The need for cleaning the mats

Its quite obvious that in comparison to the past few decades, people are now more showing their concern towards their health and body. That is why we have been watching that most of the people are now spending some healthy hours on yoga mats despite their busy schedule or hectic life. People are arduously striving to attain the desired posture of the body, showing the perseverance to do the right Asanas with elegance.

But the core problem is that after completing our Yoga or exercise, we just fold up our Yoga Mat

and move ahead. So the question is that do we really understand the need for cleaning and its importance?





Saying of experts

Several studies and a team of researchers have found that yoga mat contains all sorts of unwanted elements which are very dangerous for your body and good health. These unwanted bacteria, allergic elements can lead to massive skin and body problems. We are saying this because while Yoga, your mat intakes your bodys sweat, body oils, lotions and many more germs which come through the floor or any surface where you perform your yoga activity.

And the worst part is that after some several days, your yoga mats also start to disseminate the dreadful odour, and it also gets pathetic when you share your mat with another person. That is why the need for cleaning and maintaining your yoga mat is a must aspect to consider.

How to clean your Yoga Mat

There is a thorough need to clean your Yoga mat. But few people still dont have any clue about the cleaning process. It is very simple and easy to clean your yoga mats. That is why we are now going to tell you about the top 10 ways of cleaning the yoga mats effectively.

10 easy ways to clean your yoga mat at home


This is one of the most-easiest and greatest way of cleaning the yoga mat after completing the Yoga session. Because microfiber towels are quite well known for their absorption power. They drastically absorb the dampness and body sweat from the yoga mats effectively. For this simple process of cleaning, you need just a microfiber towel which is already dipped in lukewarm water. Then wipe your mat through towel and roll up the mat after it will dry.


2) Lavender and tea tree oil It is yet another greatest combination of natural sources in order to clean the yoga mats. Its a proven fact that tea tree oil contains the anti-fungal and antibacterial elements. And in terms of lavender oil, it has a calming and relaxing odour. So, for this cleaning process, take one cup of water, include 3 to 4 drops of tree oil and the same amount of lavender oil in the spray bottle. And then shake it a few times, then spray the solution across the mat. After the spray, wipe the solution with a dry cloth.


Baking soda is considered as the most natural disinfectant element and it drastically exterminates the germs and bacterial properties form the mats completely. For this process, you need to just add a spoon of baking soda in a cup of water and mix or shake the bottle for a minute and then spray or apply the solution on the yoga mat. After the application of the solution, wipe the solution with a dry cloth.


Castile soap is also renowned for its dirt removing power. Its a non-toxic cleaner that produces the desired results in a short span of time. For the cleaning process, take 500 ml water and add 1 spoon of castile soap liquid into it. After this, shake the bottle and mix the solution purely. And then spray the solution all around the yoga mat, and let it soak for at least 8 to 10 minutes. Then remove the soap with lukewarm water and dry it with a simple cloth.


Lemons are considered as the most anti-bacterial and dirt remover substance. We are saying this because lemons contain a high level of acid. But in case of yoga mat cleaning, take two or three lemons and squeeze them in a cup of water and directly apply the mixture on to yoga mats. Through this, not only the germs will remove but you will also get a refreshing and rejuvenating odour from the yoga mat.


This would be the perfect combination for you because it has been proven that witch hazel is considered as a natural and effective stain remover. As we have discussed earlier that your mat absorbs most of your body swear and floors dirt and dust of the outer environment. To clean the dirt and strain form your mat, make a combination of half a cup of water with two spoons of witch hazel. And then apply the solution on to the mat. Then wipe the yoga mat with a microfiber towel after some time.


Yet another greatest way of cleaning your yoga mat is with this oil because orange essential oil contains the elements of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And on the other hand, Eucalyptus also contains natural fresh odour. In this process, take 5 drops of eucalyptus and orange essential oil in half a cup of water. And then apply the combination on your all around the corner of the mat. This combination will give great freshness and cleanness with natural scent.



This is also one of the best ways of cleaning yoga mats. Saltwater drastically eradicates the fungi and bacteria and eradicate the dampness from the mat effectively. If you want to clean your yoga mat at home, then add 4 spoons of salt in 400 to 500 ml water. And then spray or apply water onto to the mat and leave it for at least 10 minutes. After that, wipe the yoga mat with a moisturized cloth.


It is considered as the simplest and easiest way of cleaning. Because an equal combination of water and white vinegar makes your cleaning process into an easy one. To mitigate the smell of vinegar, you can also include some oil onto it. And you can clean this solution with a simple dry tower after the spray.


They say save the best for the last, because if you are frustrated and exhausted by making some solutions, then you will love this way of cleaning. Because these wipes very effectively remove the dirt and germs for the yoga mat. These wipes are made especially for sports. You can easily clean your mat with wipes and it will give the fresh scent.

And now, lets check out the essentiality and types of yoga mats

1) It will give you the calmness and keep your mind focus

Indeed, it will give you the calmness and keep your mind focus. And this is one of the most popular reasons why people are using and preferring yoga mats. Yoga mats do not only keep your body warm but also energize your body from the intensive yoga poses. Because the reason is that these mats do not allow your body to decentralize your body energy in the ground.

2) Prevent your body from germs and bacteria

Certainly, it prevents your body from the germs and bacteria. These mats are specially designed and made to prevent your body from the germs which crawl in the surroundings. And it is also beneficial in hygiene because most often people do their yoga activities in classes or in groups. No one will give you the assurance of cleanliness on those particular areas.

3) Help you as a best friend


Yes, it will guide you and protect you as your closest friend. The cushions of mats protect your knees and lower body from the hardness of the ground. These are available in various sizes and types. In short, we can say that these are the must-have product for the frantic lovers of yoga.


So, these are the easiest and simplest ways of cleaning the yoga mats. The incessant use of yoga mats creates germs and bacteria. That is why it is necessary to clean them regularly and keep your body away from the infection.

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