It is always a topic of debate “Which brand shoe is better”.
We found interesting thread on Badminton central
and try to answer this question. In this blog, we are doing comparison of Yonex and Li Ning Badminton shoes . The methodology we are adopting here for comparison is based on 3 processes:
Sales data of khelmart , as we listed both brand shoes on khelmart.com, so based on sales volume we will be able to find out the most selling brand on khelmart. So based on sales data we can find out the better brand on footwear’s.
Thread research of badminton central to get the neutral views of player’s around the globe.
By studying the technology, Shoe design, color combination, performance and durability check of shoes by professionals.
Comparison Results:

Comparison Results Based On Sales Data:
By comparing the sales data of last 6 month we come to know that Yonex sales is 65% and Li Ning sales is around 35%. In Mid range, Yonex is far ahead of Li Ning. Similarly in higher range shoes, Yonex is emerged at major players in badminton shoes.

Comparison Results Based On Badminton Central Forum:
In the badminton central thread for comparison of two Brands, we have taken the top 3 pages of user reviews to find out which brand is better as per player choice. Different uses mentioned the nitty and gritty
of the two brands. Lots of players like the Li Ning brand for its durability while other like the cushioning of Yonex brand. By compiling the results we found that, 60% player like the Yonex brand while 40% layers like the LI Ning Brand.
Comparison Results Based On Technology, Performance, Design And Durability:
Comparison of Technology:

Yonex Cushioning:
Yonex used 3 Layer power cushion technology in most of the mid to higher range badminton shoes. Yonex 3 layer power cushion used lightweight highly cushion material at mid sole with soft eva sheet at inner sole and soft rubber at outer sole. The combination of 3 layers provides state of the art cushion technology and extra ordinary cushioning to players.
Li Ning Cushioning:
In Li Ning cushion technology, mid-sole is made by a special high polymer material.
With this special material Li Ning shoes offer better cushioning, rebound and resilience power.
To improve the cushioning, LI Ning further used the Shock-absorbing material which provides extra protection from harmful impact forces with additional heel cushioning.
As a comparison, we can say technology wise, both the brands looks same on technology on cushioning. However, Yonex Power cushion technology is known for better cushioning.
Design and Look:
This is something which both brand give more emphasis to attract more buyers. Yonex recently launched the Aerus series which is used all new design concept. Also its power cushion Z series is equipped with latest die cut section with welding technique which offers unique look and design. So in design, both brands are doing well.
Durability and Performance:

Durability is something which a player needs to check carefully. We have checked the mid range badminton shoes of both the brands and found that found that we got similar durability from both the shoes. However, LI Ning shoes offers better durability While cushioning of Yonex shoes is better even if 6 month of use.
With this analysis, player can individually indentify that which brand shoes is better. We have provided the data for comparing the shoes.

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