft which provide outstanding strength to hold the higher string tension.

Recently Yonex introduces the light series rackets in Yonex. Yonex Nanoray Light 18i, 9i are some of very popular rackets in Nanoray light series. These rackets are 5u rackets (78 gms) with very light frame concept.

These rackets are head light series racket which provide super fast racket swing speed helps in making fast drive shots , quick cross corner shots , fast net area drop shots and very quick return to opponent.

This series of rackets are suitable for those players who love to play with attacking game and wants to surprise the opponent by very fast racket movement and shots like fast drives.

Exception speed and control help in dominating the opponents.

Yonex Arcsaber :


Player who love more control on shots are always preferred on accurate shots delivery. Arcsaber series rackets provide exception control on shots with even balance and innovative material science.

Yonex Arcsaber series is even balance rackets which delivery exception speed and precise control on shots.

Arcsaber rackets provide extra ordinary control on shots which is achieved by adding extra flex frame. Extra Flex frame hold the shuttle for longer time so that player will get exception control on shots.

Arcsaber series frame is designed with specific technique where it will provide the optimum flex for holding the shuttlecock longer at string bed during point of impact.

Yonex Arcsaber gives perfect combination of storing and releasing the energy which provide super racket control. Perfect positioning of carbon Nanotubes at racket improve the racket frame elasticity which eventually improve the racket control. Below mention video will explain the technology behind the Yonex Arcsaber series.

Yonex Astrox Series:


Astrox is latest series from Yonex which focus on counter weight balance theory. In this theory , to get the maximum control on racket , re distribution on weight in done. Now weight of the racket is balanced at racket frame top, Joint and handle end.

This theory provides better racket balance and help player to quickly adjust the racket fro next shots.

Further, Yonex Astrox is all about getting the steep angle of attack. Player who wants better angle of attack will love Astrox series as it offer flexibility to hit steep angle attack.

Astrox series rackets offer powerful smash with steep angle of attack by which you can easily get the point.

Yonex Astrox 77 is most popular model which is developed for pro players by Yonex.

Yonex Astrox 88 S and 88 D are the latest launch in Astrox series. Both the rackets are belongs to innovative Astrox series which provide the combination of attack and control.

Yonex Muscle Power Series:


If you are a beginner level badminton player than Yonex Muscle power rackets are best suited for you. Muscle power series is economical price range series with technologies like muscle power frame and iso metric head shape.

The entire Muscle Power series racket is equipped with lightweight but durable frame and graphite shaft. Frame of muscle power series is made of Aluminum which offers better stability, durability and rigidity required for better control and power.

While graphite shaft provide optimum Flex which is very important when you switch form tempered steel shaft to graphite shaft racket. Graphite shaft rackets offers better flexibility which results into better power transfer to shuttle.

Muscle Power rackets is developed with the combination of graphite, aluminum frame which is designed for beginner to amateur players.

Final Words:
Yonex is very popular Badminton racket brand in the world. Yonex Provide quality and consistence in its product range.

With clear cut product range definition, buyer will get clear idea about Yonex rackets.

Intent of this blog is to provide detail information on Yonex racket range.

Players with Basic playing style have to select the Muscle Power series while player who already tired muscle power series and wants to improve the game in attacking game style should check Voltric series.

Yonex astox and Duora series are considered as advance series and suitable for pro players.



To choose the badminton rackets it is important to check badminton parameters so that player will get complete information about equipments:

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Nowadays with recent innovation in graphite material, racket produced by manufactured are coming with better durability, impact & bending strength.

Most of the amateur player want best racket under economical price range. To get best racket player need to check the specs carefully. Selecting branded racket is good option but at the same time check the specification of racket.

For Example , Yonex Voltric 5 is a head heavy racket with 89 gms weight and 24 lbs string tension and its selling price at khelmart is Rs2590.Similer configuration racket in Thrax (Rapid Z 104) will cost you around 1490 Rs (85 Gms weight 26 string tension).

So by the example it is clear that, before selecting any racket, always try to compare it with other brand rackets.

In this Blog we are listing the

Best Badminton Racket under 3000 Rs

#1 Thrax Furious XM10:

Do you believe that 72 gms with 30 lbs racket under 3000 Rs. Yes, It’s Thrax Brand which launched the Furious ultra light series. Furious XM 10 is made of HM Japan 40 T graphite material.

Its handle is made of carbon graphite material which join free configuration. Which means there will no joint in the racket, not even in handle to shaft. It is single piece racket configuration.

Thrax used octane shape shaft in furious racket which in unique in its type.

It is a head heavy racket with stiff shaft. The combination of stiff shaft and head heavy configuration provide better power on shots.

#2 Yonex Voltric 5:

Yonex Voltric 5 is very popular model in Yonex Voltric series. It is head heavy racket with 89 gms weight.

Its shaft and frame is made from HM graphite material which offers better stiffness and frame durability.

Voltric 5 is equipped with Tri Voltage system which is designed to deliver better speed to player helps in fast drive shots while its head heavy nature offers better power helps in powerful smashes and shots.

Racket Frame cross section is designed with latest Aerodynamic concepts which offers less air resistance and results into fast racket swing speed. With fast racket swing speed player can effectively place the drive shots, half smashes and cross corner shots. It also helps in better drop shots and quick return in critical badminton rallies.

#3 Li Ning SS 99 Plus:

Li Ning SS 99 is latest Li Ning racket with head light configuration. It is developed with graphite material with better dynamic optimum frame concept.

Dynamic Optimum frame concept offers better frame power and impact strength to players. Weight of this racket is around 85 gms while it is available in S2 grip sizre.

#4 Li Ning SS 98:

Li Ling SS98 Strung Super Series Badminton Racket is designed for intermediate /Advance Badminton player who really want to dominate in the game with More Power and fast racket swing. Li Ling SS98 Badminton racket is developed with Aerotec beam system which designed to generate less Air resistance.

Due to minimum air resistance in racket frame, SS98 will provide you super fast racket swing and you can perforce better badminton drive shots. With Dynamic Optimum Frame, uniform distribution of forces across the racket frame occurred which generate more power on shots.LI Ning is world’s renowned firm in the field of sports equipment design and development.

#5 Victor Arrow Power 5800:

The frame of this badminton racquet is made of Graphite+Resin. The length of the racquet is 675 mm. The isometric head shape provides a large surface area for the shots and distributes equal amount of force across the frame. Victor Arrow Power 5800 badminton racket is suitable for Intermediate and experienced players.

Victor Arrow power 5800 Badminton Racquets has medium stiffness which helps when serving backhand or when you are serving a power shot. The shaft of this badminton racket is made of Graphite+Resin+7.0 SHAFT.

#6 Victor Brave Sword 1300:

Victor Brave Sword 1300 is a durable badminton racquet. The shaft of this badminton racket is made of Graphite + Resin and 7.0 Shaft .The isometric head shape provides a large surface area for the shots and distributes equal amount of force across the frame.

These racquets use a new technology to reduce air resistance for stability. These racquets have a moderate string tension of 22-24 lbs and a standard length of 675mm. Victor Brave Sword 1300 badminton racket is suitable for Intermediate and experienced players.

# 7 Carlton Blade 3000:

Carlton Blade 3000 is developed with high modulus carbon fiber material which gives better impact strength to racket frame. With higher impact strength, player will get additional power on shots for easy 3rd line clear and extra power on smash.

Racket is designed with Ari Blade technology in which racket frame cross section is developed with better aerodynamic cross section so that air resistance will be minimum. With minimum air resistance, player will get speedy racket handling and get better chance to play fast drive and accurate cross corner shots.

#8 Thrax Streak x 101:

Thrax Streak X 101 is latest 2018 launch by Thrax sports .This racket is made from 40T Japan graphite which is very durable and sustain high impact load on racket frame.

Streak X 101 is a lightweight racket (82 gm ) with head heavy configuration. Its frame is mad of 40T graphite with nano tube material which will provide better strength and ability to sustain high string tension up to 30 lbs.

This racket is developed with concept like lean attack which provide superb aero dynamics to frame so that it can swing very fast to provide edge on opponent.

#9 Carlton Heritage V 5.2:

With innovative frame aerodynamic, Carlton Heritage series is unique in its category. With Even Balance configuration and aerodynamic frame, this racket will offer you killer racket speed by which you can surprise your opponent.

Heritage V5.2 is lightweight badminton racket (Around 80 Gms) ,further with improved aero dynamics player will get fast racket swing.

Carlton badminton used Japan High modules graphite material. This type of carbon graphite material is considered at best graphite material which can withstand the higher string tension up to 30 lbs. With higher string tension, player will get better power and repulsion from string bed.

Li Ning G Force PRO 2600:

Li Ning G Force pro 2600 Badminton Racket is equipped with all new features which make this racket extremely powerful and destructive for opponent. With innovative technology, G Force 1500 will provide you 2.8% shuttle speed while it will give you 7.8 % less drag force which eventually results into powerful hitting with optimum control over shots.

G force pro 2600 comes in Yellow & Blue color scheme and it is made of very light weight carbon fiber material. Its weight is W2 (80 to 86 gms) while it is available in S2 grip configuration.


About Apacs Brand:

Apacs is Malaysia badminton brand established in year 2002. Full form of Apacs is AGGRESSIVE, POWER, ACCURATE, CONTROL and SPEED which show the company motive to produce high quality badminton equipments

at reasonable price tag.


launched lots of innovative racket technology and badminton equipments for badminton enthusiastic.

In this blog we are listing the Latest Apacs Feather Weight Badminton Rackets for 2018

. Feather weight is ultra light weight series in Apacs in which racket weight varies from 64 gms to 75 gms.

About Feather weight technologies:

Apacs CNT Carbon Nan tube:

Apacs used CNT carbon nano tube technology which they used at frame. This technology combines with graphite material and offer better impact and bending strength to racket frame. With the help of this type of frame, player will get powerful smash and rigid racket head. With rigid racket head frame player can make accurate shots.

Reinforced structure to develop racket frame which can sustain higher string tension

Apacs used 24T graphite material and along with it new reinforced structure is used at racket frame. Reinforce structure is used to provide better strength and impact resistance to racket frame. With the help of reinforce structure, Apacs feather weight series racket are lightweight in nature and at same time it is strong enough to sustain high string tension.

Isometric head shape – Better sweet spot shape better power

Apacs feather weight rackets are developed with isometric head shape which used the effective overall racket head shape. With better head shape player will get better power by which player can dominate on opponent.

Fast Racket swing for killer drive, Smashes and cross corner shots

Frame of feather weight series rackets are developed with improved aerodynamics. With improved dynamics, racket faces less air resistance and gets better swing speed. With improved aerodynamics, player can easily swing the racket with higher speed. Improved head speed benefits players with fast smashes, more power and fast drive shots.

With light weight, stiff shaft and even balance, this racket is suitable for attacking players. Player will get attacking playing favorable characteristics by which he or she can dominate on opponent.

About Apacs Feather Weight Rackets:

Apacs Feather Weight 200:


• This racket is developed with flexible shaft which is designed to deliver the more power (Flexible shaft store and release the energy effectively thus result into powerful smash and 3r line shots).

• Uses of CNT technology for better impact and bending strength.

• This racket is developed with reinforced structure which allow player to put string tension upto 30 lbs.

• Racket weight is around 69 gms.

• Its high speed frame offers fast racket swing speed.

• Balance point of racket is 298 mm which is head heavy racket configuration.

Apacs Feather Weight 300:


• This racket is developed with flexible shaft which is designed to deliver the more power (Flexible shaft store and release the energy effectively thus result into powerful smash and 3r line shots).

• Uses of CNT technology for better impact and bending strength.

• This racket is developed with reinforced structure which allow player to put string tension upto 30 lbs.

• Racket weight is around 75 gms.

• Its high speed frame offers fast racket swing speed.

• Balance point of racket is 300 mm which is head heavy racket configuration.

Apacs Feather Weight 500:


• This racket is developed with flexible shaft which is designed to deliver the more power (Flexible shaft store and release the energy effectively thus result into powerful smash and 3r line shots).

• Uses of CNT technology for better impact and bending strength.

• This racket is developed with reinforced structure which allow player to put string tension upto 30 lbs.

• Racket weight is around 64 gms. It is super lightweight badminton racket.

• Its high speed frame offers fast racket swing speed.

• Balance point of racket is 300 mm which is head heavy racket configuration.


In 2018, Yonex launched all new Badminton footwear for professional and advance player with 3 layers and power cushion + technology. These higher end cushion technology, enables the player to get best in class comfort and feel. Checkout the detail blog on Badminton shoes selection Cushion is very important in badminton shoes as it provide following key benefits to players:

1. Cushion provides better comfort and feel to players.

2. Cushion helps in avoiding the injuries to players.

3. Better cushion shoes help offering the extra bounce to player so that player will get maximum energy during movement.

4. Effective cushioning helps in better energy management.

5. As badminton game required lot of body movement within the court. Due to lots of movement, if player shoes are not cushioned than it will create problem to player with some serious injuries.

As we understand the need of cushioning in badminton shoes, so it is important to under how the Power Cushion works in Yonex badminton shoes:

About Yonex Power Cushion plus Technology:

1. Power Cushion plus is an upgraded version of traditional power cushion technology. In this technology, a special elastic resin material is used which is lightweight in nature. This special resign provide high shock absorbing ability.

2. To further improve the resilience, special grove designed is used at mid sole which provide better optimum spacing results into better resilience.

3. Compare to traditional power cushion, Power cushion plus provide 25% more
shock absorbing ability with 12% better repulsion.

About Yonex Power Cushion Technology:
1. Yonex power cushion technology is basically a combination of cushion material at heel and mid sole. This technology used a very soft but resilience material (Better than urethane) which absorb the shock and impact load and release them slow and steadily.

2. This complete action of absorbing the shock load and release it slowly helps in better comfort and provide better cushion to players.

3. By comparing the other cushion material like urethane, Power cushion provide 3 times better shock absorbing ability.

About Yonex 3 Layer Power Cushion Technology:

1. In 3 layer power cushion, 3 layers are used to configure the power cushion. Top and Bottom layers are kept as hard so that it could absorb the 30% more shock as compare to original power cushion.

2. At Middle, very soft material is used which basically quickly return to its original shape.

3. Overall, 3 layer power cushion provide 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy.

Yonex used these Power cushion technology at different place to get maximum benefits to players. The combination of these technologies in single shoes is a revolutionary technique developed by Yonex to offer best in class comfort to players.

Now we are listing the best 5 Badminton shoes for Year 2018 with combination of Power cushion technologies:

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z:


This Power cushion badminton shoe is used by lots of international level players. Its design and look is traditional with lots of cut section stitching together.
This shoe is launched in two colors (1) Black and yellow (2) White and Black.

In first color variant, base color is black which the combination of PU and durable mesh. On black color, Yellow color rocker mesh is provided. Shoe design is simple but looks attractive with Yellow color graphics.

Yonex used two power cushion technology in this shoe. Power cushion plus technology is used at mid sole back side. While, power cushion technology is used at front side at mid sole.

The combination of two technologies offers best comfort to player.

Checkout the Mid range Badminton shoes here Power Cushion shoe is developed for advance badminton players who required extreme cushioning in shoes. Upper of the shoe is made of PU leather, high quality mesh.

Yonex used all new technologies in this shoes like ToughBrid Light, Solid E.V.A.,Power Graphite Sheet,Power Cushion.

Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z Wide:


It is a different variant of power cushion 65Z shoes. It is developed on wide last concept in which shoe upper is prepared on wide last to offer better comfort and feel. All other specification of shoes is same as 65Z previous model.

This shoe is available in single color variant. Base color of the shoe is white and side of upper is made of yellow and black color graphics. Overall, this shoe is suitable for advance badminton player who wants better cushion and good durability from shoe.

Yonex Power Cushion 03 Z:


Power cushion 03 Z is the latest 2018 badminton shoe model. It is most popular badminton shoes in power cushion series. Its attractive design and looks offers best in class shoe feel to players. It upper is made of die cut sections sheet which is covered with durable mesh. Die cut section is latest concept which is used by Yonex in high end shoes.

To improve the fit of the shoe, Yonex used Asymmetric design which is curved eyelet creates a natural snug fit around the inner arch.
Yonex used toe assistance shoe which is a toe centric design philosophy that cuts down the pressure from big toe and offers improved support at mid foot. With this type of fitting, power losses is reduced and helps in better footwork.

This shoe comes in two color scheme (1) complete white (2) coral Red

Coral red is most popular and stylish shoes in these two.

Yonex Aerus 02:


Yonex Aerus 02 is a hit model in year 2018. Aerus 2 offers two main features (1) its weight (2) Its design. It is the lightest shoes in complete Yonex badminton shoes catalogue. Its weight is around 270gms. This shoe is designed with latest die cut sections in which very thin toe cut section sheet is welded on high quality synthetic mesh material.

This shoe is manufactured with latest shoe technology which includes 3 Layer Power cushion, Flexion upper, durable skin light, sysnco fit insole.
Yonex used more mesh area in this shoe which results into better ventilation within the shoe. With better ventilation and proper air circulation, player will fell refresh during long practice sessions.

This material provide two benefits to players, it offers rubber like flexibility to player so that player can easily flex on court. With flexible upper material player will get added advantage on court covering.

DURABLE SKIN LIGHT upper provide better stiffness to maintain fit for long use. So DURABLE SKIN LIGHT materials provide both, flexibility and durability.

Yonex used limited stitching concept in this shoe. It means, stitching is used at minimum part of the shoe. Minimum use of stitching provides better style and durability to shoe.



In power Cushion comfort z shoe two types of cushioning are used to offer all new feel to players. At mid sole tradition power cushion is used. While at heel area, Power cushion is provide to give soft feel to player.

Yonex used the combination of two technologies in this shoe which offers better comfort, cushion and optimized energy transfer to players.
Yonex used power cushion in full sole (throughout the entire midsole) in this shoe. These helps in reducing the extra load on heel and thus reduce stress from ankle.

To improve the overall performance of the shoe , Yonex used very innovative material known as hyper MsLite which in 10% lighter as compare to traditional mid sole and offer better cushioning.

To improve the inner ventilation within the shoe, a new lightweight but durable mesh is used which improve the air circulation within shoe and provide better ventilation.

This shoe is available in single color scheme which is white and black. White color microfiber is used while color mesh is used which is lightweight in nature.

Overall, this shoe is a best option for advance badminton players.

Checkout the comparison between Yonex and Li Ning Badminton shoes


Badminton is world’s fastest racket game which required lots of fast body movement in badminton court. Following are some key statistics related to badminton game.
Badminton is more intense game as compare to Tennis.
Badminton is second most popular game in world.
In early days, badminton game was played with feet.
In badminton game , Lots of Asian players are dominating.


As badminton is known for its fast game characteristics so it is mandatory to select the shoes which can provide following key benefits to players.


Badminton shoes or footwear should provide better and perfect comfort to player.
It should be lightweight in nature so that it helps in effective court covering.
Outer sole of shoe should be made of Non Marking material.
Shoe sole should provide effective traction force.
Shoe sole should be antiskid in nature.
It should provide better stability and support.
Shoe cushioning should provide protection against sudden impact during jump smashes.
Above mentioned points are very important for selecting perfect badminton shoes, now we are going to list the key point which you need to consider while select a badminton shoe.
Check your game level:
Selection of any equipment is always a critical decision. If you are beginner level player then we would not suggest you to go for higher end shoe. You can select any Brand shoe of Nivia , Pro Ase or Thrax. These brands provide better shoe fitting at optimum cost. If you are a serious badminton player then we would suggest to go for Yonex , Li Ning or Adidas badminton footwear.
Check if your playing level is all round type of Game:
If you are an all round type of badminton player then we suggest to select a shoe with medium cushion but lightweight in nature. While if you are a attacking player then go for better cushion shoe with medium shoe weight.
Check the Sole of shoe:
If you are amateur player and just want to play on court which is made of grass then we will not recommend buying non marking shoe, in this case you can play with normal rubber sole shoes. If you are playing on wooden court then you must select shoe with 100% non marking sole as it will offer you antiskid shoe performance.
Check your practice section timing:
If you are a serious player and spent much time on court then you need to select shoe with good inner ventilation. Yonex and Li ning provide better Air mesh which offer good air circulation and helps in long practice sessions.
Check the Upper Material of Shoe:
Upper material of shoe is very important. Recently, Li Ning manufactured badminton shoes with Flyknit upper. Flyknit upper gives better comfort but at the same time durability of shoes needs to be check for long practise session. Best shoe upper material is PU. PU is lightweight in nature and offer best durability as compared to normal fabric or PVC or Flyknit fabric.
Check the Shoe overall technology:
Different sports shoe manufacturers offers different technologies.
Following are the technologies in Yonex Badminton shoes :


Power Cushion:
Cushioning is very important for badminton shoes as it gives energy management and power to absorb the shock or impact energy caused by player movement. Yonex used power cushion technology to absorb the shocks. Further, Yonex used power cushion material at mid sole which is better than original Phylon material vastly used as cushion material. As a test result , when yonex tired to drop an egg on power cushion material its bounce back 4 mm above the power cushion which shows the effective energy transfer from Shoe.
Round Sole Badminton Shoe Technology :
Yonex designed the sole shape is different way (Sole shape is round at toe and heel area). In new shape , players gets better fitting , energy transfer. With better fitting , player move on court freely.
Ergoshape: (Ergonomical Shape):
Ergonomical shape is the concept which is developed by Yonex for badminton shoes. In this concept , specially designed shape is provided at forefoot and toe area of shoe.with this new shape , players get following key benefits:
Better Shoe fitting for different shape and sizes .
Better comfort
Good stability
Hexagrip (Hexagonal Shape moulded pattern at outer rubber sole):
Hexagonal shape on outer sole gives best possible pattern on sole. Hexagonal shape offers best traction force and gripping action. Following benefits are observed of Hexgonal shape grips:
Better Traction force.
Better Fitting
Better comfort
Effective court covering
Following are the technologies in Li Ning Badminton shoes :


Li ning Cushion:
Li Ning used Cushion material at most impact part of shoe. This cushion material gives better shock absorbing ability. Due to better shock absorbing ability ,players gets better comfort and feel.
Li ning AWS Cushion:
Li ing used specially designed shock absorbing material at mid sole and mid part of shoe which gives additional cushioning to absorb the unwanted shocks. This gives better feel and comfort to players.
Li ning Bounce Sole Technology:
Li Ning used bounce technology (Better material) in midsole. Bounce material gives better resilience. With better resilience ,player gets effective traction force to get maximum court covering.
Li ning Tuff OS Technology:
Tuff OS technology uses the new and latest abrasion resistance material at Toe area which gives durable and long lasting performance to badminton player.
Popular Badminton Models for Beginners or Badminton shoes under 1500 Rs:


Thrax All court:
All court model from Thrax is one of hit model for beginners. This shoe provide better comfort , stability and anti skid performance to player. Upper of this shoe is made of PU material with durable air mesh. Overall , it is better option for those who wants a good pair of shoe at economical price range.
Pro Ase 03 badminton shoe:
PRO ASE Court Badminton Shoe is made of fine quality material which will give superb comfort and feel while its flexible non marking sole is designed to give you optimum performance. It is a lightweight Badminton shoe which is designed for intermediate Badminton Player. Its light weight and good shape will allow you to freely move on badminton court. With Non Marking embossed grip sole, Speed court shoe will provide you perfect traction force for maximum court covering .
Nivia high Court Badminton Shoe:
NIVIA HY Court Badminton Shoe is made from EVA and Non Leather Material which gives better finishing, Perfect fitting and comfort. Its non marking shoe sole is equipped with embossed lining helps in perfect gripping and gives improved traction force. NIVIA HY Court Badminton shoe is available in white and blue color and stylish shoe upper design. Overall, it is perfect badminton footwear for intermediate badminton players.
Popular Badminton Models for Intermediate player or Badminton shoes under 3000 Rs


Yonex SRCP 40 LD:
Yonex SRCR 40 LD is latest model by Yonex in 2017 for advance badminton players. With improved technologies like power cushion , Ergoshape , Hexagrip and Round shole , this badminton shoe will be a perfect choice for those who wants to explore latest Yonex badminton foot wears. Upper of this shoe is made of PU leather and Poly mesh material. Midsole of shoe is made of Eva and Power cushion material While outer sole is made of 100 % rubber (Non Marking material). Due to its 100% non Marking sole and Hexagrip players gets better traction force and soft feel.
LI Ning Idol:
Li Ning Idol Shoe is innovative designed shoe for advance badminton players.Its upper is made of Microfiber and PU material which is lightweight but durable material for professional play use. Durable mesh is used at upper for better air circulation. This badminton shoe design is a traditional Li Ning shoe design with X side lining. To improve the cushioning , Li Ning used the Phylon midsole and 100% rubber outer sole. This Li Ning Badminton shoe is designed with all new footwear concepts like: Anti Slip High Strength Lace , Wider last for better comfort , Durable Upper Microfiber and PU , Phylon Midsole and 100% Rubber outsole.
Popular Badminton Models for Advanced player or Badminton shoes under 8000 Rs:


Li Ning AYAH 009:
Lining AYAH009 Badminton Shoes is designed for professional level players. Lining AYAH009 Professional Badminton shoes is equipped with synthetic in upper material which will provide you better fitting, stability and control on ground. This Lining Professional Badminton Shoes base color is blue and on the upper side blue and white color lining gives attractive look on badminton ground. This Professional Badminton Shoes is designed by Lining Company with new and innovative technologies in the heel and forefoot areas which will provide you better comfort and stability on firm ground. Its flexible sole is equipped with rubber and it featured hard-wearing along with laces. It is suitable for short-grass field in any weather condition.
Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2 Mex:
Yonex Aerus is one of the best and top line badminton shoes YONEX Brand which is developed and designed at YONEX Japan. Due to its manufacturing technique, material and innovation, Aerus model offers more comfort and suitable for advance badminton player’s .The upper side of the shoe is made from P.U leather and double air mesh which gives best comfort or breathable air circulation, midsole of the shoe is made from hyper msLite power cushion solid E.V.A which provide best cushioning to players, the most important thing about the cushion of this shoe. The Yonex aerus shoe cushion absorbs shock then reverse the impact energy for smooth transfer into the next movement and this shoe also having the great look because the upper side is covered by 3D power graphite sheet.
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About Latest Yonex Court Ace 03 Shoes:


Yonex, nowadays producing the badminton shoes upper with minimum possible components in order to offer better durability with minimum stitching. Traditionally if you want attractive design than you will required lots of comptometers to stitch together to offer better design. But with latest manufacturing technique now, manufacture can produce the attractive design with stamping, Die cuts technique. Yonex is using this technique very frequently in its footwear’s.
Yonex Latest Court Ace 03 is totally developed on stamping and die cut sections. In this technique complete shoe upper is developed with 2 or 3 components with minimum possible stitching.
Following are the benefits of this technique:
Better Durability.
Better Design and Look
Minimum shoe upper components
Minimum Stitching
Victor brand is the latest model developed on this technique in which complete shoe upper is developed with only 3 major components and stitching with only 2 places.
Upper of this shoe is developed with new material which is easy to stamped and cut. Some part of Upper is developed with patent PU and micro fiber.
In order to offer better cushion, shoe is developed with true Cushion technology
which mid sole on the shoe is equipped with high resilience EVA sheet. Resilience EVA sheets offers better cushion and lightweight in nature.
In order to offers better traction force, Yonex used specialized rubber material with unique patterns on outer sole. Unique patterns on outer sole are offers better traction force.
Court Ace 03 comes in 4 different color variants.
1st Color Variant – Yellow –Black:


First and most attractive color variant is yellow and black. This color variant looks very vibrant and offers attractive look. Its base color is yellow while on top of that Black color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.
Backside of upper is made of black color PU so overall it gives yellow and black color feel to player.
2nd Color Variant Blue –White:


Second variant base color is blue while on top of that white color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.
Backside of upper is made of cream white color PU so overall it gives blue and white cream color feel to player.
3rd Color Variant Red –Blue:


Third variant base color is red while on top of that white color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.
Backside of upper is made of blue color PU so overall it gives red and blue cream color feel to player.
4th Color Variant White –Black:


Forth variant base color is white while on top of that black color Yonex Logo looks very elegant.
Backside of upper is made of black color PU so overall it gives white and black cream color feel to player.


Key Features in Yonex Court Ace Series:
True Cushion :
Yonex Court Ace light badminton shoes are developed with advance cushion technology known as True Cushion
in which soft and resilience EVA sheet is used at mid sole to provide better shock absorbing. With True cushion, player will get next level cushioning with great comfort.
Latest design:
Yonex used latest design concept in Court Ace series shoes which incorporate latest material, latest manufacturing and processing technology to provide better design.
Latest Die Cut section Uppers :
Yonex used latest die cut section technique which PU is cut using die cutting technique by which Yonexcan produce shoe upper with minimum stitching. With minimum stitching, now badminton shoes can be produce with high quality material, better design and best possible durability.
True Shape:
Yonex incorporated the new concept known as True shape in shoe design. True shape is the concept in which shoe upper is developed with wide last so that different shape and sizes can be accommodated into shape size.
Different Models in Yonex Court Ace Series:

Yonex Court Ace Matrix:

Play with Latest 2018 Yonex Footwear technology: Court ace Matrix is latest 2018 Yonex Badminton shoes for advance badminton players. These shoes are developed on Yonex Aerus Type design with die cut sections. Player will get better design, look and comfort from these shoes.
These shoes are developed with latest design concept known as die cut sections in which upper design pattern is developed by using specialized die cuts. Shoe Upper material in high quality PU, Micro Fiber and durable mesh.
This Yonex shoes is equipped with True shape technology which is latest concept developed by Yonex for Badminton footwear. In this technology, Shoe upper is developed on specially designed upper which offers best in class fitting and comfort to players.
Further, to improve the cushion of the shoe, Yonex used True cushion technology which is a unique and new concept developed for Yonex Court Ace matrix shoes. In true cushion technology, all new and ultra cushion plate is used at mid sole to offer better cushioning.
This is a Non marking badminton shoes developed with 100% rubber out sole which provide better traction force along with better grip. With better traction force, player can cover court effectively with minimum chances of injuries.
Unique shape of shoes allows better fitting with all new comfort while extra breathable mesh allow effective air circulation within the shoes by which player feel refreshed during long rallies.
Yonex Court Ace Tough:

Yonex Court Ace Tough is latest launched by Yonex for 2018. This badminton shoes is developed for advance badminton player with all round type of playing skills. With the innovative design, latest look, Court Ace tough is all new generation shoes for advance level of players. Its upper is made of the combination of PU and microfiber material. PU gives flexibility in upper while microfiber provides durability to upper material. With Microfiber material, player will get durability in shoes for extended use.
Shoes design is new and lots of die cut components are used in this to make it more attractive in look. To make in lightweight badminton shoe , Yonex used better and ergonomically design concept. In new design unwanted components are removed and lightweight material is used to make is ultra lightweight shoe.
It is an non marking badminton shoe made of 100 rubber material out sole. Outer sole is flexible to give you better flex.
Mid sole of this badminton shoe is equipped with pylon material which is a well known shock absorbing material. Further, to improve the cushion, Yonex used power cushion concept in this shoe.
Yonex Court Ace 03:

These shoes are developed with latest design concept known as die cut sections in which upper design pattern is developed by using specialized die cuts. Shoe Upper material in high quality PU, Micro Fiber and durable mesh. This Yonex shoes is equipped with True shape technology which is latest concept developed by Yonex for Badminton footwear. In this technology, Shoe upper is developed on specially designed upper which offers best in class fitting and comfort to players. Further, to improve the cushion of the shoe, Yonex used True cushion technology which is a unique and new concept developed for Yonex Court Ace matrix shoes. In true cushion technology, all new and ultra cushion plate is used at mid sole to offer better cushioning.
This is a Non Marking badminton shoes developed with 100% rubber out sole which provide better traction force along with better grip. With better traction force, player can cover court effectively with minimum chances of injuries. Unique shape of shoes allows better fitting with all new comfort while extra breathable mesh allow effective air circulation within the shoes by which player feel refreshed during long rallies.
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It is always a topic of debate “Which brand shoe is better”.
We found interesting thread on Badminton central
and try to answer this question. In this blog, we are doing comparison of Yonex and Li Ning Badminton shoes . The methodology we are adopting here for comparison is based on 3 processes:
Sales data of khelmart , as we listed both brand shoes on khelmart.com, so based on sales volume we will be able to find out the most selling brand on khelmart. So based on sales data we can find out the better brand on footwear’s.
Thread research of badminton central to get the neutral views of player’s around the globe.
By studying the technology, Shoe design, color combination, performance and durability check of shoes by professionals.
Comparison Results:

Comparison Results Based On Sales Data:
By comparing the sales data of last 6 month we come to know that Yonex sales is 65% and Li Ning sales is around 35%. In Mid range, Yonex is far ahead of Li Ning. Similarly in higher range shoes, Yonex is emerged at major players in badminton shoes.

Comparison Results Based On Badminton Central Forum:
In the badminton central thread for comparison of two Brands, we have taken the top 3 pages of user reviews to find out which brand is better as per player choice. Different uses mentioned the nitty and gritty
of the two brands. Lots of players like the Li Ning brand for its durability while other like the cushioning of Yonex brand. By compiling the results we found that, 60% player like the Yonex brand while 40% layers like the LI Ning Brand.
Comparison Results Based On Technology, Performance, Design And Durability:
Comparison of Technology:

Yonex Cushioning:
Yonex used 3 Layer power cushion technology in most of the mid to higher range badminton shoes. Yonex 3 layer power cushion used lightweight highly cushion material at mid sole with soft eva sheet at inner sole and soft rubber at outer sole. The combination of 3 layers provides state of the art cushion technology and extra ordinary cushioning to players.
Li Ning Cushioning:
In Li Ning cushion technology, mid-sole is made by a special high polymer material.
With this special material Li Ning shoes offer better cushioning, rebound and resilience power.
To improve the cushioning, LI Ning further used the Shock-absorbing material which provides extra protection from harmful impact forces with additional heel cushioning.
As a comparison, we can say technology wise, both the brands looks same on technology on cushioning. However, Yonex Power cushion technology is known for better cushioning.
Design and Look:
This is something which both brand give more emphasis to attract more buyers. Yonex recently launched the Aerus series which is used all new design concept. Also its power cushion Z series is equipped with latest die cut section with welding technique which offers unique look and design. So in design, both brands are doing well.
Durability and Performance:

Durability is something which a player needs to check carefully. We have checked the mid range badminton shoes of both the brands and found that found that we got similar durability from both the shoes. However, LI Ning shoes offers better durability While cushioning of Yonex shoes is better even if 6 month of use.
With this analysis, player can individually indentify that which brand shoes is better. We have provided the data for comparing the shoes.


All New Black Micro Core:
Yonex first times used black micro core into upper part of badminton racket frame. Black micro core is dense material which serve as a damping device. This dense material is also stiff in nature which provide a vibration absorbing device. This device or material absorb the unwanted vibration caused by shuttle impact and gives stable racket frame which helps in accurate shuttle placement. It is an innovative material technology which reduces the frame vibration up to a great extent.
Nanometric Shaft:
Yonex used Nanometric material in shaft which gives excellent shaft characteristics. It improves the bonding strength of carbon fiber and lesser carbon content in shaft helps in producing slim and thinner shaft. By testing Nanometric shaft on following results are observed:
Nenometric shaft gives 8% more Bending strength as compare to traditional graphite material.
9 % better stiffness.
16% better impact strength.
Super Slim Frame:
Yonex modified the shape and size of the badminton racket head which gives ultra slim racket head.
Ultra slim racket head provides following key benefits to players.
Better racket head swing speed.
Better racket maneuverability.
Best suited for those who wants to try fast drive and smashes.
All New Yonex Tri Voltage System:
Tri Voltage System Gives Powerful racket smashes:
Voltric series is head heavy series as per Yonex design. Head heavy series badminton rackets generate tremendous power on smashes as it leads to give more momentum. Further, to improve the head heavy racket characteristics, Yonex used stiff material at racket head which result into optimized shuttle hold time at string bed. By using stiff material at racket head, now player will get better power and control on shots. Yonex further improve the racket characteristics by making thin racket frame side. This improves the racket flex and help in transferring the more energy into shuttle. With more energy transfer, badminton player will get maximum power on shots.
Overall, the combination of head heavy, stiff racket head top and flexible side offer incredible power, speed and control to badminton players.
Tri Voltage System Gives Speedy Racket handling:
In order to balance the head heavy effect of racket, Yonex first time used the very thin and aerodynamically shape side at frame head. This type of aerodynamically designed racket head side offers fast racket swing speed by which player gets quick racket response which helps in placing fast drive shots, quick corner smashes and quick response to opponent drives.
Overall, with the help of Tri Voltage System, Badminton player will get maximum power while player dont need to compromise on badminton racket speed.
Built in T Joint (More joint rigidity):
Joint of any device is a weaker part and its affect the overall dynamic of the device. In Racket T joint is a weaker part and its affect the racket stability when shuttle hits the string bed. During shuttle impact on string bed, forces are transferred to T joint and if joint is weak in nature then it could cause direction instability of shuttle. Yonex identified this problem and developed built in T Joint. Yonex used Molded deep into the layers of graphite which gives joint free section and provide more rigid racket.
Control Cap for Better Gripping:
Control cap is a concept which is developed by Yonex to improve gripping of racket. Cap is a part which connect shaft with handle. Badminton player hold the racket from handle and finally grip its with Cap. Yonex used more flat surface on cap (88 PERCENT flat surface) which gives opportunity to grip more accurately.
New Grommets Patterns - More Grommets -More Hole:
In order to improve the string pattern, Yonex used single passed grommets hole construction system. This type of system gives more grommets hole in same racket frame length which delivers the best in class rackets holes optimization.
Combination of Aero Box Type Frame:
Yonex Used combination of Aero and Box type frame for making the cross section of the frame. Box type frame construction gives better strength while aero type cross section offer better aerodynamics of racket frame. The combination of two certainly helps in improving the overall characteristic of the racket.