Badminton is a very admired sport. Everybody loves to play or watch it whether he is young or old. If you are a badminton lover, it’s tough to follow all the safety rules after a long period of lockdown. You must get tempted to hop right back into the places like playing ground, gym, court, and different games spaces. But, it’s compulsory to prioritize safety first. Nonetheless, of your patience, it is necessary to muse on the ease of it. It will help if you are composed and calm with yourself while playing badminton.

Furthermore, the inactive people before the Coronavirus pandemic might be eager to pay attention to their fitness level. They must be yearning to take up a new and exciting sports activity like badminton. Still, we recommend you to be patient because, during the lockdown, our body has accustomed itself to a stiff one. Therefore, if you instantaneously increase the duration and intensity of your favorite sports, you may get shock in your joints and tissues.

Thus, you must have a pragmatic view of your present condition and put yourself up to accomplish your aim of winning badminton. Along with that, keep all the safety and precautions in your mind during the match.

Therefore, if you are planning to rebegin your sports love; here are some benchmarks:

1Keep yourself hydrated.

1 Wear the garments and footwear properly.

2 Use suitable safety equipment like a mask, hand sanitizer, etc.

3 Before starting the game, you must warm up your body.

For 2021, the manner and requirement of playing badminton have changed a lot. Currently, the players necessitate the superbly strong badminton racket with lighter material. These features tend them to obtain considerable accuracy, fast speed, and optimum power. The only thing they want is to smash their opponent in the badminton game.

Amusing oneself with badminton is not an uphill struggle. You require the best badminton rackets and a little practice. You only have to understand how to hit a shot, and boom, you are ready to go.


Numerous brands are there in the market that are trading sports gadgets with every quality, viz., low to high with affordable prices. This puzzle confuses the player while purchasing. Accordingly, here we will suggest to you some points that one must consider while procuring the Best Badminton Racket Under 5000.

Qualities of a Good Racket-

Right below, we have mentioned a few tips and tricks of finding the best badminton racket; let’s check them out:

Budget-friendly -First and foremost, the racket you are purchasing must be budget-friendly. There is a possibility that the shopkeeper may try to sell you the high-priced one. But keep a thing in mind that budget must be your priority. You can’t carry away a big-budget one if you don’t desire them.

Isometric racket head - Taking care of the racket head is also vital. Isometric and conventional are the two types. You must get the isometric one.

Weight - Weight is another crucial feature of the badminton racket. Because the force you transfer to the racket hangs down to its weight. The weight must be directly proportional to the hit. Sometimes, we classify weight into the following types: 2U: 90-94g 3U: 85-89g 4U: 80-84g 5U: 75-79g

String tension - Another significant feature of the best badminton racket is the string tension. The string tension is inversely proportional to the power of the hit. At the same time, much string tension decreases the durability of the badminton racket.

Balance - The balance should be appropriate in the racket. If you purchase the racket with a heavy head, it becomes a little uneasy to handle it. Secondly, a light head one is only for regular hits. It makes handling easier. And the last is a perfect balance; these are meant for better support. A player never gets out of control while playing with this.

Material - Check the material of your rackets before purchasing. Aluminum and tungsten are the most commonly used materials. And shafts are primarily composed of titanium, graphite, and steel.

Stiffness of shaft - While purchasing, two choices are there in front of you- flexible or stiff. The flexible shift is effortless to bend, whereas it becomes slightly tiring to turn the stiff one. You can adjust the weight and balance of your racket apart from stiffness.


Most of the time, we get muddled about purchasing the best racket. Somewhere, the way of playing the game relies on the quality of the racket. An ideal badminton racket is prone to intensify the expertise of the player. So, it is mandatory to purchase the right one. So, here we will be discussing the best badminton racketsunder5000to make things easier for you.

1 Yonex Astrox 69-

In the race of best badminton rackets under 5000, the Yonex Astrox 69 has stolen the first position. This pair of best Yonex racket belongs to the rotational generation system. Yonex, Japan is the developer of this racket and is manufactured in Taiwan. It provides ultra power and a rotational speed that helps the best swing and abrupt angle of attack. Nanomesh is the material of this new generation racket. By using this material, it has attained features for extra potential enhancement.


2 Li Ning ultra-strong Lite 998 -

The Li Ning Ultra Strong Lite 998 comprises MPCF reinforce technology. This lightweight and slim racket is filled with an isometric frame. It consists of many layers of carbon material that makes it more durable. It has the specified position Ultra carbon series. Due to which it contains ultimate stiffness to support excessive tension.

There is the lowest risk of frame distortion in thisracket. It is appropriate for combative players. The Li Ning Ultra Strong Lite 998 is developed amongst the top class badminton rackets in the world. It is also endorsed by several famous badminton players.


3 Apacs featherweight 500 -

The Apacs featherweight 500 is developed by Hexagon throat with very lightweight material. We have ranked it at third position in the best badminton rackets under 5000 as it consists of high-speed armor frames that result in superbly fast service. Its additional damping purpose completely ameliorates it with strength and extra control.

The super-light body of this racket pair results in you pursue smoother shifts like a sharp sword and convey very keen and clean performance. This Apacs featherweight 500 is suitable for players who desire extra speed.


4 Thrax G Force strike II

The Thrax G Force strike II has maintained its best position from a very long time. Its heavy head provides you better swing and more durability. This racket is developed with Japan HM Graphite material which is best in class graphite material for racket manufacturing.

Furthermore, G Force Strike is one of unique racket with its slim shaft and unique frame patterns for better aerodynamic and powerful smashes.


5 Carlton Superlite 8.8X

The Carlton Superlite 8.8 X is manufactured by Nano pulse technology. It provides very high-frequency knitting for making the yarn structure steady and stable. It offers extra stress over the frame to a greater extent. That’s why it has attained considerable professional attention. This one of the best badminton rackets under 5000 has the micro grommets system that controls the strings from transferring while playing. It qualifies the racket to maintain its high tension for a long duration.

It consists of a high tension frame of 33 lbs with a Carlton Superlite 8.8 X frame. As a result, it delivers high-quality shots for the greatest shuttle abhorrence. Additionally, this racketcontains a Superlight frame that makes its grip feathery.


6 Yonex Dura 77 LCW -

This all-around and best badminton racket is attired with a dual optimum system. It is very aerodynamic in its speed with a powerful forehand smash. Additionally, it boosts strength at the forehand and maintains distance on the backhand. The shape of this racket is unique and easy to identify due to its distinctive color. This best badminton racket under 5000 isembellished with a quick backhand and huge forehand.


7 Thrax Wave X 99 -

The Thrax Wave X 99 has a wavy frame design. Its manufacturer is the first Indian company which is developing this kind of frame. This individual frame provides aerodynamic speed for impressive swing speed and strength for super shots.

This particular badminton racket is made up of 40 T woven graphite material and top modulus carbon. The power and strength of this pair of rackets are best for players who wish attacking in style. Its thin and more rigid shaft caters to superior aerodynamics outcomes with special attacks.


8 Victor Slim HG 70 -

For beginners, this Victor Slim HG 70 is perfect for adding skills constantly into various sources. This best badminton racket is a top choice for newcomers. It is produced of graphite material, i.e., high modulus graphite material. For the perseverance of shape, it has high durability and power. And it works for high-intensified matches as well. With so much flexibility and isometric head shape, it divides the cross strings and main length equally. As a result, it assists you in giving properly timed shots. Its slim construction makes it easy to handle and flimsy. Also, it helps you to make lighter and smoother swings by air.


9 Apacs Tantrum X

The Apacs Tantrum X is one of the best badminton rackets, which belongs to the latest range. This is perfect for high-level clubs and top players. Its high durability and strength provide superbly smoother swings even in standard matches.


10 Yonex NANOFLARE 380 Sharp

The Yonex NANOFLARE 380 sharp has got its 10th position in the queue of best badminton rackets under 5000. This racket is manufactured with unbelievable speed and appropriate for aggressive sports persons and rapid-fire players.

It is best for the medium-level to professional players who are looking for extreme speed and uncomplicated force. This piece is made up of Sonic Flare System with the material Torayca M 40 X. It is robust, elastic, and manufactured by Toray industries.


So, here we have mentioned the best badminton rackets under 5000 in 2021. The above-written information has included all the essential thighs you must know before purchasing the best badminton racket. The Yonex Astrox 69 has got the first position in this race of quality. This racket is accomplishing all the requirements of a perfect badminton racket. We have presented our choices

if you also follow the same, then you will indeed get the best oneas per your requirements. These rackets will firmly relate to your playing style as well. Therefore, know your game style and get the best out of all badminton rackets.
In recent years, badminton has become quite popular and that too pretty quickly. But for playing this fantastic game, there is a very high requirement of shoes to attain balance and stability. The reason is the quickness of this game. Badminton players are always required to respond quickly and perform speedily.


The new Yonex power cushion Eclipsion Z has entered the market to make a change. This Eclipsion series is here to enhance the stability for more comfortable and forward footwork . These power cushions provide the athletes style and comfort in every game.

The fundamental key for stability is its consistent grip. The latest designed power cushion of these amazing Yonex shoes provides exceptional grip. In every horizontal, vertical, and diagonal foot movement, this grip is beneficial. The top side of these soles is of rubber with an excellent ninja star pattern.

A safe upper segment is also there to complement the grip portion. At the upper surface, there is polyurethane-based harsh light skin. This skin lightly merges the toughness of solid plastic with the elasticity of the rubber. These extraordinary grip qualities provide you a cozy and safe fit that will feel very light on your feet.

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At the same time, this fantastic series has embraced the newest half one-piece sole . This astonishing sole connects the heel and exterior rubber of the tread and then enlarges the zone of contact. Every movement and every jump reduces the risk of sprain by increasing the balance.

Are Yonex badminton shoes good for playing badminton?

No doubt, the Yonex badminton shoes are the best for playing badminton. These shoes come with several protecting properties, including:

1. Exceptional shock absorption and rebound ability

2. Provides exceptionally comfortable ankle support

3. Anti-roll support

4. Airy and breathable

5. Long-lasting and suitable at an affordable price range

Further in this article, we will point on every positive and negative aspect of Yonex shoes and power cushion with an honest review.

What are the benefits of Yonex shoes while playing badminton?

Many badminton players are very busy in regular training, running, and at times, strive with less comfortable shoes. We have seen that the shoe-tops that your trainer gives you doesnt provide you the necessary support. This inconvenience impacts their training, due to which the players struggle a lot. Therefore, a good pair of shoes is an essential thing to have for a badminton player . Not only for comfort, but a good pair of shoes is also beneficial for other purposes, which are have mentioned further.

As stated earlier, safety and comfort are not the only things your shoes must provide you; a few specifications are also there. Your badminton shoes must be different from your regular shoes. They should stop dirt and filth from outside so that you enter your court with clean shoes. On a special note, never wear your regular shoes on the court. Otherwise, they will get torn up due to extreme movement and footwork while playing.

Qualities of Yonex Power cushion and Yonex shoes

Many shoe brands are providing unique sports and regular shoes. But these cant satisfy your demands at some points. We are not forcing you to pick only Yonex, but numerous other brands are also trading good-quality shoes. As there is a shoe for every person, everyone has their own choices for purchasing shoes. Here, we are explaining the qualities of good badminton shoes with a good power cushion. Keep reading to learn more.

Innovations in the field of Yonex power cushion The qualities of the Yonex power cushion are as follows:

Semi one-piece sole

There is a semi-one-piece sole in these Yonex shoes. This sole combines heels and tread sole that enhance the comfort and balance of the shoe and improves your way of playing.


Yonex with power cushion

This fantastic pair of shoes has the property of a power cushion in the heel section. This power cushion is responsible for improving the power absorption property. While playing badminton, our feet move a lot. Therefore, adequate shock absorption must be there in a good pair of shoes.


Radial blade sole

The brand has improved the grip area by 3% and has inserted a radial blade sole. The dedicatedly designed windmill shape incorporates that zone with small and large indentations. Also, due to the application of this sole, the weight of the shoe is equally distributed, which makes these shoes comfier.


Interior bootie

In this fantastic pair of shoes, the old tongue has been replaced by an internal bootie. This inner bootie makes them superior in fit and more supportive.

Long-lasting skin light

There is a polyurethane-based long-lasting skin light that provides a player airy feel on their feet. It integrates hard plastic with rubber-like elasticity that maintains the shoe in a more secure and relaxed manner.


Qualities of Yonex shoes

Broad and straight feet fit

Whenever you purchase a shoe pair, these must be perfectly fit, i.e., if you are feeling your feet a little tight, please choose half a size bigger. But the narrow shape of Yonex will make you more comfortable in your shoes. Never sacrifice your balance; get a shoe that perfectly fits your feet.

The fit of these Yonex shoes is broad , narrow, and straight. These shoes are designed in such a manner that they reduce the side-to-side motion of the foot while playing badminton. The side-to-side movement should be significantly less so that there will be fewer chances of having blisters. Also, less foot motion inside the shoes provides you more control in your foot movement.

But with Yonex shoes, you dont need to worry about the fit. These shoes are exceptionally fit for narrow side movement and create a fantastic fit for professional players and athletes.

Comfort and support for fantastic feel

Comfort and support is the essential thing that every player must consider while purchasing any pair of shoes. The Yonex shoes ultimately withstand this comfort feature as these shoes are manufactured with a power cushion that furnishes more the fantastic property of shock absorption.

The comfort and support of Yonex shoes are way exceptional than the regular shoes. A lot of people wish their regular shoes match the level of Yonex sports shoes. The toe support shape bestows extra space, and this feature is helpful for players with big toes as it gives them a firm grip. The best thing about these shoes is; they are less restrictive and more comfortable. Instead of butting up to the shoe sole and front area, these shoes provide a fantastic grip.

Safety in knees, legs, feet, and ankles

Another crucial property of Yonex shoes is its safety. Yonex has innovated a little in these shoes by protecting the leg, ankle, feet, and knees in the badminton court. By doing this innovation, Yonex has got the top position among the Badminton shoes. Yonex has made the shoes nullify a lot of pressure from your shoes. This less pressure increases the protection as well as enhances the performance of the shoe.

Long-lasting and long-life

The most beautiful thing about Yonex shoes is their long-lasting nature and longevity. Every pair of Yonex brands is full of features and provides the best quality boots. No matter how long you practice, run around, and train with these shoes, these shoes will surely accompany you for at least three to four years. The player who wears these shoes thoroughly knows the value of them. How different they feel while wearing them, only a badminton player can tell you.

No matter how many training sessions you do, how many regional competitions you have won, or how many club matches you have played, these shoes will always be your best partner ever. After so many years, you will surely regret it when you retire these shoes. After watching all these characteristics, we can proudly say that Yonex shoes are the most durable and long lasting shoes ever .


As our title says, Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z is the most comfortable and balanced shoes ever. The brand Yonex has innovated these new Power cushions with unique and endless features. This new Power cushion feature incorporates a semi-piece sole, power cushion, radial blade sole, inner booties, and durable skin light. If you are a professional badminton player, you can surely opt for the Yonex Power cushion Eclipsion Z . These shoes will give you one of the best experiences ever.

A chessboard comprises 64 equivalent squares organized in eight lines and eight sections. The squares are in two different colours, white and black. However, there are various materials used to make chess boards in India.

Undoubtedly chess is one of the most loved games, but the times were years ago when chess was being played on simple black and white sets. Now everyone wants to own a different and attractive chessboard, which enhances the interest in the game way more.

Finding a decent chess set may not be an advanced science; however, it may take a ton of steadiness and be very tedious since there are such a large number of chess sets out there in the market. Notably, in the case, if you are an eager player and have that talent for even a small and complicated detail, at that point, you would look for a set that compliments your taste and preference.

So, have a look at all the various sorts of chess sets here. This will assist you with looking over a broad scope of choices accessible, depending upon your choice and affection.

Wooden chess boards

Wood has demonstrated to be the best option that individuals typically prefer to purchase because of its toughness and mind-boggling designs. Wooden chess pieces are stunning pieces to be appreciated regardless of whether they are just for decoration purposes, sets cut out of walnut, boxwood or rosewood, coal-black, maple, or sandalwood. When finished to draw out the grain of the wood, this improves the excellence of those finely made sets and pieces.

A few chessboards have pieces made of various materials like glass, marble or steel to give it a differentiating look. Costs may shift according to the type of material used. Since the expenses continuously rely on the equipment utilized, the sort of wood vitally affects the prices and the measure of exact hard work and craftsmanship that goes into the making of each chess set.


Wood is considered as the most conventional material for making chess sets and pieces; some go back hundreds of years are as yet a demonstration of their durability. While some are handcrafted having an enthusiastic incentive to it, others are mass-created in the same sizes and structures. If you are a professional chess player, a massive 21 inches board is fit for you, while a 16 inches board is suggested for kids.

Themed Chess Boards

Other than the ordinary chess pieces- the kings and queens, the bishops, the knights, the rocks, and the pawns, have you ever seen a unique chess set where the king and the queen are the images of the movie characters? For example- one where you are taken to the wizarding world of Harry Potter movie with the chess pieces from the famous movie scene having Hermione, Ron, and Harry with the harry potter wizard chessboard.


You also have options from Game of Thrones to Star Wars and even The Lord of the Rings, and there are chess sets that would take your breath away.

These themed boards have their appeal and uniqueness as they give a personalized touch, and anything personalized can own your heart any day. But these sets are costly because of their exclusivity and being in limited editions. Also, the charm of themed chess sets wears off quickly as you dont feel as excited about that theme a few years down the road.

Luxury chess boards

As the word says it all, this set can be a luxurious beautifying piece at home. They work best for the most thoughtful gift one can think. These luxury sets are the sign of excellence for the player who desires to adore his game in the whole new light.


Luxury chess sets are the fascinating ones as there are a whole lot of options lying ahead. It can be a marble set that turns out to be long-lasting while needing lesser maintenance; they do not rust like other metal sets and are also not delicate like the sets made up of glass. Their glossy polished top can be very mesmerizing to look at.

Staunton Chess boards

This chess set is the most valuable belonging of a player. It is used in traditional competitions, and the pieces are also specific ones. For easy understanding, these chess sets were selected to be a standard set to know the meaning of every move that the pieces make on the board.


The Staunton Indian chessboards are designed to impress even the choosiest person. In this set, the pieces are hand-carved. They have a broader base than any of the other chess pieces have. They are made up of luxurious materials like porcelain, genuine ebony. The cost varies based on the size of the king. Taller is the king in inches, and the higher is the price.

Plastic chess boards

To the vast majority of the individuals, the thought of purchasing a plastic chess set may show up frightfully, imagining how awful it would look. However, some individuals need the board to fill the need of a just game, and not as an appealing decorative thing. For them, a plastic chess set is a perfect decision.


The features of plastic chess sets are that they are amazingly reasonable and might be accessible at the lowest costs. Yet, before purchasing such little evaluated chess sets, you have to reconsider as the board honestly and the pieces as well, may not have enough weight to be utilized for a decent game. In contrast to other significant and costly sets, these plastic chess sets are accessible effectively at any place by any means. Be it the toy area of the departmental store or a fixed shop in the area, and you are destined to go over plastic chess sets in different sizes, shades, and modest costs.

Marble chessboards

Marble is god gifted with that flair of emitting brightness and glow. It looks desirable to our eyes. It makes its presence more unusual, with beautiful colours running throughout the marble. It is long-lasting and low maintenance, withstanding severe weather conditions and temperatures. They even can survive under rain, sunshine, and even snow, so they can be the best choice for playing an outdoor match rather than being confined all the time indoors.


These chessboards vary in prices based on their sizes. Some of these boards are polished to excellence, which brings out an immaculate shine in them, whereas others are poorly crafted and shined. The difference can be visibly seen in quality when they are kept together.

Glass chess boards

There are two kinds of glass sets: one is made of hand-blown glass, empty and exceptionally delicate, while the other is durable glass and is sturdy. These may arrive in different colours relying upon the sort of glass utilized. It is usually combined with a glass or mirror board, which improves its excellence to numerous folds. Glass sets are the best chessboards in India after wooden boards; they are mass-created just as handcrafted.


Glass chessboards give a curve to the game. Some sets have bits of shot glasses. Every chess piece has a shot glass incorporated with it, containing various types of fluids/drinks in it. The player needs to drink that fluid each time the rival takes their piece.

Travel chess boards

Travel chess boards come in multiple varieties and are incredibly made for travel purposes. Be it a car ride or a plane journey; these boards are your smartest option.

Travel chess boards might be electronic, Velcro, or magnetic. All fulfil a similar need of holding the pieces from getting lost and being handy. Electronic chess boards are generally another sensation in the market. It has the alternatives of either two human players or one human player against the PC.

Metal chess boards

These boards are irresistibly refined, sparkling, and portray historical and imaginative landscapes on them. Their presence on the table naturally invites you to start playing with these beautiful weighty pieces. They give you the confidence of a winner already. They top the list when durability and portability are concerned. It is one of the most ethereal and awesome enriching things one can have around in the house.


The cost may vary from the type of metal used. It tends to be adjusted by utilizing a mix of chess sheets and pieces and not going all metal.

So, these were some of the exclusive options you can try if you are looking to purchase a new chess set.

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Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkerboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. Played by millions of people worldwide, chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga sometime before the 7th century. Chess was also called the "Game of Kings" for a very long time in the past, as the Nobel and Kings played it.

The rules of chess may seem convoluted at first, but theyre quite simple. Chess is a board game played between two players– White and Black–who alternate turns. White always moves first, and the players move one piece at a time until one side captures the enemys king.

Its never too late to learn how to play chess - the most popular game in the world! Learning the rules of chess is easy.

The most important thing that one needs to understand while learning to play the game of chess is the pieces that make up the game. It is after you figure out how each piece moves and what their importance is, you can manage to plan through a game. Good chess players do not even have to think how each piece moves, since they already have that at the back of their minds. What they do is plan, even multiple moves in advance, and excel at changing their gameplay according to a given situation.

The elements of chess are classified into below parts:

? Pawns

? Rooks

? Knights

? Bishops

? Queen

? King


"Pawn, the game-changer" – was said by the famous Vishwanath Anand.

It is the smallest but important and effective element of the game. If the pawn is used properly, then it can change the whole game. Its like "Chota packet bada dhamaka" since small things matter a lot.


The pawn is the most significant piece in the game of chess, and in most circumstances, also the weakest. Each player begins a game with eight pawns, one on each square of the rank immediately in front of the other pieces.

It is used as a shield in the game for the king. It plays an important role in defence and attacks both.

Placement and movement

Unlike the other pieces, pawns cannot move backwards. Normally a pawn moves by advancing a single square, but the first time a pawn moves, it has the option of advancing two squares. Pawns may not use the initial two-square advance to jump over an occupied square or to capture. Any piece immediately in front of a pawn, friend or foe, blocks its advance.


Unlike other pieces, the pawn does not capture in the same direction that it moves. It vertically walks one by one on every eight squares and is also capable of capturing any element diagonally in one step, even king.


This little element has one special power which can surprise you, and it has the power of occupying other pieces after completing eight squares, even the queen. This is the special power known as "Pawn Power".


There are two rooks in a set of chess. Rooks look like a castle, and in some parts of the world, they are also known as a castle. These are the most versatile pieces of chess.


Visualize the Rook as a tower with archers in it, able to shoot across the land. Similar to this metaphor, the rooks move across the board both up and down & side to side.

Placement and movement

The Rook can move only in 4 directions in the game of chess, up & down, and side to side. It means the Rook cannot move diagonally but can move as many spaces up & down or side to side until either reaching the other end of the board or coming in contact with another piece.


The Rook can capture any piece within its direct line of movement. It makes the Rook a very powerful piece on the chessboard. The Rook and king also take part in a special move called castling.



There are two knights in every team in chess. A knight is a piece which is represented by the head and neck of a horse. It is located between the rooks and bishops.


The knight is the trickiest piece in chess! It moves very differently than other pieces and can deliver the dreaded fork or even a smothered mate.

Placement and movement

Compared to other chess pieces, the knights movement is unique: it may move two squares vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically.

It moves in an L pattern, two squares in one direction and then one square in another. It is the only piece in chess to be able to jump over other pieces. It is also the only piece that can be in a position to attack a king, queen, bishop, or Rook without also being attacked by that piece. Because of this, the knight plays forks well in a game of chess.


Knights capture in the same way, replacing the enemy piece on the square and removing it from the board. Knights and pawns are the only pieces that can be moved in the initial position.


It either moves two squares up or down, and 1 square to the right or left, or moves two squares to the right or left and then moves 1 square up or down.


The bishops are also known as the camels. In each chess team, there are two bishops. They look like minarets and have a pointed top. The two bishops can control a lot of squares.


Placement and movement

The bishop moves diagonally and can move as far as a player wants it to unless another piece blocks it. A bishop can never leave the colour of the square that it starts on, and so can only move to 32 squares of the board.


It can capture an enemy piece by moving to the occupied square and can move as many squares as it likes, as long as another piece or an occupied square does not block it.



The queen is the second-most tallest piece in the whole set. Unlike the king, it does not have a cross on the top. The queen can move any number of spaces in any direction until it reaches the end of the board or tills it kills a piece of the opponents army. It makes the Queen one of the most lethal pieces in the set. Each player starts the game with one queen, placed in the middle of the first rank next to the king. Because the queen is the strongest piece, a pawn is promoted to a queen in the vast majority of cases.


Placement and movement

The queen moves like a bishop and rooks both. However, both players start with one queen each. It can move in any direction with any number of steps.


The queen is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It can capture any piece on the board in any direction.



The king is less powerful than almost every chess piece, but it is also unique: the king is the only piece that can never be captured! If a king is attacked, it is in "check." If a players king is threatened with capture, it is said to be in check, and the player must remove the threat of capture on the next move. If this cannot be done, the king is said to be checkmate, resulting in a loss for that player. Players cannot make any move that places their king in check.


Placement and movement

It can move left, right, up, down or diagonally. It can only move one square at a time. Thats why it is called the weakest, but highest authority, as well as total game, depend or evolve around it only.


King can only capture other pieces with one step of the square but can capture in any direction as well as vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


?Tip to win:

When a players king is under attack and threatened with capture, you say that the king is in check. When in check, that player must take action to avoid having his king captured by moving the king, capturing the attacking piece, or–except in the case of a knight check–blocking the attack. You win the game via checkmate, where you attack your opponents king in such a way that he cannot avoid being captured.

Therere lots of options available out there, but you want to come up with the best travel chess board set, which is easy to carry and, at the same time, instant-to-play. You need a set with which you can play even wherever you are, whether youre fond of playing chess on the train! Chess on the plane! Free time chess! Or chess in the rain!

If chess-time provides you relief from tiresome and long journeys, then no wonder you must head to buying the perfect travel chess board set that keeps you always active and ready-to-go with this mind-blowing board game.


Chess is one of the most prestigious board games that, over time, has captured lots of prominences. The game has been holding a strong history track of around 1500 years, and perhaps more. Long back ago, this strategic board game was well-liked and widely-played in India.

But with the advent of globalization, people became more passionate about this game. Similarly, the chain of chess players spread out and become famous worldwide.

Therefore, its usual, while covering a long distance, if meanwhile you love playing a chess board game, then pay a glance at the following steps thatll help you in choosing the perfect set.

Choosing the type of chess set

The best practice is, to begin with, the simplest one if you are new at playing chess. Although, you can also purchase an attractive piece that keeps you engaged with the game. There is nothing more irritating than a "little board of chess," on which you can hardly see the pieces and execute your strategy. However, when it comes to chess, the size matters.

The most important point is, is it a "travel set"? However, therere lots of options available in the market that are specially made to provide you with the best playing experience, anytime and anywhere. But therere more notable points too about which well discuss below.

Is it a Decoration Piece or the Real Travel Chess Board Set?

Before buying the best chess set, build a clear idea of everything, what will work, and what not for you. If youre looking to buy chess that creates your journey more enjoyable, figure out everything you want in your chessboard set in India. In most instances, people prefer to choose an attractive piece rather than buying a great chessboard set thats best to play.

Therefore, you must first make a clear pattern of the actual purpose behind buying a chess game set. Glass, stone, or metal pieces in chess are also good chess options, but they arent suitable if youre on an outdoor tour.

The traditional wooden chess boards are the popular option among players, as they are best for playing. But still, if youre finding those attractive chess sets in stone, glass, or metal a far-better option, then, of course, its a bad idea.

They can be a great option if you want to leave a distinct impression whenever guests or friends visit you at home and ask for chess gameplay. Undoubtedly, these stylish chess boards are a better option, but they arent convenient and easy to carry if youre seeking the best travel chess board set.

Moreover, if attractiveness comes first for you, then you can go beyond the traditional black & white combination chess board set. On its place, you can choose a colourful option too as manufacturers provide this feature too.

Material Used in Chess Set

Now, its time to pick the best material for your travel companion, the all-time favourite "chessboard." As per quality, the wooden chessboard Blood Red Bud Rose Material can suit your chess pieces better as the wooden frames design and edges provide you with a real player feel.

Although you can go with handcrafted wooden chess boards too; they can be much more expensive. Since they are made up of top-quality wood, such as rosewood and ebony wood; hence, they may go out of your budget. At the same time, if you are looking for a travel chess board set, then, of course, you must search for further options.

Consider the chess pieces as its another essential step. The perfect combination of the chessboard and pieces delivers a well-finished look. Similarly, it cheers your feelings about playing the chess board game. A Large or Small Board

The size of the chessboard set in India is also a significant point of consideration. However, for an indoor match with family and friends, a big-sized board can be an ideal option. But if you know that you have to play chess games anytime and anywhere with them, then you can go in small sizes too. It is often cost-effective since most of the bigger sets are a bit costly.

Working with a larger set is highly-recommended for those who have weak-vision power. If the sight is not great, it often becomes challenging to play with tiny pieces on the chessboard.

But this problem has also been resolved; if you want to carry a big set with you, you can go with light-weight options. For instance, manufacturers also produce plastic products, but their poor quality can be a downside that you may dislike.


After addressing everything, such as the size, form of wood, style, weight, etc., its time to move further and check out the detailing. Please dont choose a chessboard with heavily weighted chess pieces, for seed chess and blitz; they arent comfortable options.

Although there are lots of different variants available in the market, including a Dublin design, upright patterns, streamlined design, mono-block patterns, themed chess sets, etc. If youre in search of a perfect travel chess set that goes according to your preferences and requirements, then go with the one that is simple, portable, and flexible.

For instance, a foldable chess board set can be the best option that provides you access to store pieces. Such as, in most of the products, you may find a bag for storage or storage spaces, but it also calls for a lot of attention to pay.

What is your budget?

As described above, all these factors determine the final price of the chessboard set. In short, a chess boards material and size are the most influential factors. However, most of the chess lovers are ready to spend good dollars to get the thrill out of their all-time favourite strategic board game. But the chess game is beyond luxury and beauty.

If youre new to chess, then going with affordable options has always been the best decision. At a fairly low price, you can begin your journey in the chess-world. And once you become confident that the game is yours – undeniably, along with the game, you can easily upgrade your collection.

Its not requisite that only expensive games can provide you with perfect delight. Indeed, if you dont have money to spend on this outstanding game, then free options are also available. Such as online chess board game.

Go online!

Over time, chess game has become the most popular strategic board game, and when it comes to chess, parents never stop their children from playing. Alongside being the best game, chess is also popular in boosting mind power and enhancing cognitive skills among children.

Thats why no matter whether youre playing chess on a real-world chess board set or a virtual-world chess game, you just need a wish, and youre ready to give it a go!

Especially if you are travelling along with family or alone, then nothing can beat the option of online chess games. If you have a smartphone, youre all set to hit the game, either with friends or individually. Yes, chessboard online game comes with features to play with the computer if you dont have an opponent to play with you.

On the other hand, if you are new at chess and want some elementary training, you can ON the instructable mode. No wonder, playing online is a far better option that you can carry in your pocket and hit the game anytime.


Finally, you can come across the best decision. Therere lots of flexible, affordable, and quality chess board sets available in the market. But, if youre looking for a perfect travel board set that cares about your convenience and playful soul, all at the same time, then beyond doubt, you can go with an online chess board game.

In todays modern time, online chess board games are emerging as the most favourite chess-lovers platform, whether youre just a fresher, intermediate, or advanced player. You can shift the game level as per your skills and abilities to accept an easy or tough competition. However, physical board games are also a good option.

The way you want, whenever you want, itll cheer up your feelings. You dont have any need to pay attention to its design, pattern, shape, and size. Itll stay in your pocket, and whenever you want, within a click, you can start your game. In the end, its up to you how you pick the best option.

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Like formula racing game, the game of cricket also has some exceptional drivers who can drive with an exquisite technique. Cricket is certainly not a car racing game but driving a ball into covers is also an impeccable art.

If you are a 90s kid and a cricket lover, then my friend you have already known what sort of majesty and charisma is produced when a batsman strikes a ball into the covers. For, cricket lovers, it is like a moment that we have all waited for in the game.

Some best drivers of the cricket ball

Though it is a tough comparison, still we can say the cover drive is considered as the best cricketing shot. Players like Kumar Sangakkara and Sachin R. Tendulkar have made this shot more splendid with their touch.

However, a cover drive is like a treat to watch for a cricket lover. Simultaneously, it is not quite easy to have mastery on the shot. It seems pretty easy when we watch a batman/woman placing the ball into the covers. But have you wondered how difficult can this shot be?

The judgement of the ball, dynamic foot movement, great head position, a good wing on the bat with pure timing and elegance, and a good presence of mind for finding gaps is all that you need to execute your cover drive into the fence. So, if you are a beginner or a cricket fan who wants to know or play cover drive like a professional, then you have landed on the right page.

What is a Cover Drive shot?

We know that you are quite familiar with the shot but have you ever wondered what the technicalities behind this shot are! Maybe no; dont worry, we will tell you. A cover drive shot is mainly an attacking shot towards the direction between point to mid-off. It can be played both on the front and back foot. Though, it depends on the bowl length.


Ideally, a cover drive is performed on the line between 4th to 6th stumps or delivery which is outside the off stumps.

The deliveries which are bowled back of a length (delivers that are termed as short of a good length or pitched 7 to 8 meters away from the stumps), should be considered for back foot drive or punch. And those are bowled at good length (pitched between 4 to 7 meters) from the stumps, should be treated with front foot drive with the full face of the bat.

For a good illustration, you can go the YouTube store and watch the cover drive video compilation of Sachin or Lara, and if you are left-hander, then Sangakkara or Graeme Smiths video would be best for you.

How to Play a cover drive shot – The Technicalities of shot

The cover drive is one of the gracious shots that are known for timing and elegance. For executing a shot with perfection, you need to figure out some imperative aspects that need to be done quickly.

Here, we will break down the technicalities that you must understand for desired results-


Foot Position

The Foot position is the first and most imperative step that you need to understand for learning any shot in the game. For a pure cover drive, you need to have more excellent foot position- the position that allows you to have excellent and smooth bat swing. A foot position gives you the freedom to go on the backfoot for the drive or punch.

A good foot position for a cover drive requires that a player must keep his/her front leg inside the line of the ball slightly. It means a player must keep her front feet a little inside and close to the line of the stumps. It will give you the excellent bat swing and space to play the ball. On the other hand, if you are not moving your feet or getting your front feet on the line of the ball, then you will gradually be blocking the path for the bat, and the ball will come straight on your pad.

Front foot drive position

While going for the front foot drive, you need to take a stride outside the crease and need to get your foot inside the line of the ball. The stride should be a comfortable one that can give a good balance on your feet. After getting stride forward, make your front leg knee slightly bend and move your bodys weight on the knee. This foot position will help you to strike the ball on the ground. But if you have carried your bodys weight on the back foot, then there are more chances that you will hit the shot in the air.

Back foot drive position

While playing the back-foot cover drive, all you need to do is get your weight backwards with the help of front foot push. Then take a step backwards towards the stump with your back foot to get inside the line of the ball. After placing your back foot at the right position, make your front foot little closer to the back foot to get the tall stance to hit the top of the ball. This will help a player to hit the ball along the ground.

All these are the imperative steps you need to practice regularly to get the stance and foot positions correctly.

Head Position

While playing a shot, players head position matters a lot. And especially, a shot like cover drive requires precise body position to get absolute control over the shot. A good head position also helps a player to hit a shot along the ground.

When a player decides to play the cover drive shot, he/she needs to make sure that her/his heading position is going towards the line of the ball or is in the line of the ball. This is because your body gradually moves towards the same direction of where the head is going.

Bat grip and elbow position

The bat grip position and elbow stance are quite imperative for the perfect execution of cover drive. A player should have a strong grip of top hand instead of bottom hand while playing cover front or back foot drive. The top handgrip gives the balance and timing to hit along the ground.

The elbows should be high and not-tighten to achieve timing and desired placement.

Area to target for the cover drive shot

There is no massive difference between the area because both front and back foot drive go in the same direction. However, often people get confused between the cover drive and inside out. So, when a shot is played from the crease without using the footwork on the cover region is called cover drive. And when a ball is played by stepping out of the crease, in a lofted manner, it is called inside out.


So, coming back to the topic, the targeted area is the same, and the name of the shot has driven from the cover position. It means, usually a player stands on a position of cover region to collect the ball that is placed between the point and mid-off. And when a ball beats him and goes towards the boundary, it is called cover drive.

Some additional tips for playing a cover drive

You can quickly learn things mentioned above from the coaching manual, but as they say, cricket is the game of strategies and lessons. As we have discussed earlier that watching the videos and analyzation can make your game stronger and technically sound than just doing the same shot practice.

Indeed, technology has generated a significant impact on games. The technology is now giving you the chance to watch and observe the techniques of your favourite players that you idealized in the cricket. You can view previous matches of Virat Kohli or training session on your smartphone and can learn cover drive Virat Kohli shots from them.

Observation is the most significant plus points of the players, and this aspect helps them to make their shot strong and learn from their past mistakes.

Observe the playing conditions

The presence of mind and adaptability is one of the biggest plus points of a player. You need to assess the situation and pitch before going for any shot. A cover drive is a run-scoring shot, but at the same time, you can also lose your wicket by giving the outside or inside edge of the bat into slips or at wicketkeepers hands.

So, if the conditions are bowler-friendly or bowl is still getting the swing, then it would be best for you to keep your cover drive aside and try to defend or play with the front face of the bat.

The art of playing late and beneath eyes

If you are not a kind of player who steps down to the pitch of the ball and then hit or defend it, then it would be wiser for you to play the ball late as long as you can. Playing late is the best way to assess the ball movement and generate little extra time to place the ball into the gaps.

While playing the cover drive, a player should play the ball late and beneath his/her eyes to get little extra time as well as have better control over the shot—for example, Rohit Sharma is known for his late elegance technique while hitting the ball.

Experts say Rohit Sharma has a one and half second extra time while hitting the shot as compared to other players. The sole reason behind the spare time is that he always waits for the ball to come towards the bat. He never anticipates towards the ball early. And this makes him an exceptional player of pure timing.

Training for placing a ball into the gaps

Indeed, striking the ball with pure timing and perfection and placing the ball into the gaps are two different things. No matter how great you are striking if it is going directly on the hands of fielders. And gaps finding ability is all that you need to be the best cover drive player.

Great players like Mahaila Jayewardene, who was known for his shot timing ability, but at the same time, he was also mastered in the art of finding gaps and placing the ball between the players. It would be best if you got the art of manipulating the field and playing with the mind of bowlers to hit the excellent cover drive.

For a creative yet useful training session, you can put cones or dumbles in the direction of cover regions to emulate the real field position. And then you can try out to place the ball between those cones or dumbles to get the best cover drive practice for the gap placement.

Practice against a Bowling Machine

Though the bowling machines are quite expensive to buy for the training; at the same time, these are quite significant for your game too. These machines are used to practice a specific shot on a particular region like cover drive or trying to defend the ball by moving down to the pitch at a certain speed. These machines offer great varieties of speed to practice. You can easily vary the speed and length.

Throw Down practice

It is yet another very prominent way to make your cover drive more technically sound. For this practice session, you must have a partner who can throw a ball from half of the pitch. He/she can use both under or overarm throw for throwing the ball. If you are quite comfortable with bounce and speed, then you can continue, but if you are facing some issues, then you can ask him/her to bowl underarm.

Real bowling sessions

Though throw down or bowling machine practice is quite an emphatic way to improve the cover drive shot, still none of these is as good as facing the real bowling in the nets. As they say, a one-match experience is far better than ten days of net practice session. As a beginner, it is not quite possible for you to come and play the match directly, but you need to face the bowlers in the net to get the better instincts of a cover drive.

The errors

Some cricketing heroes are there who have taught the lesson of perfection—players who ruled the game and have shown how to be master of cover drives.

We bet, if you are a true cricket lover, then you must have remembered the first ball back foot drive from the bat of Sachin R. Tendulkar against Shoaib Akhtar in the world cup semifinal, 2003. Or classic cover drives from the former Sri Lankan skipper Kumara Sangakkara when he used to place the ball between the fielders for the boundaries. Indeed, they were the best cover drive players in the history of the game.

So, these are genuine examples that show the beginners how to become a master from an initial level. Now, we will put light on some common errors done by the players while going for the front or backfoot cover drives-

Not playing with the full face of the bat

We all have been watching how Virat plays some exceptional cover drives with the full face of the bat and strikes the ball with pure timing. So, the point is that when you strike with the full face of the bat, you will get more chances to hit the ball cleanly without posing any additional risk in the shot.

Weight transfer

The proper transfer of the bodys weight should be there while going for the front foot cover drive and transmission of weight at the back foot while playing the back-foot cover drive. The transfer of weight matters a lot while keeping the shot along the ground and in control.

Wrong grip position

Indeed, the bottom hand grip generates more power on the shot, but the cover is not a power-based shot that requires a bottom hand. Cover drive shot solely is a demonstration of top handgrip domination. The top hand provides more control balance to keep the ball on the ground instead of an aerial route.

Unstable Feet

Have you ever seen Indian middle-order player Ajinkya Rahane? He quickly gets into the position and makes his feet stable and in the right line to place the ball gently between the fielders. A little stride outside the crease and slightly bend on the front leg knee will give a great balance over the shot and can make your feet stable and error-free.

Head and shoulder position

The leaning of the front hand shoulder towards the ball will help to strike it under your eyes. Though it a bit technical, yet very imperative one to be considered. On the other hand, the head position must be on the line of the ball to hit along the ground.


You need to be equipped with every shot in the game of cricket for better control over the ball. Cover drive not only enhances the elegance of the batsman but also adds an excellent scoring option for the player. So, these were the technical aspects and techniques that define the concept of how to play the cover drive.

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The most amazing and latest Yonex Badminton racquet string series EX BOLT is here . The most astonishing one which has ranked first is Yonex EXBOLT 63 . The material of this remarkable string is Forged Fiber. This outstanding material is very famous for its long-lasting nature, rapid repulsion, and narrow gauge.


In the former string material, an issue had been seen that if the strings are fragile, then there are chances of low longevity. But Forged Fiber has come into the picture to resolve this issue. Earlier, Yonex was using nylon for the construction of its badminton racquet strings. Original nylon has minimal power for holding the string in harsh conditions. Due to this, the life of these strings was concise. Therefore, to overcome this issue, Yonex introduced this Forged Fiber to build powerful strings for long-lasting durability. Also, with this fiber, Yonex has the privilege of making its strings thinner.

Latest quality of Yonex string tension: Forged Fiber

Yonex has adopted a new string material named Forged Fiber. This fiber has been made with high intermolecular interaction, leading to high endurance, power, and heat resistance. But how does this fiber enhance the strength of this string material? The reason is, the manufacturers separate the impurities during the manufacturing procedure. They expand the material more than they did before. As a result, the robustness and power of the material increases.


Lets understand a few points about string and string tension

Quite often, people get puzzled while choosing between factory strings and string upgrades. But here, we are going to expound a few points to remember regarding string and string tension. So, always understand these extremities while purchasing a badminton racquet.

1. There is always a sweet spot over the string bed of every racquet. This sweet spot is the zone that provides a racquet pace and strength.

2. On the string bed, the string tension and the sweet spot are inversely proportional to each other. If you increase the string tension, the sweet spot will decrease automatically. The casual players and beginners always require less power while playing their game. Therefore, they always pick the racquet with high string tension, as they mostly miss the shuttle.

3. The higher the string tension, the faster the shuttle will be. When players become harmonious in their game and become a bit more accurate to hit the sweet spot, they should select racquets with higher tension.

4. The thicker the string, the more the strength there will be. The players can use these kinds of strings in every challenging condition in their game. But Yonex strings have overcome this trouble by launching their new strings with Forged Fiber. With this fiber, the manufacturers can make the strings thinner even with more strength.

5. There is another factor that impacts the strings a lot which is the type of shuttle. Yes, you heard it right; the shuttle has some influence on your string performance while playing badminton.


How to select an excellent badminton racquet string?

Currently, an endless number of brands are there in the market that are providing numerous racquet strings. But this becomes a significant drawback for the beginner players due to a large variety. Several professional players purchase multifilament synthetic strings rather than natural strings. But if you are a beginner, then we would recommend you the string that suits your style, game, and level of playing the game. But before that, you have to acknowledge a few points that will help you purchase a badminton racquet string.

6. Repulsion

If you seek a badminton racquet with exceptional repulsion, pick a racquet with an extra thin racquet gauge. The pair of racquets you pick should have a thickness of less than 0.70 mm. This string thickness will provide you an amalgamation of strength and durability, which is appropriate for hitting severe strokes.

7. Resilience

Are you fed up with strings breaking constantly? If yes, then you must pay attention to the thickness of your strings. If your strings are thick, then you can enjoy the long-lasting companionship of your badminton racquets. Dont be confused by wandering in the market. Just pick Yonex EXBOLT 63 strings- as these are the thinnest and strongest strings available right now.

8. Power and control

Every player always seeks a badminton racquet that is a combination of power and control. If you are one of them, please choose a racquet with fragile strings of less than 0.70 mm. This kind of racquet will undoubtedly allow you to hit severe strokes with more control. Additionally, the player can easily smash their strokes with ease.

Few suggested string tensions for all kinds of players

Most of the players believe that high tension strings provide more power. Due to which they select a badminton racquet with higher tension due to overconfidence and leads to bad in-game performance. The players must understand that they have to give more power if they choose a racquet with high tension. And gaining and applying more power can cause any player a considerable injury in the arm or shoulder.

Therefore, a player needs to choose a string tension that suits their game level. Here, we are pointing out that there is no single string tension that matches every player. Different strings are there for different players that suit their playing style. Thus, right below, we have mentioned the different ranges of different string tensions. Lets take a look at them.

1. For advanced players: 26 lbs. and above

2. Regular players: 24-25 lbs.

3. Beginners: 20-23 lbs.

Majorly, the string tension between 20 to 23 lbs. suits a lot of badminton players. Many players play with plastic shuttles, and these shuttles dont require very high string tension. After knowing this fact, we can conclude that you can reduce your string tension by 2 to 3 lbs. due to the low power of plastic shuttles. By doing so, you can make any badminton racquet suitable for you.

How can you enhance the life of your racquet string?

Whenever a player initiates your search for the best badminton racquet, durability is the essential thing that every buyer demands. Lets have a look over a few things that will make your badminton racquet more long-lasting.

1. Ultra-narrow string

For having an enormous playing level, buy a badminton racquet with ultra-narrow strings. But you may doubt its longevity. So, at this point, we would like to say that if you purchase an extra thin string from any local seller, then it will not accompany you for a longer time. Purchase it from a top-grade brand for having a long-lasting experience with a fantastic badminton racquet.

2. Defected grommets

Grommet is the only thing that is responsible for securing the strings and keeping them away from any harm or damage. In case any of your grommets gets hurt, there are chances of harm to your string. So, for securing your racquet, it would be better if you check the strings daily. Place the new one if it is getting damaged.

3. Extremely high string tension

Sometimes, due to overconfidence, many players choose a badminton racquet of extremely high string tension. But it would help if you remembered high string tension influences the flexibility and endurance of your racquet. So, every player must be attentive towards appropriate badminton racquets that will suit their game.

4. Improper storage technique

This fact goes for all kinds of sports equipment. The life of any sports equipment depends on how you take care of it. The way you store it impacts your badminton racquet. For keeping your badminton racquet safe from unusual weather conditions, you can also purchase a thermal cover to store your racquet.

5. Misleading smashing power

If you smash the shuttle with extreme power, it will harm your badminton racquet strings. Also, if you are using your racquet very roughly, it will lessen the life. It would be best if you use your racquet correctly and not with consistency. The power with which you hit the shuttle is also responsible for the life of your badminton racquet. If you are using it with extreme power, it will eventually break the strings of your racquet.


Going into the market and purchasing a pair of badminton racquets is not the only thing you should do. For playing a top-notch game, you must purchase a fantastic badminton racquet with top-quality strings. For hitting consistent shots, again and again, you must know the good qualities of a badminton racquets. Thats why we have written this article to provide you profound knowledge about string tension. Take some time, evaluate your actual requirements, and then purchase an ideal badminton racquet with good strings.

It is relatively easy for professionals to pick the best field hockey stick, but it becomes pretty hard to get the perfect equipment to start their sports journey when it comes to beginners.

A countless number of sports manufacturing brands in the market are selling field hockey sticks, but how to pick a perfect one is quite an intricate task. Because it does not matter whether you are playing your first or last game, you need to be well-equipped and have the best equipment to win the game.

With numerous choices, the right field hockey stick selection can become a hazy task. But do not you worry, we have compiled a great list of specific parameters which will help you immensely to buy your perfect one. So, whether you are a beginner or an intermediate level player, here, you will get the all necessary compilation of information that will help you to choose the right one.


Before discussing the main parameters, it would be best for us to get familiar with some terminology of hockey sticks first-


The Shaft

The shaft of a hockey stick is also pronounced as the sticks handle or grip, allowing a player to hold or take a hockey sticks grip.

The Head

The bottom part of the hockey stick is called the head. It is half rounded and half flat in shape.

The Toe

The field hockey sticks toe is the end rounded part as we have in our feet, though not rounded but the last part of feet.

The Heel

It is considered as a bridge of hockey sticks that connects the head and toe part. It is a rounded part.

The Scoop

The small and tiny groove of 2 to 3mm thick part near the hockey sticks head is called scoop of the stick.

The Bow

A slight bend between the head and shaft is known as the bow of the hockey stick.

Some other terminologies


Power rating

Some field hockey sticks have a power rating range that varies from 1 to 10. The range of one to ten showcases the amount of power, which means more power rating range generates more power. These sticks come in the category of stiffer sticks and need precise and exquisite skills of ball-control.

Balance point

The balance point indicates the focus of weight on the stick. It means a hockey stick with evenly distributed weight or a toe-focused hockey stick. However, the lower balance point hockey sticks have heavier toes.

Carbon content

If you want to buy a higher power-rating field hockey stick, it would be best to buy a hockey stick with higher carbon content. The higher carbon content makes hockey stick stiffer and enhances the power rating number.


Due to the high carbon content-based manufacturing, a hockey stick will become stiffer, and the player will feel some amount of vibration of the shaft. Though some hockey sticks can absorb the vibration, some are more sensitive to vibration.

And now, lets discuss and figure out some important parameters which you need to keep in mind while buying the best one for you-

Skill Level

Neither a quality hockey stick makes a player wins, nor a good player makes an average stick great. It means the combination of skill and quality makes a formula of winning and championship: the high-quality of a hockey stick and a players true talents. The hockey sticks are designed based on the skills of a player which can be categorized into four levels-


Beginner sticks

These are considered the best field hockey sticks for beginners to build the necessary skills and knowledge. These sticks are either made of fiberglass or 100 percent wood.

Competitive sticks

These hockey sticks are made for next-level players. Mostly, it contains less than 20 percent carbon for less vibration at the head and more control over the ball.

Advanced sticks

These advanced hockey sticks are truly designed for progressive and professional athletes. They are more powerful and flexible enough to enhance their skills. They contain less carbon amount compared to elite sticks and give great control while playing.

Elite sticks

An advanced level of technology and innovation comes together at this level to create an exquisite hockey stick for the high-class player. They are made of almost 80 to 100 percent carbon composition. These sticks are a real example of power maximization.


A right size hockey stick does not only complement your height but also helps you execute the shots more precisely. However, the ideal length of a field hockey stick should be above your hipbone. Though the length of a hockey stick may depend on individual choices and preferences. The length of sticks varies between 24 to 38, and you can make your choices through the below-mentioned length chart-



The weight of the hockey stick may depend on the player to player and personal preferences. It is one of the main parameters that you need to keep in mind. A broad weight range varies from 535 to 600g.

Light-weight hockey sticks

The light-weight hockey sticks are designed especially for the attacking players. The light-weight quality allows a player to move their stick faster and have a quick backswing.

Heavy-weight hockey sticks

The heavy-weight sticks are made for defensive players. It is quite beneficial to generate more power and strength to hit the ball in the opponents court.


The composition you need to consider while buying a hockey stick is-


The high amount of carbon in your hockey stick adds more stiffness. Hockey sticks, which have a higher amount of carbon, generate more power and make your shot stronger. On the opposite, the less amount of carbon gives you more control and easy trapping. A hockey stick with a high carbon percentage is more expensive to buy.


The composition of Aramid allows your hockey stick to absorb shock and vibration during the hit, and it adds durability to the hockey stick.


The fiberglass immensely adds durability and strength to the hockey stick. It is more economical than carbon-based composition.


The wood-based field hockey sticks are probably the best hockey sticks for the beginner and intermediate level players. It enhances control over receiving and dribbling.

The Bow

While watching your hockey stick from shaft to toe, you will see a slight bend known as a hockey sticks bow. The sole benefit of having a stick with more bend is to make your aerial shot-making easier. Though a less curve gives more control over grounded shots. A bow in the hockey sticks usually varies from 20 to 25mm and divided into three categories-


Standard Bow

It ranges to 20mm. The bow falls in the middle of the stick to get better control.

Mega Bow

It ranges around 24.75mm. The bend is more focused on the toe part of the hockey stick to get the power during lofted-shots.

Low Bow

The bow ranges 25mm. A bend is closer to the head of the hockey stick. It is best situated for elite players to have a great aerial shot experience.

Toe Shape

The toe part of the hockey stick indicates the level of curve and affects the ability to strike the ball. The hockey sticks with smaller toes have less power with more agility, while more significant toes have a larger surface to hit the ball cleanly.


It is a hockey stick with the least toe surface. However, it is quite beneficial in close control, stick skills, and high speed. It is considered ideal for a striker position.


The midi toe shape hockey stick is an ideal choice for the beginners. It has a great sweet spot for hitting, enhances techniques, and control.


A maxi toe shape has a little more significant surface area that can be used for power-hitting players. It is also quite crucial for defensive players. You can have the best injectors, reverse stick control, and drag-flickers with Maxi toe shape.


The Hook toe shape stick showcases the J-shape toe. It has the most expansive surface area that gives immense control over the ball and drag-flickers.

Choosing the best field hockey stick does not only prove to the best armor for the win but also complements your skills. However, apart from the mentioned above, more factors like budget and brand make your buying wiser. So, whenever you plan to buy a < Field Hockey Stick

, then do consider these factors.

If you are looking for the best hockey stick brand in India and are still confused about the choices, dont worry, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have compiled an exquisite list of top 10 best field hockey sticks that will suit your game, style, and skills.

It seems unfair to say which hockey stick is the best one because all the field hockey sticks have their characteristics that complement individual preferences.

However, when it comes to buying a perfect field hockey stick, you need certain things to keep in mind. Like a field hockey stick with the appropriate weight, length matching to players hip-bone, standard Bow (may depend on individual preferences), and toe shape. And last but not least, a precise selection of hockey sticks will suit your skills and game.

So, before starting the list, lets discuss some important factors that will help you to decide which one is best for you-

Skills level

The skills are categorized into four levels based on the players experience and stick characteristics.



The beginner level sticks are best for the initial level athletes. These hockey sticks are quite beneficial in enhancing and controlling the skills and make the basic foundation strong. These field hockey sticks are ideal for the age group of 10 years.


These are a little advanced field hockey sticks which showcase the virtue of power with a touch of control. These hockey sticks are truly recommended for 11-13 age groups of players who have played the game for at least one or two years.


The best combination of power and balance! An advanced field hockey stick helps to nourish the skills. These sticks best suit the age group of above 12 with more than two years of game experience.

Elite level

An elite level of field hockey sticks is precisely designed for the international level players. Those who love to add power and control to their game would be the best choice for them.

Playing position

The 11 members of the team, including goalie, play in the ground. Players play at different positions such as forward players to mid-fielder, from fullbacks to goalie. The forward players have core responsibility of targeting a goal, while mid-fielders play defense and offense game. The fullbacks, also known as sweepers, assist due to their defending role.

So, as a player, you need to understand your role and must go with a suitable field hockey stick that will suit your game and skills.

Budget and Brand

Budget and brand both are different sides of the same coin. The more you will invest, the better you will get. The budget is something that you need to keep in mind while buying a field hockey stick. Though it is not written anywhere that an expensive hockey is always the best choice, you need to purchase a hockey stick based on your game level and need.

But at a broad level, the price of a hockey stick depends on the carbon percentage. The higher the carbon percentage, the more it will cost.

On the other hand, today, you will have countless brands and choices, but you need to go with a premium brand if you want to enhance your game. The premium brands provide more durable and impactful hockey sticks that can enhance your game.

Although you can purchase any basic wooden or fiberglass-based field hockey stick during the initial level to learn the basics.

Top 10 field hockey sticks 2020

1. TK Synergy S4

The Synergy S4 is one of the prominent choices for elite level players. It offers enhanced control, best aerial aid, and come with TK brands scoop technology. The shape of the hockey stick provides more control, and the bow is closer to the head for creating sharper angles and drag force.



• It comes with 25mm bow size.

• It has 50 percent carbon and 10 percent aramid composition.

• It comes with scoop technology and enhanced ball control.

2. Adidas V24 Carbon Composite Field Hockey Stick

The V24 carbon composite filed hockey stick is yet another best choice for Adidas lovers. It is highly durable with dual rod technology to prevent vibration and shock while shot-making. The carbon composition offers light-weight quality that makes a player move faster on the court. Overall, it is a must-have choice for the initial level players.



• Highly shock absorbent

• Comes with J toe shape

• Control bow shape

• Dual rod internal carbon foam

3. STX field hockey stallion

It is a multi-purpose field hockey stick that can be used by all level players. The STX stick is designed to offer maxi toe shape for better control over the hit, bow shape for a more comfortable strike, and fiberglass composition for the power enhancement. In short, it is a prominent choice from beginner to advanced level players.



• Maxi Toe shape design

• 100 percent fiberglass composition

• Light-weight stick (440g)

• Versatile bow shape

4. Grays Jumbo composite field hockey stick

The Grays Jumbo composite field hockey stick is one of the popular hockey sticks among the players. The latest graphene technology showcases an astonishing combination of shock-absorbing and energy transfer technology while striking the ball.

The field hockey stick offers an integrated combination of carbon, aramid, and resin system of graphene. The hockey stick comes with a maxi shape head and a stiff blade profile for higher durability and strength.



• Octagonal energy reduction technology for the handle

• 200mm curve

• AR zone heel protection

• Aramid and carbon composition

• Low backhand zone

5. Princess 7-star low bow field hockey stick

The 7-star princess low bow field hockey stick is probably the best armor from the Princess brand. It is made of 100 percent carbon composition that means higher power rating and stiffer stick. It comes with a low curve design that enhances speed and light-weight quality (550g). Overall, it is a prominent field hockey stick that deserves to be listed in the top 10 list of best hockey sticks.



• 100 percent carbon composition

• Low curve design

• Maxi Toe shape

• 550g light-weight

• bow size

6. Mazon Black Magic V5

Mazon is one of the famous brands in the Australian hockey sport. It comes with immense hitting power with a torsion stability rating (TSR) of 9. The hockey stick is made of Carbon 95 percent and Kevlar 5 percent. It offers some great technologies like the Traction control zone, Tomahawk zone, Reduced vibration system, and, last but not least, the Kevlar duro zone for greater durability.



• Open maxi head

• Bow varies from 19 and 24mm

• Weight between 515 to 570g, depending on size

• Composition- carbon 95 percent, aramid 5 percent

7. Grays GX10000

Grays Gx10000 has become one of the most prominent choices among professional players. The field hockey stick is extremely light-weight and has a great balance point that makes it a super stick for ball handling.



• Super control

• An excellent light-weight stick with Jumbow design

• Composition- 90 percent carbon and 10 percent of aramid.

8. STX Surgeon Field Hockey Stick

The STX surgeon series of field hockey sticks is probably among the prominent choices of advanced players. The series is solely designed for the attacking players with extreme light-weight quality and 50 percent carbon composition for the greater power. Overall, it is the best hockey stick for forwards.



• Composition- 50 percent carbon, 45 percent fiberglass, and 5 percent aramid.

• Late bow design

• Maxi tow shape

9. Malik Platinum Field Hockey Stick

It is one of the best field hockey sticks for offensive forwards and drag-flicker players. This best U hook shape stick allows you to enhance your 3D skills. Overall, the Malik Platinum field hockey stick is truly a superb choice for the players when it comes to sweeping and hitting.



• Composition- 80 percent carbon, 15 percent fiberglass, and 5 percent aramid.

• Multi-curve and low bow of 24.5 inch

10. Grays GX7000

The Grays Gx7000 is one of the destructive weapons on the hockey ground. The Gx700 is still the first choice of many international players while walking on the field. It is extremely powerful due to its composition and construction design. For us, it would be the top contender of the top 10 list.



• Composition- Carbon 80 percent and Aramid 20 percent

• Maxis head shape

• Traction hi-soft grip

• Standard bow

• Light-weight


The mentioned field hockey sticks dont not only offer premium features but also compliment the game skills of players from beginner to elite. So, these were the best field hockey sticks in 2020 that are truly best for the game, and you must consider these while going for a buy.

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Chess has always been regarded as the best strategic board game to improve the cognitive abilities. However, the games academic advantages are also noticeable. You can find a range of studies supporting the statement that chess training boosts memory, improves numerical and spatial skills.

Chess also increases problem-solving ability by sharpening your mind and enhances reasoning skills. Worldwide, most of the schools are promoting this extremely enjoyable game to increase academic results.


Playing chess has also been seen as consistently increasing brain IQ. Students get a better ranking in their examinations. Altogether, Chess Board game is a simple way to show children how to consider and solve a varied and ever-changing spectrum of challenges.

Similarly, the United States has also started accepting that chess genuinely boosts academic performance. But what is the strong evidence that proves the chess game is the best? To what extent all these theories are genuine? We will discuss it all here.

Chess around the globe

Chess is a classic board game that was discovered more than 1500 years ago in India, and since that time, the chessboard in India is quite popular. Inscribed in history, Indian rulers requested their wise men to discover a way for their children that sharpen their minds and make them better thinkers so that they could conquer on the battlefield with their intellect. The outcome was "Chess." Later, with the passage of time, chess became famous worldwide.

For a long time, this game was seen as the most effective way for children to boost their mental abilities, memory, concentration power, and analytical abilities. However, it was not enough. Over time several studies came ahead to demonstrate the authenticity of chess.

Modern studies have been trying to uncover the link between academic performance and chess. Similarly, in 2000, Smith and Cages seminal research indicated that students obtaining chess board training ranked considerably higher during their academics.

At the same time, many studies, all across the nations, such as the United States and Canada, accepted that the chess game leads to better grades by enhancing academic performance.

Playing chess improves memory

There was research by Robert Ferguson, who deeply studied the impact of "Chess." It revealed some fantastic statements about the game. In his research, Robert took fourteen 6th graders to provide them with chess lessons to check their memorizing capabilities. Students played chess daily for a year.


In the end, with the help of the "memory subtest from California Achievement Test battery," the results revealed that students who played chess daily had developed their memory power more effectively as compared to the general population.

However, many researchers later stepped forward to find reality, but at last, got the same results. Chess study genuinely improves memory, whichs a good sign for better academic performance.

Chess exercises both sides of the brain.

Although its the best thing about the chess game that the students brain is challenged. He/she always finds it difficult to play, but at the same time, more thrilling and engaging too. While playing chess, logic works the best; therefore, during this, youll be using both sides of the brain that enhance concentrative ability.

According to the German study, while playing the game, chess players utilize both sides of their brain to identify geometric shapes and chess positions, and it also works as a better exercise for the brain.

Thats why people of all ages enjoy the chess board game. It can, therefore, be an integral part of your brains health, and can keep your intellect power healthier for life long!

Critical Thinking Skills and Creativity

One of the key objectives behind education is to speed up students logical and thinking skills. The chess game is an ideal resource for promoting logical reasoning since while playing, a player develops an offensive or defensive strategy. To do so efficiently, the player always stays focused on the outcomes of a specific action.

Simultaneously, one begins to grasp other acts and predict the consequences. The players create a big picture in their mind and underline an effective solution-pattern in the context to apply in the game or related situations. However, in this way, students develop unique insights into far-ranging results.

A chess player never prefers to come across the decision too soon. They start to employ the same strategy in the real-life. It proves to be an excellent exercise for players in developing intellectual insight.

Chess trainings efficacy has been assessed through a new meta-analysis published in 2016 by Sala and Gobet. The meta-analysis shows that Chess influence tends to increase primary & middle school students performance in mathematics and enhance their cognitive ability.

Math and Science

It has been proved that those players who start learning chess game at an early age increased their performance in the most logical subjects, mathematics and science. However, the reason is also self-evident, since chess boosts your problem solving, critical thinking power, evaluation, and planning. Hence, a student obtains instant results.

Research indicated that students who play chess instantly understand concepts and better correlate them with cognitive patterns. In short words, it connects the symbolic equations with understandings. A chessboard game is more like a large puzzle that has to be solved and resolved at each step because the game is continually changing, and an opponent takes a new turn as the game becomes tougher. In 1992 according to a study (New Brunswick), around 450 students from fifth-grade were divided into three groups.

In the study, group A continued with their traditional mathematic curriculum. Similarly, group B, along with chess instructions, supplemented the math, but group C started the chess from the very first grade. The results were unbelievable. Grades of group C scaled up to 81.2 percent from 62 percent on a standardized test and outperformed group A by 21.46 percent.


In India, this game has also been popular for long as it appears to be the most excellent alternative for statistical achievement. For instance- in chess, one stays more focused on problem-solving skills and memorizing figures and storing them in mind for long. It speeds up the reading ability; thats why its considered best to practice during academic preparation.

However, those children who play chess have also seen with improved reading and understanding skills. Chessboard game allows players to interpret principles and better cognize the topic with great intellectual. Altogether, it supports improved visualization or interpretative skills to the player while reading.

Improved Concentration and Memory

To win the chess board game , a player always requires to stay focused. This demonstrates the players capacity to develop visual awareness, attention span, as well as spatial-reasoning. A player starts to concentrate solely on his / her goal. For instance- youll be capturing the King of the enemy while protecting your own.

As the students concentration level grows, memorizing preceding steps and taking strategic actions becomes easier. Similarly, both concentration and cognitive flexibility grow as the student better visualizes the sequence of actions and achieve his/her goal.

In light of the fact, before commencing the match first, chess players frequently analyze details for several hours. Hence, theres nothing wrong with saying that chess genuinely boosts the focus ability of a student. Accordingly, research carried out on students with ADHD improved their memory and concentration power after undergoing chess training twice per week.

Work Ethic and Life Lessons

Chess game helps students in becoming hardworking as it keeps them attentive for all time while playing the game. Children learn how to win more and more games by practising and grasping the strategies after defeat while playing with opponents. Chess game delivers the players instant feedback.

Similarly, he/she understands the most critical points. “Lose your focus — lose one piece" that also provides them with a perfect example in real-life while performing in academics. Students learn better about persistence, along with patience, and ultimately come across the right decision. Practising chess periodically also helps improve the childs self-confidence too.

Bottom line

Researchers have been studying the impact of playing chess game on the brain over the last couple of decades. Extensive research has been conducted, and even the results have shown that chess is genuinely beneficial for cognitive ability development.

And yes, such claims may seem not to be that real, but its true. According to a report named "Chess And Standard Test Scores,"- kids who took chess lessons at their early age (e.g., high school) performed well in school exams than children who did not take any chess lessons.

The research examined forty primary school students from the Netherlands. In conclusion, the research found significant disparities in school tests. Children who played chess board games and children who didnt play chess comparatively failed to perform well.

So, yes, chess isnt just popular in India, but worldwide, people believe in the power of it as it undoubtedly enhances academic performance. Therefore, if you or your children havent yet started playing this fantastic board game, then you must start playing it from right now!

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