Why do you need safe cricket equipment for playing?

And why it is essential while playing?

Cricket is played on an international basis all over the globe that requires a wealth of products to be safe, and eminent clothing like T-Shirts, cap, shoes, etc. is required to reach the optimum level of goal.

In this blog, you will come to know about the branded Cricket T-shirts to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during play. They are as follows: -

1. Asics Cricket T-Shirt and Lower


From the last 50 years, ASICS is serving sportspersons with world-class clothing and footwear. The key objective behind their innovation is based on scientific research and collaboration with the upcoming and experienced sports person.

The ASICS cricket T-shirts and lowers come with superior quality material which offers comfort and relaxation during play.

Their pre-eminent features are: -

• Made up of 100% polyester knitted fiber with moisture management technology

• On every T-Shirt which is manufactured by ASICS, it uses mesh panel on sides and back for the ventilation of air during intense play

• Moreover, 40+ UV protection is also included which absorbs less heat and makes the player cool

• Available in all sizes.

• It is of premium quality, light in weight and easy to carry

• Full and half sleeves are accessible

• Embroidered logo is present both on T-shirt and lower

• It is serving players at an affordable price, without compromising quality

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2. TYKA Cricket T-Shirt and Lower


The visionary leader of TYKA had a passion for sports, thats why he established such a company called TYKA in 2009. As time is passing, it has become the top brand which has settled on the crease with unbeaten performance. It has exceeded all limits in designing and development of the clothing to make the athletes look grand and deliver excellent performance.

The brand strongly focuses on customer satisfaction and world-class quality by which players get immense satisfaction.

The pioneer features of TYKA Cricket T-shirts and lowers: -

• The cricket T-shirt is manufactured in Hydro feel fabric with moisture wicking properties

• The collar is rib knit for added comfort

• 100% polyester fabric which is best in sportswear

• Light in weight and flexible knit design

• Every TYKA lower has a flexible knit structure which gives an ease of movement

• There is option of both half and full sleeves

• Mesh panels are strategically positioned at the lower back and in underarms for surged comfort and cooling

• Stretchable and comfortable

• Available in all sizes

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3. SS Combo Super Cricket T-Shirts


Since its inception, it has entered into the Indian market with dedication and hard work. This name is very renowned for manufacturing cricket equipment for meeting the high demands for national and international players. Countless sports personalities are using their items on the name of world-class quality.

SS Cricket T-Shirts, lowers, sweaters, and numberless items are manufactured by SS in the clothing categories. Moreover, by SS bats, many world records are set by the cricket personalities, presenting memorable and exciting moments.

The features of their cricket t-shirts and lowers are: -

• Fabric is soft which is comfortable to wear

• Made up of 100% polyester knitted fabric and yarn content

• League friendly designs

• Good stretch and comfy for easy movement

• It is processed through dry fit for 100% sweat absorption

• Both t-shirt and lower are knitted with contrast piping

• Available in four sizes that are small, large, medium, XL

• The cloth is ideal for all seasons

• Hand-wash and machine-wash friendly

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4. SS Club Cricket T-shirts


SS is the name in itself which is serving the sports passion since an assortment of years. Their cricket clothing is of the best quality which gives a cutting edge to other competitors in the market. SS club Cricket T-Shirt qualities are: - • Knitted in modern styling, which looks attractive and impresses the opponent

• Both full and half sleeves are available

• Made up of 100% polyester and cotton which absorbs sweat easily and quickly

• The collar is of two layers with front placket open

• An attractive logo is embroidered on the left chest

• Medium to all sizes is untaken

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5. Adidas Cricket T-shirts


ss Adidas is one of the largest sports companies. Because sports activities are the culture of every nation and are a core to personal health and happiness, the brand has a vision to serve all people with its products. They have a strong belief that they have the power to change the lives of people only through sports.

To be one of the best sports companies, Adidas researches and develops the best sports goods by offering the best services in a sustainable way.

Talking about Adidas cricket collection, it is impeccable and mind-blowing which takes the hearts of a sports person at first site. There are several options for the sportspersons to wear while playing cricket in Adidas stock and their features are: -

• Polyester knitted, full and half sleeves cricket t-shirts

• The polyester is constructed in such a way that it offers supreme comfort and relaxation after wear

• Mesh panels inside the polyester for underarm area deliver ventilation and manage the moisture

• Regular fit in all sizes

• Sublimated shoulder panel

• Logo on the left chest looks stunning

• Fabric is wicking so that a player can stay cool on the ground

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6. Nike Cricket T-Shirts


s The mission of Nike is to drive sportsperson to expand their potential in order to give their best. Hence, they create ground-breaking innovation and creativity in the sports sector by making sustainable products. So, gear up yourself with Nike cricket clothing to be unique and impressive. Cricket T-Shirts of Nike come in different styles and designs with amusable patterns.

Moreover, the inbuilt technology on T-shirts makes them very cozy.

The advanced features of Nike Cricket T-shirts are: -

• Engineered with Dry-Fit technology for a cool feeling

• Made up of 100% cotton and polyester fabric which is very much suited for Sports T-shirts

• Manufactures half sleeves and full sleeves according to the weather

• Machine wash is recommended for a long lasting effect

• Both polo collar neck and round neck is available

• Adorable print patterns are also available

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7. Kookaburra Cricket T-Shirts


Kookaburra is an Australian sports equipment company operating in several countries. It sells its products through retailers, as well as to numerous cricket and hockey associations. It is a no. 1 Australian brand which is recognized worldwide. Since its inception around 125 years, it is drawing peoples attention because of world-class equipment.

Not only in equipment, Kookaburra has upheld itself in sports clothing also which has world-class quality and comfort. Other back to back features of Kookaburra Cricket T-shirts are as follows: -

• Their cricket t-shirts are well known for style, durability, and comfort

• Available in ribbed collar

• Ventilation is of mesh on the side panels and shoulder area

• Front placket with three buttons opened

• Dry finish fabric is used in these t-shirts for moisture management

• Mainly manufactured in white color

• All sizes are introduced with a regular fit

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8. Thrax Cricket T-Shirts


Thrax sports clothing is a well-known brand which is recognized by everyone. It manufactures a wide variety of sports equipment and clothing in premium quality. The brand is well liked among the sportspersons and is gaining more and more eminence with each passing day.

Wearing these T-Shirts, top professional players stay relaxed and attain maximum points in the critical time of the match.

Advanced features are: -

• Has an ability to dry sweat easily and quickly

• Airflow dry fit technology

• Made in the finest quality material

• Helps the player to stay cool under pressure and try to concentrate on winning

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9. Sf Cricket T-Shirts


Over the years, SF Stanford cricket is providing sports equipment of a very high standard. With thorough research and development, they used to manufacture sports products in order to set apart from all others. While choosing the right type of raw material, efficient technology, and deep knowledge, SF cricket innovates such sports items which are spell-binding and long-lasting.

The brand always uses the best quality material with eye-catching style and aesthetics, and the most essential thing is that you will get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Features of SF Cricket T-Shirt: -

• Premium quality material is used in these cricket t-Shirts for best results

• 100% polyester material for cozy fitting and relaxation

• Easily absorbs sweat by keeping the body dry and congenial

• All sizes are available in this brand

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10. Gravity Cricket T-Shirt


ss Gravity sports brand is a reputed one which offers soft and comfortable clothing to the sports players. The team of professionals working in Gravity sports always innovate new ideas with dedication and hard work by which they deliver latest and comfortable cricket t-shirts.

Advanced features of Gravity cricket t-shirts are: -

• The interlocked fabric offers comfortable body fit

• Premium quality light-weight material

• 100% knitted polyester fabric with new dry max technology helps to manage moisture from the body

• This is a very useful technology which keeps the players body dry and snuggly

• Awesome fitting and construction which delivers amazing freedom of movement during practice or play

• Available in all sizes

• Excellent stretch and comfort

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