So amid this lockdown, are you enjoying spending time with your family and kids? Well, right now, this might be a tricky question for you to answer. Parents can easily deem this that how it feels like when there are only naughty children around you. After all, staying with children at home isnt an easy task.

However, for many of us, indeed for all of us, irrespective of going outside and look after on our and our kids health, learning from home and only watching TV and smartphones has become a harsh reality at present of our life.


Keeping children happy and busy and ensuring that they arent turning rude – really does seem like a massive challenge. Since the spread of coronavirus throughout the world, almost all nations have decided to shut down schools with the intent of social distancing for slowing down the spread of the Virus.

Simultaneously, now both schools and governments are initiating online classes so that kids studies can never be affected. But living locked inside the boring walls of the house can significantly harm your health and so of your kids as well. Thus, to add a bit of fun and to keep you mentally fit, nothing can be better than Carrom board online-

Carrom board game- an immortal game the joy of which cant fade

Carrom board! Yes, youve heard it right. Carrom board is a charming game. There was a time when it was much-loved indoor sports and one of the most popular games. If you are a parent, then you probably have played it in your time. Its never been dull or out of style as in most of the families, this game is still excitingly played online.

There are a number of factors that render Carrom board an entertaining game. Its an ultimate solution during this lockdown to stay busy while to bring remarkable changes mentally. Since its an indoor activity and anytime you can play it online, youre free from any harm that could be triggered by playing outside and coming in contact with the virus. Playing Carrom online is similar, like playing Carrom on the real board.

Its the perfect way to enjoy with family and friends. In fact, if youre thinking of teaching your kids to play this exciting game, its indeed going to provide an immense benefit. In this way, youll spend time with your kids in a better way.

If you want your children to sit inside and safe from the virus harm during lockdown, no doubt playing Carrom board is the safest idea.

Make your child really a game-changer in lockdown.

Playing Carrom board game online can engage children with vital activities that are essential for improving their specific skills such as teamwork, team spirit, etc. Like other indoor games, Carrom boards are the perfect ones for children as the game provides many advantages for both the personality and the wellbeing of children.

• The most significant benefit of the Carrom board is that, when children practice Carrom, several educational skills start to improve. While playing such a beautiful game, intimacy is also being built up within families. Also, for family members, its a fantastic opportunity to rest and upgrade their minds.

• Children can practice something new and have fun by improving learning abilities such as counting, hearing, visual detection, and eye-hand coordination, etc. Children can develop with the quick-witted mind.

• It motivates children to engage in healthy activities, to interact orally, and to concentrate their attention. Individuals have various talents when playing.

• There are also several major advantages of practicing Carrom, both psychologically and physically. Studies also have shown that stimulating the brain by doing some physical and mental activities minimizes the likelihood of being unhealthy effectively.

Moreover, its the best way if you yearn for an opportunity to spend some quality family time that has lost somewhere. Hence now, during the lockdown, relationships can be reconciled by playing Carrom online. It will also help children to develop problem-solving and creative thinking that is a significant perk.

Play Carrom board game and stay mentally fit

• The game lets you build social skills like interaction, communication, relaxing, decision making, and enjoying the company with groups.

• Carrom tends to improve youngsters abilities, e.g., logical reasoning.

• If you play Carrom, then there are fewer chances to have a mental disorder. The game provides a perfect workout to ones mind, which raises the capability to store more information.

• By playing the Carrom board, children can improve their concentration power as the game enhances the attention span by focusing on a single coin or pocket.

• Especially kids start to learn and understand that constant effort is essential to achieve something. And this theory benefits them in the future.

• The game allows children to consider the parameters that indicate that children make substantial boundaries to feel secure under any situation. The game not only improves the childs mental ability but also has a range of health benefits.

Indulge kids with positive activities

Kids are very sensitive from their heart. And amid this lockdown, if parents havent practiced something essential for them, then it can affect their mental strength as well. All around the world, schools are off, and classes are going online.


So at this time, kids are stuck inside the boundaries of their home. Most of them want to go out and play as they cant understand the sad reality of coronavirus. Simultaneously, making them stay indoor for too long is gonna be tricky. Therefore, it is the duty of parents to encourage children by involving them in fun giving things during this lockdown time.

However, this becomes easier by playing Carrom board online as it is one of the best indoor activities you can practice. It provides you an opportunity to engage with your children in a better way. Ultimately your children can spend quarantine time by doing some positive activities instead of turning rude.

Help your child to get rid of mobile phones.

In todays modern time, indoor games only involve playing on devices or smartphones. However, you might shift their mindset by introducing them to games you are interested in, such as enjoying Carrom board.

Play the Carrom board with your family and kids by explaining how you have grown up by playing Carrom with your brothers and sisters, family, and friends. During this lockdown time, why dont you tell your children the same thing? After all, its the best time where you can also rewind up your memories.

Carrom board is an exciting game, and its pretty sure that beyond trying useless things on the phone, theyre going to enjoy it. Playing Carrom will remind them of the importance of time and family.

While playing, if you let them think, try strategies and focus, then it not only evolves as an exciting moment in their life, but they have some amazing stories and experiences to share in the future with you.

When your kids play Carrom indoor sport, they will also start to learn how to interact with younger and older siblings. Automatically, this can bring an impressive positivity in their nature. Hence you should also prepare for a family game with a Carrom board, as that would also inspire your kids on how to confront difficult times.


While playing Carrom board games, closeness and love start to flourish within families. Its a kind of refresher that most of you might have played throughout your childhood or adulthood. And why not? After all, it has been one of the most widely played games more specifically in South Asian households.

While playing, children can learn numerous things such as counting, hearing, visual recognition, eye-hand coordination, etc. Games inspire children to participate in friendly contests, verbal communication & concentrate with utter attention. People strive to use different skills while playing this famous board game.

Carrom board online game too is an excellent source of utter satisfaction. Whether you are a parent, adult boy/girl, or a child, playing Carrom board is going to turn your lockdown time the best ever moments of life.

These days, people are focusing on doing something that could erase boredom from their life. Thus to all of them, playing the Carrom board is definitely proving an evolving option for ultimate gratification! So you should also try out this mind-blowing game and enjoy it with your family.

The world of sports is full of both indoor and outdoor sports through which you can sharp your skills to the best. If we talk about carrom board, it is a very popular game among the teenagers. Carrom is a table game pre-eminent in South Asia and the neighboring Middle East countries.

This game is very popular among the Indian houses as everyone plays it with family and friends. Inspite, of the fact that fingers get hurt while flicking with disks, in reality, this game offers a lot of fun and everyone looks forward to play it. Carrom board in India is undoubtedly a highly sought-after game.

This game features a wooden board that is square in shape and consists of four pockets. It is played by the player while flicking the disc in either pocket of the board. However, the main aim of this game is to collect points while sinking the nine carroms.

It is classified as indoor game but it is quite a fascinating and exciting game. An individual must have both mental and physical elements to play this game. However, this game is easy to play, understand, while playing it is fun, and it is suitable for both children and adults.

Carrom Board , that you know today, is not a new game. It has been played since 200 years ago in different forms. Most of the people think that it was invented in India itself while some folks think that it was originated in Portugal and Burma. To play carrom board, you need a square shaped board made up of wood, carrom men, carrom striker, and carrom powder.

You can also buy carrom board online through any good site.

Nowadays, this game is played both on national and international levels. Carrom is a game of control and concentration which you can only get through exercises, yoga, or pranayamas. These things help the individual to concentrate better and they can easily control the flicking of the disks.

These exercises are not only helpful in playing the game better. Rather, they are very useful making overall health better. Carrom board needs various finger postures which you can only handle when you practice some exercise, like, hitting the coin, straight shot, normal cut, straight cut, negative cut, etc.

In this article, you will come across different exercises that you can do to make your game extra-ordinary. They are as follows: -

1. Seated posture

To do this exercise, the person can use any chair, stool, bench, etc. which has horizontal top to sit comfortably. After that, the individual can sit on it with his back straight while holding the spine and head in alignment.


Now, rest the hands on the arms of the chair or on the thighs. Ensure that your thighs are parallel to the floor and you must not lean against the backside of the chair.

The main motive of this exercise is to make the person sit comfortably and have a relaxing posture throughout the game.

2. Drink enough water

Dont laugh at this statement because it is not a proper exercise. But, it is a very essential aspect to improve the brain power. One of the famous persons- Hannaford stated that water plays a very essential role in brain that no other things can play. So, pace yourself up before and after the game by drinking water.


On the other hand, drinking water can boost the power of brain and you can easily get rid of stressful situations.

3. Kneeling posture


To do this practice, the individual has to kneel on the floor keeping both knees together, make buttocks rest on the heels and the toes have to touch each other. Ensure that your back is straight, and spine and head should be in alignment while resting arms on the thighs.

4. Cross crawl

This exercise is very helpful for the brain as it can easily coordinate both hemispheres of the brain. It is also practical in writing, listening, learning spellings, etc.


How you can do it: -

• Its your choice whether you want to sit or stand.

• Take your right hand and put it across the body onto the left knee while raising it.

• Repeat this with another hand too

• Practice it for 2 minutes on regular basis for best results

5. Nine pieces pocketed exercise

Take seven pieces parallel to a row in front of the striking line and in between the other two striking lines. Now position single piece in front of the individuals left bottom pocket and another one in the right bottom pocket.


The exact position may vary according to the pocketing rate.

After that, try to stroke every single piece in the pocket. Moreover, if you fail to do so, keep on trying till all the seven pieces are in the pocket.

6. Cross legged posture

Every individual crosses his legs while sitting on the floor as it is very comfortable. On the other hand, most of the persons sit like this when they are very skilled at yoga. While doing this posture, ensure that your feet do not rest on the thighs.


The best exercise to play carrom board is when you sit upright with back straight, keeping head and spine in alignment. However, your hands can be in any position. It doesnt matter.

7. Brain buttons

This is another useful exercise to play carrom board at its best. It helps in improving blood flow towards the brain as it switch on the whole brain.


It also helps in improving concentration while playing the most exciting game of carrom board. How to do this exercise: -

• Stretch one hand so that there is enough space between the thumb and the index finger

• Now place both index finger and thumb just below the collar bone on each side of sternum

• You can press it lightly in pulsing manner

• While doing this exercise, take another hand over the naval area of the stomach

• With both hands, press these points lightly just for two minutes

8. Lying down posture

It is also called savasna or corpse posture in terms of yoga. The individual has to lie down on a carpet and ensure that legs have to be straight but relaxed. The players of this game seldom try this posture as it makes the person fall asleep during meditations.


According to the reports, this exercise is considered as the most effective stress-buster to get optimum results.

9. 3*3 grid exercise

For doing this, firstly place nine pieces in the form of 3*3 grid at the right of the carrom board. While doing the exercise, try to put every shot in the right pocket with a single stroke.

Whenever you miss the target, try again and put it into the pocket. Practice makes the man perfect and this game is all about practice and trying one more time.

10. Finger stretching

Carrom is the game of fingers that make you win or lose the game. Fingers play a very crucial role in the game and it is also called finger billiards. Here, the cue is the finger and in spite of doing all types of work with your finger, it still needs exercise.

Before playing this game, stretch the fingers backward according to your capability but ensure that you dont push your fingers as it can damage them. On the other hand, exercise the fingers side wise, front side with a clitch sound. It will greatly help in playing the best carrom.

11. 12 oclock position exercise

To do this exercise you have to place one piece at the outer side of the circle at 12 oclock position from your side. After this, try to pocket the piece in the left top pocket. Whenever you miss the opportunity, try again until you get success.

When you succeed in this position, try another spot at 2 oclock, 3 oclock, 4 oclock, 6 oclock, 9 oclock, and 10 oclock position. After you complete these tasks, put the piece in center and try to pocket it. No worries if you fail at once because slow and steady wins the race.

12. Hook ups

This exercise is best for hand nerves while playing carrom board. Before playing carrom board, any one can get nervous. So after this exercise called hook ups, you can feel calm and it also helps in improving the concentration. How to do it: -


• Do this exercise while sitting or standing

• Now cross the right leg over the left

• Put up your right wrist and try to cross it over the left while crossing the finger making right wrist at the top

• After that, bend the elbows out and then turn the fingers towards the body until they get rest on sternum

• Breath evenly in this position for a few minutes


So, the above exercises can be done to greatly improve the control and concentration in carrom. These two things are very essential to win the game. If you want to get an edge on this game, you can also play carrom board online and do a lot of practice before your carrom competition.

Carrom game is thought to be originated in Asia, but its actual origin place is vague. The famous indoor game is played for fun only, but as the time has changed, the game is played on various international levels these days. The board game is generally performed on a wooden board with carrom men and strikers. To win the game, a player has to put all the carrom men in pocket prior to another player.

These carrom men are generally wooden or plastic discs and constitute black, white, and pink color. The pink carrom man is said to be the queen of the game. With the rising popularity, the carrom game is gaining its acknowledgement in several countries, including UK, India, and others. The International Carrom Federation has introduced specific rules for playing the game. Nowadays, there is also a trend of playing carrom board online for fun.


Due to rising popularity and various international tournaments being held, people want to improve their game. They also want to be a part of the tournament to win the game. To avoid being a loser of the game and win various matches, here are some expert tips to improvise your game.

Tips to improve the Carrom game

The right mental aptitude

The first tip of playing the game is to enjoy the game, rather than just pulled out to be played. A right mental attitude is necessary to win the game. If you are trying to develop an interest in the game, first make sure that you go deep into it and never lose interest even if you are losing the game. A positive attitude towards the game makes you win in any situation.


You can bend the rules while playing the game to enhance your mental attitude before jumping on to any state-level or other level tournament. Carrom board in India is represented as the best indoor game between two teams and also a sole individual can play it for fun. But nowadays, people are developing their mental attitude to prepare themselves for the international tournaments as well to shine in the game.

Striker flicking ways

Another beautiful tip of improving carrom game is different ways of flicking the striker to put carrom men into the pocket. There are several ways of flicking the striker, and you can choose your own best way by trying all the ways of striker flicking. Make sure that you should focus on the two most important things while flicking the striker.


The first thing is that you need to put focus to place your hand steady and stable on the carrom board with the edge of the palm of your hand and thumb. This will help in flicking striker better instead of pushing it. The second thing to be taken into consideration is touching the striker with your finger to make proper flicking without hurting your thumbs edge. However, some basic rules are there to flick striker in a better way, and to improve your striking techniques which are given below:

• The flicking striker should be struck properly but not pushed

• Place the edge of your hand on the board correctly and make it stable and steady while striking

• The forearm and elbow of the players should not touch the wooden frame of carrom board

• A part of the body may not cross the diagonal lines that are running from the center of the board towards the pocket.

Accurate speed and the right direction of driving striker

The best tip to improve your game is the right speed and direction of propelling the striker. The speed should be enough to put the carrom men in the pocket. If the force generated is not enough, then the carrom men would not reach the pocket properly. But there is another problem that if you flick the striker too hard, then the piece will rebound around the frame only and not target to the pocket.


Therefore, it is essential to flick the striker with accurate speed and in the right direction to put a piece into the pocket. You should place your striker on edge first and make your hand steady on the frame and rest your edge on the opponents baseline. It will be sufficient for making a direct shot in a straight line. But if you want to make a cut shot at a precise angle, then you need to generate an extra force. All this you can achieve only by trying and testing the cut angles where you can put carrom piece into the pocket even by placing the striker through the cut edge.

Another essential aspect to note is travelling the striker in the right direction. To make it possible, exercise a bit more force and stable directions to make it happen. A simple trick behind this is checking the board and the position of pockets and carrom pieces and checking the baselines of the edges of the carrom. Make sure to check the number of pieces blocking the targeted piece and pathway of the pocket to propel striker in the right direction and right speed. Also, check the pieces nearby the baseline and far away from the baseline.

Check out some of the exercises which will help you in propelling striker in the right direction:

• Always place the striker to the right moon side or on it.

• Always propel the striker in the right top pocket. Check if you can drive the striker multiple times in the direction you want to travel it, then you can do it with confidence anytime.

• Start the game with a clear board.

You can try placing striker to the left moon over to the top of the right pocket and try them for multiple consecutive times on a clear board to make a smash hit. Similarly, you can try with the right moon side to the top left of the pocket. Another trick of striking the pieces in the pathway of the piece to the pocket is lining up string and striker in such a way that it passes from the center of the pocket. Now place the Blu-Tack on the outside edge of the wooden frame and hold the other string in your side to pass the striker from the center. Hit the carrom piece from the right edge

When you are hitting the pieces with the striker in the pocket direction, then you are hitting them in the straight direction. Try this trick out to make a straight connection with the pocket. Place the flicking striker behind the piece that you want to target with the cutting string and the diameter of the striker, and the piece is in the right direction. Flick the striker from the baseline and hit from the angle, which is prescribed as a cut.

When you are making a normal straight shot, then the angle is formed by the line that is drawn from the pocket and piece with the striker at a straight angle of 180º, making a straight line. But if the edge is straight but less than the straight angle, which is 90º or even less, then you are not able to put the piece into the pocket. More closer the angle between 180º and 90º, more it will be difficult.

Another important exercise that you can practice is spreading the nine pieces in a parallel row along with the baseline in the center of the carrom board and around two strikers away from the baseline. Try to put all the pieces in the pocket one by one. Practicing makes you perfect in propelling striker in the right direction with the right force.

Now another exciting tip for contacting the piece in the pocket with a striker is creating an imaginary triangle from the baseline, top left pocket, to the left and right moon side. The carrom men coming in this imaginary triangle will directly be sent to the pocket. If you can put any piece from any direction in between this triangle, then you can become a world-class carrom player.

You can try different angles and turns to place the striker in the pocket. When you make a hit to the piece by marking the position of the string in the right direction, then you will hit the piece straight in the pocket.

The tips mentioned above will help in becoming the winner of the carrom board game. But remember, practice makes men perfect, whether it is a game or life. The accurate mental aptitude, right speed, right edge, and the right type of propelling the striker will help you in improving your game day by day.

However, while playing carrom board online , you will find clicking option instead of these striking benefits. Use these techniques or the expert tips to improvise you game standards and be the winner of the game. The Carrom board game is nowadays no more an indoor game. It has become a national-level game where teams and individuals battle against each other to win the game. Use these expert tips to improvise your game and be the winner.

About Carrom Board

Carrom is a famous indoor game that is played on board. It is also known as a tabletop game. The Carrom Board game was originated in South Asia. That is why it is popular among the Asian countries. The international federation of Carrom was formed in Chennai in 1988. Carrom is played with a striker and carrom men on a plywood board. The main objective of the game is to bring nine men and one queen into the pot faster than the opponent. This carrom board game can be played between two players and also four players. Various state-level tournaments are organized annually by the Carrom federation between different states.

Nowadays, carrom board game is also available on online gaming platforms to enhance your gaming experience. This indoor game has reached the next level nowadays. It is also played on both national and international levels.

Gaming equipment

Following are the equipment of the carrom board game:

Carrom Board: The board comprises of a square wooden frame having four pockets, one on each corner of the board. These pockets are fitted with a net to secure the carrom men from falling. The upper surface of the board is printed with patterns and lines and is polished with a smooth finish. The dimensions of the board are 74 cm ? 74 cm. But the dimensions may vary according to the players. The lower surface of the board is supported by the wooden bracings to provide strength to the carrom board.

Carrom men: The carrom men are small discs made from wood or plastic. There is a set of nineteen carrom men used in the game. It constitutes of three different colors: white, black and red. The red carrom men is considered as the queen of the game.

The carrom strikers: The striker is slightly heavier, and larger disc are compared to the carrom men. It is used to hit the carrom men and push into the pocket. The striker comes in huge color variants and also in printed form. The quality and precise standards of the striker can enhance the game, but on the same side, the low-quality light-weighted striker pushes your game experience downwards. Thus, it becomes more important to select the striker which builds minimum friction and leaves a significant impact on carrom men.

Carrom powder: It is used to reduce friction on board and make your carrom men and striker slide smoothly on the board. Consistently there are two types of carrom powder used in which most commonly used is Boric acid powder. It is sprinkled over the board to minimize the friction. Another kind of carrom powder used is Telfon powder. It constitutes microsphere particles that are like micro rollers to slide the carrom men and striker on the surface of the board.

Details of different striking Style in Carrom Board Game

People have a different striking style to put the Carrom men into the pot. So, take a look at these different striking styles and try any style that suits you perfectly:

Thumb and middle finger striking style

This is one of the typical striking styles in which the middle finger is held backward with the thumb. Pressure will be generated on the middle finger when it is put backwards. When you release the middle finger, it will shoot the striker with exerted force and hit the carrom men to put it in the pot. Different angles can be formed by changing the direction of the hand according to the position of the carrom men on board.


Scissors striking style

In this striking style, you need to keep your hand still on the board. Now place the edge of the middle finger behind the striker and overlap the index finger with the middle finger. Now create pressure on the middle finger though index finger by pushing it backward and release the middle finger while moving forward to the index finger to shoot the striker with the generated force. The position of the hand and direction can be set according to the player. The striker will move in an arc direction.


Vertical Long Finger Striking Style

In the vertical long finger striking style, the palm edge of your hand is in a vertical direction rather than resting on the carrom board. The middle finger of your hand is in the perpendicular direction to the board. This style of striking is correctly used when there is no space around your baseline, and the carrom men surround the striker. It seems to be an intricate style of striking, yet very useful when you got surrounded by men on your edge.


Thumb with index Finger striking style

This striking style is quite similar to the middle finger, and thumb striking style where pressure is put backward; instead of this in this style, the index finger is held back with the thumb to generate pressure before flicking the striker.


Index Finger striking styles

In this striking style, place your hand in a stable position on the carrom board with your palm baseline. The thumb will hold on the lateral position of the board. Fold your fingers while resting the tip of the finger on board. Now place your index finger behind the edge of the striker and touch the tip of the striker to generate pressure. Bring down the pressure on the tip of the index finger and flick the striker.


Thumb shot striking style

The thumb shot striking style is followed when there is a need for backshot or when allowed to pull the shot backward. In this, the hand of the player is similarly laid on carrom board like that in index finger except holding back your middle finger before flicking the striker in a backward or sideways direction. The thumb shot game is quite easy for playing backward shots and mostly used by the players.


Middle finger striking style

The middle finger style is similar to index finger except using the middle finger at the edge of the striker rather than the index finger. The thumb will generate the pressure on the middle finger, and the striker will move forward to hit the carrom men. However, you can change the direction of your hand as you required to play the game and according to the position of the carrom men. Middle_Finger_Striking_Style_Khelmart

Some general rules • The player is allowed to make an attempt to break the center of the carrom men

• The queen is always covered along with a carrom men

• Ten points are given to the player for covering black men and 20 to cover the white men.

• The queen covers the 50 points.

• Foul is considered as a penalty when you pull the striker into the pocket.

• If no carrom men are left on the board, then the queen is covered with the striker put in the pocket.

• To win the game, you need to put at least nine carrom men and queen in the pocket. But the winner can also be decided on the points covered by the opponent player rather than just covering the queen

• If any carrom men flick outside the carrom board, it needs to be put back in the center of the board again.

• The queen should be placed in the center if the player is not able to cover the men along with the queen.

Online carrom board game

The game is reaching to its next level, whether it is offline or online. While playing carrom board online, you dont need to have such equipment like carrom men, strikers, powder, and carrom board. These all things are programming based, and striking turn is based on click. But general rules and covering shot remain the same in the game. Carrom board online can be played between two players and even more.

Doubles game

Carrom can also be played in doubles just like you have seen in badminton. In doubles, the partners will sit opposite to each other but cover the points for both to win the game. The specified rules and the manner of the game remain the same as that of the two-player games. The turn of the players will proceed in the clockwise direction. There is a plus point of doubles games as your partner can move the carrom men for a baseline for you, which you cannot do in singles games.

Some caring tips

Before and after playing the game, make sure to wipe out the powder from coins and boards. Do not put exerted pressure on the board as it will break the plywood of the board.


All love the indoor games, whether you are a kid, an adult, or a youngster. Carrom board games are uniquely designed for indoor purposes, which you can enjoy with your family and friends. People love to play with their striking styles, but the most common methods that we have mentioned here are famous among all people. The international federation of the carrom board games set it to the national as well as the global level to enhance the interest of people in the game. Now it is also available on the online gaming platform where you can enjoy without waiting for the opponent and gaming equipment

History of Carrom

History of Carrom Board Game

Carrom Board is a table-top based game. It was originated from the Indian subcontinent. The game is also very popular in South East Asian countries like India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Arabian countries including Pakistan and the neighbouring areas. It is spelled by different names in various languages like carom, karom, carum, and kairam.

In south Asia, cafes as well as many clubs organize daily based tournaments of carrom board games. Carrom Board is well known and commonly played at social functions, and played by families as well as children. Even in these countries, there are many carrom cafes which organize daily carrom competitions. Moreover, countries like the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, etc. also make their carrom game federations. Even in United States and Australia, the game carrom gained good popularity. The game is similar to other games like snooker or billiards, but the only difference is that this game is not played by sticks and balls.

A brief into the game

The carrom is played on most wooden boards or plastic boards of various sizes. The main goal is to shove the thin wooden discs (which are known as the carrom men) on the four corners into the four pockets of the carrom board with a plastic made striker. The carrom men have three colors- White, Black, and Pink. There are a total of 9 white and 9 black carom men, which are set in akin away making a circle in the center of the carrom board. In the exact center, the pink carrom man known as Queen is placed.

To make the surface of the carrom board smooth, most of the Indians use talcum powder and spread all over the surface of the board. Several companies copy the design of Haskells carrom game board. One of the companies made a version of carrom board in 1950 and gave the name snooker. The name of the company is the Transogram.

Origin of the game

Carrom is considered as an ancient game that has came into the contemporary world. The carrom was originated in the 18th century, invented by the Indian maharajas. From many generations, the carrom board game has been played. After the First World War, the game of carrom board gained more popularity. It is an ideal game to play at home because it has definite size and a simple design. Furthermore, after the formation of ICF or International Carrom Federation, the game became more popular than ever before. The IFC made some formal rules for it that turned the game from a casual time-pass game into a world-recognized competitive sport.

After that, the game is played at an ambitious level over the globe. It is loved in homes over the world and people enjoy carrom to the core. Its best thing is that people of any age can play this game and the game does not require any big arrangement. In the past, people played this game as just for passing their time, but now after gaining so much popularity, the game is played by 20 million individuals only in India.

It is a very popular and demanding indoor game. The carrom board game is now played in nearly 50 different countries. It is mostly based on physics and geometry. It also needs deep skill and concentration. Games are something that have to be remembered for a long time and are always considered as a part of living culture. The game of carrom board is played in different countries in different styles, even by different names. On many levels, the main objective of the game is to teach. Either you teach others, others teach you, or the game teaches you.

The game of carrom board is considered as one of the best family games. It has achieved a higher position due to its number of tournaments held in different cities and countries. There are several tournaments or championships which are organized under the guidance of AICF. These tournaments are categorized according to the age groups with fee charges; for example- if you want to play in senior national and interstate carrom championships, junior national, and interstate carrom championship, sub-junior national and interstate carrom championship or any other tournament which is approved by this federation then you have to pay Rs.10000 at present. On the other hand, Rs.5000 is to be paid for an international test match, federation cup carrom tournament, all India invitation carrom tournament, or institutional national carrom championship.

Scope of carrom game

The carrom board game has not only the purpose of enjoyment. You can also build your future in the field of carrom game like A. Maria Irudayam won world carrom championship two times and national championship of India nine times. He was also honored with the special Arjuna award which was presented by the government of India in the year 1996. Apart from it, if someone suffers from physical disability and is not able to perform the other physical tasks, he can easily play this game. Moreover, if they have good skills of concentration, they can play it well. They can build their future in carrom as it acts as a door of opportunity for them. There are several championships in which they can take part and gain name and fame.

Last year, the carrom world cup championship was organized in the city of Chuncheon, South Korea. It is a 7-day competition which started on 23 August and ended on 29 August. It is tagged as the first international carrom tournament since 2016 carrom world championship. It is also designated as the first carrom world cup held in South Korea. The format of the tournament was a double round-robinin and knock-out tournament. Total nine people participated in it. The tournament was won by a woman who belonged from India and man who belonged from Sri Lanka.

Manufacturing of carrom and rise in the economy

The first carrom board was made by hand, and due to the gaining popularity among masses, the making demand of the carrom board was phenomenal. The game has become very popular in many countries and the demand of carrom manufacturers has been increased. Many different companies and industries started the business of carrom board manufacturing. The carrom board game gave the opportunity of an ideal business for many other people. Due to the popular demand of carrom boards, people started the business of manufacturing of carrom boards which were sold very quickly one after another. For management and financing, the different local businessmen were involved with other companies. In 1892, by hand, the first game boards were made. At the present time, wholesale shops are established in the market which provide carrom boards at a very low price as compared to market price.

Carrom board availability- from traditional means to online

As it is rightly said that necessary is the mother of all inventions. Technology is also the part of invention which is a boon in our life because it makes everything convenient and easy. Apart from it, according to a survey, around 70% of the masses are online shopaholics and it will keep on increasing day by day.

With time, technology has been recognized in every field right from business to sports. Due to the popularity of the carrom boards among the children as well as their parents, the supply of carrom board is done by online sites nowadays. In some cities, there are no shops which provide the best quality of sports items. So instead of purchasing the sports equipment from the shops, people prefer online sites. There is a huge variety of games equipment including carrom boards which one can buy online. If someone has an interest in carrom, they can purchase carrom board online at a very reasonable price. There are immense benefits if you buy carrom board online like you are offered the facility of COD, and sometimes you are also provided with lucrative offers on special occasions too.

Some final words:

As childhood is a golden period of everyones life, so why waste your time in non-productive things if you have a chance to spend this prestigious time by playing carrom board or making future in it. And it is also one of the best ways to polish the relationships by spending some quality time with kith and kin as it helps to make the bond strong among them.

You must refer this game to others too. By this, the trend of playing carrom is maintained since it is a tradition which comes from our ancestors. So, its our responsibility to assure that this game achieves the cloud nine position like other games such as ludo, chess, and many more.

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