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  1. Li Ning Ultra Fly Badminton Shoes Blue
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  2. LiNing Elite Badminton Shoes Navy and Orange
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  3. Lining Erupt II Badminton Shoes Navy
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  4. LI Ning Energy 20 Badminton Shoe Black and Gold
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  5. Li Ning Ultra IV Badminton Shoes Black Red
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  6. Lining Erupt II Badminton Shoes Blue
    Special Price ₹4,499.00 Regular Price ₹6,890.00

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  7. Li Ning Ultra IV Badminton Shoes Black Lime
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About Brand

Latest 2023 Li Ning Badminton Shoes

The game of badminton is widely pronounced as the game of quick perception, where you got to match your feet movement along with your movement of eyes. The right balance and proper feet movement is the core concept of the game because these aspects decide the fate of the players.

The concept of success says that if you want to play better, then choose better. That is why the term of badminton shoes shows the essentiality. A combination of right badminton shoes gives the right balance to your feet. This sport is the game of hand-eye coordination and if you want to improve this aspect, then make your feet ready.


About the Li-Ning

It was all started in the era of 90s, when Mr Li Ning, a famous athlete and Olympic winner from China launched a company called Li-Ning. After the journey of two decades, this brand established itself as the 3rd biggest brand in the sports world. In the present world, Li-Ning is one of the most popular and desired brand in the world of sports. This company manufactures some exquisite sports equipment and accessories like badminton racquet, shoes, basketball and tennis. The brand of Li-Ning is ruling the international market with its exceptional products. The company is also doing great business in several parts of the world like south and central Asia and America, and in Europe too.


Li-Ning Badminton

Li-Ning is one of the leading and premium brands of sports equipment and accessories in the world. It makes the finest and exquisite badminton equipment, which is thoroughly used and purchased by the international players in the whole world. And in terms of badminton sport, it has great expertise and has been continuously making the badminton rackets and other accessories from the last two decades.


Li-Ning Badminton shoes

Li-Ning is the brand of credibility and quality in terms of badminton shoes. The brand makes pro level badminton shoes for advanced players. With the advancement of the technology and requirement of the time, the brand has developed some greatest shoes technology. The company knows the requirement of high-level players; thats why they designed their sports shoes with high quality and technology for the comfort of the players.


Li-Ning latest shoe technology

In the era of technology and advancement, the brand of Li-Ning is making some exquisite and exceptional quality of badminton shoes of the players. Li-Ning has invented some greatest technology of shoemaking and using them with their own patent in the sports world. Some are like Infinite system, cloud technology and a.w.s cushion.

So, lets check out thoroughly about them.


1) Cushion-Technology

This is one of the most crucial and inevitable technologies which is drastically required for the badminton shoes. The quality and technology of cushion in shoes gives you better comfort and control on your feet. This is the most essential quality and must add feature in sports shoes, and it is more effective and absorbing, rather than Urethane. This technology includes various features in the making of a great shoe and these given below:

a) Cloud technology is the brand-new feature of the cushion by the Li Ning brand. With the help of this technology, the sports brand makes the midsole by polymer material which shows great resilience power.

b) A.w.s cushion is the topmost quality of cushion technology. It provides extra comfortability and protection along with the heel cushioning.

c) The BounSe+ feature gives high vertical rebound ability. And that also helps in to mitigate energy loss while core training and matches.


2) Light-weight technology

This is also one of the core essentiality of Li Ning badminton shoes. Most international and professional players prefer lightweight sports shoes for the quick and easy adjustment of the feet. A lightweight shoe also drastically mitigates the chances of errors and injury during the play. The Li-Ning company makes highly technological light-weight shoes for the better performance of the players.

a) RB LITE is a lesser wait rubber material that is 17% lighter in terms of ordinary rubber material. This quality gives better comfortability during a performance and mitigates the energy loss.

b) Foam RB lite is a high-quality rubber material. That is 40% lighter in comparison of normal rubber or RB lite rubber material. It gives better comfort quality with lower energy loss.

c) EVA foam is a lightweight material. That is around 30 to 40% lighter in comparison to normal EVA material. It also provides the core feature of high comfort and lowers the energy loss.



Stability is the core aspect which is required in the game. Your sports shoes must be build with some core technology to provide greater stability during the game.

a) X-claw technology is the core technology which is used to give more stability to your badminton shoes during the play. Through this technology, a player can get maximum benefits of hard and soft surfaces.

B) Xtructure is an essential Adjustable system. It is the greatest combination of leather and taps to create more support, protection and skit fit quality.

c) Infinite system is one of the most essential technologies of badminton shoes. It thoroughly increases the support as well as the energy of your upper part of the foot during the hardcore matches.


4) Comfort

Yet another important aspect of sports shoes is comfort. Because if you want to play better in the game, then you need excellent comfort to maximize your abilities. Li-Ning makes the shoes with better comfort for the professional level players.

a) COOLNING technology is the most famous and popular aspect in terms of sports shoes. Because this technology gives them more comfort and fresh air to your feet by removing the heat from your shoes.

b) Hemp fiber is the main and essential material that protects against odour, has quick drying feature and also moisture absorption quality.

? Now, lets check some exceptional Li-Ning badminton shoes and know their specifications.


1) Li-Ning Glory AYTLO75 3 Badminton Shoes Lime and Orange

This shoe and its overall design are totally based on the theme of Rio and Glory Olympic. This badminton shoe is made with the finest and latest technology for the professional players, and especially for the intermediate players. The upper part of the shoe shows the technology of Pu material and advance mesh for greater comfort and air circulation. The use of Phylon material ensures the quality of high absorbing power.


2) LI-NING Volvo Badminton Shoes Black and Orange

Li-Ning Volvo badminton shoes are among the top choices of the sports world. These shoes are designed for high level and advanced players. These shoes show the exquisite technology of hard microfiber and durable mesh for the maximum strength and great air circulation. The feature of cushion technology gives better comfort and ability of shock absorbing. And last but not least, the trademark of X makes it a product of great design.


3) Li-Ning Shadow Of Blade Badminton Shoes Black and Iron Grey

The Li-Ning shadow of blade badminton shoe is the latest edition of the Li-Ning brand. These shoes show some exquisite technology like shock absorption, breathability and Anti-slip which is required for the professional matches. These shoes are designed with latest features that mitigate the concept of high stitching. Durable mesh, cloud technology and Flyknit material are used in the shoes for more durability, lightweight and for high absorbing power.


4) LI-NING Omega Badminton Shoes Black and Gold

This badminton shoe of Li-Ning brand is specially built and designed for the professional players or international matches. The exceptional feature of this product shows the high standards of professional matches. This badminton shoe is designed with Pu material and microfiber for the feature of lightweight and durability. High quality of cushion and durable mesh for air circulation, makes it a preffered choice. And in terms of color combination and graphics design, it will give the best and varieties of option for which you are looking.


5) LI-NING BRIO Badminton shoes Blue and Lime

Lining Brio Badminton shoes are the latest technology shoes of the brand. It was launched in the year of 2017. These shoes are thoroughly designed and specialized for intermediate players. This badminton shoe comes with a beautiful color combination and grabs the attention of people. This product is designed and made with some great technology like Flyknit phenol midsole which gives the feature of comfort and lightweight. Some others incorporate- Wide last, Pu and microfiber and rubber outsole.



After discussing all the aspects of the Li-Ning badminton shoes, it can be concluded that if you want to be the best, then choose the best. This era is popularly pronounced as the age of high competition, thats why you need to prepare yourself as the best in every aspect of the game and the brand of Li-Ning is offering the best.