Cricket without a ball is literally impossible; this is why it is said to be centre piece of the game. Cricket balls are available at distinct prices in various varieties, colours and sizes. It is a general misconception amongst people who conclude that difference in prices of a product is due to quality. More than hundreds of cricket balls are under production these days and its selection is not vital if you are buying to play in your street. Every Cricket ball is formed with a purpose to solve and offers some particular benefits. We bring you a guide to aid you chose right cricket ball as per your need.

Before approaching a store for cricket ball, just ask yourself some questions.

• Do you need it to play recreational matches.

• League matches.

• Or for practise or training sessions.

Here are some of the things that you need to know in detail before finally purchasing a cricket ball for yourself or your team.

Materials used in cricket ball & their manufacturing

Inner most part of a ball- The core

The core of cricket ball is made up of layers of folded cork strips and stiff wound strings. These two elements decide the shape and bounce of the ball which plays significant role in fortune of the game.

The Leather Outer

ANATOMY_OF_CRICKET_BALL_khelmart.jpg The outer most coat is made up of fine quality leather which undergoes many stages before becoming the outer most layer of the ball. It is first cut into four or two pieces depending upon the kind of ball being manufactured, is then seasoned, dyed and finally tanned before assembling them. It is then stitched and polished to the standards for sale. If you need a ball for test match purpose, then a four piece leather ball with seam falling is suggested. It is commonly purchased for 5 days match. In this four-piece construction method, due care is taken to rotate the seam by 90 degrees to confirm regular shape for longer span. Every part of a ball is the made to undergo into high pressure that shrinks and hardens the leather into perfect hemispherical shape.

The Seam

The most significant sign of quality of a cricket ball is the stitching around the seam and is certainly the interesting part of a cricket ball. In simple words, seam means stitching of two leather halves and the protruded or raised part now plays significant role in the game. It causes movements like off the seam that is a big weapon of the bowlers of today. Perhaps you may not know, a seam comprises of six lines of stitching that attaches the two hemispherical sides of ball. Thickness of string plays again crucial role in deciding upon the range of seam, which then decides less or more movement off the seam to bowler. Number of stitches is also different in cricket balls.

A cricket ball used for 5 days test match has 78- 82 stitches. Stitches preferred in practise matches and training sessions balls have around 55 stitches.

Dont ignore the above figures as it categorically affects the outcome of game.

The Finish

HOW_TO_SELECT_THE_CRICKET_BALL.jpg This is a final step that adds attraction to ball along with giving some benefits to the bowlers, which is polishing. Ace quality cricket balls are given thin and fine layer of polish before sale. The cheap balls are usually covered with thicker layer of lacquer that facilitates long life or durability to the ball but it has an impact over the bounce and feel to the ball.

In South Asian countries- India and Pakistan, cricket balls are still manufactured manually. Balls produced in India are comparatively cheaper but shows less consistency or regularity and to our surprise only 1 ball out 50 balls are picked for international test matches. Whereas in European countries like Switzerland and Scotland, they are manufactured with the aid of best raw material and high tech machines giving perfect seam, polish and shape and consistency to every ball.

Sizes & Weights

The regulations for international crickets are quite clear in respect of size and weight of leather cricket ball. Do confirm the weight while buying as they are strictly laid by worlds cricket council and to be a professional cricketer, you must play with suitable ball.

• Cricket ball weight for men should be between 155.9 g or 5 1/2 ounces and 163 g / 5 ¾ ounces.

• As far as size is concerned, it shall measure between 813/16 in/22.4 cm and 9 in/22.9 cm in perimeter.

In recent times, cricket balls have been specially fabricated for juniors and womens cricket. Following norms are applicable for juniors and womens cricket championship:

• Junior cricket (Under 13) Weight: from 411/16 ounces/133g to 51/16 ounces 144g Circumference: from 81/16 in/20.5 cm to 811/16 in/22.0cm

• Womens cricket Weight: from 415/16 ounces/140g to 55/16 ounces 151g Circumference: from 8 1/4 in/21.0 cm to 87/8 in/22.5 cm

• The official regulations for cricket ball sizes are:

• 4 ¾ oz for junior players up to and including under 13

• 5 oz for women players from 14+

• 5 ½ oz for male players from 14+ through into mens cricket


Type_of_Cricket_Balls_Playing_style.jpg Red and white are traditional cricket balls used commonly in matches of international level. Red cricket ball is used in test matches and white in one days and T20 matches. These days white leather cricket ball is used in day and night cricket matches or at the grounds having flood lights is under dispute. Due to the fact that white colour gets pale and dirty as the game goes on, it causes problem to players. To overcome the issue of white ball, Australia has given trial to pink cricket ball in cricket games at domestic level and is yet to use at international level. International cricket community is yet to give its acceptance to pink shade ball.

Cricket balls made especially for Training sessions –

Synthetic leather balls have been manufactured especially for juniors and practise sessions of players to protect them from injury. They are immensely useful to impart cricketing skills in players. You can use them initially to learn the technicalities and basics of the game of royals.

Multi-material cricket balls- it looks like half cricket ball / half tennis ball. They are specially designed and made to enable players to understand and manage swing bowling.

“Air” cricket balls are made after keeping in mind the need of child and therefore are designed soft. It is actually a synthetic ball full of bounce. It is best for kids as chances to get hurt by players with soft ball are minimum.

Multi-coloured cricket balls- In this kind of ball, each hemisphere is coloured in different shades. It is made with synthetic and traditional leather, and is beneficial to players in developing cricketing skills as the different shade ball assists in anticipating the twists and turns of ball in air.

Other points to decide on while Purchasing a ball-

• Your budget.

• More you spend, better you will get in terms of performance. International level cricket ball lasts longer though are expensive. They are designed to lasts beyond 100 or 90 overs and maintain consistency in shape and bounce.

Purpose or use of ball

• If you need a ball for kids, buy synthetic one. Similarly if you are a professional player or aspiring to be a professional, then you should look for leather cricket ball. It helps in understanding the tendency of ball in distinct conditions.

• Cheap and hard balls are not advisable in any manner as they not only break bats but may give some irreparable injuries too.

Things to do after purchase-

Type_of_Cricket_Balls_Stitiching_Type.jpg To be able to enjoy maximum benefits of balls try following tips:

• Dont forget to clean excessive dirt from the surface of ball. Do not scratch the dust as it can be termed as ball tampering; simply wipe the ball after each use.

• You may use solution of mild soap in water and dampened towel to wipe the ball.

• Surface of ball gets rough after use and to even its surface, you can polish it with a water-resistant leather conditioner.

• Dont forget to dry cricket ball with a soft towel after cleaning and polishing it.

• Dont just leave the ball in any corner of your home after the game. It should be kept in a non- humid zone of your home with controlled temperature.

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International Cricket Council has laid particular standards and norms for cricket ball, which is mandatory for every manufacturing unit to comply with. The specifications of a leather cricket ball have to be maintained which is crafted on the basis of requirement of the game of cricket. Leather Cricket ball forms an important element of the game known to be of riches earlier and its quality, shape and constituents plays a significant role in the standard and spirits of game.


Do you know that a faulty Leather cricket ball or cricket ball with not up to the mark quality, significantly effects the performance of bowlers as well as batsman? Yes, it does affects and is the reason why leather cricket ball is checked by umpiring team before the start of the game.

It involves lots of manufacturing processes that are carried out vigilantly to manufacture an ideal cricket ball, perfect for your team to play the cricket game. It is a religion in a country like India and still its manufacturing units are categorised into Small scale industries. The key mechanism involved in manufacturing of cricket ball are cutting of piece leather, Cork Ball and stitching threads. Weight as well as dimensions of the ball too is to be maintained while manufacturing the ball.

Weight and dimensions of cricket balls

Weight and dimensions of ball are extremely important as there are norms concerned to it, along with the regulations for the ground, pitch, umpires and players in the popular sport of cricket. Dimension and weight of a cricket ball are distinct for men’s and women’s cricket. Weight of ball for women should be between the 4 15/16 and 51/16 ounces with the dimension that may vary between 8.3 and 8.8 inches in circumference. However, for men the weight of cricket ball must be between 5.5 and 5.75 ounces and dimension should be 8 13/16 and 9 inches in circumference.

Let us check out the matter and process involved in making of a cricket ball. The British Standard BS 5993 outlays the guidelines for manufacturing processes details, quality and dimensions of cricket balls and are as follows -

Raw Material: Cork- rubber and leather should only be used as a raw material.

. Basic Manufacturing Method:

• Pressing
• Cutting
• Sawing
• Polishing
Machines used for manufacturing processes:

Press machine, dryer machine, sawing machine and spray.
Cost For Manufacturing:

In making a Red Cricket ball, the approximate cost turns out to be approximately 140 to 300 rs./piece. On the other hand, the approximate cost of manufacturing white cricket ball is rs 300 to 650/ piece. The application of red and white color cricket ball is different as white cricket ball is used in one day and T20 matches and red in test matches. However both are used in domestic as well as international cricket championships.

Let us enquire into making of a cricket ball –

A cricket ball is usually made with the use of a centre of string, cork strips over it and lastly an outer covering of leather. The basic raw material for a cricket ball is same for women as well as men cricket ball, just their dimension and weight is different. As mentioned earlier women’s cricket ball is little lighter than that of men, but both are very minutely standardized by cricket organizations across the globe. Red color cricket ball the usual one and was first to be manufactured.

The balls are made in accordance to the international parameter. Cork strips are wrapped with tightly-wound string. The external skin of leather is divided and cut into four pieces and sewn simultaneously with a stick out seam. The core of every ball has six strips of seaming having three on either side of the seam. This seaming in a ball aids the ball to turn or spin along with making it easy to grip for bowlers and fielders protecting balls from hitting the boundary.

Now with leading names have entered into the realm of manufacturing, players have different preferences based on the outcomes of spin and feel of the ball. The differences in balls are due to the raw material used like type of leather and width of seam.

Let us check out in details the process involved in leather cricket ball manufacturing:-

Process 1 & 2 - leather seasoning and cutting of leather to length

In actual sense, leather pieces are used in making a cricket ball for international platforms. In India, the leather is procured from the farms of Meerut which is checked by a technologist of leather. He sets the sheets with blemishes and scratches apart to eradicate the visual defects in the ball or it can be said that purification of leather is under taken first .

Post clearing the leather, leather is dyed in red or white colour according to the need or order to manufacturing unit. After dyeing the leather into desired shade, it is cut into four parts. Depending upon the need of four piece or two piece leather ball, leather is cut into four and two pieces respectively. It is finally for tanning or drying, treated with chemicals. Drying in sun helps in strengthening and adding flexibility to the leather. Leather is further squeezed, stretched and bend to avoid it from getting stiff.

Have a look at the sub steps of Leather sheet seasoning and cutting into length:

1. Cleansing of leather

2. Colouring of the leather through the process of dying

3. Cutting leather sheet into desired number of pieces which are normally

. Process 3 Stitching of Leather Pieces:

After the cutting of leather is over, the preparation for stitching the leather commences. Leather pieces are the stitched with a thick thread to join the two pieces. Stitching is done quite roughly but is equally of good strength. After stitching, two half pieces of leather can be used for assembling of ball, which is also the subsequent process. Process 4 Assemblage of Leather Pieces and Cork Ball:

Assembling of ball is done manually and with the aid of manual tools operator who holds the cork ball and leather piece together. The operator with needle in one hand and leather and ball in other grip effectively and go on to puncture and stitch the ball and leather together. Process 5 Last but important- Final Stitching step: Assembly Ball

At this stage of processing, operator confirms the ball assembly to get the pre pressing ball shape. This is a last stitching of ball involving skilled operator doing the stitching work with the help with the help of manual stitching tools. In order to give perfect shape to the ball, the operator uses beautiful threads around 63 and 64 that bind the ball completely making it sturdy as well as long lasting.

. Process 6 - Ball assembly pressing, polishing and trade mark stamping:

Pressing- final shape of a leather ball

Here in this step final pressing of ball is done through a press machine which is done manually. The pressure is applied to get the ideal soma. Hand machine tool is made use of, having upper and lower jaw with the two half pieces. Ball is put between the two jaws and human force is applied on ball to procure the desired shape. This is the stage in which shine is added via polishing. The shine of ball decides the swing of the ball. Now the final step is to get your hard work paid through your trademark Greatest manufacturer of cricket balls - India is the leading manufacturer of Cricket balls and have been in practise in England for centuries. But the undue increase in labour cost and rising demand for the product, the balls prices got unreasonable in Great Britain and the centre of ball manufacturing shifted to India. As per survey conducted in 2014, over 90 percent of leather cricket balls are made in India. Meerut and Ludhiana contribute maximum to the above percentage, as maximum number of leather cricket ball manufacturing units are based in these two cities of India. India and Pakistan collectively manufacture 98 % of leather cricket balls produced globally.


About Cricket Shoes:

Cricket Shoes are important part of cricket game and good quality shoes is necessity of cricket player. Good quality shoes provide better comfort and ability to run easily on ground with safety and proper shock absorbing ability.

Following are some key checks for Cricket shoes:


• Cricket Player should check the shoes with high quality upper material, Material for upper should be PU (polyethylene) or Microfiber or High quality Synthetic Material. PU is a light weight material looks like leather which provides durability for rough uses like grass cricket ground.

• Cricket is an outdoor game and some time cricket players need to run on irregular cricket ground surface so it’s upper and sole should be durable enough to sustain hard weather conditions.

• Its upper material should be stand good on wet ground condition.

• Cushion is very important for cricket shoes. A cricket player runs average 2 -5 km in a match and running sometime puts extreme pressure on knees and ankle of a cricket player. To reduce the pressure form knees and ankle, cricket shoes should equipped with high degree of cushion at mid and inner sole.

• Cricket ground sometimes are slippery in nature so bowlers and fielders need shoes with antiskid nature. To improve the grips of the shoes , nowadays cricket shoes are coming with spikes which provide super gripping action even if the ground are extremely slippery.

• Cricket shoes with rubber studs are suitable for all-round type of players or player who doesn’t want to play with spike shoes. Rubber stud are good option for cricket players. Sole of rubber studs are made of flexible but durable rubber material.

Cricket shoe for Fast Blowers and Fielders:


Cricket shoes for fast bowlers and fielders needs special characteristics mainly:

• Shoes for fast bowlers need stability, better cushion, better traction force, better durability and ventilation.

Stability is very important for fast bowlers: during fast blowing follow though, player landing posture should stable and to land safety sigh degree of shoe stability is recommended.

Fast blowers need extra or double cushion cricket shoes: As explained earlier fast bowlers need extra cushion at mid sole and inner sole.

Traction Force: Normally, fast fowlers use spikes shoes so that they will get optimum traction force during running.

Proper Ventilation: Ventilation is important part of cricket shoes especially for fast bowlers. Carefully select material and air vents improves the air flow within the shoe thus helps better ventilation within the shoe.

Following are the Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers:




New Balance CK 10 L3 is top range spikes shoes for professional and advance cricket players. This shoe is developed on synthetic upper mesh with lamination technique which offers better and durability upper for all weather use.

It is REVlite mid sole provide both better cushion and durability to players.

It is top line spike shoes which provide best in class comfort to cricket players.



Adidas Adipower shoe is one of best cricket spikes in complete Adidas cricket shoes range. This shoe is the first choice of top line fast cricket blowers from England like Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad Both the fast bowlers are known for fast bowling speed and killer swing.

Adipower vector mid spike is developed with Leather PU upper and high quality Eva mid sole. The combination of PU upper, Eva mid sole and better quality spikes provide stability, durability and proper air circulation within the shoes.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 Spike shoes:


This Puma Spike is made of ultra lightweight weight micro fiber and lightweight sole which provide better feel to players. Its secure lacing system helps player to run easily on ground with easy move and Sharpe turns on ground.

This Puma Cricket shoes is developed with ultra light weight micro fiber, Durable mesh and skin fit which provides lightweight shoe upper. With lightweight nature, player will get chance to run easily on cricket ground.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spike:


Kookaburra KCS 2000 spikes shoes are professional level shoes specially developed for fast bowlers. The outer cage of these shoes is designed with special polymers which provide great stability to player.

To provide better cushioning, Kookaburra used new concept called Kookaburra comfort. It is a new level of material selection in which material is carefully selected with high cushion and better responsiveness.

Kookaburra further improved the cushioning of the shoe with highly cushion mid sole.

To provide better stability, KCS 2000 spike shoes are developed with Thermo Heel counter design to offer better air circulation, specially designed vents are provided.

5.0 Thrax Field Power Full Spike:


Thrax filed power spike shoe is mid range product for beginner to intermediate cricket players. Upper of this shoe is develop with PU material which provide all weather playing ability to shoe as PU is very durable material with water resistance ability.

Spikes of Field power shoes are molded with outer sole which gives unified sole structure for better stability and traction force.

Innersole and mid sole of field power shoe is made of high cushion EVA and pylon material.

Overall, Thrax field power spike shoe is Best Cricket Shoe for Intermediate Cricket Players.

6. Nike Alpha Accelerate 3 Full Spikes:


Nike Alpha accelerate 3 is top class shoe with all new technical features for professional and advance cricket players.

Extra durable and tough synthetic upper is used in making of this shoe. Synthetic mesh is used in upper of the shoe; synthetic mesh is provided proper breathability to shoe.

Cricket shoes for All Rounder Players:


Cricket shoes for all rounder players need the ability to run fast, stability and most important durability. Most of the all-rounder players use Stud cricket shoes with flexible outsole and durable rubber studs.

These rubber studs should be flexible enough to offer best traction force while at the same time it should be durable enough to face the bad cricket ground conditions. Cushion of stud shoes should be optimum so that it provides better shock absorbing ability to players.

Following are some Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounder Players:

1.0 Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud:


Kookaburra Pro 1500 stud shoes are most popular stud shoes among the players. It is made of PU base upper which provide durability and light weight feel.

Specially designed nylon mesh is used at upper part of the shoe which delivers best in class upper feel.

Outer sole of stud shoe is very important part and it should be flexible and durable in nature. Kookaburra used special rubber and polymer bounding material for developing the outer sole with unique patterns.

2.0 ASICS Gel Peak 5 Stud:


ASICS gel peak in one of the popular shoe as it offers extreme cushion, superb stability and enhance traction force to players.

ASICS use Gel technology for improving the cushion of shoe. Gel technology is carefully use at front and back side of the shoe in mid sole. In gel technology, especially design and resilience material with soft feel is used to improve the overall effectiveness and cushioning.

Gel peak use shank at counter heel and at mid sole. Shanks are developed with composite material which is design to deliver stability to players.

Highly cushion mid sole and inner sole is designed to provide shock absorbing ability and responsiveness.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed one8 R Virat Kholi:


Puma evospeed one 8 R is latest cricket stud shoes for all rounder players. This shoe is developed with ultra light weight microfiber material which offers lightweight shoe feel to players.

Shoe Evospeed technology provide great stability to players. Shoe comes with stable upper material with cage design.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Nike Potential Cricket Stud:


Nike Potential cricket stud is another good model for all round type of players. Shoe upper is developed with high quality microfiber material which is carefully selected by Nike Sports.

Nike develops quality sports shoes for professional players. This all-rounder shoe is all weather shoe which player can use even if very hard weather or ground condition.

Specialty of this Nike cricket shoes is its stability and comfort.

5.0 GM All round Cricket Stud:


As its name suggest, this cricket shoe is developed for all round type of cricket players. Shoe upper is made of ultra thin micro fiber material which is weight less in nature. Microfiber used in this GM shoe is weather proof is use.

To enhance the overall stability of shoe, GM used specially designed graphite plate at mid sole which offers directional stability to players.

Further, to improve the cushioning of this shoe, GM used lightweight Eva material at inner sole.

Outer sole of this stud shoe is made of flexible rubber with unique patters. Overall, Good stud shoe for all-round type of performance.


This Blog we shall explain the batting style and Bat used by MS Dhoni. In Indian cricket team, MS Dhoni established him as wicket keeper and quality batsman for middle order.

MS Dhoni is also kwon for his cool batting style and ability to take quick decisions.

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About MS Dhoni Batting Style:
Dhoni used unorthodox playing style which looks very unique and technically unusual. Dhoni plays cricket shots in his own style which is sometime not mentioned on cricket manual.

Dhoni Used Power on Shots:

The power on shot is the key of Dhoni batting style. To make hits, Dhoni use power on shots with little timings. It is a unique playing style. With powerful bottom hand, Dhoni generate massive power on shots to clear the boundary.

Ability to Hit Sixes in Yorker Ball:
It is only Dhoni who can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball. Due to massive power on shots, Dhoni can hit six on a Yorker cricket ball. Dhoni use a unique angle of attack for Yorker cricket ball by which he gets better rate of bat swing and perfect position to hit the six of Yorker ball. Who can forget the six hit by Dhoni in world cup match.

Big Sixes with Effortless Hitting:

Hitting sixes needs lots of power, timing and perfect position. When Dhoni hits sixes it looks effortless because of extra power putted on shots. Dhoni Unique playing style helps in generating more swing and power on shots.

Unconventional shots – Unique Playing Style:

Dhoni use minimum footwork to reach the ball, this makes his playing style so unique and different. Shots make by Dhoni is unique and you won’t be able to find those shot on cricket manuals.

What is special on Dhoni Cricket Bat? Low to Mid Sweet Spot:
Bat used by Dhoni is specially designed by bat makers. Right now he is using Spartan MS Dhoni Bat

sss which is very popular model among the players. Bat is customized as per the modern day game need and Unconventional playing style of Dhoni.


Maximum Power and Better Swing Speed:

MSD Dhoni bat is developed with unique spine shape which generates maximum power and swing speed so that player can hit the big shots even if ball hits off center.

Large Sweet Spot:
Dhoni used bat with large sweet spot so that better power can be obtained from cricket bat. With Massive sweet spot, player will get better ping and shots making ability.

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Virat Kohli Batting Style:

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Virat Kholi is world finest cricket player for all format including T20 , ODI , and test matches. His consistent performance and dedication is admired by lots of young cricket players in India. Moreover , his unique playing style provide him strength to take challenge outside the Indian sub continents cricket matches.

Following are some key highlights of Virat Kohli Batting Style:

Perfect Attack Angle:

Virat Kohli creates perfect angle of attack by which he gets the gap between the fielders to get the boundaries. To put the power on strokes, he used the power of wrist and fast swing speed of the

cricket bat

Yes, obviously, the cricket bat balance is very important to get the perfect bat swing speed.

Fast Cricket Bat Swing speed:

In order to put extra power on shots, Virat generate extraordinary bat swing speed. Extra power on ball helps in getting boundaries even in sluggish batting surface surfaces.

Hit the shots close to body:

He is very good on off stump so it is very difficult to catch him on body line or close to off stumps delivery. His strategy in dealing off stump delivery to play close to body so that he will get better directional control which results into defeat field placements.

Extraordinary performance for Yorker and short pitch balls:
Virat Kohli improved his batting skills to handled Yorker and short pitch deliveries which is very useful especially in T20 and ODI matches.

More over in recent time, Virat convert his weakness into strength


How Virat Kohli MRF Bat helps in improving his performance:
It is perfectly balanced:
The bat which is used by Virat Kohli is developed by MRF cricket. This bat is developed as per the playing style of Virat Kohli. Balance of this bat is very light by which he can swing it very easily with less effort. This helps in generating extra power on ball.

Perfectly designed and balance bat always helpful and adjusting the bat a last time as it provide opportunity the maneuver the bat easily.

Sweet Spot of the Virat Kohli MRF Bat is the Key:
Sweet Spot of MRF bat which is used by Virat Kohli is developed artistically. It is enlarged in nature which position mid to low to the bat.

Enlarge sweet spot helps in placing shots with more power and even if sometime ball miss the center the player will not feel l power lose.

Top Grade Willow used in making the bat:
MRF used top grade English willow to produce this bat. Willow used in this bat is selected players grade willow which is naturally air dried to get best in class performance and durability.

Top grade willow provide best grains structure and better surface for playing good shots

Handle of Virat Kohli bat is made of 12 Piece Cane Handle:

Handle of any bat is an important part of bat as it transfers the power to bat. If a bat is not flexible enough to sustain the impact caused by ball than bat damage changed will be increased.

So bat handle should be optimally flexible to transfer the maximum power to ball.

Flat Face to get better maximum power transfer to Ball:
All the MRF bats are manufactured with flat face concept in which, player will get flat surface to put maximum power to cricket ball.

Virat Kohli bat is also equipped with flat face concept in which maximum power is transferred to ball.

As a conclusion we can say the, Virat kholi use unique playing style so that he can dominate on bowlers. Unique batting style required suitable bat so that bat can complement the playing style.

Virat Kholi MRF bat is a deadly combination of power, control and speed.

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