Do you aspire to be a professional table tennis player? Then, for a vigorous and regular professional coaching, you need to buy an advance technology blade which is manufactured specially for professional table tennis players. You should consider following points while selecting table tennis blades for yourself as a wrong pick can affect your natural game, making it a defensive or offensive game.

• Primarily confirm the material that your blade is made up of while selecting your style of game. By rule, the paddle should have 85% of wood and remaining 15 % can be material like carbon, titanium, glass fibre etc. These blades are going to work for you unless you are an advanced player. If you are an advanced player, you need to spend heavy amount for a blade suiting best for your style of playing.

• If you have killers instinct and prefer to play attacking game, then hard blade made of hard wood is recommended as it allows you to play with electrifying force.

• Woods made up of soft wood is suitable for players with defensive style of playing as it softens the power of an attacking shot.

• Your preference to grip dictates best blade for you. Western –style blade is suitable for players that use handshake grips. Pen grip is advised for players preferring western style blade. However they are not advised for beginners.

• Those having no style, can stick to an all round blade.

. Above are just few suggestions. However there are many that one should consider while buying the racket for him/ her. These days various brands of table tennis blades are available in market and with numerous choices, it gets hard to pick any one out of all. We bring you leading and best brands of 2019 that are manufactured to assist players with distinct style of game.

5 Best Table Tennis Blade Brands -

1-More Power with Donic Persson Carbotec Table Tennis Blade

DONIC_PERSSON_CARBOTEC_Table_Tennis_Blade.jpg Donic Persson Carbotec Table Tennis Blade is apt for those players looking to achieve swiftness and power in their game. Carbon blade used in its making caters speed and power. This model of table tennis bat is more elastic than any other ordinary carbon blade giving high stiffness with the control over delivery, outstanding feels and spin without losing control. 7 piles of composition is used in making this racket which are joined with latest technology for balanced Ping Pong blade. The even-handed Table Tennis blade aids in playing right and effective shots with speed.


• Weight - 90 gm,

• Control- 6+

• Speed- 10.

Technologies used in Donic Persson Carbotec

ABP (Adjustable Balance Point)

Donic company introduced new technology named as Adjustable Balance Point that facilitated customized balance point as per individuals need. Adjustable Balance Point tool augmented the sweet spot area ensuring premium control over the blade. This technique enables players to pursue their own style of play via feature that assists the player to fix the balanced points. It is apt for attacking genre of playing as its weight is distributed near the head of the bat.

Ergonomic Handle

With an aim to make the racket more comfortable, Donic devised new technology called as Ergonomic Handle. It has always been investing lot of money to make the game of Table Tennis more advanced. This racket handle is designed in novel shape that caters perfect backend and forehand shots. Players do not have to try hard to get used to the handle as it is adjustable that fits easily and automatically to every hand. It was essential for the players to have a racket that exerts less pressure on hands and it was turned true by making round design of racket, enabling comfortable and offensive shots.

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2-Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade

DONIC_WALDNER_EXCLUSIVE_Table_Tennis_Blade.jpg Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade is ideal for players passionate about the game of TT and have an innovative approach towards the sport. It constitutes 5 plies arrangement glued together with the updated technology that facilitates great play. This blade has concave and anatomic shape that allows outstanding performance with high stability. Donic used 5 plies configurations for this racket which is glued with ground-breaking technology to get well even-handed TT bat. A Balanced TT bat helps in playing power packed shots giving more speed to shots. Its assurance of high speeds and spins which will provide you with favourable ocomes.


• Weight - approx 85 gm

• Control is 6+

• Speed is 10+

• Blade control – medium

• Apt for offensive strategies

Donic Waldner Exclusive Table tennis Blade is equipped with following two technologies;-

Adjustable Balance point

Donic company invented a new technology that facilitated adjustment of the balance point. Adjustable spot area results super control. This technology empowers players set the balanced point, and therefore gives more striking power to attacking style.

Ergonomic Handle

Donic company always invests lots of money in Research and Development of new technologies.To make racket more comfortable and easy to use, Donic invented new Technology known as Ergonomic Handle. Design of TT Racket Handle is very adjustable and handle fits perfectly to the hand.

The novel shape design flourishes player to develop perfect forehands and backend shots. Rounded shape design of table tennis rackets reduces the pressure on the hand and gives comfortable feel and more attacking shot.

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3- Stag Combi Carbon Table Tennis Blade

STAG_COMBI_CARBON_Table_Tennis_Blade.jpg Stag Combi Carbon Table Tennis Blade can be entrusted for durable performance as it is a unique blade made up of carbon layers layers surrounded by Balsa that gives right feel to the player. If you want to stick to your true style, this is the blade meant for you . Made from ace quality ply wood known as Balsa wood, it is crafted with the latest technology and 7 piles are used to manufacture this blade and are especially designed to cater exemplary results as regard as performance is concerned. Layering between the layers is done with advanced gluing technology and new state drying technique that gives smoothness to surface of blade. It is suitable for players with offensive style and looking for improvement. It is best suited for advanced table tennis players and for those looking to have powerful forehand and attacking shot.


• Weight-72 gm

• 7 layers- Balsa plies

• Blade control- medium

• Apt for attacking strategy

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4-GKI Li Kuang Tsu Carbon Ply

GKI_LI_KUANG_TSU_CARBON_PLY_Table_Tennis_Blade.jpg It is manufactured with the implementation of latest and expensive SST System Technology with the Super Fast Carbon Ply blade. It facilitates the convenience to the players along with empowering them to increase and decrease the speed of ply in accordance to the speed of distinct table through adjustment in the balance of ply blade.

The GKI Li Kuang Tsu Carbon table tennis ply is latest expensive SST System Technology Superfast carbon blade. Players can with the use of screw driver can make adjustment at the bottom of the handle. This model of blade is specially designed for the players playing with 40 mm ball and having attacking style of game. These blades are extremely light giving speed and power to the player to hit the shot with ultimate speed and force. Enlarge sweet spot feature enables stability with high speed.


• Brand: GKI.

• Blade: Carbon.

• Blade Type: Offensive.

• Handle Grip: Anatomic.

• Blade size: 158x150mm.

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5-Stag Titanium Table Tennis Blade

STAG_TITANIUM_Table_Tennis_Blade.jpg Stag is worlds renowned company in charge of producing superior Table Tennis Equipment, Rackets, Blade, Rubbers and accessories. Stag Table Tennis blades are made for professional use as they are equipped with latest technologies and are of eventual standards. The constituents of Stag Titanium table tennis blade are titanium and wood.

It is formulated with the formula that caters speed and control over the ball to players. Apt for advance players, this table tennis blade is made up of 7 plies glued with the execution of latest and advance technology. It is especially made for players looking to invest more vigorousness, spin and control or in other words for players with attacking strategy in the game. The titanium mesh between the layers of plies proffers ultimate speed.

Features Stag titanium

• Layers: 7 plies wood.

• Extreme speed.

• Weight (gm) 82.

• Technology – Titanium Blade.

• Offensive play style.

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Comparison of Best Table Tennis Blades


Above are leading Table tennis blade brands known across the world for their excellence and ace results. Consult your coach or an expert for best blade for you and get expertise in the game of table tennis with the most effective and suitable blade for you.

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