Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG 30LBS 78GM Badminton Racket

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Product Specifications

  • Weight : 78gm ± 23 | String Tension: 30 lbs Balance : 295mm ± 5 | Flex : 8.0-8.2 | Head Heavy Racket with Ultra Strong Frame for Professional to advance level players
  • Racket Frame is developed with Ultra Strong frame technology in which Aircraft-grade woven materials is used which offers superior stability and Frame stability at all angles of forc
  • Ultra Stong 79 HG is developed with concept like Thrax Lean Attack, Superlight Technology , Isometric Head Shape , 40T Japan Graphite , Carbon Nano Tube , High Tensile Slim Shaft , Revolutionary Octagon shaft ,Full Graphite Handle and Many More
  • Ultra Stong 79 HG is Professional Level Racket for attacking players , Its High Tensile Slim and stiff shaft offers better aerodynamics results into accurate attack
  • Ultra Stong 79 HG is Pure Power with offensive playing style , Head heavy and high modulus frame offers absolute powerful shots

Available Variants
Thrax Ultra Strong 78 HG Badminton Racket
Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG Badminton Racket
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Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG 30LBS 78GM Badminton Racket PRICE: RS.2280

  • Thrax_Ultra_Strong_79HG_Badminton_Racket_Specification








Have doubts regarding this product?
Questions and Answers
Q : How to return the product
Yuvraj (Verified Buyer)

Ans : You can check it @ here For any Issue regarding delivered products please mail us at

Id : TH_BR_06@17
Q : How much is the string tension comes with this racket ?
Girish (Verified Buyer)

Ans : Thrax Ultra Strong Badmitnon Racket is strunged at 24lbs.

Id : TH_BR_06@4
Q : How much tension it is strung when we receive racket ?
Naveen (Verified Buyer)

Ans : You can put string tension up to 30lbs in this racket.

Id : TH_BR_06@0
Q : I need well flexible racket in THRAX brand or other.. Which racket is suitable for me?
Derlin Raj (Verified Buyer)

Ans : For flexible Racket, You can check Thrax Ultra Strong 79HG Badminton Racket.

Id : TH_BR_06@1
Q : How much hight of this racket in inches
Venkataraju (Verified Buyer)

Ans : 26.5 Inch

Id : TH_BR_06@2
Q : What is the difference between thrax ultra strong 78HG and 79HG?
OM PRAKASH SINGH (Verified Buyer)

Ans : As per Specification both the rackets are same .. just small weight difference.

Id : TH_BR_06@3
Q : Where is it made. I am little bit confused that I should buy thrax streak X 102 or thrax ultra strong 79 hg. Can you tell which among this two is better and good to buy.
Jagadevi Devatkal (Verified Buyer)

Ans : Both badminton racket are made in Taiwan. Also both are good for buy please choose the racket according to your needs.

Id : TH_BR_06@7
Q : How to return if it is demage contion
L.imtiba chang (Verified Buyer)

Ans : You can read our return policy here

Id : TH_BR_06@8
Q : Which string (brand /model ) has been used in this Racket.
Mohd Aslam (Verified Buyer)

Ans : You can use Yonex NBG 99 Badminton String in this Badminton Racket for best result.

Id : TH_BR_06@9
Q : Which string (brand /model ) has been used in this Racket. And is there any option to restrung this Racket of our choice strings ( on payments basis) at your end while placing order
Mohd Aslam (Verified Buyer)

Ans : Mr Aslam, Thrax Ultra Strong 79 is strung with Thrax made in Taiwan string , if you want to restrung it then you can use BG 65i string from khelmart. Stringing charges will be Rs 100.

Id : TH_BR_06@10
Q : Which one is better Yonex muscle power 55 or Thrax 79 HG for aggressive smashes?
Rajeev Tyagi (Verified Buyer)

Ans : Thrax Ultra Strong 79 Badminton Racket is made from wooven graphite which is consider best graphite for racket more over this racket supports higher string tension and comes with the high tensil slim shaft.

Id : TH_BR_06@11
Q : Head weight rocket
Siva babu (Verified Buyer)

Ans : Yes, Thrax Ultra Strong 79HG Badminton Racket is a head heavy badminton racket.

Id : TH_BR_06@12
Q : How is the badminton delivered like is the delivery quality good or the racket comes bended ?
Manish Jain (Verified Buyer)

Ans : We packed the racket with the help of wooden sticks and thermacoal sheet which helps in reducing the chance of intransit defect.

Id : TH_BR_06@13
Q : Which string will be best for this??
Sunil Kumar Barik (Verified Buyer)

Ans : The best string for this racket is BG 80 power

Id : TH_BR_06@15
Q : Yonex muscle power 29 or thrax ultra strong 78 Which is better
Roshan Kumar Singh (Verified Buyer)

Ans : You can compare the specs of both the rackets and Weight of Thrax Ultra strong is 78 gms only while it is made from Woven Graphite technology which offers better repulsion , Frame Strength and ability to give better smash

Id : TH_BR_06@14
DHIRAJ KUMAR (Verified Buyer)

Ans : The maximum tension in this racket is 30 lbs and Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG Badminton Racket at 24 lbs

Id : TH_BR_06@16
Q : What is total length of racket will it put put more pressure on elbow while smashing because of light weight?
sanjeev (Verified Buyer)

Ans : For New order information please mail us at

Id : TH_BR_06@19

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Reviews of Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG Badminton Racket


Average rating based on
8 users
Thrax Ultra Strong 79 HG Badminton Racket
average Rating 4.5 Out of 5 Total user 8
Sanjay Jena

Indian product one can boast of
It is a well balanced awesome racket product. Frankly speaking I was little wary of buying this product but finding that all other rackets were made in china I risked going for it. But i must say it was worth a risk. All my fellow players who are Yonex ascaber, nanoray to carbonex users fell in for this racket. Shots not only deliver good but sound good too. It unleashes terror on the opponent when smashed. It gives a good amount of reach on back court and front court too. I have given 4 points and deducted 1 point as there was no hologram or numbering on the racket like Yonex to vouch for its originality. Paint graphics are good but not at par with yonex racket. I have used Yonex nanoray earlier but Thrax is a top notch quality product. Lean attacker in real sense and a great indian product I must say. Go for it.

thrax ultra strong 79
very nice n light racket.. and flexible to play back smash

Best services
Hi khelmat the packing for the product is too good ....super price ....I am using lining and Yonex rackets ..... lining weight less racket Yonex balance ....but this thrax suitable for both beginner and intermediate players .... flexible weight and good control.... thanks team
Sandeep virmani

Nice racquet for players who like to play with lite racquet
Bought thrax racquet for the first time. I am a attacking player. Racquet is nicely balanced and it has a punch which is required to play attacking shots.overall i love the racquet. Highly recommended for players who like to play with lite racquet.

Awesome racquet
I am extremely happy with UX front on Khelmart For booking my racquet and now I am in full energy with josh to play.

Reaxhed before expected
After a long review bought this racket and will update the performance... delivery is speedy.... need to know what is the tension and grip to be used

Good enough
I just got the racket and I have played one day.It seems ok to me but I have to change the gutting and then check out. It was promised to be 24 but it turned out to be 20 or 21. I have no regrets buying it.
Hari Shanker Saini

Thrax Ultra strong 79 HG
Packing by khelmart is too good better than flipkart. Received the racquet today I used Yonex BG66 strig. Played 4-5 games. Racquet is light and deliver good smashes. Earlier I used Yonex so l a little bit time require to adjust. But good racquet

  • Authentic bat --  SG Triple Crown Icon English Willow Cricket Bat
    Good bat sweet punch and genuine product. Thanku khelmart

    verified   Saurabh SONI1/7/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Voltric Z Force 2 --  YONEX Voltric Z Force II Badminton Racket
    One of the finest decisions ever taken. Superb racquet. both offensive and defensive. people looking for racquets at 20k price segment can blindly opt for this one.

    verified   UTSAB NEOGI1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Excellent Gloves and fantastic service --  Thrax Unique Edition Batting Gloves
    Gloves are superb. Full justice to the the money spent on the product. Even more happier with the service since I got the delivery on the very next day even though the time told was 7 to 8 days.

    verified   Aravind1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Genuine Product --  Asics Gel Gully 5 Full Spike Cricket Shoes White and Blue Expanse
    Nice shoes with discounted price comparing to others, original product, comfortable fitting , delivered before time

    verified   Sagar Ghatkar1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Good --  SS 3 Grip Set Model 2
    Original product. Right time delivery. Attractive color.

    verified   Arko1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Thrax shoes --  Thrax OptiPro Stud Cricket Shoes
    Very comfortable shoes, very fast delivery, quality is very good, and i must say it is a genuine product

    verified   Rushabh adate1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Nice --  Thrax JX 01 Badminton Kit Bags Sky Blue and Lime
    Delivery by khelmart is very fast & Product quality is realy Nice....

    verified   Dharmendra1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Very best quality in this sigment --  DSC Miller 10 Player Edition Cricket Batting Gloves
    Very best in this sigment light Weight durable and nice product

    verified   Ashok pardhi1/6/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Shoes --  Kookaburra Pro 2000 Spike Cricket Shoes White Blue
    Very Good Shoes. I am very satisfied with product.

    verified   Rahman Ghani1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Puma spike --  Puma Spike 19.2 Elektro Green Nrgy and Blue
    Awesome product from khel mart with resonable price

    verified   Rajkamal Kona1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Shoe review --  Thrax 65 X Badminton Shoes White Lime
    Super .value for the price . Good comfort and good quality. Fast delivery’s

    verified   K sambasivarao 1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Perfect  --  SG Ace Protector Thigh Pad Combo Black RH
    They fit better than Moonwalkers, quality and thickness of the velcro strap is better Delivery from khelmart was express, delivered in one day to mumbai and packing was great too

    verified   Vaibhav Pusadkar1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Khelmart service and support --  Yonex Astrox 68S Badminton Racket
    Product arrvied earlier and in good condition.user interface can be improvised and should be user friendly.

    verified   Pradeep kumar patel1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • One of the best string  --  Yonex BG 65 Badminton String Set of 5
    One of the best trusted string which can hold 32lbs easily..

    verified   BorokBadmintonHall1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer
  • Thrax Aura X10 Bag --  Thrax Aura X10 Badminton Kit Bag Black Lime
    This is my 2nd Thrax Badminton bag. My first bag lasted 4 years and I again purchased bigger thrax bag bcaz I liked quality of previous bag. This big is really big size. 3 different compartments + 1 shoe compartment +1 big side pocket. It keeps my all racquets, shuttle box , accessories, towel , extra pair of t shirt and shorts , my foam roller and still there is space to keep more. Happy with purchase and space provided. This size of bag will cost you 3000 - 4000 if u buy lining or yonex bag.

    verified   Ankur1/5/2021 12:00:00 AM )
    Verified Khelmart Buyer

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