Usually a childs outdoor game starts with either a football or cricket. Though the majority of the world follow football, cricket has its own lovers and fans all over the world. Last year cricket was played on the Alps mountain as well, and this suffices to depict the popularity spreading across the higher altitudes as well. Well, in order to start with, you need to know the rules and before that a bat and a ball which would do the job. Now the difficult part comes when you have to choose the bats as you would be confused with the range of the bats available in the world. Needless to say, the bats made of the English stands out to be the best. The professionals mostly use the English willow bat.

Quality of English Willow Bat: The English Willow Bats are hand-made and are considered as one of the best crafts in the world of cricket. They prepare high-quality bats, and the shape is perfect for each player. These bats are made from the cleft which is generally imported from UK. The bats are developed for the professional player to much more advanced players who enjoys playing with the natural and best bats.

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Improvement of performance: Choosing the bat can be a daunting task in the initial stages. However, if you start with English willow, then you would not get a second thought to change in the future. The willow should be chosen very carefully as the game of yours depends solely on the bat that you choose. You must be able to choose your weapon wisely as it would help you in your battle. Rest assured, the English willow helps you to play your natural game. You are able to control the game more efficiently. The best part is the timing of the bat, which helps you to hit the ball perfectly and in a much more composed manner.

Key benefits to players:

• The English Willow Bat provides better punch, so the player gets maximum power on the shots

• The bats are generally lightweight in nature.

• The bats offer durable performance to the player

• The bats are perfect for the players who love to hit the ball hard.

• The bats are springy and are ideal for the serious competitive players.

Some bats you can pick from:

1. Thrax Black Edition Cricket Bat


This type of bat is meant for the professional level of cricket. This brand is very popular in and around the world. The main reason to choose this bat is nothing but the power it generates after hitting of the ball. The bat generates a massive power at the stroke and that too at the center of the face of the bat. The bat is designed in such a way which helps to manage the weight of the bat effectively. Hence you get good control of the bat.

Further down is the little round and flat toe which is optimized in the more efficient manner. The bat is very lightweight and has a concave structure at the backside. The optimized weight combined with the concave backside gives a perfect combination so that the player can hit with maximum power. The brand is tested by the professionals as well and has been found to achieve outstanding results with lots of runs scored on the board.

Other essential features:

• The bat uses full cane handle with imported swark canes.

• It uses grade one English willow, which makes it even more preferable.

• The superb balance and power give the Thrax brand a new image.

2. SS Reserve Edition Cricket Bat


The SS TON Reserve Edition is a top-class bat from the SS with the grade one willow in the market. The making of the bat is unique, and this is the reason the bat is preferred among the wider professionals.

• The bat has massive TON edges and very light pick up.

• The bat has a huge playing area with perfect weight and good balance

• In the initial stages, you might find it difficult to use. However, with the time you can balance the bat in the more efficient manner.

• The little round and the flat toe make it a perfect combination for the batsmen to play their natural shots.

• The bats have a fullback profile at the backside.

• The little concave at the backside helps to optimize the weight and balance of the bat.

• This helps to enhance the performance with the maximum power.

• The willow is processed naturally, and it gives a perfect grain structure, and the results are awesome.

• There are close to 9-12 grains and that too straight.

• The bats are prepared in such a way which gives durable and optimum performance.

• The weight normally varies from 1130 gms to 1240 gms.

• The handles are rigid and durable enough to sustain the huge impact caused by the ball.

3. SG Players Edition Cricket Bat - this model is the latest model developed by the SG. It is developed with the finest willow.


• The players get normally get 7-9 straight grains with cool and clear willow profile.

• The thickness of the bat is around 40-45 mm and has the enlarged sweet spot position.

• The bat has a unique structure. It has a unique spine profile and back profile.

• The presence of the Chevtec grip gives the batsmen a better grip, and the cushioned surface adds more grip for the hands.

• The batt comes with the highest quality and performance.

• The power-driven handle gives an edge to the batsman.

• The bats are generally 1150-1230 gm which makes it a good choice for the batsman to go for.

4. BDM DYNAMIC Power X Treme Cricket Bat


This bat is made of the hand-selected English Willow. Packed with a Power arc blade and with contoured edges, this bat has one of the best looks. The bat is designed for perfect performance, and it can be used for all kinds of surfaces and pitches.

Other essential features:

• The structure behind the bat gives you the best shot along with the power.

• The bat is known for the quality production and usages

• You can never find any blemishes, and there would be a minimum of 8 straight grains.

• Well, the edges range close to 40mm, and the spine is 63 mm

• There is no concaving actually, and this is what makes the structure of the bat unique.

• The balance is excellent, and the pickup is perfect which gives the batsman a proper time to strike the ball

• The bat comes with fitted with tip quality treble sprung multi-piece cane handle for an outstanding feel.

• Well, another thing that stands out is the shock absorption

5. Kookaburra Kahuna Players Edition Cricket Bat


To manufacture this bat, the willow is exceptional, and there is not a doubt or a question about the quality of the willow. They are the best and are made for a perfect result.

• With the imported and chosen willow, you get the best quality grains on the bat

• There is flexibility to design, and it also gives stability and structure to the bat.

• The toe guard provides the longevity of the bat and prevents future scuffs and splits.

• The Kookaburra uses traditional methods to prepare the willow.

• The weight of the bat ranges from 1150 to 1210 gms. The bat normally feels very lightly

• The edges range from 34 to 41mm, which has a high spine and thick edges.

• The handle of the bat is made up of 12 Piece Sarawak Cane, and Round Handle with Xtreme Trio Grip

Do use the authentic bats in order to get the best result. Now bats are normally purchased online, and you can do that pretty easily. So, you should stay choosing your bats right from the tender age if you think of taking cricket seriously. You must know which bats to go for as per your body. The early you start, the better it is for you. It is the face of the bat and the handle which can make the difference. And ultimately it is all about the timing of the bat and the angle through which you play the strokes.

There are various types of cricket bats available now with all the details. You must ensure that the bats you purchase have the proper dimension and structure, as mentioned in the box. Before doing that, you must be able to judge the sweet spot of the bat. The grip should be used of fine material so that your hand fits in well. It is the quality of the willow which holds everything for you and how you perform on the pitch. You must be able to know which willow is suited for which types of surfaces. Only then you can become a proper cricketer. This would help you in going forward with the game. Always take the kit with you and cover the bat after you are done with the batting or practice. Rest assured, choose your willow wisely to hit boundaries!


The game of carrom board is the game of our childhood, and it has been carrying the most interesting and frivolous part of our childhood for many years. This game has its own place and identity because the game of carrom is played through the entire parts of India and even in the South East Asia too. But in the last four or five decades, this game has gathered immense popularity and attraction from the entire world. It is not just a home-based game because the existence of ICF (International carrom federation) shows the importance and high standard of the carrom game.

As we all know and have discussed in the upper text that this game has a vast range and has the same popularity in all age groups of people. You need to have only three things to become the master or luminary of this game and that is exquisite knowledge of angle, accuracy, and last but not the least the need for intense focus.

Basically, its a cue based game which was considered as just a game of enjoyment but later it has become the part of international and national games and championship. Perhaps, that is why it has certain rules and regulations as same like other the international or national games have.

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Origin of carrom

This game originally came from South Asian countries in the mid of 18th century. We are not confirmed about the original name because it was pronounced differently according to the regional languages of the respective states. The game of carrom board is very popular in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan too. And in terms of the playing criteria and when the rules are concerned, the ICF has proposed some certain rules for international and national matches, which are equally followed by all countries.

Players Aim

This game is mainly based on the pocketing of carrom men and queen. In other words, a player uses his/her fingertips to hit or flick the striker to move or hit the carrom men or queen into a pocket of the carrom body. It means, as a player, you only need to hit the small carrom men into the holes which are situated on the four ends of the carrom body.

Team size

The game of carrom board can be played in singles and doubles in both categories of men and women, and the maximum size of the team can be two. This game is not being played with a mixed double. In doubles, players with the same nationality can play in the team only in the all national and international games.

The toss

The process of the toss comes under the umpire through which they decide who is going to play first or hit. The toss process is not as same as cricket game because it involves the representatives of each team; but rather than flicking the coin, the umpire conceals each white and black carrom men in his hand and asks the players to guess it. The one player who guessed the color correctly wins and has the choice to strike first. He/she also has the choice to decide the sides and the opening break.

These choices have to be made by the winning player only and it cant be done by the opponent. Though the situations may change if the winning strike decides to change the side of the strike, then the losing player can have the first strike.

Apart from that, the player who plays the shot and chooses white carrom men, then the opponent only has the chance to play with black carom. But if the winner fails to score, then the opponent gets the chance to hit any carrom men according to his/her choice.


As we have discussed this game is played between two players with sitting opposite to each other. At the start, the queen will be placed at the mid of the carrom board . And after that, the carrom men will be situated around the queen in a circle form in the inner circle, with each carrom men touching the other carrom men and queen. The remaining carrom men will also be placed in the same position as like inner circle. And these circles must have both the color pieces.

The essentiality of Queen

Queen is the most important part of this game because if the player wants to win the game, then she/she needs to pocket the queen along with the cover. This game can be played by turn by turn only. If a player pockets more pieces continuously, then he/she can hold the strike longer. A player needs to pocket all the carrom men of the chosen color for winning the game. But he/she needs to pocket the queen along with the covering for winning the game.

To attaining the queen, you need to pocket the covered to for pocketing the queen. For example, if you have got queen but not pocketed the covered, then the queen will be returned to the carrom board. The best point is that the one who gets the queen along with the covered, gets the bonus-point win.

Tools in a carrom board

1) Carrom men


In this game, we use three different types of small wooden circle-shaped pieces which are the same in size but have the variation in colors. The numbers of each carrom men are fixed. They all are like 9 black, 9 white and 1 red which is called queen, the most important and must-have wooden piece for winning the game.

2) Striker


Its a large circle shaped plastic made piece in comparison to the other pieces. It is solely used to hit the other carrom men to the four holes of the board. This is considered as the main ornament of players to get the carrom men.

3) Powder

Its used to make the board smoother and mitigates the friction from the carrom broad while playing the game. This powder is made from boric acid which provides a smoother and frictionless carrom body.

4) Light

The light is used to provide better and clearer visibility during the play. An artificial light is placed over the carrom board to improving the visibility.

5) Stand


The stand is used for the board to have a better and comfortable height of the board during the play.

Dimensions of a Carrom Board


Basically, it all depends on the level of the game, because the size of the boards in professional games is fixed.

Common terms used in carrom

1) Queen


It is a red colored circle-shaped piece that holds the highest number of points among all the pieces.

2) Foul

Any strike or move which violates the game rules is considered as foul.

3) Break

The very 1st strike in the game is called a break.

4) Strike

When a player hit the carrom men with the striker, it is termed as a strike.

5) Covering

Covering is when a player pockets the carrom men after pocketing the queen.

6) Thumbing

When a strike is done through the thumb.

7) White slam

It refers to pocketing all-white carrom men.

8) Black slam

When you pocket all the black carrom men, it is known to be a black slam.

Rules and regulations

The International carrom federation has made some rules and regulations for the national and international games. It also manages the rakings of the players and planning of new tournaments and matches. The ICF has various affiliations like United States Carrom Association, ACF (Australian Carrom Federation) and All India Carrom Federation.

Basic rules

Players get the three chances in their first turn to “break”. In those particular chances, it does not matter whether the striker hit the carrom men or not. However, when a player pockets the chosen color carrom or queen, then he is provided with a second chance. But if he/she commits a foul or is not able to pocket any pieces, then the chance of strike will be passed to another end.

Covering the Queen

A player needs to pocket the queen first and then on the very first chance, he/she also needs to pockets the other carrom men of his chosen color. If he/she fails to do that, then the queen will be returned to the board.


A game of carrom has a maximum of 29 points. If a player has less than 24 points at the end of the game and also got the queen, then he/she will be rewarded with 5 bonus points. But if he/she scores 24 or more points, then the queen will not bring the reward for the player.


It refers to when a player violates the rules of the game and commits foul, then he/she will have to pay the penalty and this will end his/her chance to strike.

Foul situations-

1) When a striker is placed in the holes.


2) When any piece or striker leaves the board during the play.


3) When a player hits the opponents piece into the pocket.

4) When a player pockets the last piece before covering the queen.


5) When a player pockets the last piece of the opponent.

6) When a player touches the carrom men pieces during the play.


7) When a player fails to break the counters in given three attempts.


So, these are various aspects of a carrom board and its rules and regulations. It is always good for you if you play the game in the right manner through which you can be able to understand the competitiveness of the game and also enjoy it.


There are numerous sports brands and manufacturers which are offering the best badminton shoes to match the level of the game as well as the players. These shoes are highly equipped with new technology and have an attractive design to grab attention. A great performer and high durable shoe will provide extra aid to the player to enhance their level and match the quickness of the game with their feet. The better grip, air circulation, sole quality, cushioning for better performance and shock absorbance power are the crux of highly technological based badminton shoes.

Importance of badminton shoes under a thousand rupees.

As we have discussed earlier that if you want to be the best, then you must go for the best. But it is very important to understand the level of your game. There is no doubt about that sports brands are producing very high-quality badminton shoes, but most of the shoes are very costly and not affordable for the beginners.

That is why you need to start with the root and have to understand the need. This is because at the initial level, there is no need for you to buy high-level shoes. So, it would be best for you if you purchase lesser price shoes that have the needed quality for the game.

Here are the list of best Badminton shoes under Rs 1000

1) Thrax Aura 101 Badminton Shoes


These shoes are made for professional players with the help of all new and high-tech technology. The brand of Thrax is known for its pure quality and the aura 101 is the perfect paradigm of great quality and unique design.

This product is made from fine technology like double cushion technology which will give you immense comfort while playing. And on the other hand, these are one of the most-lightest shoes from the Thrax brand. They have also used heat transfer along with the lamination technology, in this durable mesh gets the layer of PU material with heat transfer technology.

The Thrax Aura 101 is considered as the next level or generation shoe which is capable enough to provide you with better comfort, fitting and maximum strength along with the performance.

2) NIVIA Appeal Court Badminton Shoes


It is yet another fine and quality product in the range of thousand rupees. This shoe from NIVIA brand has its own essentiality to describe. The shoe is made of with synthetic leather and comes in a variety of colors and unique designs. The attractive combination of black and red and blue and grey shows the creative part of the shoe.

The brand of NIVIA has used the phylon sole to build the shoe which gives greater ability of shock absorbing and also the quality of cushioning to mitigate the sudden impact. Moreover, these shoes are the desirable products for the badminton players who want to choose the best for their great future.

3) Thrax Gel Extreme Badminton Shoes


This shoe is the greatest deal in a thousand rupees for you. Because it has all the necessary elements for which you are looking. First of all, the trust of a brand like- Thrax. On the other hand, this shoe is manufactured with a wide concept, which ensures the perfect suitability and shape. This shoe is made for intensive badminton game practice because the company has developed it with non-marking technique.

This shoe is made of with PU material technology which will give you the lightweight quality and durability aspect. They have also used true cushion technology, air circulation technology and rubber sole to give better flexibility and comfort. And in terms of the design, these shoes come in a different range of attractive colors.

4) Nivia Hy Court Badminton Shoes


This is also one of the greatest deals you can have under a thousand rupees. The brand of NIVIA, made this shoe with a fine material called non-leather and EVA technology for better comfort, finishing and for great fitting. These shoes are known for their lightweight quality because players always avoid buying heavyweight shoes. Lightweight quality allows the players to move their feet and take make quick adjustment of feet easily.

The sole of the shoes is developed with embossed lining technology which will give you aid in better grip from the surface and greater traction force. The NiviaHy court comes with a different set of colors for a greater outer design.

5) Feroc xega RED Black Badminton Shoes


The Xega red and black colored shoe from the Feroc brand is a must-have shoe under the range of thousand INR. These shoes are made from asymmetrical fit technology that will provide the needed support to the feet and also give better stability. These shoes have lightweight quality for the better feet movement and adjustability. The company has used the rubber sole material and PU synthetic leather material for greater durability and performance. The soft padded sole gives better comfort and shock absorbing power.

6) Thrax Furious Black & Orange Badminton Shoes


This shoe is a combination of all new technology and would be the best deal for you in just a thousand rupees. There are new elements like the latest technology of microfiber, better cushioning and ultra-lightweight quality which have made this shoe a must-have product for the professional players.

The brand of Thrax is popular for unique and technology-based shoes. That is why the company has used PU based microfiber for providing a unique design and look and also lightweight quality to the players. These lightweight microfibers are drastically known for their great performance and attractive design.

On the other hand, they have used the opti shape design for better shape, nylon air mesh and skin fit technique for great performance and lightweight quality. The installation of true cushion technology and phylon midsole, the non-marking sole and air vents for refreshing air are the other impeccable features of the shoe.

7) Vector X Warrior Badminton Shoes


The brand of Vector is immensely known for its stylish and unique products in the sports world. They have produced numerous quality products and professional players love to have Vector shoes in their sports bag.

The Vector X Warrior is the latest addition of Vector brand which will give you the desired benefits and performance for which you are looking. This shoe is made up of PU material, which will ensure the comfortability and durability of the product. The unique textured sole and 100 per cent non-marking sole quality makes it a must-have product of the Vector brand. These shoes are well cushioned for greater comfort and are attractively designed for a creative look.

8) Nivia Smash Badminton Shoes


These shoes are ideal for beginners because these shoes have all the qualities which are necessary and required for the newcomers. These shoes come with the perfection of Nivia brand; means you will get the assurance of durability and performance. And in terms of the specifications, these shoes are made up of Eva technology and Crape outsole, it means these shoes are non-slippery.

The company has used the strowel in the insole for attaining greater comfort and softness inside the shoes. These are also lightweight and have medium cushioning in tongue and ankle for better comfort. The use of rubber sole and upper mesh makes them durable.

9) Thrax N Power Neo Badminton Shoes


These shoes from Thrax are the latest version and up-gradation of N power series. This shoe has the most advanced features and material technology which is drastically enhancing the quality of the product and its performance. And in the context of color and design, these shoes come with various varieties and attractive graphics.

In these shoes, the brand has used the wide last technique to give a perfect shape and better fitting. The technology of breathable mesh ensures greater air circulation and comfort. The use of rubber & polymer outsole is to get highly effective traction force. And the Eva material is used for midsole for absorbing the shock and better comfort.

The use of opti cushion delivers greater comfort and durability to the badminton players. Opti cushion technology means the combination of 2 cushion layers, along with the inclusion of resilience material.

10) Nivia Glister Badminton Shoes


Yet another highly effective and durable shoe from Nivia brand! The Nivia Glister badminton shoe is popularly known for its lightweight quality and performance in the court. These shoes have mesh and polyester material in the outer part, which ensures high performance and durability of the shoes. These shoes are well cushioned and are made up of non-marking rubber technology.

The different range of colors and attractive set of designs make them a must-have product. All we can say is that these shoes are perfect for the beginners.


So, these are top 10 badminton shoes which come under the range of thousand rupees. The game like badminton needs extra support to compete with the fast motion of the game and that is why you need to go with the best which will enhance your ability to meet the needed level.


The change of era

The game of sports which we used to see in the mid of 70s or 80s has changed its direction and way of playing completely. We have seen the era when players only used to concentrate on their playing techniques or solely focus on the game understanding. But now the things have changed immensely. We are saying this because now players are also showing concerns towards their fitness and sports accessories for the better game approach.

Essentiality of sports accessories

As we have discussed earlier in the upper text that how the trend has been changing and players are now more concerned towards their body fitness and quality sports accessories. The reason is that we all know how technological advancement has affected the sports and provided an imperative aid to enhance the level of the game.

Role of the shoes

Shoes have their own essentiality in terms of sports. We have seen how players shuffle their feet in ground or pitch. But have you ever tried to know the role of sports shoes in the game of sports? I think you might not; that is why we are going to tell you the imperativeness of sports shoes for the game and for the players.

A good quality and technology-based shoes allow the players to move their feet with ease. The better comfort, cushion technology and extra grip give the extra support to the players to play their game on maximum strength. Earlier, it was quite often to get injured may be due to the slipperiness of the shoes or because of lack of control in the feet. But now, the shoes are made especially to provide extra grip on the ground and give better balance and control on the feet while playing.

Yonex- The trust of Decades

The great journey of Yonex brand and quality products were all started a year after the 2nd world war, when a man called Minoru Yoneyama from Japan established a company called Yonex and the rest is now history for all of us. In the year of 1961, they started to make badminton racquets and after two years of success, they started the worldwide distribution.

Now, this brand represents itself as the best manufactures of tennis, golf and badminton equipment in the entire world. They do not only produce quality equipment for different sports but also make the best and advanced technological badminton shoes in the world. They know the demand of the game and needs of the players, and that is why they are now among the top of brands which produce the best shoes for the professional players.

Now, lets discuss the two unique and quality shoes from Yonex brand and know their specification and also figure out the major differences between the two.


(1) Power cushion Eclipsion Z


Power cushion Eclipsion Z is one of the latest shoes from Yonex brand. This shoe is built with multi-technology. This is solely for professional players of badminton game. In these particular shoes, Yonex worked on stability and durability of the shoes. To give more stability and balance, they used a graphite plate. They also made these shoes with their latest technology called Die cut section. It means you will get better quality and finishing. These shoes come with interesting colour sets and are lesser on weight.

Key specifications-

(i) Power cushion+ technology

In comparison to the older cushioning technology or material, the power cushion+ will give you more 28 percent shock absorption power and 62 percent repulsion ability too. They add a great quality elastic resin to the Power cushion for better absorption and appending a lightweight aspect.

(ii) Power graphite

The technology of Power graphite is used for the enhancement of the stability and mitigation of shoe weight. They installed the power graphite beneath the mid portion of the foot.

(iii) Toe Assist Shape

They worked on the toe design and gave the shape through which the player can move their toe more freely and take extra support for reducing pressure from the shoes. They used toe-centric design through which the pressure of the big toe can be easily mitigated.

(iv) Synchro-Fit

Yonex brand ensures better quality, that is why they made their shoes with synchro-fit. A synchro-fit can create and manage the comfortability contact between shoe and foot of the player, through which the wastage of energy can be controlled.


(v) Round Sole

The use of round sole in the shoes is the direct indication of better and quick moment ability. It means the round sole is used for better support from all directions and provides greater smoothness and dissemination of the highest energy form the foot.


(vi) Hexagrip

Hexagrip technology pattern is the symbol of extra grip and lesser weight quality in comparison to normal shoes and sole materials. Hexagrip gives you 20 percent extra lighter quality of the sole and 3 percent more grip from any other sports shoes.


(vii) Inner Bootie

Shoe opening with tongue connected mitigates the extra overlapping layers in terms of extra fit.



Yonex Aerus 3 is the latest addition in the series of Aerus. The shoes by Yonex brand are made with the technology of Russell mesh, providing the quality of lightweight and durability. The Aerus 3, is the most lightweight shoes in the series of Aerus. They weigh around 270 gms. They are made with the technology of flagship which is also pronounced as power cushion+. The technology of power cushion+ is developed to provide extra absorption and repulsion. They come in varieties of colours with attractive design.

Key specifications

(i) Toe Assist Shape

The Yonex brand has used the toe-centric design in Aerus 3 to give better shape by which players can move and shuffle their toe more comfortably and take extra support for mitigating pressure from the shoes. And the best part is that with toe-centric design, you can take more amount of energy for the intensive footwork.

(ii) Synchro-Fit Insole

The new concept of synchro focuses on greater fitting and extra comfort of the foot. Yonex brand used curve shape inside the shoes for better support. The main benefit of this technology is getting the comfortability between the foot and shoes.


(iii) Power Graphite Lite

E.V.A material and Power graphite plate are used in these shoes to protect the lateral movement of the feet under the shoes while quick steps. Yonex understands the standard of the game and that is why they fully concentrated towards the technology of the shoes.

(iv)3D power carbon

Yonex is always a step ahead from other manufacturers because of its technological advancement and better quality. They used 3D power carbon technology to provide greater stability at any point of the game. They used a moulded graphite sheet in the mid-section of these badminton shoes.

(v)Durable Skin Light

The Aerus 3 is very lightweight because they are made with the polyurethane which gives you rubber-like pliability in the form of hard plastic. And this will allow you to play with light feet.

(vi) Round Sole

The round sole is used for all-round support and more durability and stability.


So, these are some exquisite features of these two badminton shoes and now lets figure out some differences and find out which shoe is going to suit you the most.

(1) Lightweight

Both shoes have the same cushion technology but the major difference relies on lightweight quality. Certainly, Aerus 3 is more lightweight than the Eclipsion Z and this aspect makes Aerus series shoe a step ahead from Eclipsion Z because in sports like badminton, you need lightweight shoes to shuffle your feet more quickly.

(2) Shoe Closing

It is very important to consider every aspect of the shoes while figuring the difference. That is why we are discussing shoe closing technology. Eclipsion Z shoes have tongue connect shoe closing while Aerus 3 is only giving you the conventional pattern of laces.

(3) 3D carbon technology

The inclusion of 3D carbon technology in Aerus 3 is one of the greatest factors to consider. Twisting and the ability of sharp movement is a valuable aspect of badminton shoes. That is why Yonex has used this technology. And this technology proves the essentiality of Aerus 3, making it a step forward to Eclipsion Z.

4) Hexagrip

Yet another important factor to consider, the technology of Hexagrip is very essential because it gives you extra grip from the surface and it makes your shoes more lightweight and anti-slippery. So, this point goes to Eclipsion Z, because Aerus 3 is made with normal material.


(5) Price

This is also considered as a massive factor while purchasing any product. In terms of price, Aerus 3 is slightly more costly than the Eclipsion Z.


So, these are the various aspects and major differences between Yonex Aerus 3 and Eclipsion Z. These badminton shoes come with a lot of new benefits and technological touch; and last but not the least, the trust of Yonex brand. So, if you want to give your best in the game and you also need to choose best for yourself and as per the difference and thorough review, Aerus 3 would be perfect for you.


Cricket is one of the most popular games in the entire world. Players spend their half of the life to play for their respective countries. Great fan following, charm, popularity and many more- this game has a lot to offer and take. But on the other hand, the players and also the game need some quality accessories and equipment to enhance the level and secure their players.

Cricket Helmets

We have seen that when the game of gentlemen started, the players used to play without any gloves, helmet, proper pads and even proper bat and ball. But with the time, things have changed. The evolution of cricket helmet has now reached its peak. Earlier, players used to play with only a dummy kind of head guard which was only responsible for the upper part of the head. But now, look where we are.

There are numerous sports manufacturing companies who are producing the exquisite quality of cricket helmets. Great attractive designs, better protection, ear and eyes protection, lower head extended helmets, comfortable cushioning and greater grill system- These all are the greatest qualities which are being offered by every helmet manufacturing companies.

So, now let’s check out some exquisite cricket helmets and their quality features in details-

1) Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet

Masuri is one of the leading and premium helmets manufacturing brand in the world. They make their sports equipment with high quality and for the professional players. All the cricket helmets from Masuri brand are made of exquisite technology like HALO, EYE LINE, AIRFLOW and TWIN SHEEL.


The Masuri VS elite titanium grill helmet is made with the latest technology and on the pattern of British design. This is the product of Flagship series which is solely developed for the advanced level players.

This helmet will give lightweight quality, great protection and powerful resistance strength. These helmets are suitable enough and will give you great air circulation because they are made with advance air vents. The great design of the airflow system is meant for better air ventilation.

Check the Details:

2) Ayrtek PremAyr Cricket Helmet Blue Size Medium

The brand of Ayrtek is considered among the top brands of the sports world. They produced high-quality products for the advanced level players and equipment which suits their game. This premayr helmet is made with the advanced ABS shell technology and with their patented ACIS (Air cushion impact system) technology.


These two technologies make this helmet a step head from the other brands. This will give you better comfort and assurance of safety and also the quality of customized fitness. And last but not the least, this cricket helmet is lightweight, through which you can easily maintain your head balance.

Check the Details:

3) Moonwalkr Helmet Mind Size Large

We bet you must have seen this cricket helmet if you are a fan of IPL. International players like Dinesh Kartik are associated with this brand. The Moonwalkr Mind is the first ever cricket helmet in the entire sports world which provided the lower head protection. And the best part is that this sort of configuration does not demand the stem guard, because it mitigates the overall weight and along with enhances the protection.


The Moonwalkr mind size cricket helmet is made with 30 air vents technology through which a player can get great air ventilation during the game and without facing the sweat.

Check the Details:

4) Shrey master class air cricket helmet with stainless steel grill

Shrey is a brand for professional players. Numerous international players are using the Shrey cricket helmet. These helmets are made with great architecture and with great technology through which a player can enhance his or her cricketing experience. These helmets are made with the lightest material through you can manage your head and body balance comfortably.


This helmet weighs around 920 gms and will provide all quality features for which you are looking. This helmet comes with fixed grill technology for better safety and also with an advanced airflow system. In this model, you also get an increased side and facial protection.

Check the Details:

5) SG Carbo Fab Cricket Helmet

SG is a brand of trust and quality because they produce one of the best sports products in all sports world. Many international and national players are associated with SG. Players like Hardik Pandya who is known for his hitting ability and on the other hand Pujara, a typical conventional player of test cricket utilize this helmet. We are saying this because the products of the SG brand are suitable for all kinds of players.


The SG carbo fab is composed of carbon technology which means ultimate protection. They have used powder-coated steel wire grill which is customizable and adjustable too. Inside padding is for better comfort and shock absorption. And the best part is that they have used the fabric which is sweat absorbing.

Check the Details:

6) Shrey Pro Guard Cricket Helmet with Titanium Steel Grill

The Shrey pro guard cricket helmet with titanium steel grill is one of the most useable cricket helmets among the professional players. This helmet is well capable enough to face any kind of bowling and deals with any obstacle. It is very lightweight and equipped with advanced level technology like advance level air circulation system and greater ventilation.


This helmet is affordable in price and popular among the players for its unique features and design. In terms of comfortability, it has quality cushioning pads for greater comfort.

Check the Details:

7) SG AeroTech 2.0 Cricket Helmet

Another exquisite cricket helmet from the quality sports brand of SG. As the name suggests, this helmet comes with all advanced level technologies and qualities. This helmet offers carbon fibre material for better durability, great strength and high performance. The upper shell is made with moulding technology and along with the fabric which absorbs sweat.


On the other hand, the grills of this model are made with high-quality steel and greater coating. This helmet offers you customizable steel grills and system of inner padding. SG used polystyrene cum mesh inner shells. Last but not the least, the inclusion of six (netted) vents delivers better air circulation.

Check the Details:

8) Forma Pro Axis Titanium Cricket Helmet

Forma brand is one of the most popular brands in the sports manufacturing world. They produce high-quality products for all age groups of players. The brand of Forma is highly focused on the safety of the players; that is why they make their cricket helmets or equipment with advanced technology.


The Forma Pro axis titanium cricket helmet is developed with plastic material at the outer side of the helmet which is built with unique design and shape for greater fitting and comfortability, and foremost the protection of the head. This helmet consists of EPS as inner shell, for greater comfort. The technology of visor is utilized for high protection, and titanium grill gives greater shape and visibility to the player. The use of non-toxic straps for helmet promotes adjustability.

Check the Details:

9) Albion Cricket Helmet

Yet another important name in the list of great sports manufactures. The Albion is known for its quality products in the sports world, and this helmet is the greatest paradigm of their quality. The Albion cricket helmet is made of polypropylene material which provides greater durable and flexible inner shell for needed strength. They have also used quick fit technology which supports greater comfortability.


They thoroughly focused on the lock system of the helmet; that is why they used the quick release system for easy and better lock system. They have also used foam insert technology for greater absorbing power. And the best is that these helmets are very attractive in design and affordable in price too.

Check the Details:

10) Forma Test Plus Titanium Cricket Helmet

The Forma test plus titanium cricket helmet is one of the most popular ones among the players because of its unique design and features. The company used a titanium grill in this helmet for better ear protection and visibility of the eyes during the game. This helmet incorporates straps technology for better customizability.


They also used shock absorbing technique for greater comfortability and protection. This cricket helmet has all the necessary features and qualities which are needed for better game practice. And the best is that you can buy this helmet without putting extra pressure on your pocket.

Check the Details:


So, these are the best 10 cricket helmets of 2019 which are attracting the attention of the players with their unique and quality features. All these cricket helmets have their own unique features, but it totally depends on your choice that what sort of quality you are looking for in the helmets.

Despite all the unique features and qualities of all products, you can choose Masuri VS Elite Titanium Grill Cricket Helmet, since it is highly equipped and affordable too.


Most of us are well aware of the fact that Badminton has been one of the most popular sports across the globe. The entry of Badminton in the Olympic Games in the year 1992 brought about an uproar of enthusiasm from fans. Right behind soccer stands Badminton that continues to be the most participatory sport. Today, let us check out the list of badminton players - both men and women who have earned their reputation in this field.

Best Badminton Players Men:

Some endless players have earned their names in this field. However, only a few could make it up to the top. Here is their list of names from where you will know all their achievements and their careers.

1. Kento Momota – Kento Momota is number one in the BWF world rankings and number 3 in the world tour rankings. He has 293 career wins, and in 2019, he won 28 matches. He is considered fast and flexible with the attack; that is why he is the best when it comes to the game of Badminton. He is known for his unpredictable style of play and his explosive moments on the court.


2. Shi Yu Qi – He has won 192 matches from 256 that he played, and he is considered a robust Chinese player as he won his first super series title in the 2016 French super series. In the All England open, he defeated the 6-time champion Lin Dan in the Semi-finals and then in the finals to win the most prestigious title.


3. Viktor Axelsen- Hailing from Scotland, he won the title of the world champion by beating Lin Dan in the straight sets. Besides, he became the first European player by taking it away from Kang Ji-Wook in the Finals. His father introduced him to the game when he was six years old and started his journey to become one of the greatest in the game of Badminton.


4. Chou Tien – Chen – He is a player from Taiwan, and he won the Chinese Taipei Open, Grand Prix Gold mens singles titles since Fung Permadi won it in the year 1999. At 2014, Yonex French Open, He won the First BWF super series Title after beating Wang Zhegming of China in the finals. He has consecutively won the record of the Bitburger Open Grand Prix Gold titles from the year 2012 -2014.


5. Chen Long – He is the Olympic Champion, All England Champion and Two-time world champion as well. He represented the Chinese national badminton team in the Thomas and Uber Cup of 2018. He defeated Pronnoy Kumar and Brice leverdez from France. Chen Long is an excellent player with consistent wins and has a significant career in Badminton.


6. SON Wan Ho – South Korea has great athletes, and Son Wan Ho is one of the substantial valuable players to have an outstanding career in Badminton. He began playing Badminton in elementary school and developed the style of playing defensively. He helped the Korean team to reach the finals at the Surdiman cup and won the tournament as well. He is one of the great players from South Korea to play the BWF world championships.


7. Anthony Sinisuka GENTING – Coming from Indonesia, he was the bronze medalist in the World Junior Championships singles for Boys, and he was at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic. He played the quarter-finals and over Indias Srikanth Kidambi in the second round of the BCA Indonesian open super series premiere. Ginting was also part of the Indonesian means team that won Gold in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in the year 2015.


8. Srikanth Kidambi – IN 2018, he became the highest-ranked badminton player in the world, he trains, at the Gopichand badminton academy I Hyderabad and supported by the GoSports Foundation. Li Ning also sponsors him, and in 2018, he was awarded the Padma Shri. He is one of the best players to represent India internationally and in the commonwealth games in the Gold coast, Kidambi won Gold at a mixed event and achieved the number one ranking in the world.


9. Jonatan Christie – Belong from Tangkas specs, a badminton club from Jakarta. He won his first title at the age of 15 in Indonesia international challenge, beating Alamsyah Yunus in the Finals. He won against Chou –Tien Chen, the Gold medal for Indonesia. He has been an exceptional badminton player to represent his country.


10. Kenta Nishimoto – Reached the finals of the Russia open Grand Prix tournament, was defeated by Vladimir Ivanov from Russia and became the runner up. He remains among the top ten players in the world rankings. Kenta Nishimoto is an iconic badminton player from Japan.


The Best Badminton Players Women-

1. Tai Tzu –Ying - She won the Taiwanese ranking competition, when she was 16 years old, and he becomes the first youngest women player in badminton history of Taiwan. She was also the finalist of the 2010 Singapore super series, and she won her first international title at the Us Open Grand Prix Gold in the year 2011. Ying has defeated world-class players and won six consecutive titles.

Tai_Tzu_Ying_Best_ Badminton_Player

2. Nozomi Okuhara – She is known as a singles specialist, and she is very well known for her agility, speed and endurance. She becomes the world Champion in Glasgow in the year 2017 after she defeated PV Sindhu in the finals. Nozomi has been playing Badminton since 2002 eight years later in the year 2010, she made her debut and joined the nationals team.

Nozomi_Okuhara_Best_ Badminton_Player

3. Chen Yufei - In 2016 she won the Girls junior title in singles at the Asia championship. She earned her first senior title – the Macau Grand gold in 2016 and the year 2017, she was given the eddy Choong Most promising player of the year. Chen Yufei is a talented player who has represented China in several badminton games.


4. Akane Yamaguchi – Yamaguchi is known as the single specialist who is a part of the Japanese Kumamoto Saishukan badminton team. She got the Number one ranking in BWF womens individual ranking and achieved the distinction as the first player to do that. She won her first super series in Korea open against Sung Ji Hyun and followed that win in the Denmark open.


5. P.V Sindhu – She is a top player from India as she became the first Indian women to win an Olympic silver medal. She was also won silver in The Commonwealth games in 2018 in the singles. She is among the top 5 shuttlers in the womens singles category in the world. She defeated Okuhara in the world tour Final in the years 2018. She has been the second-best player in Badminton after Saina Nehwal.

P_V_Sindhu_Best_ Badminton_Player

6. He Bing Jiao- She began her badminton training at the Suzhou Junior sports school at the age of 7, then later on at Nanjing she received tougher training. She made her first international open in 2013 in the Vietnam open. She competed at the Summer Youth Olympics winning bronze for the mixed doubles and god in the girls singles. She is among the notable players to play from China.

He_Bing_Jiao_Best_ Badminton_Player

7. Ratchanok Intanon - She became the first Thai player to become the number one in the womens singles. She has a relaxed hitting motion and her footwork. she won her first international title in 2009 at the age of 14 and she has won the Vietnam international challenge. She also reached the SEA games 2009. At the age of15 in the year 2010, she also defended her title in junior championships title in Mexico.

Ratchanok_Intanon_Best_ Badminton_Player

8. Carolina Marin – Marin is a Spanish badminton player who is a three-time world champion, the worlds Number one in the former ranking with a four-time European Champion. She is considered to be one of the fine players of Badminton in the world. She won her first Olympic gold medal in the womens singles at the Rio 2016 Olympics. She was a brand ambassador of LaLiga for its promotions in different countries. Her career has outstretched as a badminton player.


9. Saina Nehwal – Alongside sindhu, Nehwal has set her career graph high enough including – over 24 international titles, having eleven super series titles. Therefore, after Prakash Padukone she became the first Indian women player to reach the success and winning international titles. She represented India three Times in the Olympics and won a bronze in her second appearance.

Saina_Nehwal_Best_ Badminton_Player

10. Sunj Ji Hyun – She is a South Korean badminton player from Seoul. Her parents were former internationally recognized badminton players, which competed in the 80s. She is the number 7 in the world in that discipline. Very recognized player and has played against the number one players in the world.

Sunj _Ji_Hyun_Best_ Badminton_Player

The lists of both men and women players in Badminton who are in the top ten in the world rankings are listed in this article and you can dig each of these players individually if you want to know more about each ones career.


The Best Cricket Players Of 2019 Cricket is a popular sport all over the world while there are top players playing the game of bat and ball. The game origins from the 13th century and had many technical developments ever since. Today 12 teams play the game internationally, and the world cup is held every four years. Let us discuss the top players in both Test and ODI cricket – The list of ODI players

1. Virat Kohli – The current captain of the Indian Cricket Team and one of the finest batsmen of all time with an ODI average of 59.53, 54 fifties and 11251 runs. His eccentric batting style and consistency have made a significant impact during the tough games for the Indian Team. Kohli is believed to be in great form during the present world cup and has been scoring a good run chase.


2. Rohit Sharma – He is Indias right-hand opener who become the top order batsmen with stunning performances against Australia in 2016. He has also scored three double hundreds in the ODIs because of his consistency becoming the second-ranked ODI Batsmen in International Cricket. Since his game in the 2015 World cup, Sharma has undoubtedly evolved in the last few years and become nothing but better.


3. Kane Williamson – He not only grew as a player but also as a leader in the years. He has a great ability to perform under pressure. He has scored 13 ODI hundreds and 49 sixes that make him one of the great cricketers in the world. He is arguably one of the most valuable players in New Zealand after Martin Crowe. One of the top order batsmen in the world and has contributed a lot to the New Zealand cricket team.


4. Quinton De Kock – He scored 14 ODI hundreds with 4855 runs and an average of 44.95. You will not see a player like this come out of South Africa. He also performed in his best form in the limited -over Cricket as well. You will find him being compared to the greatness of Adam Gilchrist. He seems to be in good shape in the present world cup to represent South Africa.


5. Shai hopes – One of the best players in the West Indies cricket team to be in form and to make his debut against England in 2015. He has scored twin hundreds being the top-order batsman from West Indies with an average of 47.19 and 2454 runs. He has been playing in good shape and form ever since his debut and therefore, he could almost reach the level of former players like Brain Lara.


6. Joe root – Hailing from England, Root has become one of the best players in the national team of England for his unbeatable performances against India and Sri Lanka. Holding an average of 49.10, he is the best batsmen for England on tour. He is capable of handling pressure and has no flaw in his batting technique. He is among the best batsmen to play the world cup this year.


7. Babar Azam – One of the best players that Pakistan has now is Babar Azam with an average of 52.83, the strike rate is 85.92 and ten hundred in One day Cricket. His consistency offered him to play on the national teams, and he is one of the most valuable players in Pakistan. He made his debut on the Zimbabwe series where he played well and made his mark in the international Cricket team.


8. Martin Guptill – With an average of 42.35 and a strike rate of 87.46, the players have scored 16, and today he is one of the best players of the New Zealand Cricket team. He is one of the heavyweight players when it comes to consistency and knows how to handle pressure very well. He has performed exceptionally well against teams like Australia and South Africa, and for that, he gained attention in the world cricket.


9. Fakhar Zaman - Also from Pakistan, this player has significant contributions towards the Team with an ODI average of 46.54, strike rate of 97.11 and, four hundred and 11 fifties. He has show good performances in the recent world cup matches scoring against Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Australia. He was also a man of the match CT finals in the year 2017. He is one of the best players in Pakistan today.


10. Shikhar Dhawan – One of the finest players that India has now and one of the best openers in the Team. Shikhar Dhawan started his career in Cricket under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, has been an active backbone player in the Indian Team. Since then he is the star opener in the Indian Cricket team. Dhawan is in good form to play the world cup, and he may return for the games after his recovery.


The list of best test players in 2019

1. CheteshwarPujara – Pujara is considered to have the likeness of Rahul Dravid.He is one of the modern rebels in the Indian cricket team and one of best strategic players in Indian Cricket. He is valued for his consistency and for outstanding performance in test cricket internationally.He is excellent at guarding the middle order against a new ball. Nevertheless, he is a power-packed cricketer and one of the best contenders in the team.


2. Steve Smith – The best test batsman at present because his entire career is a story. Being one of the most intense players in the Australian Team, with 6199 runs and an average of 61.38, he is one of the most active players in test cricket. He has 23 hundred in the total number of test matches that he has played. He is in a great form this world cup and believed to be the glue around the batting attack.


3. Henry Nicholls – He is certainly a promising left-hander and has been consistently performing throughout his career and making it big for the New Zealand cricket team. He has an average of 45.76 in test cricket and has scored five hundred. There is to expect from him as he has a lot to offer in this world cup because of the good form that he has. Nicholls is the new game changer that New Zealand has now.


4. David Warner – If you want to know about one of the memorable debuts in Cricket, then we have Warner for you who played exceptionally against South Africa. He has been a first-class player since his debut, and he performed better even in the world cup of 2019. Easily one of the active players among the others in Australia with 6363 runs in International test cricket.


5. Aiden Markram – A great stroke maker who planned his career as a young prodigy. After getting to set the score from Amla and De Kock, he gets to be the one to take responsibility of the game. He has an excellent reputation in the Team of players who played former Cricket in New Zealand. The player can give tough challenges to the opponent teams and has maintained his own consistency.


6. Usman Khwaja - He represents Australia at the highest level, although after his comeback in test cricket he made a permanent place in the cricket team of Australia. He holds 2765 runs in test cricket with a strike rate of 50.6, eight hundreds and an average of 42.54. Seems in good form to play the world Cup in 2019 and believed to be a strong contender among the other Australian players.


7. Tom Latham – He is the son of the former cricket player Rod Latham and a wicket keeper –batsman and he made his debut in Canterbury and then later on performed spectacular game of Cricket against Sri Lanka. Ross Taylor and Tom Latham partnership can prove to be crucial for the opponent team in the world cup. He can be trouble if the partnership nails.


8. Rishabh Pant – Made two hundreds and scored 696 runs, with a strike rate of 73.81, Rishabh pant has set the tone for a fine player in the Indian Test Cricket line up. He is not just a strong contender player in the Team but has the potential to play exceptional Cricket with the right partner on the end of the crease.


9. Hashim Amla – Being one of the key players in the game, Hashim Amla is a strong batman in both Test nada ODI cricket. The player has 9282 runs in test cricket with a strike rate 49.97. He also has 28 hundreds and he is in solid form in the 2019 world cup.


10. Kusal Mendis – The Sri- Lankan player made his debut with a century against Australia. He holds a significant place in the Sri Lankan cricket team because of his consistent form. There is a lot that this player has for the Team in the coming years.


The aforementioned list has two sets of player, which are from the ODI and Test cricket. These players rank the best because of their tremendous form and capacity to handle pressure in the game.


Football is the most approved game or sports across the globe. Whether you are young or old, beginner or a professional player, everyone likes to kick the ball around the pitch. However, this sport needs a minimal amount of equipment while playing. Notwithstanding, excluding ball, a football players most essential ammunition is a pair of shoes. And when it comes to choosing the Football Shoes it is easier to say then done.

You have scrimped or saved and now you have enough money to buy a pair of football shoes . But then the next question arises is what pair of shoes should be in the purchase list?

In the market, all types of football shoes are available according to the playing conditions and foot types. Given a massive amount of choice out there, it is very difficult to put together the best shoes.

Therefore, in this blog, you will come to know the right guide for choosing football shoes . Everything is taken into consideration while finding out unbeatable shoes. We hope you will find the boots that best fit your style and play.

First and foremost, the thing to consider while buying football boots is on which surface you play on. Every sole is designed according to the surface. To illustrate, a shoe which will do wonders on the wet outdoor pitch, will not come to be best on a soft surface. Lets talk about varied surfaces: -

1. Soft ground


This pitch has mud on it which is rain-soaked ground. On this, changeable stud football shoes work best. Studs are inclusive of 6-8 metal studs that are longer for better and deeper penetration in the ground. These shoes are mostly liked by football players.

The studs in the shoes prevent the player from slipping in wet conditions. Moreover, they are bit heavier as compared to other shoes because of metal components in the studs.

2. Firm ground


They are dry outdoor pitches and in these types of ground, molded studs shoes work perfectly. These molded studs are made up of plastic and ideal for playing in firm ground. These shoes are light in weight and offer excellent balance while playing.

Indeed, when the football player wears these shoes, the weight of the body gets evenly distributed around the sole; which as a result, prevents the player from any type of injury. Other than this, the occasional players choose these football shoes because of moulded blades.

3. Hard ground


It is a concrete or AstroTurf ground and on this, a shoe with Astro soles delivers peerless results. They are basically made for playing on artificial turf that is on hard surfaces. Moreover, these football shoes are also called football trainer.

The manufacturing organizations make the sole of the shoe with dimples instead of studs, which is very helpful in superior griping on the ground. Their sole is much heavier than other soles which are best for soft or firm pitch ground.

4. Indoor court

These courts are made up of wood or you can say synthetic courts. Their shoes are generally assigned with Astro soles but have lower profiles which leave no marks on the crumb rubber pitch.

What kind of player you are?


If your play is based on speed, then it is recommended to take lightweight football shoes made up of synthetic material. On the other hand, if the player is hard-tackling defender, then go for natural leather shoes which will enhance your protection on the field.

After all, the wide feet need more comfortable football shoes made up of leather which will adjust easily and make player active. So, picking up the right size and right material is also very crucial while buying shoes. Attacking players of the game wear synthetic shoes as compared to an industrious player who wears leather football shoes.

Choose the right size


As a player, always make sure you get the shoes which fit perfectly to your feet from day one. Its another case that mothers make their children wear large shoes because they grow quickly. But in the case of adults, most essentially player should always buy boots that fit, bearing in mind that it will stretch on use. Cause of too tight or loose football shoes: -

• It will cause blisters

• Affect overall playing ability

• The player can overcome with some type of injury

• Feels irritated

• Your concentration will on shoes rather than on the play

It is a very good idea if you buy your football shoes visiting the brand showroom because size varies from brand to brand.

Next part comes is what are you looking for in your brand-new football shoes?

Whether it is speed, power, comfort, control, or weight.

Speed- in order to get speed while playing, two areas are main- weight and traction. So look for those shoes which are quick on speed.

Weight- weight is a very important factor by which the player comes to know how your foot is feeling. Lighter shoes tend to make you quick while playing and heavier boots make your grip stronger and protective. Both have their own advantages on their hand.

Control- control is all about friction, grip, and good connection with the ball. So look for those elements which have these control elements.

Power- if you need power while playing football, then solid boots will work best which allows your foot to bend in a natural way.

Comfort- it is very much in demand by the players because it will ease the player while playing a perfect game.

The shape of your foot


In addition to buying the right size, your playing techniques and the shape of your foot matters a lot while buying the best football shoes. Different feet are of varying widths. Lots of brand shoes tend to be wider than others. So, it is recommended that player should stick to one brand which suits your foots width.

Actually, the feet have different arches like a high arche, normal arche, and flat arches. The actual height of the arche will make you find better football shoes which are comfortable and fits perfect.

• High arche foot- cushioning shoes will work best in this arche

• Normal arche- stability shoes

• Flat foot- motion control shoes make player comfortable and relaxed while playing.

Look beyond the leather

Traditionally, customers feel that leather is associated with comfort but they dont know that modern synthetic offers a great fit and it is perfect in playing. So, get the right balance between comfort, look, and performance.

Choose the right football shoes based on your position

• Choose high-top football shoes if you a lineman, the reason is they will offer extra support to your ankles. The constant lateral movement on the field may cause ankle injuries if you wear lower cut shoes

• Mid-cut football shoes for skilled payer such as quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back as they will allow you to maneuver easier while playing

• The shoes which have low-cut are lighter in weight which offers a higher level of maneuvering flexibility to support faster movements

Material matters

Leather- Make sure that if you are thinking to buy leather shoes, then kangaroo leather is the most premium material for football shoes. But remember to take care of your leather shoes.

Synthetic- These days synthetic uppers are becoming very popular and common because they are lighter, thinner, and durable than any other material.

Knitted- It is made up of synthetic threads, the upper part is knitted and offer a sock-like fit with no distraction.

While buying football shoes , make sure that the marketing company is not making fool of yours by giving you the worst shoes which will waste your money and time. So, before purchasing, thoroughly research for best shoes which will suit your style.


Best Football shoes Under 1000 Rs Hello everyone, looking for the best football shoes under Rs 1000 . Well, there are a lot in the market, but it is very difficult to tell which one suits your style of playing.

Yes, it is true because people get confused about which one to buy because they see numerous famous brands, and selecting one of them is not easy. Moreover, always keep one thing in mind before going to buy any football shoes that thoroughly research on what type of shoes work best for you which makes you comfortable and you can give your best.

Now lets put some light on top 10 football shoes which come under Rs 1000. They are: -

1. Thrax Vapor Lite Football Shoe


Thrax has a great collection of football shoes which offers superior shoes for all types of players. So, if you are looking for foremost football shoes under Rs 1000 then Thrax Vapor Lite is the best choice for football players. This football stud comes with the combination of two colors that are black and lime.

Best features of Thrax football shoes: -

• The upper material is made up of PU microfiber which an excellent choice for enthusiastic players

• It offers the best grip while players are planning on a hard surface with grass on it

• These football shoes have TPU sole for rapid turf and hard ground playing

• The optical shape of the shoe is developed to last and deliver a better fit and finish

• Two layers of the cushion give better comfort and manage the energy in a better way

• The outsole is full length which provides explosive acceleration and excellent gripping in a multi-direction way

Check More Detail Here:

2. Nivia AVIATOR Football shoe


The brand Nivia is an emerging name in the football shoe industry while providing unexcelled features and benefits to the player. The Nivia Aviator football shoe comes in all sizes with attractive color combinations.

Unsurpassed features of Nivia football shoe are: -

• The outer sole of the shoe is made up of PVC synthetic leather

• Available in TPU sole for best gripping

• The outer sole is made up of rubber which is waterproof non-woven

• These football shoes are best for practice level and on the grassy surface

• Light in weight which is 200 grams for quick playing on the field

• Lace up closure

• Ideal only for men players

• The players cannot stop running or moving while wearing these football shoes

Check More Detail Here:

3. Feroc Evo speed Football Shoes


Uniquely stylish and trendy- Evo Speed football shoes for unisex are the best among other brands. In these football shoes, AGION technology is used which combat odor-causing bacteria and resist fungal, mold, and mildew growth on the treated surface. Feroc Evo Speed football shoe is so comfortable that it helps you move with untouchable speed and agility on a flat surface with the Evo Speed indoor outsole.

Other features and benefits: -

• Ideal for both men and women

• The upper portion of the shoe comes in a stylish pattern which controls the ball in a perfect manner

• Stud configuration on the outsole for perfect grip

• The inner material of the shoe is cotton as it absorbs the sweat from the foot while playing and makes the player feel fresh and energetic

Check More Detail Here:

4. Vector X Velocity Football Shoe


Vector is an amazing brand which manufactures football equipment. They offer stylish and innovative sports gear to most of the aspiring sports player. As the most renowned brand, they have produced spectacular football shoes which are used by famous personalities. It delivers the best grip while you are planning on a hard surface as well as on grass pitch.

Features and benefits of Vector X: -

• Highly flexible shoes because the sole is TPU

• Comes in attractive colors that are red-white, and black-silver

• The footbed is highly cushioned which gives comfort to the player

• The ankle of the foot is covered with cushioned material so that injury will not hurt the ankle

• The toes are designed in such a way that offers a strong kick to the ball towards goal

Check More Detail Here:

5. Thrax Dominator Football Shoe


Thrax is one of the leading brands in football shoes offers great comfort and relaxation to the foot while playing. Thrax dominator football shoes come in opti shape from the front. Moreover, the upper portion is made up of PU microfiber with delivers a better fit and finish.

Other features and benefits of Thrax football shoes: -

• The bottom of the shoes is TPU glassy material, it suits turf grounds more than soft mud grounds

• Provides superior grip on the ground and controls the underfoot support very well

• The full-length outer sole gives explosive acceleration and perfect grip in multi-directional movements

• Outer portion has two layers of cushion which manages the energy level and provides excellent comfort after wearing

• Ideal for men who are beginners or even advanced players

• It is built on the passion to make the athlete better, stronger and faster

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6. Nivia CRANE Football shoe


Nivia crane football shoes always boost and energize the performance of the player to the maximum level. This pair of shoes offers optimum response during play which is the best part. Nivia Crane football shoes are the perfect choice for those players who want to easily defend and win.

Features: -

• PU Synthetic lining in the collar of the football shoes is soft and comfortable

• PU microfibre on the upper portion makes this football shoe extremely light in weight and long-lasting

• The TPU sole is of high shear strength which is suitable on all types of hard ground

• The studs in the shoe are triangular in shape which eases the players push off and accelerate with rapid efficiency

• The upper portion is made up of PU microfibre that takes the shape of the feet and offers inorganic fit

• Moulded EVA insole provides better cushioning and comfort

• The shape of the toe is round for stability and grip

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7. Feroc Ultra Mens Orange Football Shoe


Backed by rich industry experience and market understanding, Feroc Mens football shoes are the best choice for professional as well as beginners. Moreover, they offer ultimate performance on the field while playing with stability and gripping.

Features and benefits: -

• Soft in wearing and light in weight for quick playing

• They are made up of PU synthetic leather for long-lasting durability

• The studs in the sole forms strong gripping and underfoot support

• The full-extend sole of the football shoe is made up of PVC

• Manufactured with the combination of orange and black for an attractive look

• Lace up closure

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8. Nivia Dominator 2.0 Football shoe


Nivia Dominator football shoe comes in the list of best shoes in under Rs 1000. They are designed to match the stringent standards which are required by professional players to put their best on the field. They have been manufactured after understanding every small and big thing of the game and rigorous review from the top players.

Best features and benefits: -

• They use single mold technology, which as a result prevents the shoe from tearing, stitching, and pasting issues

• These football shoes are completely sealed without having to give any further care

• These are full TPU shoe which provides flexibility to the foot

• They are resistant to water, oil, and grease in any situation

• The grip is very perfect and superior and underfoot support gives comfort to the player

• Light in weight, durable, smart, world-class quality, and stylish

• Toe area is flexible to defend the opponent

• The heel area is hard for proper stability and balance

• The upper sole of this football shoe is made up of AIR MESH TPU

• Offers countered speed and internal chassis gives instant acceleration

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9. SEGA Leather Football shoe


This Sega leather football shoe is also a good choice for professionals and beginners. They are light in weight and stylish, and offer a player a classy look on the field during play. It is ideal for both men and women.

Features: -

• The upper material of this football shoe is leather which is the best part as it is the most suitable material for a football shoe

• The sole is made up of PVC which delivers the best result on a hard and grassy surface

• All the series of Sega shoe comes in awesome look and designs

• Resistant to water in any situation

• Manufactured in varied attractive colors so that it looks stylish while wearing

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10. Vector X Chase Football shoes


Vector X has designed these shoes for quickest and most elusive players on the field. They look very stylish and innovative to the sports personalities on the field. Moreover, they are light in weight and durable for best performance.

Features: -

• Made up of synthetic leather with perfect cushioning to make the player comfortable

• The material of the sole is rubber which offers stability on the ground

• The studs on the rubber sole are of plastic

• Padded and textured footbed for extra comfort while playing

• Lace-up closure

• Best for men professional players

• Tip of the shoe is round which makes the foot comfortable and relaxed

• Inner material used in this football shoe is synthetic

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These are the top list of best football shoes under Rs1000. So, before buying, consider various aspects of the game and then purchase the best football shoe.





The introduction of Nike Football shoes marked the beginning of Nikes journey in the year 1971. Though it hardly cost a couple of bucks, Nike shoes lacked the oomph they currently own now. Nevertheless, it was a start. Over the years, testing and research has improved the quality of Nike football shoes and made them the choice of professionals. One such product is the Nike Mercurial Vapor that exceeds every expectation and enables international players to put up an impressive game.


The Launch of Ultimate Nike Football Shoes:

The Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar ensures that the fit of the newly launched football shoes is perfect. It makes the most of the latest innovation and ensures that there is no gap between the soleplate and the foot. Nike football shoes are all about a comfortable and remarkable fit. No matter how unique football shoes are, if it fails to offer the right fit, then everything else is compromised. And, for this very long reason, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar football shoes focus on the fit.

The game-changing construction, along with the use of advanced Nike Flyknit technology, makes it all the more amazing. Nike Mercurial Vapor wraps around the entire foot. It eliminates soleplate completely to boost the performance of the shoes. The new internal chassis and the sockliner interlocks with one another offer maximum responsiveness. All of this is achieved because of the absence of soleplate. Every size has its unique and personalized chassis. This is designed to align with the players bone structure perfectly.


Traction is delivered by the precisely placed studs on the heel and forefront. The inspiration for this design is from agile cheetahs, who focus on traction to increase their speed which leads to minimalist, effortless approach. The forefoot of the shoe is built for acceleration. It ensures swift and easy movement in every direction, whereas the heel studs enable the player to stop or turn on a dime. The underfoot of the Nike Vapor Neymar is not only visually pleasing but also acts like a claw. The Nike football shoes will truly sync with your feet and make every movement swifter.

We also love the uncompromising performance and softer, comfortable to the touch feel. The premium quality knitting of the Nike football shoes doesnt allow performance to be comprised. The necessary changes in this updated version of Nike football shoes have eliminated the presence of additional skin. The matte finish, the texturized upper has the power to battle every element, but it also offers unimaginable comfortable.

The release of Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar on 21st February 2019 was welcomed with massive enthusiasm. From the sleek look of the Nike football shoes to the impressive list of features - this pair of football shoes will offer you a superior level of performance worth your money. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar shoes are definitely a great choice for any player as they prioritize grip and offer speed. The cleats are designed for durability and performance as it is both scratch and water resistant. It guarantees minimal wear over extended use. The general look offered by the shoes is a massive plus point.

The Remarkable Design:

You can find a very engineered knit in most of Nikes products, and Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar has also this trait to optimize the performance. The inspiration for the Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar design started a lot of controversies. One might fail to understand the design of the recently launched Nike football shoes. The design has nothing to do with shushing critics about Neymars career. It isnt directed to any competitor or hater.

The SHHH actually stands for silencing the noise and chaos within and focusing on the game. The admirable stealthy look of the Nike Mercurial Vapor football shoes is achieved from the contrast created by the Nike branding in red over the black and grey design. The extremely sleek design of the shoe will magnificently wrap around your feet, offering a highly firm lockdown.


Furthermore, the SHHH graphic pattern runs all the way from the top to the underside. The matte finish of the swoosh red design offers better traction, which helps to have improved control over the ball. The use of premium quality Flyknit, one-piece material makes it extremely light and highly comfortable to wear.

This means you will not face the slightest discomfort wearing it for hours at a stretch. It is also incredibly responsive and highly flexible. Nike football shoes easily adapt to the feet movement. The precise engineering technology, known as Nike Flyknit, has fabric and yarn blends. This unique blend presents you with something more desirable- seamless upper, featherweight, and formfitting footwear. The knitted support and structure of the Nike football shoes have made the products different.

This new technology has also made Mercurial Vapor more lightweight than Nike Zoom Streak. Whether you are a football player or a marathon racer, you will find the shoes, fit for you. Most of the professional athletes prefer these shoes.


Incredible Integrated Technology:

The Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar shoes make the most of the ACC or All Conditions Control technology that has been integrated into the shoes. Regardless of the condition that prevails in the field, players will have the potential to not only maintain but also enhance the level of control they have over the football - friction will remain unaltered. The micro texturized Flyknit with the overlay Nike skin increases the comfort level and maintains necessary aeration along with breathability of your feet.

The shoes feature an anatomical outsole outline and Podular soleplate system with two different outsole ports. The red tips on the translucent chevron studs offer optimum traction. This kind of stability is ideal for intense games. Even the insole displays an SHHH inscription pattern along with black and red colorway. Apart from this, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar football shoes feature a mesmerizing cushioning effect on the areas that come in contact with the shoes.

Comparing the shoes of Nike Mercurial Vapor series:

To have a view at Vapor 12 Elite, you can find tightly weavedFlyknit on its upper part. It has not used Teijin synthetic leather, present in Mercurial Vapor 8, 9 and 10. Its touch is something similar to Vapor 11. However, there is slightly a lack of protection in Vapor 12 Elite. Nike Mercurial Vapor series, ranging from 1 to 9 has a very standard shape for the upper, and you cannot find any change.

There is nothing complicated, as the position of the laces and tongue is just down the boots mid-section. However, you can find a slight modification in MVXs lacing system. Nike has removed the separate tongue. The design of Superfly 4 has one-piece upper. Thus, these are all about the design of Nike football shoes, which belong to the Mercurial Vapor series. Compare the parts of all these shoes to buy the right one.

Should You Buy Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar? :

The shoes in the discussion are the first ones that are entirely designed out of the Flyknit material. The former versions of Nike football shoes are made out of synthetic material.


? The feather-like weight of the shoes

? Extremely comfortable

? Highly responsive to the foot movement

? Amazing fitting and very firm this offers great ball control.

? Easy to wear

? High-end built-in material.

? The stunning pattern all over the shoes


? quite expensive

? At first, it might feel a little stiff

The 2019 Nike Mercurial Vapor Neymar can be customized to suit the needs of every player. You can replace the grey laces of the shoes with vibrant-hued reflective laces - all of this can be done without causing any damage to the shoes. It proves personalization according to the taste of the footballer can be done with the greatest ease.

The remarkable built and quality of the shoe fights every scepticism and controversy that the design of it created. Everyone who actually bought the shoes expressed how impressed they were with its comfort level and lightweight built. The adaptability and responsiveness to the foot movement, outstanding grip, and level of performance of the shoe were some of the positive customer remarks. In conclusion:

The supportive fit, phenomenal construction of the Nike Mercurial Vapor highlights a unique color palette. The comfortable wrap enhances the overall fit of the football shoes. It is true to its size and facilitates better turns and cuts with its maximum traction feature. The limited edition football shoes demonstrate perfection.

However, there has been some criticism about the snug fit of the Nike Mercurial Vapor amidst shoe enthusiasts.

In comparison to the other Nike models, this is a tad more expensive. You can achieve the same functionality and specification at a lower price. However, football players who want a pair of shoes that is fast to wear and easy to maintain can buy this. It is a worthwhile investment and a great choice.