Everyone wants a perfect or desirous start for their career. If you wish to pursue a career in sports genre or IT sector, you always expect an ideal start and flow in your career. In a war, the warrior believes in his/her ability and sword to win a battle, and the same goes for badminton players; a racket is like armor for them to fight the battle of game. And as we all know, to win a battle or play, you need some world-class equipment to conquer the other.

Yonex is a brand of belief and trust. A feeling that has been continuously winning the hearts of players and sportspeople for decades! It provides the assurance of great quality and brand value among the people. Over the last 4 to 5 decades, the Yonex brand has been producing some world-class badminton rackets and other sports equipment for the genius of the games and also for the beginners. Today, Yonex is one of the most popular sports manufacturing brand in the tennis and badminton world.

The journey of success

It was all started in 1946 when a person named Minoru Yoneyama established a company called Yoneyama Company Ltd for wooden manufacturing components. But things had changed when they began to indulge in sports genres in 1957 and started the manufacturing of badminton rackets. And after a decade, they began to manufacture tennis rackets too.

The very famous logo of Yonex in blue and green color came in the year of 1973, and after a year, they changed their name as Yonex from Yoneyama Company Ltd. In the years of eighties, they explored fields like golf, and now Yonex had become a premium sports equipment brand for golf, tennis, and badminton.

Fake rackets and brands

We have discussed the popularity and the brand reputation of Yonex in the sports world and among people. As the repercussion of fame and brand power, some fake brands and companies are taking advantage of selling their counterfeit rackets with the name of Yonex. There are numerous cases where people have purchased counterfeit rackets on the name of the Yonex brand.

How to identify an original Yonex racket?

One of the best and simplest ways of buying an original badminton Yonex racket is from the official site of the Yonex brand. Here, you can buy your desirous sports equipment without having any confusion or fear of fake products and delivery. On the other hand, Khelmart.com is one of the premium sites of sports. It means you can purchase your favorite and original Yonex racket at Khelmart

without any hesitation.

A simple guide to buying an original racket and spot the fake one

There are some ways through which you can identify the originality of your equipment during a purchase-

1) Be observant-

Little cautiousness and observation during a purchase can benefit you a lot. It means you need to be sharp during the purchase of equipment and cautiousness and some inquiry about the rate or serial code can make your purchase a great one.

Here are some things to consider:

a) Price of racket

As we have seen that mostly fake products or equipment come at a very cheap rate and are also made up of low-quality material. These things will help you a lot because a brand like Yonex will never sell its product at a cheap range of price and will not make a low-quality racket for the champion players.

For example- the New Arcsaber racket from Yonex is quite expensive, and the company will not sell it at $30. So, you need to be aware, and in some cases, shop owners sell their fake products at the original price.

b) Serial number

The original Yonex badminton racket comes with two serial numbers, one on the cone and one on the shaft. The shaft number represents the manufactured number, which increases with every racket, and on the other hand, the cone number shows that when your racket is made. It comes in the format of DDMMYXCC. The DD and MM show the date and month of manufacturing. Y and X represent the year of production, and the latter represents the model revision number. So, if Y=3, then it means the racket is made in 2003. And the last CC represents the country code or country of distribution.


The serial number will be engraved on the racket through laser. Some fake companies emulate the look and style of the Yonex racket. So, you can check the serial number and identify whether the code is engraved or printed. And you can also verify the serial numbers by contacting badminton forums or Yonex representatives.

c) Hologram sticker

A hologram sticker is yet another very essential and easy way to identify the quality and originality of a racket. In the original Yonex racket, the label will be pasted on the racket through special glue and will not be easy to remove it. But in a fake racket, the sticker can be removed easily.


d) Yonex logo

If you are a genuine and passionate user of the Yonex racket, then it will be quite easy for you to find out the difference between the logo color of fake and original. In the original racket, the color of the logo will be cleared and brighter in comparison to fake ones. And the difference of letter O. It means counterfeit rackets have much wider space inside their letter O.


e) Butt cap color

If you already have an original racket, then it would be quite easy for you to find out the difference between fake and authentic. In most of the counterfeit rackets, the butt color of the racket varies from dark green to light green. So, you need to be quite cautious while purchasing the racket.


f) Communication with the seller

Last but not least, the interaction with the seller during the description of racket and while purchasing the product is quite essential for you. You need to ask him/her about the authenticity and genuineness of the product during the purchasing. Because they have high sets of skills to make the people subdue through their enticing conversation.

2) Weight of the racket

The deals of fake rackets are mostly done with beginners and ordinary people who dont have much knowledge about the equipment and prices. But the person who has been in court for the long time can easily understand the difference between fake and right. The weight is yet another critical criteria of knowing the right Yonex racket for you.

The weight of the fake racket will be much more-lighter than the original one or the same model of the Yonex racket.

3) Warranty

Every Yonex rocket, whether an affordable one or higher range, comes with a specific period of warranty. The AS coded Yonex rackets come with 12 months warranty. So, if your seller is telling you that the racket doesnt have any warranty period, then you need to check the details for the better purchase carefully. And one thing is most famous for every buyer that the great you pay the great you get. So, never buy anything because of their cheaper rate.

Top Indian badminton players with Yonex rackets

1) Srikanth Kidambi (Voltric z-force 2)

Srikanth Kidambi is an exceptional talent from India. He is the first Indian male badminton player in the history of the game who won the super series premier tournament. He uses Yonex Voltric z-force two as his armor in the game. The Voltric z-force 2 is an all-round performance racket and has an extra slim shaft that gives additional balance and strength to hit. Lin Dan, an Olympic winner, also used the same model of racket in the yellow version.

2) Saina Nehwal- (Nanoray 900)

SainaNehwal is one of the most famous names in India. Interestingly, a biopic of Saina Nehwal is coming this year, starring Shraddha Kapoor that will show her journey and life success. Apart from this, she is the pioneer of success for India at the world level. Perhaps, that is why she always plays with the Yonex brand because NANORAY 900 can match her caliber and stamina.

3) P.V Sindhu–(Duora 10)

P.V Sindhu has shown the world that what she can do and what sort of caliber she has. She is the youngest and first-ever badminton player from India who reached the Olympics final. She uses Yonex Duora 10 that exceptionally matches her aura and talent in the same way as she performs in the match with her astonishing abilities.


Badminton is a game of true spirit and passion; that is why it requires credible and quality equipment to make the things in favor. So, these were some ways through which you can identify the difference between fake and original and make the right decision.


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