If you are badminton player and regular play badminton game then you must observed that you need a new pair of badminton shoes after every six months. Badminton is high intensity game requires lots of foot movement along with high impact load on shoes upper material, sole and stitching.

Badminton shoes observed lots of direct impact load, bending loading, twisting and shearing stress load so shoes should be durable enough to sustain these loads. Moreover, these loads along with fast movement of player caused a imbalance. So, shoe should equip with appropriate technology for stability.

Yonex use latest technology, material and high standard manufacturing process to produce the high quality Badminton Footwears.

In this blog we are listing the Best Yonex Badminton Shoes for advance players in 2019 or Best Yonex Badminton Shoes under Rs 3000 in 2019

Best Yonex Badminton shoes for advance players in 2019.jpg

This Blog will provide you following key information:

• Information on latest Yonex footwear technology and trends

• Latest Badminton shoes design and technology launched by Yonex

• List of best Yonex badminton footwear for intermediate to advance players

• Latest colors and models of Yonex brand shoes

This blog will provide real information of hot selling Yonex badminton footwear’s for 2019 and help user to take quick decision before they will purchase it online.

Some of the key technologies in Yonex shoes under 3000 Rs:

(1) True Cushion:

True cushion is the technology which is developed by Yonex for its intermediate range of shoes (For higher range shoes, Yonex power cushion, 3 layer Power cushion and Power cushion + technology are used). True cushion is the innovative feature in Yonex shoes which use two types of material (One is soft and highly resilience at inner sole and double sheets, second is durable and soft Eva mid sole for better shock absorbing ability).

True cushion is an innovative way of providing extreme cushion and comfort to advance badminton players ultimately helps in better playing characteristics, better court covering and comfort.

(2) True Shape:

True Shape is new innovation by Yonex which is developed by analyzing the different shape and sizes to get best possible shape for upper design. True shape technology developed by Yonex offers ultimate comfort and fitting. With True cushion technology, different shape and sizes can be accommodated in single design with optimum fitting.

Hexagon Grip Patterns:

Yonex use 100% rubber outsole with unique hexagon pattern on outer sole. Rubber sole offers a non marking ability to wooden court while its unique patterns are added advance for better grip and high traction force. With better grip, player can easily move on court with high safety priority.

#1 Yonex Aero Comfort:


It is the latest launched in 2019 with true shape and true cushion technology. This shoe is available in 6 different color options which will suit the different player’s style mostly for attacking game type.

Yonex Arrow comfort is developed on latest material which is micro fiber and durable air mesh. Micro fiber is molded and cut using specialize dies which provide unique shape and cutting patterns on shoe upper.

By using this new manufacturing process on shoe, Now, Yonex produces the shoe with high accuracy and absolute error free quality rate.

Out of its 6 variants White base color variant looks most attractive however ultimately buyer’s choice is always important.

#2 Yonex Super Ace V:


Super Ace V is launched in Year 2018 but it is still a hit model for advance badminton players in year 2019. Featured with advance mesh and new design concept (at front side of the upper, Flyknit mesh is used which is place for better air circulation and better flexibility).

This New design concept use in super Ace V helps in better comfort and flexibility to players.

Super Ace V shoe is available in 4 different colors and all color looks very sober for decent playing style.

Super ACE V is developed with latest design concept known as die cut sections in which upper design pattern is developed by using specialized die cuts. Shoe Upper material in high quality PU, Micro Fiber and durable mesh.

Expert Advice:

If you compare two shoes, Yonex Super Ace V and Aero comfort than, Aero Comfort is better in terms of cushioning and durability.

#3 Yonex True Cushion SRCP 65R:


SRCP 65R is mid range and affordable badminton shoes for intermediate badminton players with technologies like true cushion and true shape. It is developed with traditional Yonex shoe design concept which is large base color area graphics with small rear part and big Yonex logo on side.

SRCP 65R is developed with latest design concept known as die cut sections in which upper design pattern is developed by using specialized die cuts. Shoe Upper material in high quality PU, Micro Fiber and durable mesh

Expert Advice:

If you want a shoe under Rs 2000 with true cushion technology than this shoe is suitable for you.

#4 Yonex Court Ace Matrix:


Yonex Court Ace Matrix is new design concept which is derived from Yonex top end model Aerus series. In this design concept, matrix type shape is provided at upper and it looks very attractive.

These shoes are developed with latest design concept known as die cut sections in which upper design pattern is developed by using specialized die cuts. Shoe Upper material in high quality PU, Micro Fiber and durable mesh.

This Yonex shoes is equipped with True shape technology which is latest concept developed by Yonex for Badminton footwear. In this technology, Shoe upper is developed on specially designed upper which offers best in class fitting and comfort to players.

#5 Yonex Court Ace Matrix 2:


Yonex court ace Matrix 2 is upgraded version of traditional Matrix design. Yonex use state of the art die cut section technology for making its upper.

Yonex launched these shoes in 4 to 5 variants

Matrix 2 is developed on cutting material which is micro fiber and durable air mesh. Micro fiber is molded and cut using specialize dies which provide unique shape and cutting patterns on shoe upper.

By using this new manufacturing process on shoe, Now, Yonex produces the shoe with high accuracy and absolute error free quality rate

Expert Advice:

Yonex Matrix 2 shoe is better as compare to traditional Matrix shoe.

Final Conclusion:

• Above mention shoes price range from Rs 1800 to 3000 Rs and suitable for intermediate players while develop with key Yonex footwear technologies like Yonex True cushion, True shape, Hexagon Grip patterns.

• These shoes offer better fitting and good cushioning to players.

• Shoe design and its shape are suitable for different shape and sizes

• These shoes are latest 2019 Badminton shoes with all new design, feature and technologies suitable for comfortable play.

• Shoe outer sole is very important and key features of shoe as badminton player needs to play on wooden court which is slippery in nature.

• Yonex develop shoe with 100% non marking rubber outer sole in developing these shoes which offers better traction force and better grips.

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About Cricket Shoes:

Cricket Shoes are important part of cricket game and good quality shoes is necessity of cricket player. Good quality shoes provide better comfort and ability to run easily on ground with safety and proper shock absorbing ability.

Following are some key checks for Cricket shoes:


• Cricket Player should check the shoes with high quality upper material, Material for upper should be PU (polyethylene) or Microfiber or High quality Synthetic Material. PU is a light weight material looks like leather which provides durability for rough uses like grass cricket ground.

• Cricket is an outdoor game and some time cricket players need to run on irregular cricket ground surface so it’s upper and sole should be durable enough to sustain hard weather conditions.

• Its upper material should be stand good on wet ground condition.

• Cushion is very important for cricket shoes. A cricket player runs average 2 -5 km in a match and running sometime puts extreme pressure on knees and ankle of a cricket player. To reduce the pressure form knees and ankle, cricket shoes should equipped with high degree of cushion at mid and inner sole.

• Cricket ground sometimes are slippery in nature so bowlers and fielders need shoes with antiskid nature. To improve the grips of the shoes , nowadays cricket shoes are coming with spikes which provide super gripping action even if the ground are extremely slippery.

• Cricket shoes with rubber studs are suitable for all-round type of players or player who doesn’t want to play with spike shoes. Rubber stud are good option for cricket players. Sole of rubber studs are made of flexible but durable rubber material.

Cricket shoe for Fast Blowers and Fielders:


Cricket shoes for fast bowlers and fielders needs special characteristics mainly:

• Shoes for fast bowlers need stability, better cushion, better traction force, better durability and ventilation.

Stability is very important for fast bowlers: during fast blowing follow though, player landing posture should stable and to land safety sigh degree of shoe stability is recommended.

Fast blowers need extra or double cushion cricket shoes: As explained earlier fast bowlers need extra cushion at mid sole and inner sole.

Traction Force: Normally, fast fowlers use spikes shoes so that they will get optimum traction force during running.

Proper Ventilation: Ventilation is important part of cricket shoes especially for fast bowlers. Carefully select material and air vents improves the air flow within the shoe thus helps better ventilation within the shoe.

Following are the Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers:




New Balance CK 10 L3 is top range spikes shoes for professional and advance cricket players. This shoe is developed on synthetic upper mesh with lamination technique which offers better and durability upper for all weather use.

It is REVlite mid sole provide both better cushion and durability to players.

It is top line spike shoes which provide best in class comfort to cricket players.



Adidas Adipower shoe is one of best cricket spikes in complete Adidas cricket shoes range. This shoe is the first choice of top line fast cricket blowers from England like Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad Both the fast bowlers are known for fast bowling speed and killer swing.

Adipower vector mid spike is developed with Leather PU upper and high quality Eva mid sole. The combination of PU upper, Eva mid sole and better quality spikes provide stability, durability and proper air circulation within the shoes.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 Spike shoes:


This Puma Spike is made of ultra lightweight weight micro fiber and lightweight sole which provide better feel to players. Its secure lacing system helps player to run easily on ground with easy move and Sharpe turns on ground.

This Puma Cricket shoes is developed with ultra light weight micro fiber, Durable mesh and skin fit which provides lightweight shoe upper. With lightweight nature, player will get chance to run easily on cricket ground.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Kookaburra KCS 2000 Spike:


Kookaburra KCS 2000 spikes shoes are professional level shoes specially developed for fast bowlers. The outer cage of these shoes is designed with special polymers which provide great stability to player.

To provide better cushioning, Kookaburra used new concept called Kookaburra comfort. It is a new level of material selection in which material is carefully selected with high cushion and better responsiveness.

Kookaburra further improved the cushioning of the shoe with highly cushion mid sole.

To provide better stability, KCS 2000 spike shoes are developed with Thermo Heel counter design to offer better air circulation, specially designed vents are provided.

5.0 Thrax Field Power Full Spike:


Thrax filed power spike shoe is mid range product for beginner to intermediate cricket players. Upper of this shoe is develop with PU material which provide all weather playing ability to shoe as PU is very durable material with water resistance ability.

Spikes of Field power shoes are molded with outer sole which gives unified sole structure for better stability and traction force.

Innersole and mid sole of field power shoe is made of high cushion EVA and pylon material.

Overall, Thrax field power spike shoe is Best Cricket Shoe for Intermediate Cricket Players.

6. Nike Alpha Accelerate 3 Full Spikes:


Nike Alpha accelerate 3 is top class shoe with all new technical features for professional and advance cricket players.

Extra durable and tough synthetic upper is used in making of this shoe. Synthetic mesh is used in upper of the shoe; synthetic mesh is provided proper breathability to shoe.

Cricket shoes for All Rounder Players:


Cricket shoes for all rounder players need the ability to run fast, stability and most important durability. Most of the all-rounder players use Stud cricket shoes with flexible outsole and durable rubber studs.

These rubber studs should be flexible enough to offer best traction force while at the same time it should be durable enough to face the bad cricket ground conditions. Cushion of stud shoes should be optimum so that it provides better shock absorbing ability to players.

Following are some Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounder Players:

1.0 Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud:


Kookaburra Pro 1500 stud shoes are most popular stud shoes among the players. It is made of PU base upper which provide durability and light weight feel.

Specially designed nylon mesh is used at upper part of the shoe which delivers best in class upper feel.

Outer sole of stud shoe is very important part and it should be flexible and durable in nature. Kookaburra used special rubber and polymer bounding material for developing the outer sole with unique patterns.

2.0 ASICS Gel Peak 5 Stud:


ASICS gel peak in one of the popular shoe as it offers extreme cushion, superb stability and enhance traction force to players.

ASICS use Gel technology for improving the cushion of shoe. Gel technology is carefully use at front and back side of the shoe in mid sole. In gel technology, especially design and resilience material with soft feel is used to improve the overall effectiveness and cushioning.

Gel peak use shank at counter heel and at mid sole. Shanks are developed with composite material which is design to deliver stability to players.

Highly cushion mid sole and inner sole is designed to provide shock absorbing ability and responsiveness.

3.0 Puma EvoSpeed one8 R Virat Kholi:


Puma evospeed one 8 R is latest cricket stud shoes for all rounder players. This shoe is developed with ultra light weight microfiber material which offers lightweight shoe feel to players.

Shoe Evospeed technology provide great stability to players. Shoe comes with stable upper material with cage design.

Shoe outsole is developed with Ergonomically Design which offers better grip and traction force. Molded spike in outer sole is manufactured with precision so that player will get better performance. This cricket shoes is equipped with 11 spike configurations for durability.

4.0 Nike Potential Cricket Stud:


Nike Potential cricket stud is another good model for all round type of players. Shoe upper is developed with high quality microfiber material which is carefully selected by Nike Sports.

Nike develops quality sports shoes for professional players. This all-rounder shoe is all weather shoe which player can use even if very hard weather or ground condition.

Specialty of this Nike cricket shoes is its stability and comfort.

5.0 GM All round Cricket Stud:


As its name suggest, this cricket shoe is developed for all round type of cricket players. Shoe upper is made of ultra thin micro fiber material which is weight less in nature. Microfiber used in this GM shoe is weather proof is use.

To enhance the overall stability of shoe, GM used specially designed graphite plate at mid sole which offers directional stability to players.

Further, to improve the cushioning of this shoe, GM used lightweight Eva material at inner sole.

Outer sole of this stud shoe is made of flexible rubber with unique patters. Overall, Good stud shoe for all-round type of performance.


Overview of Racket:

Victor thruster K is head heavy family racket by victor. We are reviewing the master color racked which is matt finish black and deep blue color. Victor used specific graphics and new features in this racket.

New graphics with matt finish look attractive, however victor use blue color smartly to give you unique look.

The weight of the racket is 87 gms while we are using G4 grip size for its review. It is head heavy racket with extra stiff shaft which is similar to VT Z force 2.

We used 26 lbs string tension in this racket. Victor used lots of new features in this racket those will be explains later.

Lets Start the Review:


Racket Performance from 3rd Line:

Reviewing head heavy racket from 3rd line is always a fun game as you got lots of power in shots from 3rd line. No doubt, Victor thruster K is rock solid racket for attack.

Since it is a stiff shaft racket so player will get better swing speed and you player can time the shot well.

Stiff shaft complement the racket overall balance offer a great power on shots from 3rd line.

Victor used better racket balance technique which eventually results into fast racket swing and extra power on shots.

If you compare it with Z Force II than defiantly you will feel some power difference, Z force 2 is pure power racket.

Overall, racket performance is good from 3rd line.


Defense and counter Attack:

Normally head heavy racket is bit harder to test in counter attack, because of its balance. But this racket surprised us a lot.

Its balance is very good which helps in placing accurate shots. Extra stiff shaft repulsion is optimized and suitable for fast counter attack game.

We could place accurate drive, cross corner, fast drop shots with pin point accuracy.

Overall, good racket for defense and drive shots.


Racket performance at Net Area:

Victor thruster F racket is stiff shaft racket with better balance. With its stable & stiff shaft, shuttle hold is optimum on string bed. Due to these phenomena, Players will get accurate and pin point accuracy on shape net drop shots.

We observed less vibration and very accurate shuttle placement with this victor racket.

Final conclusion:

Victor K thruster is all together a new racket for attacking game style. With its stiff shaft and good balance, player will feel batter on control game play while with head heavy configuration, you will get sufficient power to dominate on opponent.

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Finally Yonex introduces its flagship badminton footwear , Yonex Aerus 3 for pro players. Aerus 3 is launched in late Sept-18 with lots of new features, design and innovative concepts.


Following are some key observation in this badminton shoe:

1. By understanding the need to modern game, Yonex decided to launch the latest shoe which is ultra lightweight in nature and flexible enough to offer natural foot movement.

2. Yonex worked on shoes weight and identified what are the key area where weight of the shoe can be reduce significantly.

3. To reduce the weight, Yonex used lighting material and latest manufacturing technique which is equipped with less stitching and more of high quality nylon meshes.

With the use of lightweight material and better manufacturing technique, Yonex Aerus 3 weight is just 270 gms only.

4. Use on Nylon mesh also provides better flexibility and comfort to players.

5. This Yonex badminton shoes is developed with power cushion + technology which is next level cushioning and comfort feature in Aerus 3.

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About Look and Feel of the Shoe:

Like Aerus 2 , this shoe is also made with Yonex laminate and heat transfer technique. Nylon mesh used in Aerus 3 looks thicker as compare to Aerus 2 while lamination on top of the mesh looks stronger. We hope it will be durable enough.

Aerus 3 comes in 2 color scheme for mens. Blue and Black color. For blue color, base is blue which is thick nylon mesh. While on top of it, light blue color lamination heat transfer is done. White logo on front side of the shoes looks very attractive.

New features and Technologies used in Yonex Aerus 3:

Power Cushion +:


Power cushion + is advance version of traditional power cushion technology. In this technology, specially designed resin added to power cushion. This specially designed resin is lightweight in nature while it offers following key benefits:

• Ultra lightweight cushion technology ever.

• Power cushion + offers best in class shock absorbing ability

• As testing results, Yonex fund that, power cushion + provides 25% better shock absorbing ability as compared to traditional power cushion.

• Further, Power cushion technology offers 12% better repulsion as compared to traditional cushion technology.


Durable Skin Light:

Yonex used PU based durable skin lite with nylon mesh material which offers flexibility like rubber material plus it offers durability for long lasting game play.

Durable Skin Light provides following key benefits:

• Better upper flexibility as compared to traditional PU based uppers.

• Better durability

• Lightweight in nature

Syncro Fit Insole:

Synco fit insole offers following key benefits to players:

• This technological feature offers improved fit between foot and shoe.

• It also maximizes the grip inside the shoe.

• It creates the secure contact between foot and shoe, which helps in proper energy management within the shoe.

In this technology, shape of the inner and outer in sole in optimized as per foot shape to offers best contact between shoe and foot.

3D Power Carbon:


Twisting is an important phenomenon in Badminton shoes. For Sharpe movement, twisting is important but it should be in control way. Uncontrolled twisting can cause serious injuries to players.

Yonex used 3D power carbon which helps in avoiding unwanted twisting movement and offers a safe and steady foot movement.

Toe Assistance Shape:

Yonex used toe centric shoe design concept, in this type of shoe shape, excess pressure on toe is cut down by improving the design changes.

This also helps in better heel support and overall shoe comfort.

YONEX_AERUS_3_Breathable_Mesh _TECHNOLOGY.jpg

Power Graphite Lite:

Yonex used ultra light graphite material plate at the mid sole of the shoe. This light weight material plate helps in better stability and reduces the overall badminton shoe.


Yonex Aerus 3 is ultra light weight badminton shoe for professional players. This shoe is equipped with latest shoe technologies especially with Power Cushion Plus technology which offers 25% better shock absorbing ability and 12 % better response.

These shoes will be suitable for those badminton players who already tried Yonex power cushion shoes and wants to further improves the performance.


LI Ning N 7 II is new badminton racket added into N series. This racket is used by shi yuqi and with this he won the many international medals in badminton.


This racket is one of the top end rackets in Li Ning Pro racket series. Racket weight is around 87 gms which is a standard weight for pro players. This racket comes in traditional matt finishing with attractive graphics.

To test this racket, we used 3U (85 to 89 Gms). As it is an unstrung racket so we did the string with Yonex 80 Power. We used 25 Lbs string tension for test this racket.

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Following are our observation of testing of Li Ning N7 II:

Racket Performance from 3rd Line:

N 7 II is a head heavy racket and if you already tried head rackets of Li Ning than you must aware of that fact that Li Ning head heavy rackets are exceptionally good in power.

With proper string selection and string we improved the overall racket performance up to a great extent.

From 3rd, we got good response from racket. It helps in easy clear. Racket sound is very clear and offensive. Smash power is superb and as per the expectation of a head heavy racket.

Since it is head heavy racket but balance of the racket is very good so you do not feel pain in hand even for long and intense single games.

Overall, Racket performs very well from 3rd line. Easy 3rd line clear and powerful smashes.

Defense or Counter Attack:

Defense and counter attack are always a challenge for head heavy racket but as we explain earlier, racket balance is very good to you will get better swing speed which helps in effective counter attack. Racket responds quickly for fast drive shots. We got sufficient time for responding the flat drive shots. Sometime racket behavior as even balance racket that because of its exceptional balance.

Moreover, we can place the shuttle with 100% direction accuracy.

Overall, defense and counter attack of N 7 II is very good.

Racket performance at net Area:

For head heavy rackets, net area work is something which largely depends on individual players skills. However, N7 II is performed well in net area.

There some cases where we observed the need of timing adjustment but that is with ½ hr of play once you understand the racket behavior than you can control shuttle easily.

We observed and got good timings on close net area shots, drop shots. With good control on shuttle, player can perform very close drop shots.

One important thing we would like to point out here that is racket generates very less vibration and even for returning very fast smashes.

So player can counter attack to opponents shots or change the opponents offense into point winning strategy.


Lots of badminton players in India nowadays trying the Acisc badminton shoes as these shoes are developed with higher end manufacturing technology and advanced material. These badminton shoes offer following key benefits to players:

• ASICS badminton shoes are equipped with latest Gel technology which provides better cushioning, shock absorbing ability to players.

• These Badminton Shoes are made of lightweight material, thus, it provide ability to quickly move within the badminton court.

• ASICS badminton shoes give better responsiveness which helps in effective court covering. • With latest technology, these shoes offer easy to move or better flexibility to badminton players.

About Asics Badminton shoes:

Asics Company is started by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949 as athletic footwear manufacturing firm. The name Asics came first time in year 1977. The name of ASICS is derived from Latin quote “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano”.

Meaning of this Latin quote is A Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Founder of ASICS shoes belief in creating good quality shoes for better sports, fitness and creativity.

In 1977, ASICS introduces its products range into USA and got deep penetration in market targeting sports athlete, professional and fitness enthusiast.

ASICS launched its first R and D center in Kobe Japan in 1990. ASICS developed lots of innovative and first in market technology for shoes and footwear market.

About ASICS Badminton shoes Technology:

ASICS Gel Technology:

ASICS used specialized material called as Gel for providing better comfort. ASICS Gel technology reduces the impact strength, offer better shock absorbing capability to players or athlete.

ASICS Gel technology is applied at following key areas of Shoe:


ASICS Gel Technology at Rear Foot:

A special shape gel material inserts are proved at rear side of shoe. This special material insert provide better shock absorption and quick response from shoe. This also helps in smooth transfer from one step to another.


ASICS Gel Technology at Fore Foot:

Fore foot is important area and it is main area of a badminton player as most of the impact load fist feels at the mid of the forefoot. Asics introduces innovative shape gel material at the forefoot of the shoe which absorb sudden impact load to foot and provide best comfort to player.

Impact Guidance System:

Asics Impact guided system is series of small components added into shoe which basically offers better stability and smooth transfer of foot. IGS system developed by ASICS company is the series of inter linked component mechanism which basically developed to provide superb stability

. Extreme Heel Counter:

Heel counter is the a concept in which extra support is provide to heel so that better stability can be provide to shoe. This minimizes the unwanted heel movement and offer better stability of player’s foot.

Guidance Trussic:

Another good concept so that player can perform the easily landing.

Guidance Line:

Stability is very important for badminton players. More stability with better comfort will always helps player to perform better. Better Stability also helps badminton players for better court covering.



This technology provides two key benefits to badminton players (1) Light Weight shoes (2) Super Responsiveness.

Asics used nano fiber structure for making the inner upper of shoes which is very lightweight while durable in nature.

New material is responsive in nature which means it comeback to its original position quickly after impact. This technology is 55% lighter as compare to other badminton shoes.



In this technology, lightweight foam is combined with high energy elastomer which eventually increases the bounce and performance of a badminton shoe.

With lightweight foam, less drag force comes into contact with shoe.

With this technology, badminton shoe work as spring for proving better cushion to badminton players.  ASICS_GEL_TECHNOLOGY_FLYTEFOAM_PROPEL_TECHNOLOGY_khelmart2


Badminton Racket weight is very important for player as it impact the players performance. Based on racket weight, balance and configuration, overall racket behavior works.

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Lightweight racket (76 to 83 Gems) is always preferred by that player who wants very fast rallies with following key benefits:

• Lightweight rackets are always good for quick racket movements

• Lightweight racket weight will vary from 76 gms to 83 gms.

• As lightweight racket is easy to move so it will provide ability to hit quick shots. Player with lightweight racket can perform better shots.

• With lightweight rackets player can do better counter attack.

• Lightweight rackets are always good for better and accurate shot delivery.

• Players with doubles game will prefer to play with lightweight rackets.

• With Lightweight racket, players may feel little bit power loss but if player knows the better swing speed than this could be managed.

Mid weight Racket (82 to 89 Gms) is suitable for attacking game with optimize control:

• Mid weight rackets are most popular among the players.

• Mid weight racket comes under 82 gms to 89 gms.

• Mid weight is suitable for those who want attacking game style. With mid weight, player will get better movement of inertia which helps in generating more power on shots.

• Mid weight is always preferred for stoke making player, player who love the push his or her opponents deep into the court.

In order to specify the weight of the racket different manufacture use different standard. For a player, it is very important to understand these standards so that he or she can pick up best.
In this blog we are listing badminton racket weight standards used by different companies.

Yonex Racket weight standards:

Yonex used U as specifying the weight of the racket. As per Yonex rackets weight system, 2U is maximum racket weight .i.e. around 90 to 94.9 Gms while they represent F for lightest racket. Weight comes in F will be around 70 to 74 gms.

Yonex Arcsaber FB comes in F standard while, Yonex Lite racket series comes in 5U. Similarly Yonex most popular racket Voltric 7 comes in 4U.

Below is the List of different strand used by Yonex for representing the racket weight:


THRAX Racket weight standards:

Thrax also use U as explaining its racket weight standards .Thrax racket weight standard starts from 2U and it goes till 7U .

2U is represents the 90 to 94.9 Gms while 7U represents 65 to 69.9 Gms.

Most of the Thrax rackets are feather weight racket which comes in 6U to 7U weight categories.

Thrax Furious and Astra series comes in 6U and 7U weight category. Most of the Astra and Furious rackets is Carbon handle single mould racket for ultra strong unit and lightweight feel.

Check this graph for getting more knowledge on Thrax racket weight standards.


Li Ning Racket weight standards:

LI Ning use W for explaining its racket weight standards. Its start with W1 which represent 72 to 80 gms as comes under lightweight racket series. W3 represent to mid weight category.

Most of the LI Ning rackets comes in W2 categories. Li Ning Windstorm Lite series comes in W1. Windstorm 72 ,75 and 78 are the lightweight rackets in Li Ning rackets series.


Apacs Racket weight standards:

Apacs also used U as explaining its racket weight standards. Apacs Lightest racket comes in 8U category which is 59.9 and below.

Apacs feather Wight rackets are very popular. Feather weight comes in 7U to 8U categories.

Apacs feather weight 55 weight is 8U. it is the lightest racket in Apacs series.



In 2018, LI Ning introduces Lots of New Badminton rackets and other equipment for professional players to Beginners Level. With continues success of shi yuqi (shi yuqi Chinese Badminton Player and Words Number 02), Li Ning getting lots of new hope in Badminton field. shi yuqi is using Li Ning Turbo charging N7 racket which is an example of cutting edge technologies.

For Beginners and Intermediate players, Li Ning launched Hi Power and Super Force Racket series with innovative features.

Similarly, LI Ning Introduces the Li Ning US series for advance player written detail blog posts its technology and features.

Li Ning enhance lots of racket technology, improved the material and overall performance of rackets. With continuous improvement in material, now Li Ning badminton rackets can sustain string tension up to 38 lbs.

LI Ning US series are dedicated for Mega strong frame and these rackets are developed with high grade carbon fiber material.

Similarly Li Ning introduces the Nano Force series which is the combination of higher string tension and light weight rackets.

While, LI Ning introducing lots of new features in racket, at the same time they are improving the racket overall technological features.

In this Blog we are listing the Key technologies in Li Ning Badminton rackets:
Advance AeroTec Beam System:
LI_Ling_Badminton_Rackets_Technology_AEROTEC BEAM SYSTEM.jpg

With lots of research and testing, Li Ning identified the perfect cross sections for making the frame. Li Ning research showed the combination of aero dynamic frame along with strengthen section offers better aerodynamic frame along with better rigidity and torsion rigidity.

With better aerodynamic, player will get ability to hit very quick drive shots. Player can respond quickly to fast return. This will be an added advantage to player.

Dynamic Optimum Frame:

Li Ning use isometric frame design concept which offers enlarge sweet spot area to players.

With Enlarge sweet spot area, player can hit powerful shots. Along with isometric frame concept, Li Ning offered a unique position of sweet spot area. Sweet spot area in Li Ning Dynamic optimum frame is little upwards to racket head.

Dynamic optimum frame is the results of three concepts, mainly, enlarge sweet spot area, sweet spot area is position upwards potion and enhance mechanical properties of frame.

With dynamic optimum frame concept, Li Ning offers more hitting area and better hitting velocity.

High Tensile Slim Shaft:

LI Ning used ultra slim shaft with a 7.00 mm top slim design. With aerodynamic slim shaft design, Li Ning rackets provides better control and power on shots.

Further with optimized moment of inertia and racket balance, player with get high angle of attack so that he or she can dominate on opponent.

With optimized balance, perfect aerodynamics, LI Ning rackets will provide state of the art offensive attack and control to players.

Compressed Frame Shape:

Racket stability during shuttle hit is very important parameters. We all know when shuttle hits to string bed it causes lots of vibrations and torsion on frame which can results into misplacement of shuttle form its target.

To reduce the vibration and to improve the torsinal strength of frame, Li Ning used specially designed and compressed frame cross section. This cross section is unique in nature and offer better torsinal strength to racket frame.

TB Nano Powertec:

TB nanotech is the latest material technology used by LI Ning Badminton. In this technology, Carbon fiber and resin are bound together in sequential manner with unique manufacturing processes.

This increases the racket strength up to 20% and offer exception racket behavior.

TB Nano Powertec offers better hitting intensity and better power transfer.

Box type Frame:

Box type of cross section offers better strength to frame. This type of cross section is designed to deliver better performance, better strength and rigidity.

It also improves the overall accuracy and durability of the frame.

Air Stream System:

Air Stream is again a latest technology by Li Ning. In this technology, specially designed air vents are place at 5 and 7 o clock of racket frame so that air can easily passes through air vent.

Smooth flow of air through air vent reduces the air resistance and helps in better frame aerodynamics.

With better aerodynamics, player will get fast swing speed and better racket handling.

70 Holes Patters:
LI Ning first time used the 70 holes concept in which Li Ning used the 70 holes in racket frame (It is 26 lesser as compare to normal racket frame).

With lesser holes in frame, LI Ning rackets offers better durability and better strength.

70 holes concept also improves the overall racket strength.

Stabilize Torsion Angle:

Stabilize torsion angle is a specific angle in racket which work as spring back. It provides elasticity to racket for more power on shots.

Torsion angle woks strike back even if the shuttle hits off center to string bed. As a result, shuttle gets more power and force.

Wind Stabilizer:
Wing stabilizer technology is a latest technology by Li Ning which works as damping device in racket frame to restore the racket into actual position quickly so player can hit the accurate shots.

This technology is inspired from Aviation industry in which aerodynamics and reducing of vibration is important factor.

Basically, this technology optimizes the frame restoration while shuttle hits the string bed and control the frame wave so that player will get better control on shots.

Slim Frame:
Slim frame always helps in less air resistance and drag coefficient. Li Ning used new frame design which is 25% less in height and 5% less in width so it produces 30% less drag coefficient.

With less drag coefficient , player gets very fast racket swing speed suitable for attacking and rock soild defense.

Checkout for More details:


About Feather Shuttlecock:
Feather Shuttlecock is made of goose, duck or hen feather. Feather shuttlecocks are very expensive in nature as it required feathers of birds. As these shuttlecocks are made of natural bird feature so it provides some of the finest shuttlecock playing characteristics.


Following the key benefits of using Feather Shuttlecocks:

Feather Shuttlecock are expensive in nature as it is made of natural feather of birds.

• Goose feather shuttlecock are most expensive.

• Hen Feather shuttlecock are used by amateur players.

• Duck feather shuttlecocks are used by intermediate players for practice.

• High quality feather shuttlecock are used in all the international events or tournaments.

• Yonex Aerosensa shuttlecocks are very popular amount the feather shuttlecocks

RSL shuttlecock are good option for doing regular practice.

• Li Ning Mid rage shuttlecocks like Strike, Champion are good options for regular practice.

• Feather shuttlecocks provides better flight patterns as compare to Nylon shuttlecocks

• Feather shuttlecock speed is optimized and suitable for better badminton game.

• Feather shuttlecocks are best option for practice as your hitting timing will be perfect for tournaments.

• Pro Players or international players used Feather shuttlecock in daily practice.

Feather Shuttlecock are made of natural feathers (Duck, Goose or Hen), there are 16 best quality feather are used in shuttlecock with a length of around 70 mm.

Weight of the feather shuttlecock is around 4.65 to 5.5 gms, Only high quality feathers are used in making the quality shuttlecock.

Now, we are listing the some of the best Feather shuttlecock:

Yonex AS 10:


Yonex Aerosensa Shuttlecocks are officially recognized shuttle for international tournaments around the globe. These shuttles are first choice as feather shuttlecock for all type of tournaments. Yonex used precision engineering process to develop shuttle so that badminton players get best quality shuttle every time.

Each box of Yonex AS10 is equipped with 12 shuttles. AS10is made of high quality goose feather which gives superb flight and speed in different environmental conditions. Shuttle head is made of 100% cork material.

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Yonex AS 2:


Yonex Aerosensa Shuttlecocks are officially recognized shuttle for international tournaments around the globe. These shuttles are first choice as feather shuttlecock for all type of tournaments. Yonex used precision engineering process to develop shuttle so that badminton players get best quality shuttle every time.

Each box of Yonex AS2 is equipped with 12 shuttles. A2 is made of high quality goose feather which gives superb flight and speed in different environmental conditions. Shuttle head is made of 100% cork material.

Yonex used Best in Quality Portuguese Cork for head of shuttlecock. Yonex Used 7 largest feather from each wing to prepare high quality Yonex feather shuttles for tournament level quality. This type of high quality feather from each wing gives stronger, more durable and best consistency each time.

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All RSL feather shuttlecock is manufactured at world’s biggest feather processing plant (This RSL feather processing plant is similar is area about 56 football grounds).

For Any feather shuttlecock, feather is very important part.RSL is having expert feather processing unit which help company to produce world class feather shuttlecock first time.

RSL factories are equipped with automated plant which carefully selects the feather of pre defined quality parameters. RSL classified over 45000 of feather in its inventory to provide best feather shuttlecock experience to players.

RSL NO 4 is one of best shuttlecock available in India with economical price range

This shuttle is available in speed 77. This shuttlecock is very lightweight shuttlecock which provide opportunity to hit easy shots with precise control.

This shuttlecock used the Sandwich Cork which offers better stability and power on shots.

One Box contains the 12 high quality shuttlecocks.

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RSL shuttlecock are considered as high performance feather shuttlecock suitable for tournaments and daily practice matches.

RSL no 3 offers better stability, good flight patterns, smooth flight and unmatched durability to players at economical price range

This feather shuttlecock used natural Cork based sometime called as Sandwich Cork which provide best performance and durability

Speed of the shuttlecock is 77 while flight ability is around A++

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Li Ning Strike:


Li Ning Strike is one of the finest feather shuttlecocks in India for daily practice or club level tournaments.

Li Ning strike feather shuttlecock is most selling feather shuttlecock in India due its economical price and high quality performance. Badminton players used this shuttle in practice session and club level tournaments. Speed on shuttle is around 76 for temp around 28 to 35 degree Celsius.

Each Box of Li Ning Strike contains 12 shuttlecocks. It is made of duck feather of left wing of bird. Head of the shuttlecock is made of composted softwood which gives durable performance.

All Li Ning feather shuttlecock are manufactured with High Quality Goose Feather or Duck Feather with left wing which gives superb flight and durability. Weight of Li Ning shuttles are between 4.74 to 5.5 gms. With high quality standard, Lining shuttles are suitable for advanced, intermediate and professional badminton players.

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About Comparison:
Yonex Mavis series is one of the best series in Nylon shuttlecock categories. Mavis series offer following key benefits to players:

1. Better Flight patterns – Almost similar to Feather shuttlecock

2. Better Durability – Shuttle offer better life and durability for practice matches

3. Better Shuttle speed - Mavis series offers optimum shuttle speed which is very close to feather shuttlecock performance.

4. Cost Effective: Mavis series is cost effective shuttlecock as compare to other brand nylon shuttlecock.

5. Good Shuttle for Practice: Yonex Mavis series is good option for regular practice and club level competition tournaments.


With above mention points , we can say that , Mavis series is better shuttlecock which offers better durability , flight patterns and very cost effective for daily practice.

Mavis series is having different categories like Mavis 07, Mavis 200i, Mavis 350, Mavis 600, and Mavis 2000.

Different Mavis series are designed for different playing condition and practice level.

For Ex, Mavis 200i is suitable for beginner level and advisable to those players who love to play badminton game with intermediate playing skills.

In this blog, we shall do the comparison of two different Mavis series shuttle, Mavis 350 vs Mavis 2000

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About Mavis 350:

Yonex Mavis 350 is all time hit Nylon shuttlecock for practice session as it’s provide close to feather like shuttle performance. Mavis 350 gives very consists performance to badminton players. Each shuttle is tested by Yonex quality team with high quality standard so that player can get best performance every time on court. As claimed by Yonex, Mavis 350 is 5 times durable as compare to other brand Nylon shuttles.

Yonex Mavis 350 is available in different speed configuration for different weather conditions. We all know that skirt of Nylon shuttle is made of nylon material which is sensitive to temperature. To overcome this problem, Yonex manufactured shuttle in 3 different color variant which will meet the required of player as per playing condition.

Recovery time of Nylon Shuttle is very important as its decide the performance of shuttle. Quick recovery time gives better flight, opportunity to hit proper shots. Yonex Mavis 350 gives recovery time of .02 Seconds. This time is .008 second faster than other brand Nylon shuttles and .005 second slower than Yonex feather shuttle.

About Mavis 2000

YONEX Mavis 2000 Badminton Shuttlecock is a Nylon base shuttlecock design to give best performance and durability. New and advance Nylon material at Shuttle skirt and precise manufacturing process, gives feather shuttle like performance and flight characteristics. It is an economical, durable and best shuttlecock for tournament and training sessions.

Comparison in Two Shuttlecocks:

• Both the shuttlecocks are suitable for practice sessions, these shuttlecock are made of better nylon material which offers better durability and playing characteristics.

• By comparing the durability, we found that durability of Mavis 2000 is bit better as compare to Mavis 350. It hold good for practice long hours and perform better on harsh playing condition. We tried the shuttle with toughest playing condition to test the durability parameter of both the shuttles.

• Flight Patterns of Mavis 350 and 2000 are almost similar and offer close to feather shuttlecock performance.

• Shuttle recovery time is of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350. It means, Mavis 2000 offer better shot playing ability. However, this margin is very less.

• Based on flight pattern, durability and shuttlecock recovery time, it is clear that Playing Condition of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350.