Carrom game is thought to be originated in Asia, but its actual origin place is vague. The famous indoor game is played for fun only, but as the time has changed, the game is played on various international levels these days. The board game is generally performed on a wooden board with carrom men and strikers. To win the game, a player has to put all the carrom men in pocket prior to another player.

These carrom men are generally wooden or plastic discs and constitute black, white, and pink color. The pink carrom man is said to be the queen of the game. With the rising popularity, the carrom game is gaining its acknowledgement in several countries, including UK, India, and others. The International Carrom Federation has introduced specific rules for playing the game. Nowadays, there is also a trend of playing carrom board online for fun.


Due to rising popularity and various international tournaments being held, people want to improve their game. They also want to be a part of the tournament to win the game. To avoid being a loser of the game and win various matches, here are some expert tips to improvise your game.

Tips to improve the Carrom game

The right mental aptitude

The first tip of playing the game is to enjoy the game, rather than just pulled out to be played. A right mental attitude is necessary to win the game. If you are trying to develop an interest in the game, first make sure that you go deep into it and never lose interest even if you are losing the game. A positive attitude towards the game makes you win in any situation.


You can bend the rules while playing the game to enhance your mental attitude before jumping on to any state-level or other level tournament. Carrom board in India is represented as the best indoor game between two teams and also a sole individual can play it for fun. But nowadays, people are developing their mental attitude to prepare themselves for the international tournaments as well to shine in the game.

Striker flicking ways

Another beautiful tip of improving carrom game is different ways of flicking the striker to put carrom men into the pocket. There are several ways of flicking the striker, and you can choose your own best way by trying all the ways of striker flicking. Make sure that you should focus on the two most important things while flicking the striker.


The first thing is that you need to put focus to place your hand steady and stable on the carrom board with the edge of the palm of your hand and thumb. This will help in flicking striker better instead of pushing it. The second thing to be taken into consideration is touching the striker with your finger to make proper flicking without hurting your thumbs edge. However, some basic rules are there to flick striker in a better way, and to improve your striking techniques which are given below:

• The flicking striker should be struck properly but not pushed

• Place the edge of your hand on the board correctly and make it stable and steady while striking

• The forearm and elbow of the players should not touch the wooden frame of carrom board

• A part of the body may not cross the diagonal lines that are running from the center of the board towards the pocket.

Accurate speed and the right direction of driving striker

The best tip to improve your game is the right speed and direction of propelling the striker. The speed should be enough to put the carrom men in the pocket. If the force generated is not enough, then the carrom men would not reach the pocket properly. But there is another problem that if you flick the striker too hard, then the piece will rebound around the frame only and not target to the pocket.


Therefore, it is essential to flick the striker with accurate speed and in the right direction to put a piece into the pocket. You should place your striker on edge first and make your hand steady on the frame and rest your edge on the opponents baseline. It will be sufficient for making a direct shot in a straight line. But if you want to make a cut shot at a precise angle, then you need to generate an extra force. All this you can achieve only by trying and testing the cut angles where you can put carrom piece into the pocket even by placing the striker through the cut edge.

Another essential aspect to note is travelling the striker in the right direction. To make it possible, exercise a bit more force and stable directions to make it happen. A simple trick behind this is checking the board and the position of pockets and carrom pieces and checking the baselines of the edges of the carrom. Make sure to check the number of pieces blocking the targeted piece and pathway of the pocket to propel striker in the right direction and right speed. Also, check the pieces nearby the baseline and far away from the baseline.

Check out some of the exercises which will help you in propelling striker in the right direction:

• Always place the striker to the right moon side or on it.

• Always propel the striker in the right top pocket. Check if you can drive the striker multiple times in the direction you want to travel it, then you can do it with confidence anytime.

• Start the game with a clear board.

You can try placing striker to the left moon over to the top of the right pocket and try them for multiple consecutive times on a clear board to make a smash hit. Similarly, you can try with the right moon side to the top left of the pocket. Another trick of striking the pieces in the pathway of the piece to the pocket is lining up string and striker in such a way that it passes from the center of the pocket. Now place the Blu-Tack on the outside edge of the wooden frame and hold the other string in your side to pass the striker from the center. Hit the carrom piece from the right edge

When you are hitting the pieces with the striker in the pocket direction, then you are hitting them in the straight direction. Try this trick out to make a straight connection with the pocket. Place the flicking striker behind the piece that you want to target with the cutting string and the diameter of the striker, and the piece is in the right direction. Flick the striker from the baseline and hit from the angle, which is prescribed as a cut.

When you are making a normal straight shot, then the angle is formed by the line that is drawn from the pocket and piece with the striker at a straight angle of 180º, making a straight line. But if the edge is straight but less than the straight angle, which is 90º or even less, then you are not able to put the piece into the pocket. More closer the angle between 180º and 90º, more it will be difficult.

Another important exercise that you can practice is spreading the nine pieces in a parallel row along with the baseline in the center of the carrom board and around two strikers away from the baseline. Try to put all the pieces in the pocket one by one. Practicing makes you perfect in propelling striker in the right direction with the right force.

Now another exciting tip for contacting the piece in the pocket with a striker is creating an imaginary triangle from the baseline, top left pocket, to the left and right moon side. The carrom men coming in this imaginary triangle will directly be sent to the pocket. If you can put any piece from any direction in between this triangle, then you can become a world-class carrom player.

You can try different angles and turns to place the striker in the pocket. When you make a hit to the piece by marking the position of the string in the right direction, then you will hit the piece straight in the pocket.

The tips mentioned above will help in becoming the winner of the carrom board game. But remember, practice makes men perfect, whether it is a game or life. The accurate mental aptitude, right speed, right edge, and the right type of propelling the striker will help you in improving your game day by day.

However, while playing carrom board online , you will find clicking option instead of these striking benefits. Use these techniques or the expert tips to improvise you game standards and be the winner of the game. The Carrom board game is nowadays no more an indoor game. It has become a national-level game where teams and individuals battle against each other to win the game. Use these expert tips to improvise your game and be the winner.

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