About Cricket Shoes:

Cricket Shoes are important part of cricket game and good quality shoes is necessity of cricket player. Good quality shoes provide better comfort and ability to run easily on ground with safety and proper shock absorbing ability.

Following are some key checks for Cricket shoes:


• Cricket Player should check the shoes with high quality upper material, Material for upper should be PU (polyethylene) or Microfiber or High quality Synthetic Material. PU is a light weight material looks like leather which provides durability for rough uses like grass cricket ground.

• Cricket is an outdoor game and some time cricket players need to run on irregular cricket ground surface so it’s upper and sole should be durable enough to sustain hard weather conditions.

• Its upper material should be stand good on wet ground condition.

• Cushion is very important for cricket shoes. A cricket player runs average 2 -5 km in a match and running sometime puts extreme pressure on knees and ankle of a cricket player. To reduce the pressure form knees and ankle, cricket shoes should equipped with high degree of cushion at mid and inner sole.

• Cricket ground sometimes are slippery in nature so bowlers and fielders need shoes with antiskid nature. To improve the grips of the shoes , nowadays cricket shoes are coming with spikes which provide super gripping action even if the ground are extremely slippery.

• Cricket shoes with rubber studs are suitable for all-round type of players or player who doesn’t want to play with spike shoes. Rubber stud are good option for cricket players. Sole of rubber studs are made of flexible but durable rubber material.

Cricket shoe for Fast Blowers and Fielders:


Cricket shoes for fast bowlers and fielders needs special characteristics mainly:

• Shoes for fast bowlers need stability, better cushion, better traction force, better durability and ventilation.

Stability is very important for fast bowlers: during fast blowing follow though, player landing posture should stable and to land safety sigh degree of shoe stability is recommended.

Fast blowers need extra or double cushion cricket shoes: As explained earlier fast bowlers need extra cushion at mid sole and inner sole.

Traction Force: Normally, fast fowlers use spikes shoes so that they will get optimum traction force during running.

Proper Ventilation: Ventilation is important part of cricket shoes especially for fast bowlers. Carefully select material and air vents improves the air flow within the shoe thus helps better ventilation within the shoe.

Following are the Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers:




New Balance CK 10 L3 is top range spikes shoes for professional and advance cricket players. This shoe is developed on synthetic upper mesh with lamination technique which offers better and durability upper for all weather use.

It is REVlite mid sole provide both better cushion and durability to players.

It is top line spike shoes which provide best in class comfort to cricket players.



Adidas Adipower shoe is one of best cricket spikes in complete Adidas cricket shoes range. This shoe is the first choice of top line fast cricket blowers from England like Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad Both the fast bowlers are known for fast bowling speed and killer swing.

Adipower vector mid spike is developed with Leather PU upper and high quality Eva mid sole. The combination of PU upper, Eva mid sole and better quality spikes provide stability, durability and proper air circulation within the shoes.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 Spike shoes:


This Puma Spike is made of ultra lightweight weight micro fiber and lightweight sole which provide better feel to players. Its secure lacing system helps player to run easily on ground with easy move and Sharpe turns on ground.

This Puma Cricket shoes is developed with ultra light weight micro fiber, Durable mesh and skin fit which provides lightweight shoe upper. With lightweight nature, player will get chance to run easily on cricket ground.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spike:


Kookaburra KCS 2000 spikes shoes are professional level shoes specially developed for fast bowlers. The outer cage of these shoes is designed with special polymers which provide great stability to player.

To provide better cushioning, Kookaburra used new concept called Kookaburra comfort. It is a new level of material selection in which material is carefully selected with high cushion and better responsiveness.

Kookaburra further improved the cushioning of the shoe with highly cushion mid sole.

To provide better stability, KCS 2000 spike shoes are developed with Thermo Heel counter design to offer better air circulation, specially designed vents are provided.

5.0 Thrax Field Power Full Spike:


Thrax filed power spike shoe is mid range product for beginner to intermediate cricket players. Upper of this shoe is develop with PU material which provide all weather playing ability to shoe as PU is very durable material with water resistance ability.

Spikes of Field power shoes are molded with outer sole which gives unified sole structure for better stability and traction force.

Innersole and mid sole of field power shoe is made of high cushion EVA and pylon material.

Overall, Thrax field power spike shoe is Best Cricket Shoe for Intermediate Cricket Players.

6. Nike Alpha Accelerate 3 Full Spikes:


Nike Alpha accelerate 3 is top class shoe with all new technical features for professional and advance cricket players.

Extra durable and tough synthetic upper is used in making of this shoe. Synthetic mesh is used in upper of the shoe; synthetic mesh is provided proper breathability to shoe.

Cricket shoes for All Rounder Players:


Cricket shoes for all rounder players need the ability to run fast, stability and most important durability. Most of the all-rounder players use Stud cricket shoes with flexible outsole and durable rubber studs.

These rubber studs should be flexible enough to offer best traction force while at the same time it should be durable enough to face the bad cricket ground conditions. Cushion of stud shoes should be optimum so that it provides better shock absorbing ability to players.

Following are some Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounder Players:

1.0 Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud:


Kookaburra Pro 1500 stud shoes are most popular stud shoes among the players. It is made of PU base upper which provide durability and light weight feel.

Specially designed nylon mesh is used at upper part of the shoe which delivers best in class upper feel.

Outer sole of stud shoe is very important part and it should be flexible and durable in nature. Kookaburra used special rubber and polymer bounding material for developing the outer sole with unique patterns.

2.0 ASICS Gel Peak 5 Stud:


ASICS gel peak in one of the popular shoe as it offers extreme cushion, superb stability and enhance traction force to players.

ASICS use Gel technology for improving the cushion of shoe. Gel technology is carefully use at front and back side of the shoe in mid sole. In gel technology, especially design and resilience material with soft feel is used to improve the overall effectiveness and cushioning.

Gel peak use shank at counter heel and at mid sole. Shanks are developed with composite material which is design to deliver stability to players.

Highly cushion mid sole and inner sole is designed to provide shock absorbing ability and responsiveness.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed one8 R Virat Kholi:


Puma evospeed one 8 R is latest cricket stud shoes for all rounder players. This shoe is developed with ultra light weight microfiber material which offers lightweight shoe feel to players.

Shoe Evospeed technology provide great stability to players. Shoe comes with stable upper material with cage design.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Nike Potential Cricket Stud:


Nike Potential cricket stud is another good model for all round type of players. Shoe upper is developed with high quality microfiber material which is carefully selected by Nike Sports.

Nike develops quality sports shoes for professional players. This all-rounder shoe is all weather shoe which player can use even if very hard weather or ground condition.

Specialty of this Nike cricket shoes is its stability and comfort.

5.0 GM All round Cricket Stud:


As its name suggest, this cricket shoe is developed for all round type of cricket players. Shoe upper is made of ultra thin micro fiber material which is weight less in nature. Microfiber used in this GM shoe is weather proof is use.

To enhance the overall stability of shoe, GM used specially designed graphite plate at mid sole which offers directional stability to players.

Further, to improve the cushioning of this shoe, GM used lightweight Eva material at inner sole.

Outer sole of this stud shoe is made of flexible rubber with unique patters. Overall, Good stud shoe for all-round type of performance.

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