The game of carrom board is the game of our childhood, and it has been carrying the most interesting and frivolous part of our childhood for many years. This game has its own place and identity because the game of carrom is played through the entire parts of India and even in the South East Asia too. But in the last four or five decades, this game has gathered immense popularity and attraction from the entire world. It is not just a home-based game because the existence of ICF (International carrom federation) shows the importance and high standard of the carrom game.

As we all know and have discussed in the upper text that this game has a vast range and has the same popularity in all age groups of people. You need to have only three things to become the master or luminary of this game and that is exquisite knowledge of angle, accuracy, and last but not the least the need for intense focus.

Basically, its a cue based game which was considered as just a game of enjoyment but later it has become the part of international and national games and championship. Perhaps, that is why it has certain rules and regulations as same like other the international or national games have.

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Origin of carrom

This game originally came from South Asian countries in the mid of 18th century. We are not confirmed about the original name because it was pronounced differently according to the regional languages of the respective states. The game of carrom board is very popular in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan too. And in terms of the playing criteria and when the rules are concerned, the ICF has proposed some certain rules for international and national matches, which are equally followed by all countries.

Players Aim

This game is mainly based on the pocketing of carrom men and queen. In other words, a player uses his/her fingertips to hit or flick the striker to move or hit the carrom men or queen into a pocket of the carrom body. It means, as a player, you only need to hit the small carrom men into the holes which are situated on the four ends of the carrom body.

Team size

The game of carrom board can be played in singles and doubles in both categories of men and women, and the maximum size of the team can be two. This game is not being played with a mixed double. In doubles, players with the same nationality can play in the team only in the all national and international games.

The toss

The process of the toss comes under the umpire through which they decide who is going to play first or hit. The toss process is not as same as cricket game because it involves the representatives of each team; but rather than flicking the coin, the umpire conceals each white and black carrom men in his hand and asks the players to guess it. The one player who guessed the color correctly wins and has the choice to strike first. He/she also has the choice to decide the sides and the opening break.

These choices have to be made by the winning player only and it cant be done by the opponent. Though the situations may change if the winning strike decides to change the side of the strike, then the losing player can have the first strike.

Apart from that, the player who plays the shot and chooses white carrom men, then the opponent only has the chance to play with black carom. But if the winner fails to score, then the opponent gets the chance to hit any carrom men according to his/her choice.


As we have discussed this game is played between two players with sitting opposite to each other. At the start, the queen will be placed at the mid of the carrom board . And after that, the carrom men will be situated around the queen in a circle form in the inner circle, with each carrom men touching the other carrom men and queen. The remaining carrom men will also be placed in the same position as like inner circle. And these circles must have both the color pieces.

The essentiality of Queen

Queen is the most important part of this game because if the player wants to win the game, then she/she needs to pocket the queen along with the cover. This game can be played by turn by turn only. If a player pockets more pieces continuously, then he/she can hold the strike longer. A player needs to pocket all the carrom men of the chosen color for winning the game. But he/she needs to pocket the queen along with the covering for winning the game.

To attaining the queen, you need to pocket the covered to for pocketing the queen. For example, if you have got queen but not pocketed the covered, then the queen will be returned to the carrom board. The best point is that the one who gets the queen along with the covered, gets the bonus-point win.

Tools in a carrom board

1) Carrom men


In this game, we use three different types of small wooden circle-shaped pieces which are the same in size but have the variation in colors. The numbers of each carrom men are fixed. They all are like 9 black, 9 white and 1 red which is called queen, the most important and must-have wooden piece for winning the game.

2) Striker


Its a large circle shaped plastic made piece in comparison to the other pieces. It is solely used to hit the other carrom men to the four holes of the board. This is considered as the main ornament of players to get the carrom men.

3) Powder

Its used to make the board smoother and mitigates the friction from the carrom broad while playing the game. This powder is made from boric acid which provides a smoother and frictionless carrom body.

4) Light

The light is used to provide better and clearer visibility during the play. An artificial light is placed over the carrom board to improving the visibility.

5) Stand


The stand is used for the board to have a better and comfortable height of the board during the play.

Dimensions of a Carrom Board


Basically, it all depends on the level of the game, because the size of the boards in professional games is fixed.

Common terms used in carrom

1) Queen


It is a red colored circle-shaped piece that holds the highest number of points among all the pieces.

2) Foul

Any strike or move which violates the game rules is considered as foul.

3) Break

The very 1st strike in the game is called a break.

4) Strike

When a player hit the carrom men with the striker, it is termed as a strike.

5) Covering

Covering is when a player pockets the carrom men after pocketing the queen.

6) Thumbing

When a strike is done through the thumb.

7) White slam

It refers to pocketing all-white carrom men.

8) Black slam

When you pocket all the black carrom men, it is known to be a black slam.

Rules and regulations

The International carrom federation has made some rules and regulations for the national and international games. It also manages the rakings of the players and planning of new tournaments and matches. The ICF has various affiliations like United States Carrom Association, ACF (Australian Carrom Federation) and All India Carrom Federation.

Basic rules

Players get the three chances in their first turn to “break”. In those particular chances, it does not matter whether the striker hit the carrom men or not. However, when a player pockets the chosen color carrom or queen, then he is provided with a second chance. But if he/she commits a foul or is not able to pocket any pieces, then the chance of strike will be passed to another end.

Covering the Queen

A player needs to pocket the queen first and then on the very first chance, he/she also needs to pockets the other carrom men of his chosen color. If he/she fails to do that, then the queen will be returned to the board.


A game of carrom has a maximum of 29 points. If a player has less than 24 points at the end of the game and also got the queen, then he/she will be rewarded with 5 bonus points. But if he/she scores 24 or more points, then the queen will not bring the reward for the player.


It refers to when a player violates the rules of the game and commits foul, then he/she will have to pay the penalty and this will end his/her chance to strike.

Foul situations-

1) When a striker is placed in the holes.


2) When any piece or striker leaves the board during the play.


3) When a player hits the opponents piece into the pocket.

4) When a player pockets the last piece before covering the queen.


5) When a player pockets the last piece of the opponent.

6) When a player touches the carrom men pieces during the play.


7) When a player fails to break the counters in given three attempts.


So, these are various aspects of a carrom board and its rules and regulations. It is always good for you if you play the game in the right manner through which you can be able to understand the competitiveness of the game and also enjoy it.

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