The game of carrom board is the game of our childhood, and it has been carrying the most interesting and frivolous part of our childhood for many years. This game has its own place and identity because the game of carrom is played through the entire parts of India and even in the South East Asia too. But in the last four or five decades, this game has gathered immense popularity and attraction from the entire world. It is not just a home-based game because the existence of ICF (International carrom federation) shows the importance and high standard of the carrom game.

As we all know and have discussed in the upper text that this game has a vast range and has the same popularity in all age groups of people. You need to have only three things to become the master or luminary of this game and that is exquisite knowledge of angle, accuracy, and last but not the least the need for intense focus.

Basically, its a cue based game which was considered as just a game of enjoyment but later it has become the part of international and national games and championship. Perhaps, that is why it has certain rules and regulations as same like other the international or national games have.

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Origin of carrom

This game originally came from South Asian countries in the mid of 18th century. We are not confirmed about the original name because it was pronounced differently according to the regional languages of the respective states. The game of carrom board is very popular in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan too. And in terms of the playing criteria and when the rules are concerned, the ICF has proposed some certain rules for international and national matches, which are equally followed by all countries.

Players Aim

This game is mainly based on the pocketing of carrom men and queen. In other words, a player uses his/her fingertips to hit or flick the striker to move or hit the carrom men or queen into a pocket of the carrom body. It means, as a player, you only need to hit the small carrom men into the holes which are situated on the four ends of the carrom body.

Team size

The game of carrom board can be played in singles and doubles in both categories of men and women, and the maximum size of the team can be two. This game is not being played with a mixed double. In doubles, players with the same nationality can play in the team only in the all national and international games.

The toss

The process of the toss comes under the umpire through which they decide who is going to play first or hit. The toss process is not as same as cricket game because it involves the representatives of each team; but rather than flicking the coin, the umpire conceals each white and black carrom men in his hand and asks the players to guess it. The one player who guessed the color correctly wins and has the choice to strike first. He/she also has the choice to decide the sides and the opening break.

These choices have to be made by the winning player only and it cant be done by the opponent. Though the situations may change if the winning strike decides to change the side of the strike, then the losing player can have the first strike.

Apart from that, the player who plays the shot and chooses white carrom men, then the opponent only has the chance to play with black carom. But if the winner fails to score, then the opponent gets the chance to hit any carrom men according to his/her choice.


As we have discussed this game is played between two players with sitting opposite to each other. At the start, the queen will be placed at the mid of the carrom board . And after that, the carrom men will be situated around the queen in a circle form in the inner circle, with each carrom men touching the other carrom men and queen. The remaining carrom men will also be placed in the same position as like inner circle. And these circles must have both the color pieces.

The essentiality of Queen

Queen is the most important part of this game because if the player wants to win the game, then she/she needs to pocket the queen along with the cover. This game can be played by turn by turn only. If a player pockets more pieces continuously, then he/she can hold the strike longer. A player needs to pocket all the carrom men of the chosen color for winning the game. But he/she needs to pocket the queen along with the covering for winning the game.

To attaining the queen, you need to pocket the covered to for pocketing the queen. For example, if you have got queen but not pocketed the covered, then the queen will be returned to the carrom board. The best point is that the one who gets the queen along with the covered, gets the bonus-point win.

Tools in a carrom board

1) Carrom men


In this game, we use three different types of small wooden circle-shaped pieces which are the same in size but have the variation in colors. The numbers of each carrom men are fixed. They all are like 9 black, 9 white and 1 red which is called queen, the most important and must-have wooden piece for winning the game.

2) Striker


Its a large circle shaped plastic made piece in comparison to the other pieces. It is solely used to hit the other carrom men to the four holes of the board. This is considered as the main ornament of players to get the carrom men.

3) Powder

Its used to make the board smoother and mitigates the friction from the carrom broad while playing the game. This powder is made from boric acid which provides a smoother and frictionless carrom body.

4) Light

The light is used to provide better and clearer visibility during the play. An artificial light is placed over the carrom board to improving the visibility.

5) Stand


The stand is used for the board to have a better and comfortable height of the board during the play.

Dimensions of a Carrom Board


Basically, it all depends on the level of the game, because the size of the boards in professional games is fixed.

Common terms used in carrom

1) Queen


It is a red colored circle-shaped piece that holds the highest number of points among all the pieces.

2) Foul

Any strike or move which violates the game rules is considered as foul.

3) Break

The very 1st strike in the game is called a break.

4) Strike

When a player hit the carrom men with the striker, it is termed as a strike.

5) Covering

Covering is when a player pockets the carrom men after pocketing the queen.

6) Thumbing

When a strike is done through the thumb.

7) White slam

It refers to pocketing all-white carrom men.

8) Black slam

When you pocket all the black carrom men, it is known to be a black slam.

Rules and regulations

The International carrom federation has made some rules and regulations for the national and international games. It also manages the rakings of the players and planning of new tournaments and matches. The ICF has various affiliations like United States Carrom Association, ACF (Australian Carrom Federation) and All India Carrom Federation.

Basic rules

Players get the three chances in their first turn to “break”. In those particular chances, it does not matter whether the striker hit the carrom men or not. However, when a player pockets the chosen color carrom or queen, then he is provided with a second chance. But if he/she commits a foul or is not able to pocket any pieces, then the chance of strike will be passed to another end.

Covering the Queen

A player needs to pocket the queen first and then on the very first chance, he/she also needs to pockets the other carrom men of his chosen color. If he/she fails to do that, then the queen will be returned to the board.


A game of carrom has a maximum of 29 points. If a player has less than 24 points at the end of the game and also got the queen, then he/she will be rewarded with 5 bonus points. But if he/she scores 24 or more points, then the queen will not bring the reward for the player.


It refers to when a player violates the rules of the game and commits foul, then he/she will have to pay the penalty and this will end his/her chance to strike.

Foul situations-

1) When a striker is placed in the holes.


2) When any piece or striker leaves the board during the play.


3) When a player hits the opponents piece into the pocket.

4) When a player pockets the last piece before covering the queen.


5) When a player pockets the last piece of the opponent.

6) When a player touches the carrom men pieces during the play.


7) When a player fails to break the counters in given three attempts.


So, these are various aspects of a carrom board and its rules and regulations. It is always good for you if you play the game in the right manner through which you can be able to understand the competitiveness of the game and also enjoy it.


One thing I remember very nicely about my childhood is that no matter who ever played carrom at my home, I was the one that always used to sprinkle powder on the carrom board. Even today, I make sure to sprinkle powder before starting the game. I realized the reason behind smattering powder after growing up. Do you know why? Lets see

Powder is sprinkled on the board of carrom to make its surface smooth or slippery so that striker strikes smoothly, and secondly the coins too get to slide easily. Technically, it reduces the friction between striker, Carrom Board and coins. In other words, smoothening doesnt let the friction affect your talent or skills.

Being too young, I didnt know that only special powders especially made for the purpose should be used. Powdering your board is just not a single technique to smoothen the surface of carrom board. There are many and in this post, I am going to acquaint you with other dependable methods in the process of making the board even. Have a glimpse of them underneath-


1. Get your carrom striker polished

Does it sound strange, as till now most of us must have heard about polishing on wood. Polishing your carrom striker is the foremost rule that you should implement for smooth game of carrom. Dont just ignore it as it can aid you turning the fortune of the game easily. The reason behind polishing a striker is to make it slide smooth on the surface of carrom board. If you feel that your striker isnt moving smoothly because of the friction, then polishing your striker is the first step to do.

Steps to polish striker:

• From the edge of striker to the other, write X on the playing side of striker with a black marker.

• Take a smooth sand paper (1200) and rub it on the striker in circular motion till the black marker sign gets erased completely.

• It aids in making the striker smooth and thereby eradicates irregularity on striker. It facilitates smooth slide on board.

• After it, use high grade sand paper (200grit) and rub gently this time on striker in a circular motion in the manner you write 8.

• You may also use a pinch of boric powder while doing this.

• Your task of smoothening of striker is accomplished and now you can enjoy smooth movement of striker while playing the game of queen.

2. Apply silicone spray on the playing surface

The next thing to do is work on minimizing or reducing roughness of your carrom board completely. Silicone is the ideal pick to apply on your carrom board surface to combat with the roughness. It forms a thin layer or film over the board that nullifies the roughness or inconsistency over the board, thereby making the playing surface even and smooth. But it should not be done frequently or at the start of every match. You should apply silicone spray couple of times a month for the best results. Silicone spray is easily available in the markets or I suggest you to visit the shop that maintains sports items to get yourself silicone spray. Various types of silicone spray are available in the market from difference brands.

Why silicone spray is considered best for carrom board smoothening –

• The best trait of silicone is that it is abrasion free, non reactive and attracts no dust.

• It has a quick drying feature.

• The lubricating property of silicone remains unaffected even in extreme temperature.

This is why it is the best means to make the carrom board smooth.

3. Task of old carrom board smoothening

This is no easy job as making an old carrom board smooth is much tougher than the smoothening of new board. Reason is wear and tear, weather etc.

Making an old carrom board smooth is not the same as smoothing the new one. As we all know that board is made of wood and the quality of wood declines with the time. Wood is prone to termites and environmental moisture and they can hamper its traits. This becomes easier when the carrom board has not been in use from long time. The issue of termite can be overcome easily if your board is not badly affected with it. You can spray or apply a coat of termite resistant. In the other case, the only idea is to dispose it off and buy a new board for yourself.

If your carrom board has swollen up or bloated because of exposure to rain or moisture, then we recommend you to get the surface changed or buy completely new carrom board for yourself. Well, you may not find much difference between a new carrom board and cost of replacing a carrom board surface. So be smart while deciding.

As far as the phenomenon of smoothening of old carrom board is similar to that of smoothening of new one. However, you may have to look for some other means for the smoothening of carrom board with bloated ply and sign of termite.

4. Use powder to ensure smooth surface while playing-


It is a very common practise and often performed while playing. But do not use talcum powder or any other kinds of powder as a boric based powder is especially manufactured to facilitate smooth surface of carrom board while playing. Professionals use only boric acid based powder and you can use it any number of time while playing. It caters temporary smoothening of board, doesnt have impact like that of polishing or spraying. But these days, use of boric powder is minimized as it is speculated to have harmful impact on players.

5. How to keep your carrom board smooth always

It is always great to maintain your stuffs. You can maintain your carrom board perfect, even if your holidays are over and now you may get to play only next weekend or more late. Just like you get your car serviced at regular interval of time, you should service your carrom board too. Ensure to service your carrom board on monthly basis. You can polish the board or may apply silicone spray on striker, coins too along with sparing the board.

During winter season, you may apply petroleum jelly on the edges and surface of the board, if you are sure that you are not going to play during winters at all. This wont let your board get rough with the time. Irrespective of season, make sure to cover your carrom board so that dust doesnt play its role and makes your board dirtier and rough.

6. You just bought a new carrom board, but it is not smooth? If you do not buy new carrom board vigilantly, the shop owner may sell you carrom board with not good finishing. Sometimes newly bought carrom board too can have a rough surface. You cannot by mere look at the board know about its surface until you play on it. Before paying its bill, try to use your senses and experience of playing on carrom board. If you have decided not to succumb to it, and then apply silicone spray over it. It is best and only solution for uneven and rough surface of your carrom board.

6. Keeping your carrom board smooth without powder

You may not be aware of the fact that boric powder is hazardous for your health along with being little irritating. At times, powder may make you sneeze as it may enter your nose while sprinkling on board. Why to use dangerous powders if various other options are available in the market.

Tips to apply powder on carrom board –

• Make sure to spill powder in limited or moderate quantity. Excessive sprinkling of powder obstruct the movement of striker, consequently the striker will not slide properly on surface.

• Instead of just spilling with the bottle directly, pour it in its cap first. Then starting from the centre sprinkle it in circular motion till you reach its edges.

• Take a striker and smear the powder evenly all over the board.

• Spread it to all corners and you may sprinkle little more powder on finding empty spaces on the board.

Conclusion -

Proper and regular maintenance assures long life of carrom board. If you like to pass on your recently purchased carrom board to generations to come, make sure to take good care of it. Do not discard the board due to less smooth surface of it as no matter how rough your carrom board surface is, it all can be fixed and made smooth. Silicone spray is ideally the best carrom smoothening tool however those looking for powders can use dancing powder or potato starch powder for effective and harmless smoothening of surface of their carrom board.


Carrom was originated in India in the 18th century. Apart from having a good sense of angles, it requires an excellent concentration and precision. Carrom is played on a polished square board with small circular wooden pieces known as carrom men and a striker made up of hard plastic.

There are 18 carrom men in a total of which nine are white, and nine are black. One carrom men is red or pink which is the queen. The primary objective of this game is to flicking of your fingers by using a striker and putting the carrom men in one of the four corner pockets. Carrom is about striking carrom men into the pockets. The queen is one of the most crucial carrom men of this game which consists of maximum points if you score it before the opponent.

Carrom is one of the most famous indoor games which has gained much popularity in the middle east and south east countries. In south Asia, many cafes and clubs hold regular tournaments and they are played by people of all age groups. Even after playing this game consistently for a couple of hours, you cannot get bored with this fun game. The only thing that can be a bit uncomfortable for you is for your fingers; they might get hurt after playing it for a while.

Unlike any other indoor game, it can be played in singles as well as doubles. Mostly all the indoor games are played in singles, for example, chess. Minimum 2 and maximum of 4 people can play this game.

To make your opponents think and believe that you are a pro, you may want to keep these pointers in mind-






1) Side shot-

It is one of the trick shots which is used to hit a carrom men out of your competitors way or into a pocket. This shot is played by hitting a striker in such a way that it pushes the carrom men in the opposite direction of the side that was hit and will consequently make it difficult for the opponent to score that carrom men into a pocket. Or you can either play a shot in a way that it directly goes straight to your pocket, if it does not even then the opponent cannot score that carrom men into his pocket. It is a shot that is played to be on a safer side. For example- if you flick the striker in the right direction, it will go towards left after it is struck.

2) Middle shot-

This tricky shot is played at the beginning of the game when all the carrom men are placed in the center of the board. You have to hit 2 carrom mens concurrently by hitting the striker to the space seen between the two carromens. The two carromens you will be hitting would be adjacent to each other, so by touching one another, they should move in opposite directions, and you can score two carromens in 2 different pockets at the same time in the first shot of the game.

3) Cut and take-

This shot is played when there is a need to cut a carrom men to a different direction and simultaneously in the same chance, you score a carrom men into another pocket. It is done to make the carrom men easy to score in your next shot.

4) Thumb hot-

This trick shot is played when your finger starts to hurt after hitting the disk for quite a while. This short results in a stronger hit if it is played precisely. It becomes essential to use when you are playing carrom from a couple of hours, as there are no rules that you can hit the striker only with one finger, so you have to use your thumb in that case. Form a circle by using your index finger and your thumb and shot the carrom men by moving your thumb towards the striker.

5) Alley oop-

It is one of the best tricks if you are playing this game in doubles. When you are playing a doubles game, the strategy is a key, and it is comparatively difficult to play in doubles than in singles as you will not know what is coming next. This trick is solely based on teamwork as it consists of hitting a carrom men close to a pocket and when it is going to be your partners turn, he will put it into the pocket effortlessly. But this trick should not be used persistently as it will make this strategy evident to your opponents.

6) Second hit-

If a carrom men is blocking your punch to another one, this trick is used to pocket two carrom mens at a single shot. You need to target the carrom men which can hit the other one to hit them into the pockets in a straight line path.

7) Board shot-

This tricky shot is for advanced players as it requires a bit of experience and knowledge. In this shot, you need to hit the striker in a direction, so that it touches three different sides of the board in such a way that striker hits the carrom men straight into the pocket of your side.

8) Cut shot-

This shot is played when a carrom men is placed in the center of the board. You set your fingers on the striker and flick of the fingers to hit the carrom men to the other side of the pocket of which the striker is placed. For example- if you are playing this shot from the left side, then you will play the cut shot towards the right side and score it in the right pocket.

9) Double shot-

It is the most common tricky shot as almost everyone who plays this game is aware of this shot. The double shot is when a carrom men is placed anywhere in the center or close to the center of the board. It cannot be played when the carrom men is at the corner of the board. It is because the striker hits the carrom men on to the opposite direction of the board, and after the collision, it comes back to the pocket of your side.

10) Back shot-

When the carrom men is place``d near to the pocket of your side from where you are playing and setting the striker, as per the rules, you cannot hit the striker directly at the back. This shot is played at this moment when you want to score the carrom men into the pocket of your side by hitting the striker quite hard at the extreme opposite which comes back and consequently puts the carrom men in the hole.

11) Flicking the striker-

There are numerous ways of flicking the striker; it depends on you what method or style you opt for. It is preferable to try all the techniques and then try the one which suits you perfectly. Sometimes, when you change the way of style, it might improve your accuracy. Two things are imperative and should not be overlooked, although it does not matter whichever method you choose-

a) Keep your hand steady on the board with the edge/base of your palm or fingers or thumb from which you are going to strike. This will ensure that the striker is not pushed and is flicked the right way in which it is required.

b) You need to make sure that your striking finger is close enough to the striker; if possible touching it would be great. This will drive the striker in a way without hurting your finger. It will take intensive care of your fingers. If your finger or thumb is hitting the striker from a distance, then you might end up hurting your nails and subsequently your fingers.

12) Having a correct mental attitude-

As carrom board is a game full of fun, so the rules should be kept to a minimum. In previous times, there used to be no written rules at all, and all this was handed down by word of mouth. Well, all the games should be played to have sheer fun but same as others, the factor of Competition comes in. Everyone wants to show that they are better than the other person playing in the game. Thus, if you lose the game all the time, then you start losing interest in the game. But, in case you are playing it with a new player who is not too good, you should always bend the little bit rules for your opponents benefit but not for your interest. Always ensure that they know what the rules are so that after the starting the game, there is no confusion and it goes smoothly.


Regularly playing board games like Carrom boards has proven to keep mind even more active and focused. This helps people react in a better way to situations which require instant judgment and swiftness. The awareness that is needed in the games benefits people to become more target-oriented in general. So, use these tricks aptly to play well and become more professional in the game which would help you both mentally and physically. This game is exciting just like billiards and chess where remarkable tricks are the main moves to win the game.


in recent times, video games, electronic handheld games, and computer software are hitting the market. All sort of board games are being pushed aside at every home. The contemporary games outstrip the traditional board games like carrom board, chess, ludo, etc. Various people dont realize the importance of board games and how they are advantageous to childhood development.

These old board games, especially carrom boards which are collecting dust, can be a key to keeping your childs mind more active and healthy. Carrom board helps in entertaining and brings friends and family together by cooperative and competitive gameplay. Thus, carrom board provides much more than only entertainment. In fact, this game beneficially impacts health as well in many aspects for all the age groups.

The primary attention and benefits of Carrom is that it provides the parents with an excellent way to spend good time with their children. While playing carrom board, good bonding is also developed between the families. They give a fair chance to all the family members to refresh and relax their minds. It aids in enhancing logical reasoning power in the child. While playing and having fun at the same time, children can also practice skills such as counting, visual perception, reading, and eye-hand coordination. This boosts children to indulge themselves in verbal communication and healthy competitions. People also practice various types of skills while playing carrom board.

As you are well aware of the benefits of a carrom board, let us know the best ten carrom boards available in India for you-

1) GSI Carrom Boards-

This carrom board is famous for smooth playing surface and tremendous re-bounce capabilities. GSI has given a strong reinforcement at the back of the board to embellish the flatness and avoid warping. If you want to shop for sports and any games, then GSI is the renowned sports brand to pick from. For all types of age groups, GSI carrom boards are pure fun with your friends and family members. These boards are made up of Assam plywood and borders are made up of hardwood (Kikar); its carrom boards are the best indoor/outdoor sport. You can opt for GSI carrom boards undoubtedly, as they offer high quality with best prices. Its carrom boards are very durable and complete value for money.

GSI Carrom board.jpg

2) Synco Champion Carrom Board-

Synco champion premium board is designed to suit professional level players. Synco carrom boards are one of the number one carrom boards and gears brand in India. The products of Synco are highly recommended for all professionals of this field for all sort of tournaments and championship purposes.

This brand came into eminence five years ago, and since then all the products of this brand have been used for all types of national and state level tournaments. One of the primary reasons why professional carrom players require this range of Synco products is, as they are designed with deep pockets that can hold many coins in it and that too without causing any discomfort to the players in the game.

synco champion carrom board

3) Uber-

It is a very renowned company that makes carrom boards. The great thing about it is that they offer 11 whites, 11 blacks, and 2 red instead of the regular ones which offer 9 whites, 9 blacks, and 1 red. They are very cost-efficient, and the looks are modern. The prices of this board are very minimal; that means that you would not have to pay high costs to get it. Uber carrom boards are made up of premium quality plywood and come with shiny coins and a smooth striker. You can also purchase these boards with a portable kit box so that you can keep the coins, striker and a powder bottle in it. The range of these carrom boards is usually around Rs. 3,730 to Rs. 17,100.

uber carrom board

4) Surco Carrom Board-

This brand means trust. So, while buying a product of this brand, you are assured that the product is reliable and durable both. Majorly all the international carrom matches are played on Surco Carrom Boards. Surco is a number one producer of superior-class carrom boards. Surco is also recommended by the International Carrom Federation and All-Indian carrom Federation.

Its boards are very easy to play for all age group above 12 years of age. Bulldog and Jumbo type of boards are sought more in Surco. The price of these premium-quality carrom boards ranges from Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 54,000. The most crucial thing to remember before buying the carrom board is to check the spelling as it is Surco, but few websites sell duplicate board by the name of Sucro.

surco carrom boards.jpg

4) Suzuki Carrom boards-

Suzuki is also a leading producer of excellent-quality carrom boards. Suzuki makes boards for casual play and tournament games, both. Their latest release was the championship model which comes along with a wheeled stand. It comes in brown and black colored borders and a complimentary set of coins and a striker. While buying any carrom board, you should always buy a small pouch along to keep the coins and striker safe. The price of the board starts from Rs. 1,700 and goes up to Rs. 9.990. Its carrom boards are made up of excellent quality material which lasts for long, so while thinking of various options while buying a carrom board, this is one of the best choices you should consider.

suzuki carrom board

5) Siscaa Carrom Boards-

Siscaa is a very famous brand in the industry and also has the approval of carrom federations. Many players around the world have used it and have always given good feedbacks of it. They also ensure that all the products they offer have a great fit and finish throughout. The best thing about these carrom boards is that they are waterproof and scratch proof as well.

Many times, carrom boards are bloated because of water, juice or tea spillage which makes them virtually unplayable. In a case like this, you would need to get playing surface changed if possible, or you might have to change the whole board, and it is usually very costly. In those cases, Siscaa boards are the best. This brand is very famous in India and its neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

siscaa carrom board

6) Vinex Carrom Boards-

It is one of the top carrom board manufacturers in India. Products of Vinex are sold all over the globe. This company is renowned for its premium quality sports equipment and gears. Vinex was set up in 1957 and has become a significant producer of excellent products and has many outlets globally. Many players purchase its professional carrom boards and powders because of its great designing, nominal prices, and smooth texture. The cost of these boards is usually between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 8000.

vinex carrom board

7) JD Sports-

JD sports carrom boards are one of the leading producers of carrom boards. Its products include numerous models of carrom board which are wooden and ich boards. JD also produces boards for young children too. Products of JD come in various sizes such as 32-inch, 42-inch, and 52-inch. Their cost varies from size to size and also from one model to another. The average cost of them is from Rs. 600 to Rs. 3,999. These boards are excellent according to the prices as they are made up of great quality material and also have good reviews as per the people who have used it. So, you can go for it if you are looking for something reasonable with good quality.

JD sports carrom Board

8) Precise Carrom Boards-

This brand makes good quality boards. The plywood that is used in making these carrom boards is English birch, but it also depends on the model which you select. It comes in seven different models which are Superb, Jumbo, Bulldog, and Monitor, Amateur, Excel, and Champion. All of these come with their uniqueness and specialties. This brand is well known both nationally and internationally. Precise carrom boards have been used in various matches as well. Its boards come in various thickness options as well; more thickness means more money. The great thing about the precise boards is that they come with rebounds.

Precise Carrom Boards

9) Stag Carrom Boards-

Its carrom boards are one of the most frequently purchased carrom board brands. Stag boards are very cost-efficient and are made up of high-quality material. Its carrom board variants are made for both casual play and club games. Stag also sells carrom gears such as coins, stands, and powder. Its championship model is the most famous model among other products. The price of Stag carrom board varies from Rs. 2,300 to Rs. 6,000.

stag carrom board

10) Korners Sky Carrom Boards-

This band deals in carrom boards only. The brand was established in 1974, and they are delivering excellent quality carrom boards at the best prices. The boards are available in small, medium and large sizes. Korners Sky offers a smooth playing surface and great rebound. You can buy this carrom board to enjoy this game with your friends and family and have a good time. These boards are high in quality and best in the prices.

korners sky carrom board

11 ) Virloc Carrom Brand:

Virloc is Mereut based brand which offers quality sports equipment. Virloc Carrom boards are developed with manual skilled and high quality material which offers smooth surface and better playing environments to carrom players.

So, these were the best 10 carrom boards brands to buy in India. The game of carrom also helps the kids to master problem solving and cognitive skills. Always consider the best brand while buying a carrom board as it is not easy to buy it again and again. You should always try and buy the waterproof and scratch-free one so that you can play it both indoor and outdoor. Be wise and choose the best!