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  1. Thrax Custom Made English Willow Cricket Bat Grade A Plus T39
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  2. Thrax Custom Made English Willow Cricket Bat Grade A Plus T33
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  3. Thrax Custom Made English Willow Bat
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  4. Thrax Players Grade Custom Made English Willow Cricket Bat
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Get personalised and high standard Custom-Made Cricket Bats at

In the realm of cricket, custom-crafted cricket bats stand as a niche and greatly coveted commodity. These bats are meticulously handcrafted, tailored to align with the distinctive inclinations and demands of each player. At, we boast a dedicated and proficient team, adept at comprehending the unique bat requisites of our players and seamlessly relaying this data to our manufacturing facility, thereby enabling the precise construction of the player's desired cricket bat 

At, we tailor the following key parameters of cricket bats:

Bat Size:We offer various sizes of cricket bats, ranging from size 5 to full size. Players can select the bat size based on their height, ensuring a comfortable and effective playing experience.

Sweet Spot Position: There are three common sweet spot positions: low, mid, and high. Choosing the right sweet spot position depends on the nature of the pitch. Bats intended for pitches with high bounce benefit from a high sweet spot position, while those for low-bouncing pitches should opt for a bat with a low sweet spot position.

Back Profile: We provide two prevalent back profile options: full back profile and concave. A full back profile offers excellent bat ping but may result in a slightly heavier bat. On the other hand, a concave profile minimises weight while retaining some wood behind the sweet spot.

Spine Shape: You can select from different spine shapes, such as traditional, duckbill, or a spine that extends to the toe. The traditional spine profile is the most common choice. However, for improved bat balance and superior wood quality, the duckbill profile is also available.

Here are some key insights into the world of bespoke cricket bats:

Tailored to Player's Preferences: Custom-made cricket bats are synonymous with player-specific tailoring. They are meticulously crafted to meet the unique preferences of each player. This customization encompasses factors like bat weight, blade shape and size, handle design, and overall bat balance. Players have the opportunity to fine-tune these aspects, ensuring that the bat not only feels comfortable but also performs optimally for their individual style.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest: These custom bats are usually the handiwork of skilled artisans or expert batmakers who dedicate themselves to perfection. They painstakingly attend to the minutest of details, selecting top-tier materials and employing traditional techniques. The result is a cricket bat that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Selecting the Right Willow: The choice of willow is pivotal in custom-made bats. Players typically choose between English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow, prized for its exceptional quality, performance, and responsiveness, is favored by advanced and professional players. Meanwhile, Kashmir willow, known for its affordability, is a popular pick for amateur and club-level players.

Weight and Balance: Players have the liberty to specify their preferred weight and balance for the bat. This degree of personalization ensures that the bat aligns perfectly with the player's unique playing style and physical strength. Some may opt for a lighter bat for agility and quick shots, while others may choose a heavier one for added power.

Blade Profile Customization: Custom-made bats offer flexibility in selecting the blade profile. This includes options for curvature, spine height, and edge thickness, enabling players to tailor the bat to their precise playing style and requirements.

Handle Shape and Grip: The handle shape and grip style are fully customizable, allowing players to choose between oval and round handles and various grip designs. This customization guarantees that the bat fits comfortably in the player's hands.


Cricket Bat Customization FAQs:


Q: How can I convey my custom requirements to the Khelmart Team?

A: To customise your cricket bat, simply share the specific parameters, including willow type, bat shape, weight, size, and spine profile with following product page: Customize your own bat by clicking here

Once we receive your custom specifications, our expert team will collaborate with the production team to craft the perfect bat for you.


Q: Are pre-made bats available, or is each bat crafted anew?

A: Custom-made bats are not pre-made; each one is meticulously crafted as a new, bespoke creation.


Q: What's the typical turnaround time for a custom-made bat?

A: Normally, after receiving your requirements, we aim to craft your custom bat within 3 days.


Q: Which bat shape is ideal for powerful hitting?

A: For power hitting, a full-back profile with a mid to low sweet spot is the perfect choice.


Q: Which bat shape is suitable for improvisational shots?

A: To execute improvisational shots with finesse, opt for a mid to low profile with a slight concave on the back.


Q: What's the recommended standard weight for a cricket bat?

A: A weight of 1180 grams is ideal for playing with leather cricket balls, while a weight range of 1090 to 1120 grams is suitable for hard tennis balls.


Q: Which grade of English willow is the best choice?

A: Grade 1 professional hand-picked willow stands as the finest choice for crafting the best cricket bat.

Profiles of Custom made cricket bat :