Badminton footwork is an important element which determines the contact point, shot stability and timing. If while playing, players shoes fail to take him/her to the contact point effectively, then the quality and placement of the hit would be at stake, resulting in a bad defence or attack shot.

Badminton Shoes are specifically made for playing badminton, which mostly provide excellent grip, better side support and are very light. Other shoes which you wear normally might be okay, if you play badminton just for fun, but for competitive playing that involves more high-speed shots and direction changes, paucity of side support and grip drag downs the players performance and also it might be very unsafe, and result into injuries. Out of all the other choices, experts say that running shoes are unfavourable to use in general, as they do not offer proper side support, and are very slippery for indoor floors. Also, there are many clubs that would not even grant you to get to the court, till the time your shoes are not appropriate for it.

Badminton shoes are slightly more pricey, but in the long run if you have plans to play badminton at competitive level or want to take proper training then its worth taking badminton shoes only. These shoes would improve your game, and more importantly, guard you from injuries. But you must make sure that while buying badminton shoe you should check all the features that would be required like its sole, its comfort, weight, anti-slippery, provide stability and value for money.

Well, Yonex Badminton shoes have all these features. Lets know about them and see the difference between their best two shoes:


1) Yonex Eclipsion Z- Yonex is one of best brand players opt for as its products are reliable and very comfortable. These shoes provide amazing fit and stability to the players while playing. These shoes provide a sense of confidence because of the weight and the highest stability that it provides. In these shoes, there is an added elastic resin provided especially to provide power cushioning, as well as they maintains the lightweight properties.

The shoe also has high shock absorption feature which protects your foot from any injury. It has been designed in such a way that it provides optimum depth and spacing and is made in a lattice pattern.

The new cushioning and the boasts of these shoes are 28% more shock absorbent and 62% more repulsive. There is one graphite plate inserted beneath the middle portion of it so that it can enhance stability and reduce the weight of the shoe. This shoe also provides complete comfort to your toe as well as it is made in such a way that it cuts down the pressure on your big toe and provides good support to the mid-foot and heel to give it a stable fit. Everything about these shoes is great: the insole construction of them provides a secure contact between the foot and shoe which reduces the energy wastage by giving an improved fit.

The round sole of the shoe is made to offer all-around foothold for smooth and quick footwork. The sole ensures better movements and transfer of all energy possible. The hexa grip of these badminton shoes provide 3% extra grip and is 20% lighter than the standard sole, not only this hexa grip offers agile and stable footwork. So, these shoes provide a snug fit for better control, grip and support. Consequently, these shoes are perfect fit for you and value for money as they provide all the required features. You can buy them if they fit all your requirements.

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2) Yonex Eclipsion X- These are another one of the best badminton shoes by Yonex, lets see what features these shoes have. Players just need to get ready to get victory with the Yonex Eclipsion X badminton shoes. These shoes are made on the pillars of repulsion, shock absorption and stability. They provide premium footwork to all the badminton players who take this game seriously and want to play tournaments. As compared to the conventional type of badminton shoes, the middle to heel portion at the insole is made in such a way that it provides a better fit between the foot and the shoe. These shoes are remarkably designed to provide extra comfort to the players. These shoes offer very good spacing and depth to give resilience.

They come in a different variety of bright beautiful colours which allures many players. These shoes have always been in demand because of the endurance and comfortable fit they provide. The good thing about these shoes is that they have high shock absorption feature so if you are playing quick shots, your foot would not hurt. They are so agile and provide utmost stability, all thanks to the hexa grip in them.


Yonex Eclipsion X provides all-around support so that you can be more quick and prompt, along with offering good cushioning. The new power cushion in these shoes is very light in weight and can bear any sort of weather conditions. The best role of the shoes is its grip which these shoes provide immensely, so that you do not slip away while playing quick shots. They are designed in such a way that there is no pressure on the toe and it gets full support and fit.

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So, this was about both the shoes and their excellent features. Now lets discuss the differences between the two, so that it becomes easier for you to decide which one to buy-


Well the major difference in the shoes is about inner bootie which Yonex Eclipsion X provides for flexibility and comfort. A player should try and opt for shoes which have an inner bootie. As inner booties plays a major role in shoes, those shoes are very easy to manage and because they are of high quality mostly they are very easy to maintain. Inner booties give a very stylish look to the shoes and players get more attracted to them. Inner bootie shoes are always preferred by the players as they know how it feels like wearing them and what is the difference between wearing Yonex Eclipse X and normal shoes. Yes, they are slightly expensive, however they are worth it and are complete value for money. But there is one disadvantage of inner booties that after a period of time they lose their proper fitting which is needed. In short, we can say that they are not very durable.



Shoe closing system is very important for players. So, in Yonex Eclipsion X the shoe closing system is very comfortable as many footwear manufacturers have paid attention on this. As there are many people who do not like to tie laces, so many alternatives were invented like velcro, clutch reel technology, no tie elastic system, etc. to make it more endurable for the players whereas there is no shoe closing system in Yonex Eclipsion Z. Still, there are many people who like the same traditional look and feel of the badminton shoes with laces only.


The other difference is of cushioning. In Yonex Eclipsion Z, they have power plus cushioning which is better than the Yonex Eclipsion X, which provide better comfort and grip. Your foot would get a better shape and would feel agile and stable in these types of shoes. But, one should never compromise on cushioning and comfort of the shoe, as they are the primary things one looks for when buying badminton shoes. Well, Yonex is well known for providing cushy and reliable products. Both of them have very good cushioning but Yonex Eclipsion Z has been preferred over X in cushioning because of the new advanced technology used to make it.

So after playing the complete day, the players foot do not hurt and they do not feel tired because of the shoe. As they are also very light in weight and give comfort to the players complete foot including toes, the inner part and ankle too. These shoes were specifically made after taking players reviews and feedback.

While selecting a badminton shoe, you compare usually speed and stability. So, it is completely up to you which one do you prefer according to your requirements. But make sure that you take an informed decision as these shoes are very expensive and one cannot buy them again and again. Thus, choose the best after taking all the points in consideration.


Yonex, the renowned Badminton Rackets manufacturing company of Japan, introduced Yonex Astrox 99 after Astrox 88D and Astrox 88S which were the high end products of them. Endorsed by two leading names of world of badminton, lnd Lee Chong Wei and new World number 1 and recent World Champion, Kento Momota, it is designed for professional badminton players to give more power to their attack .

) Yonex Astrox 99 offers advanced players a racket with newest technology and power to sharpen the attacking instinct to another level. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the most powerful racket of ASTROX Series and is claimed to be apt for both singles and doubles.


Let’s go over the looks:

It is smart badminton with eventual good look, painted in half orange and half black with gold decals. It’s shiny finishing and vibrant colour combination makes it a delight to own. Its design and colour combination seems to have been inspired from our solar system. Orange colour in Badminton Racket ASTROX 99 is the power and energy of sun and black colour symbolises the darkness of the space in our solar system. The colour signifies the flares of sun that is emitted by it. Such a powerful racket confirms power packed performance utterly.

It’s hitting time:

If you have used previously 88D and 88 S, you wouldn’t feel much difference between Astrox 99 and 88D. You will get similar kind of feel too if you go on flex and head heavy features.

. Its composition and their results

It is made up of new-fangled dimension graphite material called Namd that abide graphite fibres and resin finely with the nanomaterial. The use of nanomaterials with resin is quite common in a powerful racket as it attaches graphite fibres easily , but with the addition of Namd, the adhesion between nanomaterials and graphite fibres have made it rock solid. It resulted in major upgradation and produced a flex shaft and stores energy facilitating force full impact on shuttle.

Let’s analyse its performance

The Yonex Astrox 99 gives you some different and unique feel altogether. The weight seems to be even all over, despite of it being a stiff flexed and having head heavy racket. You can feel the difference on holding it but it may be little tough to point the difference exactly. You may find little difference in its smoothness and sleek body in comparison to other products of same brand, but while delivering shots you can observe and get amuse with the performance of head in overhead shots.

On a clear hitting, it renders nice brittle shot on comparing with that 88 S delivers. Players need to be technically right and highly practised to deliver the unbeatable shot that cannot be responded by player playing against you. Despite of the heavy head weight, it really makes you think why you are not tired of playing after really long.

. It facilitates good delivery and you will feel the strength of shuttle on the string bed. The solid smash is confirmed but you need right wind. You will also enjoy strong mid- court hitting without getting tired due to fatigue. It is a mind-boggling performer with easy flat drives and swing. Mid-court hitting of it too is strong without a problem- such as fatigue. This is a solid performer, playing easy flat drives; changing direction too is not a big deal. It makes easy to control the push shots around net area and beyond.

Net area

You will enjoy the sense of the net shot on the string bed giving good remark on net. Push shot, flicks can be comfortably and easily delivered by it while the head weight allows solid strike to net kill.


Few have given their reviews about Astrox 99 that it is little slow-moving or slothful in comparison to 88’s I think it’s the wrong word, although you would agree it doesn’t feel as quick as the 88’s.

You may find it thick from the frame that gives the idea of it little slow. Along with giving fruitful results in attacking approach, it is going to perform really well while defending too but the user needs to be rightly trained. But it seems that to have been made for a specific market only i.e. professional or advanced players.


• Endorsed by Lee Chong Wei

• Level : advanced or professionals

• Frame Weight: 4U 83g (3.1oz)

• Flex: stiff

• Balance: Head heavy

• Type- attacking / offensive

• Head Shape: Isometric

• Length: 27” (686mm)

• Flex: Stiff

• Strung with 65 Ti string

• String Tension: 4U 20-28lbs

• Grip: Yonex PU grip

• Grip Size: 4U4

• Cover: Yonex Full Cover

• Grip: G5 ( 3-1/4 inches )

• Shaft constituents- H.M. Graphite/Namd

• Frame concerto- H.M. Graphite /Nanometric/NAMD/ Tungsten

• String: Yonex BG-65 ( Custom Strung) / Upgrade available.




Yonex 99 badminton racket has been designed to eradicate the uncomfortable vibration by adding shock absorbing element into its frame. It aids players to have better controlled shots by making it more comfy. . NEW BUILT-IN T-JOINT

To enable players to improve their performance, T joint too is made better. It is made feeble or light weight by using an epoxy resin substance that boosts the constancy of the shuttle on the string bed and through the air.


In order to add more power and speed to hits, AERO+BOX Frame technology is used. It reduces air resistance and confirms quicker swing to players, eventually increasing the head speed. NANOMETRIC With new technology called NANOALLOYTM, Yonex has manufactured world-shattering light weight racket; also having good control and great head speed. The most recent technology has facilitated outstanding bonding strength between the carbon fibres. It took the racket shaft structure to better rank. In comparison to other series of rackets, the carbon content in the shaft is reduced thereby making it 60 % thinner.


The Rotational Generator system, installed on the teachings of theory of counter balance facilitates players in even and quality shots. The Badminton racket’s weight is even all round the grid end, at top of the frame and at the joint giving good control to player.

Yonex_Astrox99_Racket_Technology_khelmart2 NEW GROMMET PATTERN

The grommet hole construction confirms high- performance via stringing patterns.


The slimmest racket ever produced by YONEX vastly reduces air resistance whilst providing maximum feel.


Yonex 99 is made with the use of Namd technology that blends brilliant flex and quick frame snapback. It flourishes proper grip to the ball and hit forcefully with attacking twirl. It has increased the degree of spin and power with the combination of soft as well as hard frame traits with tough shaft.


Latest Full Frame Namd is a modern design used in ASTROX series earlier presented only in the shaft. In ASTROX 99, it is used in the complete frame and it multiplies the contact duration between shuttle and string bed. It assures maximum power productivity on returns of racket to its original position during flex.


To give more flex to shaft, the new energy boost cap is installed and it ensures the greatest effect of “Namd’’ and make stable the racket face by restraining the shaft from twisting. It also enhances overall control.


Astrox 99 is positively one more outstanding product from Yonex, although somewhere it is felt that it would be more handy for players competing in singles than in doubles.

RRP on Astrox 99 is £195 but retailers are offering it on discounted price approximately around £175 which is no lesser money to spend on a racket. The highest suggested tension is 28lbs which is definitely less expected from a world class racket made especially for professionals as high end racket of this type is expected to register 30lbs tension.

Yonex ASTROX 99 is not only a top range racket by Yonex but is giving good run for money to other leading international racket brands. It has turned out to be good seller for Yonex despite of its high price tags. But to be able to enjoy its high productivity that it assures, one should be capable of using it in correct manner as it requires players to be technically right and trained.

Reviews all around on Yonex Astrox 99 have been an inspiration and appreciation for Yonex and so do I appreciate this magical addition to series of Astrox. I would conclude my review by giving 4.75 ratings out of 5, as some marks should be deducted to get better one and encourage the leading manufacturers of Badminton Racket with more advanced technology.


When you are planning to purchase a badminton racket whether it is for fun like playing with your friends or buying it professional badminton racket , electing the best badminton racket available in the market should be the main aim. This will help you not only in enjoying the sport but would also keep you protected from any kind of shoulder or wrist cramp.

Selecting the right or best badminton racket for yourself is mostly daunting initially. As there is a big range of rackets available in the market of various brands to select from, it can be very painful to understand where to begin. There are many things one should check before buying a badminton racket such as durability, comfort, grip, quality, weight, colour preference, etc. Hence, the best badminton racket is the one which suits the purpose wholly and has complete value for money.

The decision of buying a racket can become slightly easy by asking these two key questions to yourself; what sort of balance the racket provides and how much flexible the shaft of the racket is. Well, many brands have rackets which procure to each amalgam of these elements, and you could then refine through them based on the price and other requirements.

In this article, we have highlighted the 10 best badminton rackets according to the brands and under 2000. With the help of it, you would be able to make a better buying decision-

1) Thrax Rapid z 105-

THRAX_RAPID_Z_105_BADMINTON_RACKET_1.jpg This is one of the trusted brands in badminton rackets. It is suitable for the beginners and for attacking game style. It is a strung racket which is known for its strength. Talking about its shaft material first, it is composed of high impact strength graphite material. The carbon composite allows the weight distribution and frame material of the racket. This racket weighs 90 grams having a flexible shaft along with head heavy balance. Thrax rapid z 105 is also known for its good balance and aerodynamic head shape. The beginners playing style in terms of the strokes to their opponents shots is like a lean attack which makes this racket a perfect racket for beginners. It is of green and orange colour, which makes it look fabulous.

2) Yonex Arcsaber light 15i-

YONEX_ARCSABER_LIGHT_15i_BADMINTON_RACKET_2.jpg This badminton racket is suitable for aggressive players who believe in attacking. It is launched by Yonex in voltric series, ideal for both seniors and juniors. It has an extra stiff shaft which gives maximum power on smashes. The racket weighs 85 grams having a G5 grip size of 3 inches. The shaft and strings are made up of high modulus Graphite. Its isometric square head shape gives it a superlative look and makes this racket a high power level product. Moreover, this racket withstands higher tension than any other rackets that is up to 35 lbs. The cover of this racket in including in its price.

3) Li Ning G Force 2200i-

LINING_G_FORCE_2200i_BADMINTON_RACKET_3.jpg This badminton racket is equipped with the latest Li Ning technologies like High tensile slim shaft and Aerotec beam system. It has soft flexibility and comes along with its cover. It has an average weight of 87 grams and S2 is its grip size. It endures the tension of 26-29 lbs and is manufactured with excessive low air resistance and high intensity to make the performance of the players much better than before.

Due to the aerodynamic design, the racket easily fits into different players hands. It is made up of ultra strong material and has an optimum rigidity. Its ultra-rigid carbon fibres provide it more strength, make it sustainable for more string attention and the risk of frame deformation reduces.

4) Victor Arrow Power 6000-

VICTOR_ARROW_POWER_6000_BADMINTON_RACKET_4.jpg This Badminton Racket is ideal for badminton players with a forte of an all-around style of playing. It is made with the NANO TEC technology which evenly circulates nano-sized particles in the empty space between the carbon fibre bundles. This racket immensely increases the full rigidity of the carbon composite fibres, and lessens the bend of the frame.

It is elliptically-shaped which helps in decreasing the air resistance, maximizes control, provides higher anti-torque, and greatly increases the speed of returning shots. The power frame constructions benefit to reinforce and strengthen the frame and also provide power during smashing. The racket is a must to own because of the stiffness that it provides, the grip that it gives and also it is not that expensive as it gives all the required features to a player.

5) Apacs Finapi 232-

APACS_FINAPI_232_BADMINTON_RACKET_5.jpg Professional badminton players usually use this racket as it is known for delivering great hits. This racquet is made of isometric head shape along with unstrung elements. The string tension of this badminton racket is about 38 lbs that aids in delivering great and clean shots. The length of this racket is around 675 mm and it weighs somewhere between 84 to 86 gms.

The G1 grip size of this racket helps in excellent control of it while hitting the shots. The racket has a wide aero body type head, the shaft and the frame are constructed using good Hi modulus graphite material. The flex which is used is medium stiff and is greatly suited to play defensive shots aptly.

6) Yonex Nanoray Light 11i-

YONEX_NANORAY_LIGHT_11i_BADMINTON_RACKET_6.jpg This series of badminton racket was developed in Japan and made in China. This is the recent head-light series launched by Yonex. The Nanoray gives the player a rapid and controlled swing with improved repulsion through the new aero frame. Nanoray is constructed for the players who force their foes into the backside of the court with great speed.

The top of the frame sides is very thin which aids in minimizing air resistance for extreme head speed, on the contrary, the thicker side at the bottom of the rackets head produce maximum revolt through enhanced frame stiffness. This racket comes among the most affordable choices of badminton rackets with added benefits. This is a great combination of agility and grip and it also brings stiffness and increased speed to your new racket.

7) Carlton PowerBlade 8700-

CARLTON_POWER_BLADE_8700_BADMINTON_RACKET_7.jpg This badminton racket offers an excellently balanced advent to the on-court performance. Carlton Blade Power8700 racket is designed with an Isometric head shape for better power potential. Along with it, there is a maximised sweet-spot for better play. It weighs around 85-89 gms, thus it gives faster strokes, and provides proper flex for great playability. The frame of this racket is acutely balanced and is made from graphite for improved durability.

Not only this, the racquet comes properly fixed with Carltons factory synthetic strings, which can support maximum tension up to 30lbs. Additionally, the unique thing about it is that it comes with a 3/4 head cover to make sure good storage between use. The material from which it is made is more light than the traditional rackets which makes the feel of playing better and shuns the shoulder pains caused about by the heavy rackets.

8) Lining G Force 1000i-

LINING_G_FORCE_1000i_BADMINTON_RACKET_8.jpg This badminton racket has a rigid shaft and the head shape of it is isometric which helps the players to hit the shots easily. The head of the racket is very light which eases the players to play it with forehand and backhand both, without any struggle. The frame of it is designed from ultra-carbon fibre, and the shaft of it is made from carbon graphite.

The G2 PVC grip of this racket gives a soft yet good hold on the racket. The weight of it is about 88 g and the string tension ranges from 22 to 28 lbs. You will for sure enjoy playing the game because of the comfort provided by the Li Ning G rackets. This racket is made up of embossed grip which wont easily come unravelled. So, do not miss it and buy one without a second thought.

9) Thrax Streak X 102-

THRAX_STREAK_X_102_BADMINTON_RACKET_9.jpg Thrax is a well-known brand which provides the best quality rackets one can own. This model of racket is made up of Japanese high modules graphite which makes it really durable and ensures better performance. The rackets are very light in weight and are tightly strung plus embossed with an excellent grip which would not slide easily. All these elements of this badminton racket would help you in enjoying the game.

It has isometric head shape for an enlarged sweet spot. Also, enhanced graphites have been used to make this racket which provides maximum string tension up to 30. The racket lining of this badminton racket is really stiff which makes it more long-lasting. It grants the players to send perfect and accurate return hit each time the shuttle comes in contact with the shaft. So, Thrax is providing you with all the features of an ideal racket in the best price.

10) Yonex Nanoray 7-

YONEX_NANORAY_7_BADMINTON_RACKET_10.jpg This product is well known for its colour. It comes in vibrant colours which makes it look different from others. This is new launch from Yonex which is made of nanomesh plus carbon nanotube. There is a unique structural material inserted in the frame and shaft of the nano ray range. It significantly enhances repulsion power, stiffness and impacts the strength within the Yonex Nanoray 7 racket.

By infusing carbon nanotube with resin, the molecules make a mesh-like design which gives a head-light racquet, improved strength, sharper drive shots and fasters handling in Nanoray 7.

These were the best 10 rackets under 2000 and they were selected after the reviews from the players and the experts. So consider all the points and requirements before choosing the best badminton racket for yourself. As this is the main thing needed for the game!


Badminton is a sport which can be played in a home and in enjoyment setting as well as it is played as a professional game. This is only viable by using one of the best badminton rackets. Owning a great badminton racket is one of the strong factors you can have to be able to revel in and win if it is a competition. Playing badminton does not only help you to ease off but also benefits you same as doing exercise and keeps you fit.

Regardless of the place you are playing the game- whether at home or in a tournament, no other gear is as crucial to the game more than the racket. Badminton Rackets differ in shape, colour, size, weight, and strength of mesh.

Hence, here in this article we will help you to understand various brands of the rackets in the market nowadays, along with their specification, features, performance and pros and cons. Therefore, enabling you to select the best quality badminton rackets to ensemble your precise requirements!

Some of the best are listed below:

1) Thrax Furious Xm10-

THRAX_FURIOUS_XM_10_BADMINTON_RACKET_1.jpg The rackets of this brand are well known for their feather-like weight, since the weight of Thrax Furious Xm10 badminton racket is just 72gms. The frame of these rackets is fabulous. It is made up of Japanese high module graphite. It also has a lean attack frame cross section for improved aerodynamics. The better the frame, the more is the swing speed. Same is the case with this racket. It provides really good swing speed which the expert players need.

To provide better strength and perfect stiffness, it has refined reign. Its enhanced graphite gives maximum string tension which is up to 30 lbs. The great thing about these rackets is that they have high tensile and impact resistant slim shaft. This is a full graphite racket with a head heavy configuration which makes it more durable. Not only this, it has improved grommets pattern for refined string movements.

2) Yonex Voltric 2DG-

YONEX_VOLTRIC_2_DG_BADMINTON_RACKET_2.jpg This badminton racket is constructed from super high elasticity modulus graphite, which enables it to withstand more tension than any other rackets. It is for the first time, Yonex has made a racket with increased tension up to 35 lbs. Bringing great power and fast racquet handling, Voltric is the best racket for players looking for exceptional all-round conduct. Voltrics excellent Voltage System benefits to achieve the infusion of heavy smashes and fast racquet handling, both.

The frame is made up of superior material due to which it provides ultra-high strength and stiffness. The control support cap of the racket offers an 88% wider flat surface as compared with the ordinary rackets for better gripping, fast follow-through and the stunning manoeuvrability. The solid racket structure which is at the top of the frame, enables the head of the racket to bend in a controlled manner, and hold the shuttles on the string bed for more duration.

3) Li Ning G Force 1800i-

LINING_G_FORCE_POWER_1800_I_BADMINTON_RACKET_3.jpg This racket is the best choice for players with great skill sets as well as is excellent for PLAY BALANCED badminton players. It is made up of high carbon graphite which ensures a proper balance between a shaft and the weight. The wing stabilizer of LI Ning G Force 1800i helps players to deliver better net play or the power strokes. It would not matter whether you are playing a fiery attack or a solid defence.

This racket is made for unrivalled swiftness along with carbon fibre. Made for defending and especially for amateur players, this design of this racket has an attractive eye-catching styling, which would make your racket look different from others on the court.

4) Victor brave sword 1300-

VICTOR_BRAVE_SWORD_1300_BADMINTON_RACKET_4.jpg These Badminton Rackets have their head and flexible shaft both designed from superior quality graphite and resin. The shaft of it is 7.0 long. The isometric head of it gives a large surface area for shots and distributes the same amount of force all around the frame. Victor brave racquets use advanced technology to lessen air resistance for good stability.

The design of the cuts is diamond shaped which helps in better resistance from the air. The rackets have a medium string tension of around 22-24lbs and a length of 675mm. They are best suited for intermediate and experienced players both. As the rackets have a G5 grip, there is a large volume of space to hold onto them. This racket has great strength to combat a couple of games. Thus, it is worth every penny spent.

5) Apacs Z Ziggler-

APACS_Z_ZIGGLER_BADMINTON_RACKET_5.jpg Z Ziggler is made to offer you quick sharper smashes and it lets you relish the apt netting play and drop shot. The racket was designed with the advanced "Triple Speed System Frame" that combines phenomenal power and exceptional handling, and overall better hit with power and improved control. This badminton racket is made with a compact frame that enhances the speed of the swing. The racket has an extra slim shaft for more aerodynamic and lessens air resistance which makes your shot more strong and intense.

It is a moderate flex racket which delivers more power even for the beginners, as it has a sort of slingshot effect. It is a fast racket and is designed to suit power based badminton players who want to have more control or those looking to produce quick power for smashes. It is aptly balanced and a great feeling to play with, and when compared the price with the performance, it provides you with the best value for your money.

6) Yonex Nanoray Light 18i-

YONEX_NANORAY_LIGHT_18i_BADMINTON_RECKET_6.jpg This series of badminton rackets was developed in Japan and is made in China. This is a modern and superior racket that delivers quick handling and great repulsion, responding tremendously well to high-speed rallies with fast movement. Unlike the other rackets, which are constructed of aluminium or steel, it is has a one-piece design with a great connection between shaft and head.

The aero-box frames of it aid in reducing the air resistance so that air flows swiftly around the curved surface while the swing, improving head speed and transferring speed and power into your hits. In this racket, the square-shaped ISOMETRIC sort of frame shape is made to keep the vertical strings at the corresponding length and horizontal strings to generate an enlarged sweet spot in all the directions.

7) Carlton Heritage V3.0-

CARLTON_HERITAGE_V_3_0_BADMINTON_RACKET_7.jpg This is a medium flexible flex badminton racket. This racket is envisioned from a Japanese High modulus carbon for providing better quality and grip. The racket has a G1 grip and an excellent head heavy balance. The isometric shape of the head gives the players an adequate hitting area. This racket is best suited for an intermediate level of player who loves the defensive style of play.

The flexible shaft of this racket provides you added support for extra power which makes it much easy to play the game. Carlton Heritage V 3.0 has a very light weight of around 86 grams. The head of the racket is made up of 100% graphite and shaft of it is made of Japanese Carbon. The colours of the Carlton Heritage V 30 are fantastic with blue, white and silver colours. The colour trending is so good that it makes the racket look very attractive and creates more demand for it.

8) Ashaway STRIKER POWER 100-

ASHAWAY_STRIKER_POWER_100_BADMINTON_RACKET_8.jpg Ashaway striker power 100 has a contemporary, matt finish, and an amazing design. It is constructed by the striker power technology and racquet smashing skills to the top level. Its frame structure is slim which makes it best in playing for both forehand and backhand playing. It is made of very strong material.

This racquet has great rigidity to tolerate high tension for the exact and steady strokes.

Rigid carbon fibre has been used to reduce the weight and enhance strength for effortless control of the high tensile slim shaft. Hitting velocity is renovated considerably with increased stringing area and there is an upgraded bounce strength dynamic frame design which enhances racket mechanical structure for better attack and defence system. The sweet point of it extends upward and the hitting point is shifted higher.

9) Thrax Astra 78-

THRAX_ASTRA_78_BADMINTON_RACKET_9.jpg Astra series by Thrax is designed with a concept such as Thrax Lean Attack. It has very lightweight and has an isometric Head Shape. It is made up of 40T Japan Graphite and carbon nanotube. It also comprises of high impact strength tensile shaft along with excellent Octagon shaft with full graphite handle for better grip and control.

The new design in the racket gives one of the best grips. The grip has the best blend of comfort and great performance. It is an excellent balance between grips made for providing durability and endurance. The racket has been made with the best and very light material. This ensures that the player can flicker and play every hit effectively.

10) Yonex Voltric 1DG-

YONEX_VOLTRIC_1DG_BADMINTON_RACKET_10.jpg This badminton racket is isometric with an enlarged sweet spot for better distance and power. It is an extra stiff flex racket. It also has the latest TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM which helps to boost the smash energy. These rackets are one of the best professional badminton rackets in the market.

The small yet heavy head provides the player with a perfect balance of both power and grip. The racket has a higher sweet spot which enables you to smoothly adjust the racket the way you want. The thin rack of it makes it light in weight and reduces aerodynamic repulsion. Not only this, the tungsten material increases its durability and controllability.

Best badminton racket is the one which serves the purpose aptly and has its value for money. There are many shops that sell the same rackets at various prices but do not forget to check the after sales services as they do go a long way. So, do not comprise on anything while buying the perfect racket for you.


Wicket keeping gloves are a mandate for you if you aspire to become a good wicket keeper. People think that players usually wear them because the gloves are very stylish and they look very cool. But that is not the reason!

Gloves play a very crucial role while playing as they lessen the sting and pressure of the ball when it hits the bat, mainly in cold weather situation.

There are so many aspects one should check on while buying batting wicket keeping gloves as it is important to check the quality of the gloves before buying them since your hands should be protected aptly while playing. An excellent pair of wicket keeping gloves is the only thing which stands between the fast coming ball and a damaged finger. So, checking all the things before purchasing gloves is indispensable.

Listed below are the best brands of cricket batting wicket keeping gloves from which you can choose one according to your requirements:

1) Kookaburra Kahuna Players Wicket Keeping Gloves-


These gloves are one of the best gloves one can own. They are made up of Grade 1 quality material and attribute unique Kookaburra catching up along with K-flex technology. These gloves are being used by international players for more than 40 years now. They are very reliable and can bear any sort of wear and tear.

The palm of the gloves is made up of Non-stretch super flex kangaroo leather which is one of the premium leathers and its lining is done from non-stretch flex sheep leather. The palm is made with unique padding and flexes a point which gives it a perfect enclosure around the ball. The thumb of these gloves has a different setting to augment catching cup, also it has robust fibre wear patches to ends for the fingers.

2) SS Limited Edition Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves-


They are constructed from best quality supple leather palm, leather back and leather cuff. They comprise of a generous size catching pocket within. The best part about the SS Limited Edition gloves is that they have two large net inserts at the back for test level ventilation which is good if there is too much moisture in the weather. It has an excellent grade towelled lining in the cuff.

These gloves are suitable for playing at club and country level, both. They are the real leather gloves and the design of the gloves is really fantastic. Moreover, players really get attracted towards these gloves because of the styling and comfort which they provide. These gloves are waterproof and are heavy duty which makes them very durable. They provide both better performance and flexibility. One should not think twice before grabbing them.

3) Thrax Limited Edition Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves-


As the name suggests, these gloves are a limited edition made to fulfil the specialised needs of the players. These gloves are made after taking direct feedback from the players so that they can be designed in such a way that all the needs are accomplished. They are made up of premium quality customised leather. There are air mesh and have embossed fingertip reinforcement for added protection.

These gloves are not something one should miss out on. They are ideal for all types of players as they are very durable and have a perfect fit. They are very comfortable to wear and give all-round protection to your hands. The superlative thing about the gloves is that they are very easy to maintain and are very economical. So no need to wait, just order one for yourself now.

4) SG Hilite Wicket Keeping Gloves-


These gloves are really lightweight as they are made up of good quality aniline leather. The palm and the back of the gloves are covered with full leather. Also, there are mesh inserts in the gloves for better ventilation which is very beneficial when you sweat a lot or there is a lot of moisture in the weather. It comprises of a padded towel lining in the cuffs so that it gives you all day comfort.

These cricket batting wicket keeping gloves have good sized catching pockets on the palm. The base of the gloves is white in colour with a patch on it of blue and orange which makes them even more trendy and are in high demand. The gloves have a well-padded palm so that they become cushier and players feel comfortable while wearing them. The high-density foam cuff provides improved safety, better feel and more endurance.

5) Puma Evo 3 Wicket Keeping Gloves-


Puma has been always known for its style and durability and the same is with these gloves. They are designed with superior full leather back and lining for more flexibility and improved performance. It has a Hextech premium rubber grip palm for better grip. There is high-density foam in the cuff for enhanced security of the players hands.

The best part about these gloves is that they have a T webbing support between the fingers and thumb. It is PVC free and there are extra finger protection and mesh CAT panel. These gloves are a must-have for the player who is looking for something trendy and gives a better fit along with giving a long-lasting performance.

6) Adidas Libro 1.0 Cricket Wicket keeping Gloves-


These are high-quality wicket keeping gloves made with high-quality leather. The cuffs of the gloves are padded which gives them a great fit for the players. There is a reinforced finger section so that the fingers do not get injured when the ball comes in speed. It has a rubber octopus grip for great control of the ball which is very important.

The colour of the gloves is white with a blue design on them, and they look really exclusive as the design is very unique for them. They are very easy to maintain and have good sweat absorbing capacity for longer play. These gloves are also very comfortable because of the high-density foam padding.

7) SF Sapphire Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves-


These gloves are constructed from premium quality wipe cleanable PVC facing. They have unique cashmilon reinforced construction and foam filled vertical bolsters. These gloves come in multi colours unlike others which just come with restricted colour options, you can choose one according to your preference. These gloves have better ventilation and are very beneficial on a sunny day when you sweat a lot.

The palm of these gloves is fully cushioned to provide the players more comfort especially when playing a tournament. These gloves have a really good grip which is vital for a wicketkeeper along with being endurable. These gloves are always high in demand because of all these features.

8) SM Play On Series Cricket Wicket keeping Gloves-


These SM gloves are well known for their protection. They are made up of premium quality leather and the palm is gel protected for sweat protection, which soaks the sweat really fast. In these gloves, air mesh fingertip reinforcement is used for proper ventilation. These cricket batting wicket keeping gloves provide knuckle protection to the back of the hands. They have greater abrasion resistance and longevity.

A very stylish lining is one on the gloves and matching sewing is done which makes their look quite different from others. The black and orange colour of them looks really fantastic and remains in demand because of the attractive colour and design. Also, there are ventilated air mesh for better breathability and more comfort.

9) BDM Aero Dynamic Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves-


High-grade leather is used to make these gloves and also there is utilization of round web and special high tech pimple rubber in the designing, which makes the BDM Aero Dynamic gloves different from others. There is soft cushy foam which teams up with a higher grade leather palm for better feel, longevity and added endurance.

The palm of the gloves is made of great quality, so if the ball comes at high speed it would not hurt your hands and fingers. It has a great sweat absorbing capacity for longer play, as when you go for a tournament it takes a complete day, so the gloves of BDM are in that way very light in weight, comfortable, well ventilated, have a great grip and are up for all the wear and tear.

10) Spartan MSD Limited Edition Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves-


The length of these wicket keeping gloves is around 28 cm. They are appropriately padded to shield your fingers and wrist. It would be really helpful while catching balls when coming at fast speed. There is genuine aniline leather on the back of the gloves. Not only this, the gloves are fully made of leather and there is soft towelling done inside for more flexibility and moisture absorbing.

They have Octopus grip and short round cuff along with leather piping. These gloves are very easy to maintain and give you a better feel when you use them and boost your confidence as they provide you added security. They are very lightweight, which is like cherries on the cake for the players. These are the gloves you should opt for if you are seeking for something economical with all the benefits.

These were the top 10 brands of cricket wicket keeping gloves according to the reviews of the players. So while choosing these gloves make sure you do not compromise on the quality and comfort as these are the key factors which would keep your hands safe and away from injuries. Think well, consider all the options and choose the best!


Cricket batting pads are an imperative part for any cricket players protective gear. They are usually constructed of numerous different components. Each one of these lineaments provides different levels of safety, endurance and longevity reckoning on the material which is used and in some of the cases, intricacy of their designing.

There are various types of cricket batting pads available to the cricket players and its very crucial to select the ones which suit your game the most. There are logics why the prices, appearance and shape of leg guards are different. While choosing a cricket batting pad, one should make sure to check the size of it according to his requirements, the maintenance of it, its design, material and durability for added durability.

Listed below are 10 best cricket batting pads available in the market:

Kookaburra Kahuna Players-


This iconic Kahuna Player batting pad has been the pioneer of the Kookaburra range since last 14 years. Its strong profile, one of the best edges and lofty sweet spot makes it perfect for the stroke maker who wishes to take charge and lead the team by becoming an ideal example for them. It has lightweight reinforced cane rods for better protection. Also, it has a hybrid pro liner and HDF side wing to make you more secure and flexible.

It also comprises of three-piece knee roll along with vertical bolsters which give better shape retention. Also, the revolutionary Hybrid Pro Liner gives ergonomically shaped compressed light HDF Internal Bolster which increases protection & reduces the bulk.

MRF Genius Elite-


These cricket batting pads are manufactured by MRF specifically for 2 reasons that are comfort and protection. They are one of the best high end batting pads and specially customised with a blue colour to make them more stylish. They are constructed with the high-end rubber-like foam and around seven straight canes are inserted with stuffed cushion-like support to make them more comfortable and to make your leg flexible.

Once you would try these guards, you will realise that they give a featherweight feel. They come with 3 straps along with good quality velcros. They also give shin protection strip. Also, they have a PVC instep wear protection which provides more strength in challenging situations. So, without wasting any time you should opt for MRF Genius elite batting pads as they are light in weight, made from good quality material, provide extra protection and are reliable.

Thrax Proto 11 Moulded-


These are the pads one should choose if looking for extra protection as they are made up of high-density foam that would give you super augmented protection. It has a 3 piece extra padded knee boaster which is specially constructed to give extra security. The front face of it is made of PU material and is very durable and stretchable that provides long-lasting performance.

Thrax Proto 11 cricket batting pads construction is different and is very stylish along with the best thing that they use advanced material which gives a great feel. It also comprises of a premium quality strap with great strength which ensures the perfect fitting and support. The strap is made in such a way that it ensures the complacent running between the wickets. They are good enough for the advanced level of players. If you are looking for something nominal with all the qualities within, then undoubtedly Thrax Proto 11 Moulded is the best choice to opt.

Adidas Libro 1.0-


It comes with a trendy blue design with greater protection. This cricket pad has a 3 central piece cane along with high-density foam to give it a modern look. They are made in such a way that they are light in weight and give you added security as they have sculpted wings, panels and canes.

The best part about these pads is that they have single knee locator which has a height adjuster, so you can adjust it accordingly when required instead of buying a new one. It also comprises of internal TPU board for extra protection behind the vertical bolster. The high and low-density foam is combined to give better support and flexibility.

SS Gladiator-


These batting pads are made up of high-quality leather from SS sunridges. They have great density sponge along with vertical cane bolsters. They have used good quality PU outer for painless maintenance. The pads are resistant to all type of weathers, have robust piping for longevity and hard wearing instep with added padding to make them more endurable.

These fantastic pads are used by many international cricket players and are a dream of many players to buy it. They are ultra lightweight as they are made up of good quality material and just weigh 1696 grams per pair. They come with 6 vertical canes with leather covering at the back that gives them more strength. They come for both left and right-handed batsman.

SF Test Pro-


These batting pads (right handed) are ultra light MERRI skin PU Pads. They provide traditional cane safety because of the seven bar configured outer shell. The right-handed pads have foam filled padded shin bolster to provide more comfort to the players. Additionally, they provide padded and greatly shaped knee bolster and knee roll fit for making them more flexible for the players.

They comprise of high-density side wings along with the plastozote foam for making them extra cushy. The batting pad has extra forefoot padding and is very durable as it is made up of premium quality imported polyurethane. It also has extra butterfly straps for the perfect fit so that you do not have to adjust them again and again. So without a second thought, you can go for these pads as they are value for money.

SG Hilite-


Exceptionally great batting pads made with good quality imported polyurethane facing- is what that defines this pad. It also has high-density foam filled in for a traditional look, also there is added foam filled in the side wings to make it more cushy and flexible. The superlative thing about this pad is that it has extra butterfly straps which give the player a perfect fit.

It also comprises of a thermoplastic polyurethane moulded knee socket for extra security. It has a modern construction with 7cane width and mesh instep- wear resistance piping. They are waterproof and can be used in any type of weather. They are really easy to maintain and if you are looking for something traditional in a modern look with better performance, go for it.

Puma Evo Se-


This is the special Edition Batting Pad from Puma. This batting pad is designed especially for professional cricket, with a slimline, lightweight batting pad which is constructed to grip the leg because of the contoured design which allows the player to target on running quickly towards the ball. It is the best blend of featherweight and protective materials made to design this pad, such as the pre-moulded wings and internal shin guards, making it Puma superior quality batting pad ever.

They also have slimline lightweight AMBI wing great fit for both right and left-handers. These pads comprise of3D flex knee fit protection for extra comfort and traditional front panelling for best wrap fit. Not only this, it has a contoured internal shin guard along with padded Velcro straps.

Moonwalkr Cricket batting pads-


They are very uniquely designed and very attractive. They are one of the best lightweight and slimmest cricket batting pads in the world. A ballistic proof blend is used to make the product a robust character. The design of these pads is patented which ensures the best protection to all the sensitive parts of the leg such as the knee and shin part. Moonwalkr pads protect you at speeds of 160 kph.

They are 50% lighter than the traditional Leg Guards, 50% slim than a traditional Leg Guard and 15% more strength than other Leg Guards. Numerous international cricketers who usually use Moonwalkr leg guards state that it has a superb fit, is very much comfortable and offers an excellent amount of freedom.

BDM Titanium-


These are constructed for confirmed safety with the cloth cover padding and are moulded to give seamless protection. The best types of foam and fabric are used to make these by using advanced technologies. They are made under strict norms of quality in conformity with well-illustrated industry standards.

They are extremely light in weight as the pads are made from high-density PU. They have a very trendy design with a comfortable wrap around fit which makes it a must buy for players. They provide unbeatable comfort while playing and also have extra padding for the knee from the front and a knee locator in the back to give added protection to the knee.

Final words:

So take your decision wisely and before buying one please make sure you measure it from the start of your foots instep arch to the middle of your knee. At the end, when the pad rests on the top of your foot, the knee roll should be positioned over the knee.

Make sure you check all the points before buying one as it is a crucial thing while playing as nothing is more important than your safety and comfort.




No matter what type of cricket you play, either at a national level or in school or state level, etc, hands are apparently the body parts which are most prone to acute injuries. During fielding, incidents are pretty common. The maximum hand and finger damage occurs while batting when a miss-timed shot event in the ball ceases the hand across the handle of the bat. Hence, it goes without even saying that cricket batting gloves are important to provide batsmen with enough protection to avoid injury and trigger confidence.

In recent times, the limelight on the making of gloves has been clouded by what kind of material has been used on the palm of the gloves. The major part of the gloves in the market provides leather palm gloves, but there are many different varieties of leather used and the type of it banks on the price range of the glove.

For the making of junior gloves, sometimes cotton is used. But the concern with cotton palmed gloves is that they are great absorbent of sweat. That is the reason that they are utilized for batting inner gloves. Cotton damps up the sweat almost very well, making the glove muggy and heavy.

There are many types of gloves in the market, but listed below are 10 best cricket batting gloves from the best brands and manufacturers:

1) Kookaburra Kahuna Players Edition-


These beautiful cricket gloves complete the cricket kit. Without these gloves, your cricket kit is incomplete. It is an Australian Brand and its all the products are very famous and reliable. These gloves are made up of ventilated kangaroo leather palm, which means that they are of very superior quality. They also have a soft fill foam protection to provide your hands proper protection and safety.

They are highly durable, very simple to use and easy to store. Additionally, the gloves also have multi flex sections and also a quick release wrist fastener for making it easy for a player to use them. They come in white and green colour and look really superb. This colour of the gloves attracts players even more to grab one of the pairs for them.

2) New Balance DC 880-


These gloves are a must to have as they are made up of premium quality imported PU material. They focus more on protection and quality so they offer additional protection on 2 lead fingers by adding plastic inserts in them. The palm is made up of superior sheep leather to provide more comfort, making them heavy duty. 18 Mm cross line foam padding is done so that it becomes cushier and does not weigh too much.

The sweatband of the gloves is elasticated and double-sided. Another remarkable feature of contemporary batting gloves is how colourful they are. Distinct from bats, that have strict laws stating how much of the blade is granted to be taken up with the stickers. Batting gloves can be of almost any possible colour combination like in New Balance DC 880, which offers a great blend.

3) MRF Grand Edition batting gloves-


These are one of the most innovative batting gloves from MRF and are Virat Kohli first choice. They are made up of real leather and are very reliable. They do not tear from any sort of wear and tear.

MRF has high-density foam reinforced Fingers which makes the gloves more flexible and makes them more secure. The best thing about these gloves is that they has sweat absorbing wrist grip which makes the player more comfortable as they can focus on playing more. These gloves are very lightweight which add more fun to these, as heavyweight gloves create discomfort for the players. Also, it has 2 piece thumb flexibility making them more robust. They usually come with a white colour base along with a red and blue pattern which makes them look fantastic.

4) SG Hilite Batting Gloves-


These gloves have newly advanced pittards gripster performance leather palm to retain strength and better feel. These gloves also have an airflow gusset for better ventilation and both sided sweatbands for better moisture absorption and players comfort. The palm is made up from good quality leather made by Pittard. Also, there is an additional leather patch on the hard-wearing area.

These SG batting gloves also comprise of imported PU finger rolls and have lightweight HD foam finger rolls to provide more comfort to the players. It has thermoplastic polyurethane shell in the first four fingers of the bottom hand for even more protection. Overall it is one of the best cricket batting gloves to opt for as it also has nylon gusset for ventilation.

5) Thrax Reserve Edition Batting Gloves -


These gloves feature a traditional profile and provide unrivaled shielding qualities along with fiber insert and a distinctive finish with pre-bent fingers shape. They provide with a cushioning leather palm with reinforcing wear panel, thereby making the gloves more flexible and worth buying. The superlative thing about these gloves is that they have high-density lightweight foam cushioning which makes the gloves very comfortable. The upper material of the gloves is highly durable and they have stretchable PU upper which makes them more robust.

The hand straps of these are of great quality and give a very good fit for the players. If you are actually looking for something for very high protection then undoubtedly, this is something you should choose for yourself.

6) SS Gladiator Batting Gloves -


These gloves palm is made from super soft sheep leather for a snug fit and better comfort. They are very light in weight and the best Korean PU is used to cover pre-shaped plastozote fingers. Pre-bent fiber is also incorporated in two front fingers to provide the players with added security. The fiber inserts are used on top of every finger for extra protection so that if the ball comes in high speed as well, it would not hurt.

It has everything a good glove should have like it comprises of mesh gusset for better air ventilation and augmented padded palm panel. It is also embossed with wrist tab which is fitted with 50mm velcro to fit according to the need. The exclusive thing about these gloves is that they have inside towel lining to make them softer and sweat absorbent.

7) SF Triumph Batting Gloves -


These cricket batting gloves– are of superior quality and specifically made for professionals. These gloves are particularly used by international players and are very much in demand because of the qualities. It is made up of advanced perforated leather sheepskin on the back of the gloves for improved breathability and comfort. It has high-density foam in the cuff for more protection so that hands do not get hurt even in adverse conditions.

The lining of the glove is completely of leather for making it long lasting. The design of these gloves is exclusive and not common. There is multicoloured octopus rubber in palm for making it look different. It is a little expensive but dream of every player is to own it.

8) SM Limited Edition Batting Gloves –


As the name suggests, they are limited edition gloves made exclusively for ambitious cricketers. They are an unparalleled international test ergonomic model. They are particularly made for craftsmanship. Their fit is really ultimate as they are super ultra light and exquisitely layered gloves with expertise. The palms are made up of pittards leather with strengthened wear panel. Pittards retain the distinctive beauty of look and feels with great ductile strength even at the unclouded substance. Not only this, great water-repellant elements are permanently linked to each fiber and microscopic space between the fibers allow water vapour to pass easily. The wrist of the gloves is elastic and made up of towel cloth to giver better fit and comfort.

9) BDM Titanium Batting Gloves -


It is one of the top range professional choice glove. It is made up of one of the finest selected sheepskin with great flexible flaps to provide protection and comfort to professionals. These BDM Titanium gloves design is latest and very stylish. These gloves are extremely comfortable as there is fiber stick insert in the first two fingers of the bottom hand plus pre-curved raw cotton with finger design. It is filled with multi-sectional foam layer for better protection and added comfort and flexibility.

The wristband of these gloves is of good quality and is made up of towel material. They have also provided two piece thumb for comfort and flexibility to the bottom hand.

10) Adidas Pellara 2.0 Batting gloves-


These gloves have high-density foam with single section break offers which give it more anatomical fit. These gloves are a great blend of protection and flexibility. The palm is constructed with premium sheep leather for gentle feel and comfort. It offers fiber inserts on the top two fingers for added protection and security.

Not only this, it has soft comfort foam underlay back for better flexibility and endurance. These gloves constitute of lightweight premium PU fingers so that the players feel more secure and easy. As air ventilation is a must, these gloves have mesh gusset for improved air ventilation too.

Points to remember:

In most cases, putting in more money on cricket batting gloves will give you extra protection and comfort. However, if you are looking for longevity, calfskin palms would be extremely cushy but yes, they might not last more than one full season.

To maintain your cricket batting gloves, make sure that they are left to dry organically and instantly after use in a warm and dry environment. Also, try to avoid leaving the gloves in the cricket bag or in cold wet places, because the leather and other materials which are used can damage or get affected by the mold. So, think before you choose.

Comparison by Protection Level: COMPARISON_BY_PROTECTION_LEVEL.JPG

Comparison by Value for Money: COMPARISON_BY_VALUE_FOR_MONEY.JPG


Cricket Kit Bags are one of the classic ways of carrying cricket gears and equipment. Things become easy to pack because of these bags and most of the bags have heavy duty wheels for smooth rolling across the turf. Once you own all the cricket equipment, it is paramount that you shelter and transport your cricket gears in the best possible manner, and all this is achievable by the aid of a cricket kit bag. Well, most cricket kit bags have a unified particular room for your cricket bat, but many of the bags have an abundant place for keeping two bats.

There are many cricketers who have recently been preferring carrying the duffle bag at the back for transporting their cricket equipment. The duffel bags are also easy to transport and a lot of minds have gone into designing them, ensuring that they offer sufficient room for everything. Some cricket kit bags also have side pockets so that it can properly carry and transport cricket bats. A cricket kit bag alone may be sufficient for the occasional cricket players who play the odd corporate match or village friendly – the club or organization might give them the core batting gears for its players.

Check out the Best 10 Cricket Kit bags for Year 2019

Each sort of cricket bag serves a different motive. Some of the cricket bags are meant to be better for training. On the contrary, others can double-up as a standard gym bag for midweek fitness sessions. Some might have very specific uses, such as a cricket ball bag. Here are a few kit bags and you can choose one according to your requirements-

1) 2 Wheel Kit Bag-


Bags with wheels are really easy to carry as you do not have to lift the weight of the heavy cricket accessories in your hand. The 2 wheel kitbags are very easy to carry on flat terrain plus they remove the load off your shoulders. These bags also come with a pull handle for added practicality. Commonly these bags are known as wheelies, these bags are generally very large and have a big aperture to facilitate you to check around the inner part of the bag fairly easily. Additionally, if your dressing room is upstairs, 2 wheel kit bags can be very convenient to pick-up. Also you can crawl them through the slope.

2) 3 Wheel Kit Bag-


These bags are even comfier than the 2 wheel ones as they provide better balance and are easier to drag. They offer easy portability while travelling. Mostly 3 wheel kitbags are chosen when there is a lot of travelling as they are very easy to move around and there is no stress of carrying them on shoulders. These bags usually come in big sizes so that they can accommodate all your cricket pieces of equipment and gears and you do not have to carry another bag with you. The premium thing about opting these bags are the balance, portability, size, and comfort.

3) Backpack Kit Bags-


The Cricket backpack kitbags are a traditional choice constructed for the occasional players or players that do not have a lot of cricket accessories. They are also a beneficial choice for the juniors who are in habit of wearing a backpack to school. The backpacks are beneficial when you have to climb a lot of stairs as there it is not possible for you to carry the wheel bags as you would not be able to drag them there. The backpacks are light in weight and easy to carry. A premium quality backpack kitbag has many pockets which mean that you can keep your gears organized and know very well where they are when you require them. A well-organized backpack kitbag can make your life easier.

4) Team Kit Bag-


You can keep all your cricket essentials together with the help of a Team Kit Bag. These bags are designed in such a way that they have a large space which is abundant enough to carry and store a full strip, match balls, bats and other sporting accessories. They comprise of heavy duty zippers so that they can close without any obstruction and have additional pockets on both sides as they help to keep your essentials in one place. They usually come with adjustable straps which allow you to experience the most comfortable travelling. It is not for a player to carry his own stuff but this is basically for the captain who would want to carry extra things if someone in the team might need. These bags are very spacious, so arranging things in them is really simple.

5) Junior Kitbag-


These are usually for kids under 18. These bags are designed in such a way that they have room to keep stuff according to them. They are light in weight so that they can be carried around easily. Space is enough in the bags so that the users can keep all the necessary gears easily in the bag. These bags usually have the same compartments as others but they come in different fantastic colours and designs so that the kids get attracted to them.

6) Duffle Kitbag-


Cricket duffles or Cricket duffle bags have become quite popular over the last few years, as few cricketers choose to have an over shoulder bag rather than the traditional wheelie. These bags are especially good for training purpose, specifically if you do not take all of your accessories with you.

If you have a lot of cricket gears then it would be better off with a wheelie bag for you, as you wont want to put all that pressure on your back, but the duffle bag provides a highly contemporary substitute, as some stand-up duffle bags are not too disparate to stand-up wheelie bags. Shoulder straps are mostly which defines the duffle bag. It makes it stress-free to carry the bag upstairs as their weight is comparatively less than the wheelies.

7) Trolley Kit Bags-


Trolley kitbags are available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes to suit various requirements. It is available in many colours and sizes as well. The quality differs according to the sort of materials used. Few bags are made of nylon, plastic, leather and so on. The prices also vary according to the grade of materials used. Trolley kitbags make travelling effortless as they can accommodate all the stuff of a cricketer along with the equipment and clothes. These bags are very comfortable to carry and have a large space to arrange all your stuff. These bags come with a big handle to drag and a strap to pick up when required. These bags are mostly liked by the new generation cricketers as they have many pockets inside to arrange the gears accordingly.

Different Brands in Cricket Kitbags-

Well, there a lot of brands in the market which offer cricket kit bags but below are listed 4 best brands that you should consider first before checking for another brand-

? SG Kit bags-


Sanspareils Greenland is trusted in providing premium and sustainable value to all their customers, employees, business partners, and host communities. SG bats and kit bags have been used by Sunil Gavaskar and Rahul Dravid. Well, its initials also match with that of its previous user Sunil Gavaskar, though its ownership is not related to him. It is a very renowned brand among the famous cricketers. This is one of the most reliable brands that one can think of when buying any cricket gears. Their bags are made up of advanced technology to shield your gears with top shape along with multiple storage options. SG bags are a splendid complement to your cricket gears.

? Kookaburra Kit bags -


It is an Australian brand that mostly manufactures all the balls that are used for One day international and Test Cricket. The cricket bags of Kookaburra are constructed to outwear any competition. Their bags, balls, hockey sticks, etc are quality made and reliable and due to this people have full faith in their products. It was established in 1890 and since then Kookaburra has been constant about maintaining the quality of its products. The bags are such that they can withstand any sort of wear and tear during travelling, and inclement weather as well.

? Thrax Kit bags -


With a variety of different colours and up to date configurations available, their professional standard cricket bags are made for your life. They provide one of the biggest selections of cricket kit bags, apparels, and equipment. Thrax believes in providing a quality product without compromising on price. The best thing about this brand is that the products are very economical that every player can afford it and accomplish their dream of becoming a cricketer. The supreme brand uses latest technology to provide you with the best cricket bags which are durable, comfortable, spacious and are a great value for money.

? New Balance Kit bags


It is a US brand, and their focus is to drive strong sales momentum across the brand by providing superior quality, robust and reliable products. New Balance states that they have differentiated their products by working on technical features, like blended gel inserts, heel counters and a better selection of sizes, specifically for very narrow or wide widths. This is a very good brand established in 1906 and should always be thought of before buying a cricket kit bag.

? SF Kit bags


They make cricket equipment of very high standard. Their philosophy is to work on the feedback given by the users and make advanced products with the use of new technologies. They have deep knowledge of choosing the correct raw material for making the best cricket kitbag for you. They provide the best value for money as their products are eye-catching and very stylish along with being durable.

Here is everything you need to know about the types and brands of the cricket kit bags. So dont hurry, take your time and choose the best one for you which can lasts for years.


If you are a passionate sports player, then you can understand the need of sports kit bag more than anyone else can. Same is for badminton as well. To keep your Badminton equipment secure and safe, you need to have a durable and easy to lift badminton kit bag. People usually baffle a badminton racket case with a kit bag. A racket case is just to store a racket and thats it. On the contrary, badminton bag can rest your rackets, shoes, clothes and other accessories.

The most important thing to keep in mind before buying a badminton kit bag is the kind of space you require to keep your stuff. Size is an essential factor while choosing the bag as you should be sure that the bag is big enough to shelter all the accessories and equipment that you would need to carry for your game. Another meaningful thing is the flexibility and comfort of the straps while carrying the kit bag.

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Quality of a perfect Badminton Kit bag:

There is a wide range of kit bags to select from which are available in different brands, colours, designs, size etc. A superior badminton bag bids extensive space and decent storage compartments to fit your rackets. Most of the professional badminton players use 12-piece badminton racket bag and a 16-racket bag. While thinking of buying a kit bag, one should always consider purchasing a bag with backpack straps as well as shoulder straps so that it becomes easy for you to carry.

If you keep your shoes along with the rackets, other gear, and clothes, the muck from your shoes can wreck everything. So, it is best to choose for badminton kit bags with a parted section for your footwear. By this, you can keep badminton equipment clean and find a separate place to hoard your shoes.

Superior badminton bags occur with a temperature control carriage to keep your drinks cool. Many players carry their healthy food with them during the match. And, an independent area for eatables is a win-win thing for them. So, while choosing a bag either online or from the market, do not forget to choose a kit bag with temperature control compartment.

The bag should be good enough that it can bear the rough usage of a player without any wave of wear and tear. The bag that you choose should be durable and comfortable to carry. As this is the most critical thing to look upon. With that, after a tiring day you wont feel like carrying a heavy bag. It should always be light in weight because the accessories and the equipment are very heavy, there should be a balance.

Parameters need to be checked before selecting the Kit bags:


1) Space of the kit bag-


Checking the space of the badminton kit bag is really important as there is no point buying a bag in which your complete stuff cannot be stored. When buying a bag, one should always consider checking proper compartments in the bag. Sections for rackets, shoes, and beverages are of real value. The bag should also have a proper ventilation system which will keep your bag fresh and away from the bad smell. Also if possible you should always see if there are extra pockets to carry your wet clothes so that there would be no hassle for you to carry 2 bags.

Proper space leads to finding stuff in the bag uncomplicated. As if there is enough room and compartments you would be able to keep Badminton equipments in an organized way, which would lead to locating your stuff quickly and easily.

2) Zippers of the Kit bags-


You should always consider buying a badminton kitbag with double zip and a narrow strap for smooth opening and closing with a rip-tab to keep the bag fully closed. Not only the upper zip should be closely checked but the inner zips should also be closely noticed as they are equally important. The compartments should be fitted with smooth and premium zippers along with metal buckles to make the bag truly long-lasting, functional, and stylish.

3) Main compartments of the kit bag- -


In a bag, the major role is of the compartments. The reason is that the compartments keep the stuff well managed and organized. A person prior to buying a bag should first consider his needs so that he is well aware of the stuff he would need according to that he can select the bag. If there is a lot of travelling, the player should also focus on the compartment for shoes, rackets, dirty clothes or wet clothes and for keeping beverages as well.

There should always be 1 extra accessory compartment as well. If there are front pockets then that is something good for a player as he can keep stuff that he needs the most in that, for eg, maybe keys, hand towels, etc.

4) Shoe compartment of the kit bags- -


As mentioned above, a shoe compartment is one of the crucial things to check before buying a badminton kit bag. The reason is you cannot keep your shoes with the food or beverages and other important stuff. There should always be a different section for shoes as it will avoid the need for carrying an extra bag, especially for shoes.

It becomes really difficult for a player to carry 2 bags when travelling or even when going for practice. The shoe compartment helps a player in keeping the bag organized and travelling easy- peasy.

5) Shoulder straps of the kit bags- -


The bag usually has 2 padded shoulder straps, you should try and look for a bag with extra padding as it makes carrying the bag more convenient. The shoulder straps should also be fitted with swivel buckles for an ideal fit. There are few bags in which there is soft filling in the shoulder straps which makes the straps softer and makes carrying the bag very convenient and stress-free. Checking shoulder straps is important as you tend to carry a lot of stuff while travelling so the straps should be padded, soft and durable.

6) The material of kit bag- -


The bags are usually made of 100% polyester, 420D, and 600D polyester, Crystal PU leather (synthetic leather) and tetron. The number represents the density of the polyester. Synthetic leather is tantamount to real leather but needs much less maintenance. Players should make sure that they check the quality of the material carefully as everything depends on it. If the material is not good then the bag would not last for long and would get damaged easily. The material should be such that it could bear even the toughest situations.

7) Thermal Lining of the kitbag- -


Thermal lining is as extensive as their equipment. It keeps your rackets and other equipment safe and secure. They are usually made up of polyester and heavy-duty nylon. These bags have usually 3 compartments, with each section providing a good amount of space for the racquet, as well as other sports accessories. Checking for thermal lining is essential as it keeps your stuff protected, as not all the nags come with thermal lining. One should make sure that as the equipment and accessories are equally expensive, so he should not compromise in the quality of the bag as well.

Different Brands in Badminton Kitbags--

1) Yonex-


This is a Japanese company. Yonex Bags are known for their comfort, security, and easy storage option. These bags are so convenient to carry that you would never want to be without it. You can carry all your gears and accessories conveniently and securely with these kitbags. They are made with advanced technology to shelter your gear with top shape with a number of storage options. Yonex bags are the superb complement to your badminton equipment. 80% of the competitive players use the rackets designed and manufactured by Yonex. It is one of the most premium brands in terms of making tennis and golf products. It is always an honor to use Yonex brand as it is used by mostly all of your ideal players.

2) Li Ning-


This is one of the best known among players. This is an affordable China-based brand. Li Ning brand is famous for its thermal lining and bags. The best part about these bags is their longevity. These bags are very durable and of really good quality. These bags are usually made of nylon and polyester and do not get damaged easily.

Li-Ning manufactures the highest quality sports goods, apparel and racquet bags for those who play hard and demand more from their equipment. Quality is crafted from superior materials and precision-stitched for great durability on the road, the comprehensive collection of best-selling badminton bags has everything for both amateurs and professional athlete alike.

3) Thrax-


It is an Indian brand, the premium range of badminton bags is made from polyester and vinyl with high-density foam insulation. Among the superior upgrades found throughout their collection of badminton kitbags are the rigid polyurethane surfaces for more security, a separate shoe compartment with drawstring and radiant foil interiors for superior temperature control. They also provide a single-strap carrier dedicated to athletic shoes for convenience and easy maintenance.

The colourful and stylish badminton bags provided by them have plenty of space for shirts, snacks, and extra grips as well as compartments for accessories like competition grade or recreation, badminton shuttlecocks, and personal items like wallets, cell phones, and keys.

4) Victor-


The bags of this brand are designed to outlast the competition, Victor badminton racket bags are quality made to withstand wear and tear from travelling. Just above anything else, you can throw at or in it and inclement weather as well. With an array of vibrant colours and streamlined configurations available, there professional grade badminton bags are designed for your life. They offer one of the largest selections of badminton bags, apparels and equipment s in the USA and Canada.

Well, this was all about the badminton kit bags, the quality you should check before buying and all about the best brands. It depends on your requirement and choice which one you like the most.


A good bag is something that every cricketer needs more than anything. You must have played with your peers who use one carrier bag for their whites and the other one for lager they intent to drink while playing. But those people who take cricket passionately need something more.

A good Cricket Kit bag protects your dearest bat and keeps everything else managed so that when you need it, you find it quickly. For some players, a duffle bag is more than enough with enough space to carry all the stuff an enthusiastic cricketer might need. But the captain might need more, needing additional things for the players who might forget their whites.

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Listed are few cricket kit bags which were tested during training by the players and on the way to matches, to check for their functionality, durability, style, value for money and how easy they were to lug around. There is an array of choices available in the market, but if you are looking for something on which you can really rely, experts always recommend persisting to the main, established brands, which we have mentioned below:

1) SG Players Duffle with wheels Cricket Kit Bag-

SG Players Duffle with wheels Cricket Kit Bag.jpg

This is one of the best bags if you are looking for something very spacious and easy to carry as it has wheels on it. It is made of the premium 1680D material, which is said to be one of the finest materials for bags. It has two additional pockets attached with shoe compartments so that it becomes easy for you to carry shoes in it without the need of carrying an additional bag for them.

The thing that attracts more about this bag is the two heavy-duty wheels on it which makes carrying of stuff easy and balanced. Plus it has nylon tapes with added reinforcement which makes the bag more durable. It has premium quality zips and foam padded walls for more safety and longevity. The size of the bag is around 37x12x14.

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2) Adidas Libro 2.0 Cricket Kit Bag-

Adidas Libro 2 Point 0 Cricket Kit bag.jpg

Adidas itself is known for its comfort and style, and the same is with this bag. It has padded back support to provide you with maximum comfort when you are travelling. Not only this, Adidas Libro has an external footwear compartment so that you can carry shoes without a fuss. It also has double shoulder straps which can be adjusted according to your comfort, plus it also has padded shoulder support.

This bag gives you an interior bat section with space for two bats as if you going for an important match where it is always necessary to carry 2 bats. The cool thing about this bag is its Adidas pull cord which makes it even better. The size of the bag is 35.5x15.5x12.

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3) SF Triumph Cricket Kit Bag Black and Blue-

SF Triumph Cricket Kit bag.jpg

If you have too much love for cricket and if it also extends to your cricket kit bag as well, you would want to buy this bag. This bag has been constructed for hardcore players like you. The bag is very durable and stylish you would feel more confident while carrying your equipment in this bag. Your friends would for sure admire its incredible style. It has been designed in such a way that storage space is maximized as it consists of many compartments in it. This bag makes sure that every corner of the bag is utilized to the fullest.

You dont need to lift it. You can just drag it along as it has two wheels on it, which makes it easy to carry while travelling. This bag is known for its longevity and space so if you are looking for both, go for it. The dimensions of the bag are 39x14x13.5 inch.

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4) SS glory cricket bag:

SS Glory Cricket Kit bag.jpg

It is a premium quality kit bag which is made by heavy duty nylon material. This cricket kit bag has primarily 2 compartments. One is a large compartment which has more space to keep your stuff like pads, dress, helmet, thigh, bats etc. The other compartment is relatively small and you can use it for keeping additional things like balls, gloves, support, water bottles etc.

It has an inside PVC sheet on the base to make it stronger and durable. This bag also has wheels which allow you to scroll the kit bag without hassle. This bag is affordable for all and has the features that are required with added strength, better durability and easy to carry. The dimensions of the bag are 80- cm of width and carries 650 grams of weight.

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5) Thrax Proto 11 3 wheels big cricket kit bag

Thrax Proto 11 Cricket Kit bag.jpg

The Thrax cricket kit bag is made of supreme quality and comes with many colour options which make it look attractive to the cricket players. As per the reviews of people, it is very durable and can carry a lot of weight in it. This cricket kit bag has one large compartment for storing the stuff like a bat, helmet, pads, gloves etc. Also, this bag has 2 front pockets for smaller items like keys, towels, bottles, etc.

This bag is very convenient to carry because of its wheels which make travelling easy. As after a tiring day, you wont have to carry a heavy weight on your shoulders. They have designed it in such a way that it gives a long-lasting performance. The zippers of the bag are of superior quality so that it does not break even if it is loaded with a lot of stuff. The dimensions of the bags are 100x43x36 mm.

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6) BDM wheeler cricket bag

BDM Wheeler Cricket Kit bag.jpg

They are one of the most reputed suppliers, manufacturers and exporters of cricket kit bag all over the world which makes it a must buy product for the passionate players. It is made of the finest grades such as tetron. It also has heavy duty and robust wheels for making travelling convenient. The bags are constructed in such a way that can withstand any type of rough usage because of its material and construction. The tough construction of the bag attracts more people to buy it. It also comes with a nominal price with all the basic requirements.

The bag subjected to rigid quality checks and comes in various specifications. The superlative thing about the bag is its space. It gives a big room so that all your required stuff comes easily without any struggle. This bag comes in many different colours so you can pick as per your choice. The dimensions of the bags are 35x14x11 inches.

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7) Kookaburra Pro 800 cricket kit bag

Kookaburra Pro 800 Cricket Kit bag.jpg

This is one of the finest bags with beautiful colour options which might make difficult for you to choose one, but the green colour of it is always in demand. This bag along with its great design has a massive capacity to keep the stuff easily and safely. It is made up of 600 D braided polyester which makes its life longer. The unique thing about this bag is its internal shoe compartment0.It also has a helmet aperture to maintain the safety of it. It also consists of large external side pockets to keep small stuff or things which are needed every now and then.

It also has heavy-duty wheels to make your journey easy and light as you would not have to carry the heavy stuff, you just need to scroll the wheels. The dimensions of the bags are 1000x400x370 mm.

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8) Thrax Reserve Edition cricket kit bag grey sky-

Thrax Reserve Edition Cricket Kit bag.jpg

This bag is famous globally now because of its features, price, and longevity. It has one big compartment so that all your stuff can be kept easily in one place instead of searching for it in different pockets. It gives you 2 cricket bat pockets so that you can keep your bats safe and can carry an extra bat in case of emergencies. It also offers big pockets outside for keeping your shoes so that you need not carry an extra bag for them and the other is to keep your helmet safe.

The superb thing about the bag is that it has both wheels and straps to carry. The straps as well are very durable and comfortable so that your shoulders wont hurt while carrying it at your back. The zipper of the bag was also focused on while designing as it is very strong. The dimensions of the bags are 34x32x90mm

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9) SM Swagger cricket kit bag

SM Swagger Cricket Kit bag.jpg

It is also known as a giant shape coffin bag because of the space provided in it. It is a huge bag to keep all your cricket stuff very well. The SM Swagger is made up of premium ripstop. It has PVC corner protection so that the stuff inside is safe and secure and does not get damaged easily.

Its top section is different from other bags. You can keep your wet gears in it, which means you do not need an additional bag for carrying your sweaty and wet clothes.

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10) MRF Virat Kohli 18 cricket kit bag

MRF VK 18 Cricket Kit bag.jpg

It is a beautifully designed bag and is a Virat Kohli addition. It is an ideal lightweight bag which has enough room to hold entire players kit. The cricket kit bag consists of 2 internal bat paddle sleeves, key ring holder and a wallet. This bag has 2 full height side compartments plus one front pocket to keep the stuff you need regularly. It has strong back straps to increase the durability of the bag and is made up of superior nylon material. Not only this, it has an external bat pocket with one mesh pocket as well.

This bag comprises of foam padded adjustable shoulders straps to keep your shoulders relaxed and stress-free. It also has an additional clip for your helmet. The dimensions of the bags are 90x34x34 cm.

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Comparison of Cricket Kit bags as per Space Available in Kit bags:


Comparison of Cricket Kit bags as per handling:


Though there might be many other brands and models which you might like to use from other manufacturers and brands, but these top 10 cricket bags are indeed one of the best ones you can own. As cricket kit bag is one of the primary things that one needs when aims to have their career in cricket.