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Badminton is a very admired sport. Everybody loves to play or watch it whether he is young or old. If you are a badminton lover, it’s tough to follow all the safety rules after a long period of lockdown. You must get tempted to hop right back into the places like playing ground, gym, court, and different games spaces. But, it’s compulsory to prioritize safety first. Nonetheless, of your patience, it is necessary to muse on the ease of it. It will help if you are composed and calm with yourself while playing badminton.

Furthermore, the inactive people before the Coronavirus pandemic might be eager to pay attention to their fitness level. They must be yearning to take up a new and exciting sports activity like badminton. Still, we recommend you to be patient because, during the lockdown, our body has accustomed itself to a stiff one. Therefore, if you instantaneously increase the duration and intensity of your favorite sports, you may get shock in your joints and tissues.

Thus, you must have a pragmatic view of your present condition and put yourself up to accomplish your aim of winning badminton. Along with that, keep all the safety and precautions in your mind during the match.

Therefore, if you are planning to rebegin your sports love; here are some benchmarks:

1Keep yourself hydrated.

1 Wear the garments and footwear properly.

2 Use suitable safety equipment like a mask, hand sanitizer, etc.

3 Before starting the game, you must warm up your body.

For 2021, the manner and requirement of playing badminton have changed a lot. Currently, the players necessitate the superbly strong badminton racket with lighter material. These features tend them to obtain considerable accuracy, fast speed, and optimum power. The only thing they want is to smash their opponent in the badminton game.

Amusing oneself with badminton is not an uphill struggle. You require the best badminton rackets and a little practice. You only have to understand how to hit a shot, and boom, you are ready to go.


Numerous brands are there in the market that are trading sports gadgets with every quality, viz., low to high with affordable prices. This puzzle confuses the player while purchasing. Accordingly, here we will suggest to you some points that one must consider while procuring the Best Badminton Racket Under 5000.

Qualities of a Good Racket-

Right below, we have mentioned a few tips and tricks of finding the best badminton racket; let’s check them out:

Budget-friendly -First and foremost, the racket you are purchasing must be budget-friendly. There is a possibility that the shopkeeper may try to sell you the high-priced one. But keep a thing in mind that budget must be your priority. You can’t carry away a big-budget one if you don’t desire them.

Isometric racket head - Taking care of the racket head is also vital. Isometric and conventional are the two types. You must get the isometric one.

Weight - Weight is another crucial feature of the badminton racket. Because the force you transfer to the racket hangs down to its weight. The weight must be directly proportional to the hit. Sometimes, we classify weight into the following types: 2U: 90-94g 3U: 85-89g 4U: 80-84g 5U: 75-79g

String tension - Another significant feature of the best badminton racket is the string tension. The string tension is inversely proportional to the power of the hit. At the same time, much string tension decreases the durability of the badminton racket.

Balance - The balance should be appropriate in the racket. If you purchase the racket with a heavy head, it becomes a little uneasy to handle it. Secondly, a light head one is only for regular hits. It makes handling easier. And the last is a perfect balance; these are meant for better support. A player never gets out of control while playing with this.

Material - Check the material of your rackets before purchasing. Aluminum and tungsten are the most commonly used materials. And shafts are primarily composed of titanium, graphite, and steel.

Stiffness of shaft - While purchasing, two choices are there in front of you- flexible or stiff. The flexible shift is effortless to bend, whereas it becomes slightly tiring to turn the stiff one. You can adjust the weight and balance of your racket apart from stiffness.


Most of the time, we get muddled about purchasing the best racket. Somewhere, the way of playing the game relies on the quality of the racket. An ideal badminton racket is prone to intensify the expertise of the player. So, it is mandatory to purchase the right one. So, here we will be discussing the best badminton racketsunder5000to make things easier for you.

1 Yonex Astrox 69-

In the race of best badminton rackets under 5000, the Yonex Astrox 69 has stolen the first position. This pair of best Yonex racket belongs to the rotational generation system. Yonex, Japan is the developer of this racket and is manufactured in Taiwan. It provides ultra power and a rotational speed that helps the best swing and abrupt angle of attack. Nanomesh is the material of this new generation racket. By using this material, it has attained features for extra potential enhancement.


2 Li Ning ultra-strong Lite 998 -

The Li Ning Ultra Strong Lite 998 comprises MPCF reinforce technology. This lightweight and slim racket is filled with an isometric frame. It consists of many layers of carbon material that makes it more durable. It has the specified position Ultra carbon series. Due to which it contains ultimate stiffness to support excessive tension.

There is the lowest risk of frame distortion in thisracket. It is appropriate for combative players. The Li Ning Ultra Strong Lite 998 is developed amongst the top class badminton rackets in the world. It is also endorsed by several famous badminton players.


3 Apacs featherweight 500 -

The Apacs featherweight 500 is developed by Hexagon throat with very lightweight material. We have ranked it at third position in the best badminton rackets under 5000 as it consists of high-speed armor frames that result in superbly fast service. Its additional damping purpose completely ameliorates it with strength and extra control.

The super-light body of this racket pair results in you pursue smoother shifts like a sharp sword and convey very keen and clean performance. This Apacs featherweight 500 is suitable for players who desire extra speed.


4 Thrax G Force strike II

The Thrax G Force strike II has maintained its best position from a very long time. Its heavy head provides you better swing and more durability. This racket is developed with Japan HM Graphite material which is best in class graphite material for racket manufacturing.

Furthermore, G Force Strike is one of unique racket with its slim shaft and unique frame patterns for better aerodynamic and powerful smashes.


5 Carlton Superlite 8.8X

The Carlton Superlite 8.8 X is manufactured by Nano pulse technology. It provides very high-frequency knitting for making the yarn structure steady and stable. It offers extra stress over the frame to a greater extent. That’s why it has attained considerable professional attention. This one of the best badminton rackets under 5000 has the micro grommets system that controls the strings from transferring while playing. It qualifies the racket to maintain its high tension for a long duration.

It consists of a high tension frame of 33 lbs with a Carlton Superlite 8.8 X frame. As a result, it delivers high-quality shots for the greatest shuttle abhorrence. Additionally, this racketcontains a Superlight frame that makes its grip feathery.


6 Yonex Dura 77 LCW -

This all-around and best badminton racket is attired with a dual optimum system. It is very aerodynamic in its speed with a powerful forehand smash. Additionally, it boosts strength at the forehand and maintains distance on the backhand. The shape of this racket is unique and easy to identify due to its distinctive color. This best badminton racket under 5000 isembellished with a quick backhand and huge forehand.


7 Thrax Wave X 99 -

The Thrax Wave X 99 has a wavy frame design. Its manufacturer is the first Indian company which is developing this kind of frame. This individual frame provides aerodynamic speed for impressive swing speed and strength for super shots.

This particular badminton racket is made up of 40 T woven graphite material and top modulus carbon. The power and strength of this pair of rackets are best for players who wish attacking in style. Its thin and more rigid shaft caters to superior aerodynamics outcomes with special attacks.


8 Victor Slim HG 70 -

For beginners, this Victor Slim HG 70 is perfect for adding skills constantly into various sources. This best badminton racket is a top choice for newcomers. It is produced of graphite material, i.e., high modulus graphite material. For the perseverance of shape, it has high durability and power. And it works for high-intensified matches as well. With so much flexibility and isometric head shape, it divides the cross strings and main length equally. As a result, it assists you in giving properly timed shots. Its slim construction makes it easy to handle and flimsy. Also, it helps you to make lighter and smoother swings by air.


9 Apacs Tantrum X

The Apacs Tantrum X is one of the best badminton rackets, which belongs to the latest range. This is perfect for high-level clubs and top players. Its high durability and strength provide superbly smoother swings even in standard matches.


10 Yonex NANOFLARE 380 Sharp

The Yonex NANOFLARE 380 sharp has got its 10th position in the queue of best badminton rackets under 5000. This racket is manufactured with unbelievable speed and appropriate for aggressive sports persons and rapid-fire players.

It is best for the medium-level to professional players who are looking for extreme speed and uncomplicated force. This piece is made up of Sonic Flare System with the material Torayca M 40 X. It is robust, elastic, and manufactured by Toray industries.


So, here we have mentioned the best badminton rackets under 5000 in 2021. The above-written information has included all the essential thighs you must know before purchasing the best badminton racket. The Yonex Astrox 69 has got the first position in this race of quality. This racket is accomplishing all the requirements of a perfect badminton racket. We have presented our choices

if you also follow the same, then you will indeed get the best oneas per your requirements. These rackets will firmly relate to your playing style as well. Therefore, know your game style and get the best out of all badminton rackets.


A perfect game plan, quick adaptability, presence of mind, focus, and the right selection of shots, this is what a player should require to be invincible at the badminton courtyard. However, badminton is not a game where the player needs a vigorous physical strength. Its a game of mental toughness and presence of mind.

In the game of badminton, numerous shots enhance the grace and bring the majesty into the game. On the one hand, smash is considered as the most powerful shot in the game. On the other hand, there are some shots too, that is equally pivotal to win the game.

Net drop shot in badminton

The badminton drop shots are considered as concealing or deceptive shots. The drop shots are quite delicate and point-scoring shots if players are executing them with perfection and deception. However, a player can play these shots for both the wrist position, whether it is back or forehand.


The sole objective of the player behind playing the net drop shot badminton is to bring the opponent forward near the net to create the ideal space in the mid and end section of the court to play any smash or clear shots.

The surprise element

While going for the shot, the wrist action or position should be the most prominent surprise element for your opponent from your side. And the hitting zone of the racket should be above the central area.

Types of drop shots

There are two ways in the badminton shot manual through which you can execute your drop shot. The first one is a fast drop shot and the second one is a slow drop shot. So, if you are the beginner or the lover of the game and want to learn the basics of the drop shot, then you have landed on the right page. So, lets understand what these shots are and how to play the drop shots like a pro.

What is a slow drop shot?

The slow drop shot is one of the best tactical shots that bring forward the opponent and then hit the scoring near the end or mid-section of the court—the slow drop shot, lands in the front-section of the court, almost near to the net. The striking point or point of impact with the shuttlecock must be made above the shoulder to get a more significant result.


The main aim for playing this shot is to bring the opponent forward and force him/her to play a weak shot. And this chance gives you the benefit of a scoring point on the midcourt.

What is Fast drop shot?

As opposed to the previous shot, a fast drop shot lands on the mid-section of the court with a shallower trajectory. Preferably, the shot is played on the sides of the court to make the opponent imbalanced and shorten the time of respond.


This shot is more like an attacking shot because of its fast speed and shallower trajectory towards the opponents body.

Drop shot with a forehand grip

If you are a good thrower of the ball, then it would be quite more natural for you to play a net drop shot in badminton with forehand (overhead). The action of forehand overhand shot is pretty similar to throwing a ball. So, lets figure out some imperative steps of playing a forehand overheard drop shot in the game-



1. Take the forehand grip for playing the shot.

2. Then make your body stance sideways to the net, and you also need to make sure that your non-racket leg is in the direction of a net or facing the net.

3. After attaining the stance rightly, now, shift your body weight on the rear foot of the rocket leg.

4. Now, bend your racket arm elbow slightly and get the proper wrist position to make a high swing into a forward direction.

5. You need to uplift your non-racket arm to the point of shuttlecock to get pure timing and balance.

6. Make sure that the connection of shuttle and racket must be high to get the desired trajectory, angle, and power.

7. After striking the shuttlecock, now, make your rocket-arm elbow straight for the completion of the shot.

8. Remember that while hitting the shuttle, the direction of the racket will decide the course of the shot.

9. Last but not least, have a smooth follow through with transferring the weight from rearfoot and get ready to position for the upcoming shot.

Shot with a backhand grip

The backhand drop shot has a curve and downward trajectory, and it is played on the back section of the court. This shot is mainly considered as a recovery shot and gives you some time to get back into the position as soon as possible. There are two types of backhand drop shots, i.e. slow backhand drop and fast backhand drop shot.

On being compared to forehand grip, the backhand grip drop shot is quite hard to execute during the game. Even, professional players also try hard to avoid that shot. But it is equally essential for a player to understand the technicalities of all the shots because you never know when a situation would come, and it becomes inevitable to play the backhand drop shot.

So, lets check out some steps through you can able to execute the backhand drop shot with perfection-



1. Turn your body against the net and make sure your back is facing the net.

2. Take the perfect backhand grip for the drop shot.

3. Just move a little stride with your leg and transfer the body weight on the forefoot.

4. After getting the backhand position, now, raise your racket arm from the shoulder with floor facing forearm.

5. Now, your racket head must be pointing down and must be positioned across to the body.

6. You need to make sure that your elbow and rocket arm are near to the body.

7. The connection with the shuttlecock should be high and in front of your body.

8. You should remember that while hitting the shuttle, the direction of the racket will decide the course of the shot.

9. Last but not least, have a smooth follow through with transferring the weight from rearfoot and get ready to position for the upcoming shot.

Drop shot based on Trajectories

Stop drop shot

In the badminton game, the slow drop shots are also known as the stop drop shot. These shots are excellent when your opponent is entirely away from the net. These can enhance your winning chances because it would be quite tricky for your opponent to come forward quickly and defend the low trajectory shot.

Check smashes shots

The check smashes are also pronounced as fast drop shots. This shot seems little bizarre, but in reality, it is a better option of attack than later one. However, it lands near the service line, which is closer to the opponent, but the speed and low trajectory will put more obstacles against the opponent to get into position.

Drive drop shots

The drive shot is being played when a player is not in an ideal position to play a drop shot and want to prevent himself from being attacked with a net shot. In this situation, a flat and quick shot comes into play that lands slightly beyond the service line of the opponent.

Drop shot based on different angles

Middle drop shot

This shot is quite considered in the category of defensive shots. By attempting a middle drop shot, you mitigate or restrict the angle of reply of the opponent player.

Straight drop shot

The straight drop shots are pretty excellent shots that can cover the net quickly and give less time to the opponent to come forward. These shots are considered as the best option for defending the cross-court clear shots.

Drills for net drop shots badminton

Undoubtedly, the mastery over the back shot can make your game fiercer and more invincible. And these types of shots add some charm and grace to the game, but at the same time, you need to sweat hard for getting the absolute control over the shot. The drop shots require precision and pure timing while executing. So, lets figure out some great drills that you can practice to get better control over the drop shots.

Basic drop shot drill

For doing a basic drop shot drill, you need a partner. In this drill, you hit the drop shot and you partner does the net, then you lift, and he/she drops it, and you do the net, and he/she will raise the shuttle and repeat all the process again. On the other version of the drop drill, you continuously drop the shuttle, and your partner does the lifting and then switching.

However, the first drill that we have discussed should process on a half-court, and the second one can be done in the entire court. You can do three sets of approx—10 mins for having an ideal drill session. The basic drill is quite beneficial for the excellent control over clear shot in badminton.

Feeding drills

For doing the feeding drills at the court, you need to have experienced player or a coach who can assist you as feeder and throw the shuttle towards you. In this drilling process, a feeder carries almost 20 shuttlecocks and hit them towards the player without hitting them back. An ideal feeding drill session can carry up to five sets of 20 shuttles.

The feeding drill session is quite essential for increasing the speed and footwork of the player. So, if you are seeking to enhance your arm speed and footwork, then you can try feeding drill.

Errors that occur while playing drop shots

No matter how excellent you are at playing or you have mastered different types of shots because your little mistake can change the entire result. That is why most of the professional players analyze their games and their mistakes by watching previous game videos and consult with coaches.

So, here we will discuss the standard errors that occur while playing the drop shot that you must understand and try to rectify them as quickly as possible to make your game and shots controlled-

Massive racket swing

Some shots dont require a huge racket swing and drop shot is among those shots which can be completed with a moderate swing of the racket. We understand, if you are doing this colossal swing process only to disguise your shot, but still it can change the entire result of the shot if it is not done in the right area or in time. Your disguise should be done between the region and front to make your opponent dazzle for a while.

Follow through issue Follow-through is one of the prominent yet most common errors done by the players while playing the drop shot. For example, when a player strikes the shuttle, he/she wants to have the follow through on the target direction. But when it starts to go across the target, then the real problem occurs. So, try to have an open face racket follow through.

Weight transfer

It is yet another very imperative however standard error done by the players while playing the drop shot. As mentioned earlier, during the forehand drop shot, your body weight should be transferred on rearfoot of the racket leg. The transfer of weight makes your body more stable and balanced for having better control over the shot, but when a player doesnt focus on the weight transmission, then he/she could face opposite results.

Non-racket arm position

The position of the non-racket arm is considered as prominent as the racket arm. The right position of the non-racket gives you more freedom and power to play the shot. For instance, while playing a forehand drop shot, your non-racket arm must be in the direction of shuttlecock while going for the hit and slightly bend too.

Grip position

Last but not least, the grip position matters a lot. It doesnt matter whether you are going for the forehand or backhand drop shot because if your grip position is not right, then your shot will end up with unfavourable results. The role of grip position is significant in backhand drop shot because through smooth grip position; you can play more freely.

How to add deceptiveness to a drop shot?

After understanding the basics of the shot, you must also learn the art of deception to trick your opponent. For, instance, in cricket, when the ball starts to swing, bowler hides the ball during the run-up for hiding the shine from the batsman.

Like cricket, every game has its theories of deceptiveness. So, lets figure out the ways through you can be able to add some deceptive quality into your drop shot-

Lighten up your arm movement

Speed has its virtue and impact on the game as well as on the mind of the opponent. Earlier, we have discussed how to be fluent or smoothly strike the shuttle for the drop shot. But if you have fathomed the basics, then the time has come to add some deception into the game. Try drills and sweat a lot at the court to make your initial arm speed quicker to disguise your initial arm movement that hints about the shot you are going to play.

Be unpredictable

The technology has done some severe damage to the game of players. Though it has helped the player significantly but also exposed their weakness, favourite shots, and shots that they love to play in a specific situation. Due to digital exposure and game planning, your ideal shot has now become easily predictable for your opponent.

He will know that when you find yourself in a specific situation, then you play drop shot or clear shot. So, your opponent is already aware of your game. So, there is a particular need to be unpredictable. Try some different shots and unique techniques in a different situation that can create deception for your opponent.

The trade-off

We are discussing the trade between accuracy and deception. The quick arm speed and swing create the deception in your shot, but at the same time, your efficiency will suffer. So, its a quite imperative trade between accuracy and deception. However, at the start, your skill will suffer, but more sweat on the court can manage your efficiency with speed during the game.

Be convincing

Playing a smash and a drop shot is very different. When a player plans to hit a smash, he/she moves quickly into position, but things are not the same for the drop shot. And if your opponent is cunning enough, then he/she will find out speed difference and will realize your intention of the shot. So, try hard and make your preparation at an extreme level that no one can recognize your plans.


The drop shot is the most delicate yet hard shot in the game that needs to be executed with precision for better results. So, these are the steps and types of drop shots with some additional tips of deception and preparations to attain absolute control over the shot. So, we hope you have learnt the basics and hacks of drop shot in badminton and its definition.

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Over the past years, the game of badminton has gained immense popularity. Badminton leagues and tournaments have generated a massive following among the people and especially among young kids. Although it is a straightforward game, if we talk about the professional level, then one needs to be prepared well to get into the standard.

Like any other game, the badminton also has some beautiful shot and playing techniques that sometimes becomes very hard to understand or play. Shots like smashes (forehand, Backhand and jumping smash), net kill and drop are some of the techniques that require some extra sweat on training court. However, you need to have excellent practice and a lot more training to attain pure timing because, in badminton, determination and timing are all that you need to win.

In badminton, the backhand technique or shot is regarded as one of the toughest shots to get the command. There are numerous reasons like poor timing, loose handgrip or weak body position, which makes hard for you to hit correctly. So, if you are also a beginner or lover of badminton game and like to learn the backhand technique, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we will discuss some significant ways for improving the backhand shot.

So, lets find out what exactly Badminton backhand is?

Badminton Backhand technique

The Backhand clear shot is only being played when the player is not in the best position to play the forehand shot. It is a bit of defensive though. The main aim of this shot is to push back the opponent to the rear end of the court and get some time itself to get back in the right court position. It is considered as one of the toughest shots because it is being played behind the players body. And it would be best if you got in a great body position to achieve the timing and power.

The Backhand shot is probably the most excellent example of secure thumb grip. To make the great hit, you need to have your diagonal thumb placement across the grip. And last but not least, a player must turn his/her face and body towards the net after hitting the shuttlecock.

How to hit Badminton backhand stroke

Step 1) Hold your racket for Backhand clear.

The proper thumb grip is one of the crucial things that can decide the fate of the shot. A player should place his/her thumb between the vertical and horizontal plane of the handle. This will allow you to move your wrist more freely and generate the power from your wrists. Though some players and experts have their techniques to play the different shots, this grip technique is widely preferred to make a great backhand hit.

Step 2) Starting of swing.

After having an excellent grip position for the backhand shot, now, it is time to understand the swing position. After taking the backhand grip, you need to drop your racket behind your body slightly. Through this, you can be able to hold your racket with your fingers, and a gap will create between your racket and palm. This move or swing aims to generate a sturdy snap that is inevitable for the backhand stroke.

Step 3) Power generation for clearing the shot.

For a more magnificent and powerful hit, you need to have loose rocket harm because if you are making it rigid to hit a powerful shot, then you will be ended on the losing side. On the other hand, a player needs to approach the shuttle with his/her racket leg with shuttle facing elbow. And you also need to make sure that your badminton racket head is facing your non-racket arm shoulder.

Step 4) Shuttle contact.

This is the last yet foremost part of the backhand shot. Here, it would be best if you ensure about the shot timing, body position, swing speed and follow-through of the shot.

The last step in the clear badminton backhand technique is to hit the shuttle by extending your arm while bending your racket slightly. You need to move forward your body while hitting the shuttlecock with wrist timing. Though there are some key points when you need to understand for having an excellent backhand hit-

1) Try to have a high contact point because it will help you to generate a great angle and trajectory.

2) You backhand hit the power of your arm as well as your wrist so, try to be smooth.

3) Always make sure that your racket knee is slightly bending.

Where to use a Backhand shot clear?

Indeed, mastery over varieties of shots will make the great player and hard to defeat. But at the same time, you also need to know when to use a specific shot. Mainly the technique of backhand shot is used only when the player thinks that it would be pretty hard for him/her to reach the overhead position hit or doesnt have any other options.

If you are a beginner and just started learning the basic shots, then you should try to avoid the Badminton backhand stroke or clear shot technique. It requires excellent precision and stamina to hit the shuttle with pure timing. Though, it saves more energy in comparison to running forehand or overhead hit. And do not try this until you are quite confident about the execution because it can also end up above your expectations.

In professional badminton matches, it a good to have an option like backhand technique because it can save your energy and will give you some extra time to get back in your attacking position. Though, as we have mentioned, the Backhand is hard to execute because if you have not played it right, then it would be a great opportunity to your opponent.

How to make your Backhand stronger?

We have all heard a cliché which says, Practice makes a man perfect. And the same goes for the backhand technique too. The more you sweat at training, the more you prosper at court. Practice and drills are one of the methods that helps you to analyze your game and understand your pros and cons. There are various ways through which you can enhance your backhand shot and power in your wrists.

Home practice

While staying at home, you can have two options that can assist you in making your Backhand shot more impactful. You can hit the shuttle against the wall at Backhand shot accurate height. And on the other hand, if you do not have adequate wall space or height, then you can also tie a shuttle along with your roof and try a backhand shot. The later one training is more likely used in cricket and boxing practice. The cricket players tie the ball along with the roof and do the knocking practice.

Court practice

While practising on the courtyard, you need to ask your counterparts and trainers to feed the shuttlecock towards you for backhand drilling. Though it depends on you that how much you need to practice. Usually, three sets of a drill are considered ideal for a day.

Common Obstacles of Backhand shot

We are living in the age of technology and surrounded by vast information and knowledge. Any sport, whether it is cricket, football or badminton, has its theories of playing. The understating of laws of playing a shot or specific technique can make a player technically sound and aware of situations.

However, the implication of these techniques and shots can be quite hard for a player. That is why you need a proper practice to make yourself acclimate with all-round the game. So, lets figure out standard errors done by players while playing a backhand shot.

Poor Posture or Body Position

Behind a sturdy and quality shot; there many factors that need to be achieved. Perfect body position with smooth footwork is one of the factors that need accomplishment. In short, if you want to hit a backhand or any powerful shot, you need to be technically sound. The more excellent position of your feet at the ground provides you with the solid base. Though some players can also hit the Backhand shot in mid-air; for the beginners, it is ideal for keeping their feet firmly on the court to generate the power.

On the other hand, a prevalent error lies in the position of the feet. It means you need to shuffle your racket leg towards the court to get the proper balance.

Poor Grip

A weak or wrong grip position can also cause some significant damage to your shot. A vulnerable grip position can make your chance less powerful and weak-timed as we have mentioned earlier about the thumb position. This is because, in the backhand shot technique, your thumb position is the most crucial thing. It would help if you were cautious that you are not posting your thumb covering the entire racket handle by the flat surface. It will mitigate the ability to generate power from the wrist.

So, for a better grip position, always try to grab your racket from the lower part of the handle and place your thumb on ends of flat surfaces.

Swing action

Players always have confusion between high and low swing action of backhand shot. The proper flow of your racket hand, work of non-racket arm, and shoulder position are the things that can create some common errors while hitting the backhand shot. Some players throw their arms at the shuttlecock along with the high follow-through. This leads to a lack of power in the shot, and the shot will not reach the desired distance.

The hitting of the backhand shot should be done with a flick. Like we watch in the cricket game, where players flick the ball with a little meet with the bat. There is an ideal hitting technique that should be followed to get the best out of your shot-

1- The placement of your elbow towards the shuttlecock

2- Smash the shuttlecock without extending your racket arm widely.

3- A player should not hit with the high follow through because a backhand shot bounces back hit.


It doesnt matter how hard you have smashed or fierce shot have played; you need to get back in your position as soon as possible to defend the court. All the national and international players have the exceptional abilities to get back in the regular place after the shot. As a player, you need to be quick with your feet and sound with your technique.

For this ability, you need to practice at court with some regular feet exercises. Like after hitting the shuttlecock, you need to count 2 and 3 in your mind, and by 3, you need to get back in your previous position. However, this will take some time but probably is the best for you.


The high tension in your arm and body while going for the Backhand or any powerful shot can cause the contrary results. It can be your most significant minus points if you are not letting your muscles to lose. For the free-flowing hit, you need to get some good practice by hitting the shuttlecock with tension-free muscles. Then you would self-get to know how easy this is. Though, a player should tighten his/her wrists before hitting the shuttle for a fraction of moment.

Trust your trainer

Coaches and trainers are considered as the knowledge treasures of the game. They have the vast experience of a game, and they themselves have gone through with those certain situations. So, always maintain your trust in them and try to explore the hidden knowledge from them. Be a great timer

Sports like cricket or badminton are no game of power because otherwise wrestlers and muscleman would have played here. Its a game of pure timing and technique. That is why coaches always train you for the method, not for the power-hitting. However, after a player crosses the young age and get the game knowledge, then he/she understands the fact of timing. The game of badminton has the most excellent compilation of some great techniques and shots, like Backhand drop shot badminton, net kill and drive, etc. In those shots, Backhand smash method has its significance.

In the upper section, we have thoroughly described the Backhand clear and now lets figure out aspects of the other excellent backhand technique called backhand smash.

What is Backhand Smash Technique?

The backhand smash technique is regarded as one of the harshest smash techniques to execute on the badminton court. Indeed, it is tough to play, and you need to very determined and persevere in learning this smash. However, it is a tough move that can dazzle your opponent. Like we have mentioned, it is rare and a hard smash that even great players of the game try to avoid backhand smash until specific situation.

How to play Backhand Smash shot technique?

1) The grip of the backhand smash is one of the pivotal things. It would be best if you were accurate while moving your grip from forehand to Backhand for the smash. However, grip placement must be done with precision because it is not that easy to get the hold within a fraction of time and smash the shuttlecock to end of the court.


A player must have complete alertness on his/her senses while playing the backhand smash. The badminton racket should flow gently from forehand grip to backhand grip while keeping all the angels and trajectory in mind.


2) As we have discussed earlier that the smashing and all the shot-making is the classic game of timing and fraction of moments. The player must not go for the backhand smash until and unless he/she is immensely confident enough about the repercussions. Certainly, backhand smash is kind of shot that can make you win if it is placed or hit at the right place and trajectory, but if it doesnt then, it can cause the unfavourable situation.

3) The balance and overall weight of the body must be adequately maintained to attain the right balance. The body weight must be transferred to the racket leg rear foot to acquire the desired angle and tempo.

4) The position of racket must be above your head, and it should have a downward position. Though it is quite challenging to get the perfect posture, some drills and training seasons can do the wonders.

5) Last but not least, after completing your backhand shot, you need to come back to your previous position as fast as you can to be ready for the next shot and defend.


Indeed, Backhand clear shot or smash technique is quite hard to learn and more challenging to execute, but it can be your best move on a tricky situation during any game. So, sweat more at the training session and acquire all necessary qualities to get the mastery in the technique. If you are a beginner and want to learn smooth and great methods of a backhand shot, then you can follow the instructions provided here to excel more.

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Badminton is one of the sports which have generated immense popularity in the last few decades. PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal are the most excellent ambassadors of the game who have been adding great significance and making it more important day by day. And if you are also a pure and passionate lover of the game, you might too be keen to know about some fantastic techniques and shots instead of just sending the shuttlecock forth and back.

Like any other sport, the game of badminton also has new techniques that can make a player stick to it. For example, there is a brutal technique called smash in Badminton game. The Badminton smash is one of the shots that can make you a fierce player and add some high power to your game.

However, in badminton, there are five main five shots- serves, clears, drives, drops, and smash. Among all of these, the Badminton smash technique is considered immensely powerful. It is an almost invincible shot to defend for the opponent. Though, rather than smash, there is hardly any other way to make a win. A smash can be played through backhand and forehand.

How to hit a badminton smash?

There are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind while going for the smash in the game. Firstly, you need to jump high into the air to smash the shuttlecock hard. Secondly, you need to be careful enough with the angle of the smash and your landing position. Thirdly, it would add more significance to your smash if the shuttlecock is high in the air because then you can create more angles.

Your smash must be sturdy and pace oriented to the opponents court because it would be hard for any player to defend the smash that is coming at downwards angle. And last but not least, to hit a smash at the upper torso of your opponent is considered one of the brutal and invincible strategies.

Tips to enhance the smash power

• For a great and power smash shot, you need to extend and stretch your arm to reach the shot in the air. And you have to make sure that you are entirely utilizing your shoulder, wrist, and thumb for the shot.

• While smashing the shuttlecock, take a deep breath and release stress to generate more energy and power. It would be best to hit the shuttlecock when it is in the air at a high angle for a forceful downward landing.

• Injection of Pace is a professional term in the Badminton game, which means to enhance the pace of the shot. A player needs to move quickly towards the shuttlecock.

Badminton Smash Techniques

Mainly, there are three immensely popular techniques of smashing a shuttlecock on the badminton court: Forehand smash, Backhand smash, and Jumping smash. So, lets find out the best ways to execute this smash with precision-

The forehand smash technique is considered as one of the most brutal smash techniques that can make you win by thrashing your opponent. If you are a follower of Badminton sport, it would be more manageable for you to understand or learn this technique. And if you are not, then we will explain it to you in the simplest way. A forehand smash technique or shot is played over the head. A player hits the shuttlecock downwards with high energy and pace.

If you are a good thrower of a ball or have some knowledge about throwing the ball at pace or angle, then forehand could become your deadly technique to win. It is almost similar to throwing a ball straight at high speed. However, some smash tips are imperative because while smashing the shuttlecock, your posture and angle matter a lot.

How to hit forehand smash


1. The move or step towards hitting a highly précised forehand smash is the angle and direction of your non-racket hand. We know it would be a little hazy for you to understand this, but yes, it plays a vital role. For a more celebrated smash, you need to raise your hand above your chin point height. It will help you to generate the immense pace at the smash.

2. Second and one of the most critical steps for maintaining the right balance is shifting your weight onto your rear foot. This would help the player to track and analyze the downwards angle and saving you from foul play.

3. Next step, you need to make your elbows straighten and make your racket swing with a smooth flight. On the other hand, you have to make sure that your racket foot moves forward and your knees are slightly bent.

4. And last but not least, the grip of your rocket hand is quite crucial while executing the deadly smash. It would be best if you were on your toes every time to hit a super forehand smash.

Backhand Smash Technique

The backhand smash technique is regarded as one of the harshest smash techniques to execute on the badminton court. Indeed, it is tough to play, and you need to very determined and persevere in learning this smash. However, it is a tough move that can dazzle your opponent. Like we have mentioned, it is a rare and hard smash that even great players of the game try to avoid backhand smash until there is a certain situation.

How to execute backhand Smash?


1) Like as we have mentioned earlier, the grip of your racket hand is exceptionally essential, whether you are hitting forehand or backhand smash. But while going for the backhand smash, it would not be more comfortable making the grip high.

You need to make sure that your racket must flow gently from forehand to backhand grip while keeping other angles and shots in mind. And this means you are playing with all your senses alert.

2) It is equally essential to wait for the right moment for the backhand smash. It means unless and until a player is confident enough that she/he has not any other options or shots to play, he/she should not go for the backhand smash. Though it would be quite more laborious for opponents to defend your backhand smash at the same time, it is equally imperative for you, too, to smash the shuttle at the right angle and pace.

3) Next step, you need to make sure that your body turns as net faces your back. This shuffle must be done in a few seconds to save time.

4) In the last smash technique, we have mentioned that your overall weight would be transferred on the rear foot to maintain the angle and pace. But in the Backhand smash technique, your body weight must be moved on racket foot to attain the high angle and pace.

5) While getting backhand smash position, you need to make sure that your racket is above your head, and it is pointed towards the down. Indeed, it is a robust posture to get, but some extra sweats on the training court can make a huge difference in your ability to smash.

6) The Backhand smash technique is based on the alertness of your presence of mind. The moment you feel to hit the backhand smash, you need to get in the position without taking any time or hesitation.

The critical lesson which you need to learn is that more potent and powerful grip always yields exquisite pace and shot. On the other hand, unlike any additional shots or smash, you need to get back into your normal position to defend your threshold in a quick motion again.

7) And lastly, a player should never execute a powerful smash unless you are confident enough to make your smash at the right angle.

Jumping Smash Technique

The Jumping smash technique or Jumping smash slow motion is one of the methods which is immensely popular and loved by the fans. We can say it is one of the ways that is highly emulated by beginners. In jumping smash technique, you need to jump height according to the shuttlecocks height and smash it like a bullet to the opponents end. Game experts say this is probably the best attacking way to defeat your opponent.

How to hit Jumping Smash


1) For example, in cricket, when a player tries to catch the ball, which is high in the air and also quite far from the player, he/she runs harder and jumps towards the ball to complete the catch (while keeping eyes on the ball). The same thing goes with jumping smash technique. The jump of the player is very crucial to hit the shuttlecock with pure timing and power.

a. For this smash, you need to decide within a second and prepare your position because this would give less chance to the opponent to judge your next move.

2) The closeness or we can say Injection of pace is quite imperative to a smash with raw power and timing. In short, the higher angle of the shuttle, the quicker you go and the stronger it would hit.

3) On the other side, the forehand grip of your racket is equally essential to hit a jumping smash. It will help you to get the right balance and proper grip. 4) During the jump, your body attains a little hard position in the air, and for a better smash, you need to make your body stress free and loosen.

5) While attempting for a jumping smash at the court, you need to be highly determined towards the shuttle. After having a jump, you need to make sure that your legs are straightened, knees are a little bend and must stretch your non-racket arm as much as you can to attain the high tempo smash.

a. During the jump, the non-racket must be in accordance with your body and should be at the height of your ribs. While in the air, when you start to go for the shot, your non-racket arm must be positioned sideways and a few moments later, you need to straighten your elbows.

6) While going for the jump, you need to make sure that you are driving downwards along with your main racket foot. And last but not least, for a more considerable and smooth jump and smashing, a player needs to inhale the breath while having a jump and exhale during the smash.

7) For a smooth and balanced landing, you need to keep your racket foot a step forward to absorb the weight and keep your body in motion. While going off any smash technique, you need to make sure that you must retain your previous position as soon as possible to defend your court.

8) Pre-calculations of angle, power strength, timing of jump and balance are one of the cruxes that a player needs to consider before going for the jumping smash.

a. The angles are critical because they decide the fate of the smash and your landing positions too. However, three pre-decided parameters can be pursued to attain the precise yet powerful mash—the rules and techniques of smashing, presence of mind, and readiness or comfortability of the player.

Other Badminton smash shot technique tips.

Every sport in the gaming world has its own set of theories and regulations. That is why those who want to make a proper career in sports always go with professional coaching guidance. However, the game of badminton looks like a more straightforward game between two or four players, but in reality, it is far more arduous than it seems.

It means just hitting a shuttlecock with powerful strokes will not make you a professional or great player. A little extra coaching time, more sweats at training, analyzing the game by watching or understanding the game of great players, and most importantly, patience is what makes you a better player.

A badminton smash technique requires excellent accuracy and intense training for perfection. One of the famous and most used smashing tactics, which is preferred by great players, is disguising. It means, hiding smashing shot. It is like we all used to do in our childhood differently with our friends or family members.

This hack is often used to distract the focus of the opponent player. Like to pretend you are smashing another side, but in the end, you smash on a different side. Though this hack sometimes works and sometimes doesnt.

Badminton shots

Like any other sports, the game of badminton also shows a vast list of shots. During a game, each shot has equal importance. As a player, you need to know about every shot, practice hard for attaining the perfection and have to keep your mind alert to execute each shot with smoothness.

Clear shot

Shot Purpose - Defensive

Trajectory - high and towards the end of the court

Played – from the backcourt

The aim of the player while playing the clear shot is to take some time and get back to the attacking position to win the game battle. This shot is being played from the back end of the court, and it goes straight to the endpoint of the opponents court. It is a defensive shot with a high trajectory.

Drop shot

Shot purpose - Attacking shot

Trajectory – Loop close to the net

Played from – Backcourt

This shot can clearly disguise the opponent player. The drop shot is being played from the end part of the court, and it drops just near the net of the opponents side. This stroke is used when the opponent is expecting for the drive or a clear shot. For executing this shot, you need to hit over the overhand and aim towards the net.

Drive shot

Purpose – Defensive shot

Trajectory – at the opponents body and flat

Played from – mid-court

The drive shot is rapid and flat trajectory shot that travels straight to the opponents chest part over the net. To play the drive shot, you need to have a straight head facing racket position. Though sometimes it would become tough to meet or defend the drive shot.


Purpose – Attacking shot, to give opponent less time

Played from – Mid/backcourt

Trajectory – close to the net

There are many badminton smash shot techniques which can be used based on the situation to defeat the opponent player. Like forehand smash, backhand and Jumping smash.

Net Lift shot

Purpose – Defensive shot

Played from – close to the net

Trajectory – high towards the backcourt

The net lift shot is played to conquer the net shot of the opponent. It also gives you the extra time and kills the chances of getting defeated by the net kill shot. It shows the swing from the downwards with a high trajectory.

Net Kill

Purpose – To attack

Played from the- forecourt

Trajectory – downwards and flat

The net kill shot is a very attacking and strategic shot which is used to end a rally.


Badminton is not a physically intense or aggressive game like football or cricket. Still, it does require an absolute physical strength, calm, and focus for defeating the enemy within a short court.

So, these are the rules and techniques of smashing shot and some other shots which are necessary to attain greatness. So, if you are trying to get control over your game, then you can try these shots and techniques. Checkout Full Range of Badminton Racket at Click Here

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