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Detailed Guide on Cricket Kit Bags


About cricket kit bags

Being a sportsperson, especially a cricketer, one needs lots of equipment to carry with him. One must be tired of handling scattered equipment like bats, shoes, pads, gloves, etc. Therefore, a cricket kit bag is the need of the hour for such individuals.

The cricket kit bags are generally bags required to carry your cricket goods like bats, gloves, pads, stumps, helmet, leg guards, uniforms, shoes, etc. It is created for protecting and managing the cricket equipment in a good manner. These bags are specially designed with high-quality material for providing long-lasting performance.

Use of cricket kit bag


A cricket kit bag is used to carry all your cricket equipment like a bat, gloves, leg guards, helmet, uniform, shoes, wicket keeping gloves, etc. A cricket kit bag adds ease in handling the cricket equipment in a single kit with a lot of space.

There are plenty of brands available in the market of cricket kit bags. The selection of good cricket bags becomes a tedious process, especially when there are plenty of brands available in the market. Thus, this guide on cricket kit bags provides a complete solution to cricket players for the selection. Let us start with the types of cricket kit bags.

Types of cricket kit bags


Depending upon the cricket player and equipment a player is using, there are different types of cricket kit bags available. So, going with the first one which is-

Simple backpack/ Duffle


This simple backpack comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. This cricket kit bag is made up of polyester fabric. The polyester fabric provides you with long-lasting durability. This backpack/ Duffle is furnishing with one large compartment for the cricket equipment, with one small pocket for carrying other accessories and with two bat pockets.

This Duffle cricket kit bag is valuable for the entry-level cricket player. The cricket bag comes with double strap and with highly durable bottom pads for protecting the cricket equipment from any damage.

The single-player cricket kit bag


The name is indicating for a single-player; thus, this cricket kit bag is designed for a single player and made from the finest grade material. The finest grade material provides long-lasting durability and super finish. The single-player cricket kit bag has straps that give you comfort and ease in carrying the bag. The size of the single-player cricket kit bag is 34"—14"—11inches. This bag will give you maximum space for carrying cricket equipment. This single-player cricket kit bag is designed for the advanced and senior players.

The single-player cricket kit bag with wheels


The cricket kit bag with wheels for a single player is made up of good quality polyester material which provides long-term durability. The wheels add extra comfort in handling the cricket kit bag without much effort. The heavy-duty wheel system makes easy transportation of the cricket kit bag. The bottom layer of these cricket kit bags is made to be super protected with multiple bottom studs. These bags come with a versatile wheel system for easy carrying and transportation of the cricket equipment. The size of this cricket kit bag is 34×12×12 inches.

The team cricket kit bag


The team cricket kit bag with wheels comes with large size. These team kit bags are made from nylon material with extra fortification. The team kit bags have heavy-duty wheels fitting for easy movability. It comes with a rounded rubber grip for easy carrying and creates balance. Two additional pockets are also integrated into the team kit bag to carry maximum equipment including a shoe compartment and premium quality zippers.

These team kit bags also come in coffins' shape, which gives flexibility in carrying maximum cricket equipment. It can easily carry the cricket equipment for two or even four players.

The cricket kit bag with trolley


The cricket kit bag with a trolley is made up of premium 1680 D material. This cricket kit bag with wheels also comes with an inbuilt trolley. These kit bags come with heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation, providing balance. It has a rounded rubber grip for easy carrying. Four additional pockets are also present for carrying maximum stuff which includes shoe compartments, premium quality zippers and also one can carry extra durable base sheets. This type of cricket kit bag with a trolley is suitable for advanced players.

The cricket kit bag price may range from Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 and even more. The price depends upon the quality of material used and the type of bag a player chooses for himself.

The best cricket kit bags


The best cricket kit bag still needs to be chosen because there are several brands available in the market, which might confuse you. One might not be familiar with the type of material used in kit bags and which provides you with long durability. So, keeping this problem in mind, here we have selected some of the best cricket kit bags that might suit your needs best.

Best THRAX kit bags


The THRAX proto 11wheel kit bag will provide you with long-lasting performance. It is made up of top quality Matty 6×6 material which provides extra durability. The THRAX comes with a new innovative design that gives you maximum space for carrying your entire cricket goods in one place along with your bat. It also has heavy-duty shoulder sand hand straps. You can carry the kit on your shoulder and also in your hands with the durable strips.

The size of the THRAX kit bag is 85×36×32 cm. The bag consists of durable zips, and the straps are designed to provide you with high-class performance. The innovative design of the THRAX kit bag and its shape gives you the flexibility to carry maximum cricket equipment.

The best SG kit bags


The SG multipack cricket kit bags are made up of nylon material with extra strengthening. It comes with two additional pockets which include shoe compartment, and premium quality zips to carry maximum cricket equipment. It also consists of a moulded rubber grip for easy carrying. The Sg kit bags provide you with extra durable base sheets. The size of the Kitbag is 40×13×13 inches which gives you enough space for carrying cricket equipment.

The best SS Matrix cricket kit bags


The SS Matrix cricket kit bag gives you durable performance and is made up of tough nylon material. The SS matrix cricket kit bag from the brand SS is a high-quality bag. It is made from lightweight high-density fabric firmly coated for extra strength. The SS kit bag comes with an inbuilt trolley design with wheels that add ease in transportation and carrying of cricket goods. It comes with additional three pockets in which you can carry your cricket goods and other accessories too. The SS Matrix cricket kit bag provides you with enough space for carrying your all cricket equipment at a single place.

The best MRF cricket kit bags


The MRF cricket kit bags seem to be the first choice of our international players. It comes with the coffin nag shape to provide you with maximum space for carrying maximum cricket goods. The MRF cricket kit bags are made up of tough Matty and nylon material which add extra durability and strengthening. It comes with a moulded handle for easy pulling and lifting. The heavy-duty integrated wheel system adds extra ease in carrying the cricket equipment with ease. The large size of MRF cricket kit bag is 100×35×40cm which provides you with enough space and comes with an additional pocket to carry your other accessories too.

The MRF kit bags come with a vast range of cricket kit bags from Duffle to wheel type and trolley types also. The best thing about the MRF bags is that they suit all categories of players- juniors and adults.

The SM bravo cricket kit bags


The SM bravo cricket kit bags provide you durability and are made from top quality V polyester fabrics. The SM kit is available with U shape zip opening into the storage compartment. It comes with an additional two pockets for keeping other accessories. The versatile wheels integrated into it helps in easy transportation and carrying of the cricket goods. The size of the SM bravo cricket kit bags is 34×12×12 inches. It is best suited for intermediate and senior-level players.

However, all the cricket kit bags come in different sizes and types. These bags are available in different shapes and sizes for different age groups. The details as mentioned above include all the useful facts needed for choosing the right type of cricket kit bag for a cricket player. The size and material of a cricket kit bag are paramount important. One must go through the details mentioned above before purchasing a cricket kit bag.

Here, we have also given some best cricket kit bags along with their details and size which helps you in selecting the best alternative for you. Obvious, choosing the right cricket kit bag is a tedious process. But the detailed guide provided here will help you in merely making your decision.