The world of sports is full of both indoor and outdoor sports through which you can sharp your skills to the best. If we talk about carrom board, it is a very popular game among the teenagers. Carrom is a table game pre-eminent in South Asia and the neighboring Middle East countries.

This game is very popular among the Indian houses as everyone plays it with family and friends. Inspite, of the fact that fingers get hurt while flicking with disks, in reality, this game offers a lot of fun and everyone looks forward to play it. Carrom board in India is undoubtedly a highly sought-after game.

This game features a wooden board that is square in shape and consists of four pockets. It is played by the player while flicking the disc in either pocket of the board. However, the main aim of this game is to collect points while sinking the nine carroms.

It is classified as indoor game but it is quite a fascinating and exciting game. An individual must have both mental and physical elements to play this game. However, this game is easy to play, understand, while playing it is fun, and it is suitable for both children and adults.

Carrom Board , that you know today, is not a new game. It has been played since 200 years ago in different forms. Most of the people think that it was invented in India itself while some folks think that it was originated in Portugal and Burma. To play carrom board, you need a square shaped board made up of wood, carrom men, carrom striker, and carrom powder.

You can also buy carrom board online through any good site.

Nowadays, this game is played both on national and international levels. Carrom is a game of control and concentration which you can only get through exercises, yoga, or pranayamas. These things help the individual to concentrate better and they can easily control the flicking of the disks.

These exercises are not only helpful in playing the game better. Rather, they are very useful making overall health better. Carrom board needs various finger postures which you can only handle when you practice some exercise, like, hitting the coin, straight shot, normal cut, straight cut, negative cut, etc.

In this article, you will come across different exercises that you can do to make your game extra-ordinary. They are as follows: -

1. Seated posture

To do this exercise, the person can use any chair, stool, bench, etc. which has horizontal top to sit comfortably. After that, the individual can sit on it with his back straight while holding the spine and head in alignment.


Now, rest the hands on the arms of the chair or on the thighs. Ensure that your thighs are parallel to the floor and you must not lean against the backside of the chair.

The main motive of this exercise is to make the person sit comfortably and have a relaxing posture throughout the game.

2. Drink enough water

Dont laugh at this statement because it is not a proper exercise. But, it is a very essential aspect to improve the brain power. One of the famous persons- Hannaford stated that water plays a very essential role in brain that no other things can play. So, pace yourself up before and after the game by drinking water.


On the other hand, drinking water can boost the power of brain and you can easily get rid of stressful situations.

3. Kneeling posture


To do this practice, the individual has to kneel on the floor keeping both knees together, make buttocks rest on the heels and the toes have to touch each other. Ensure that your back is straight, and spine and head should be in alignment while resting arms on the thighs.

4. Cross crawl

This exercise is very helpful for the brain as it can easily coordinate both hemispheres of the brain. It is also practical in writing, listening, learning spellings, etc.


How you can do it: -

• Its your choice whether you want to sit or stand.

• Take your right hand and put it across the body onto the left knee while raising it.

• Repeat this with another hand too

• Practice it for 2 minutes on regular basis for best results

5. Nine pieces pocketed exercise

Take seven pieces parallel to a row in front of the striking line and in between the other two striking lines. Now position single piece in front of the individuals left bottom pocket and another one in the right bottom pocket.


The exact position may vary according to the pocketing rate.

After that, try to stroke every single piece in the pocket. Moreover, if you fail to do so, keep on trying till all the seven pieces are in the pocket.

6. Cross legged posture

Every individual crosses his legs while sitting on the floor as it is very comfortable. On the other hand, most of the persons sit like this when they are very skilled at yoga. While doing this posture, ensure that your feet do not rest on the thighs.


The best exercise to play carrom board is when you sit upright with back straight, keeping head and spine in alignment. However, your hands can be in any position. It doesnt matter.

7. Brain buttons

This is another useful exercise to play carrom board at its best. It helps in improving blood flow towards the brain as it switch on the whole brain.


It also helps in improving concentration while playing the most exciting game of carrom board. How to do this exercise: -

• Stretch one hand so that there is enough space between the thumb and the index finger

• Now place both index finger and thumb just below the collar bone on each side of sternum

• You can press it lightly in pulsing manner

• While doing this exercise, take another hand over the naval area of the stomach

• With both hands, press these points lightly just for two minutes

8. Lying down posture

It is also called savasna or corpse posture in terms of yoga. The individual has to lie down on a carpet and ensure that legs have to be straight but relaxed. The players of this game seldom try this posture as it makes the person fall asleep during meditations.


According to the reports, this exercise is considered as the most effective stress-buster to get optimum results.

9. 3*3 grid exercise

For doing this, firstly place nine pieces in the form of 3*3 grid at the right of the carrom board. While doing the exercise, try to put every shot in the right pocket with a single stroke.

Whenever you miss the target, try again and put it into the pocket. Practice makes the man perfect and this game is all about practice and trying one more time.

10. Finger stretching

Carrom is the game of fingers that make you win or lose the game. Fingers play a very crucial role in the game and it is also called finger billiards. Here, the cue is the finger and in spite of doing all types of work with your finger, it still needs exercise.

Before playing this game, stretch the fingers backward according to your capability but ensure that you dont push your fingers as it can damage them. On the other hand, exercise the fingers side wise, front side with a clitch sound. It will greatly help in playing the best carrom.

11. 12 oclock position exercise

To do this exercise you have to place one piece at the outer side of the circle at 12 oclock position from your side. After this, try to pocket the piece in the left top pocket. Whenever you miss the opportunity, try again until you get success.

When you succeed in this position, try another spot at 2 oclock, 3 oclock, 4 oclock, 6 oclock, 9 oclock, and 10 oclock position. After you complete these tasks, put the piece in center and try to pocket it. No worries if you fail at once because slow and steady wins the race.

12. Hook ups

This exercise is best for hand nerves while playing carrom board. Before playing carrom board, any one can get nervous. So after this exercise called hook ups, you can feel calm and it also helps in improving the concentration. How to do it: -


• Do this exercise while sitting or standing

• Now cross the right leg over the left

• Put up your right wrist and try to cross it over the left while crossing the finger making right wrist at the top

• After that, bend the elbows out and then turn the fingers towards the body until they get rest on sternum

• Breath evenly in this position for a few minutes


So, the above exercises can be done to greatly improve the control and concentration in carrom. These two things are very essential to win the game. If you want to get an edge on this game, you can also play carrom board online and do a lot of practice before your carrom competition.

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