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  1. Asics Gel Rocket 10 Badminton Shoes White Classic Red
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  2. Asics Gel Court Move Plus Badminton Shoes
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  3. Asics Gel Rocket 11 Badminton Shoes White lime blue
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  4. Asics Blade FF Badminton Shoes WHITE ILLUSION BLUE
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Explore the complete collection of ASICS Gel Badminton shoes on

Asics Badminton footwear is renowned for its top-notch cushioning, cutting-edge rubber outsole (crafted from innovative rubber material for exceptional grip and traction), durability, and ultimate comfort specifically for badminton players. Explore the full spectrum of Asics shoes at, featuring key ranges such as ASICS GEL BLADE and the GEL ROCKET series, designed to provide unparalleled cushioning and comfort.

Highlighted below are the key technologies integrated into ASICS Badminton footwear:

Gel Cushioning Technology – A Game-Changer for Badminton Players:

Gel technology stands as the pinnacle in cushioning, developed through extensive research by Asics. This transformative technology excels in mitigating impacts, twists, and enhancing stability, crucial for sports like badminton involving rapid movements and sudden directional changes. The Gel cushioning technology delivers:

  • Best-in-class stability
  • State-of-the-art comfort
  • A natural feel

Standard Size System:

Badminton players can refer to the size table below to gauge foot size and select the perfect UK size. For Indian badminton players, the UK size serves as the reference.



DUOMAX Technology for Ultimate Comfort:

This technology plays a vital role in alleviating foot stress caused by overpronation, offering support for a more comfortable running experience. It contributes to enhanced court coverage, swift foot movement, and precise turns.



TRUSSTIC – The Ultimate Support System:

TRUSSTIC technology bolsters stable movements by reinforcing the middle part of the sole, preventing the shoe from twisting.


Lightweight Design:

Recognizing the need for agility and swift movements in badminton, Asics badminton shoes are intentionally crafted to be lightweight. This facilitates easy and quick court manoeuvres.

Grip and Traction:

Asics designs the outsoles of their shoes to ensure optimal grip and traction on the badminton court. This is crucial for stability and preventing slips during fast-paced movements.


Many Asics shoes incorporate breathable materials, ensuring that the feet remain cool and comfortable during intense physical activity. Adequate ventilation is prioritised, particularly during extended play sessions.

Support and Stability:

Asics consistently incorporates features in the design of their badminton shoes to provide ample support and stability for lateral movements, jumps, and quick changes in direction.

It's important to note that shoe models and features may vary, and the ideal shoe for you depends on your individual preferences, playing style, and foot shape. For the latest information on Asics badminton shoes, including specific models and features.

Most Asics badminton footwear is developed with professionals in mind. At, our range of Asics shoes is priced between Rs 2500/- and Rs 6000/-. Players can effortlessly select shoes based on their budget and requirements, and we, at, offer free size replacement.