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Cricket Shoes - The Crucial Decision for Optimal Performance on the Cricket Field:

In every cricket match, players cover a minimum of two to five kilometres through running. This constant running places significant stress on a cricketer's knees and ankles. High-quality cricket shoes are specifically engineered to absorb impact and alleviate the strain experienced during extended periods of running.

The performance of a cricketer can be greatly influenced by the quality of their footwear. This is why every athlete has their own individual preferences regarding shoe size and weight. As an emerging cricket player, it's crucial to carefully examine the footwear before making a purchase.

At Khelmart, experience the ultimate cricket shoes lineup for men, showcasing cutting-edge designs, innovative features, and top-notch cushioning. Take your game to the next level with a wide selection of cricket shoes and spikes, each offering brand diversity for you to choose from. Elevate your performance with the best in cricket gear at Khelmart.

Why Are Cricket Shoes Essential?

To begin, bowlers should carefully inspect the uppers of their shoes for any potential issues. In most cases, polyethylene or microfiber materials are recommended for the upper section. Polyethylene is a preferred choice among athletes because of its lightweight nature and leather-like appearance.

This material is exceptionally durable, even on the demanding cricket pitch, and remains intact even in damp conditions. Both bowlers and fielders opt for cricket shoes with anti-skid soles, many of which feature spikes on the sole to enhance traction.

For fast bowlers, doubling the shoe padding is crucial to ensure a safe and stable landing. Adequate ventilation is also vital due to the high levels of friction experienced by their feet.Ultimately, investing in the best cricket shoes will prepare you for a solid performance in the game of cricket.


Choosing High-Quality Cricket Shoes: A Quick Guide

A cricketer's choice of footwear can profoundly influence their playing style. To make an informed decision when buying cricket shoes, consider the following factors outlined in this concise guide.

1. Selecting shoe size is important:

At Khelmart, we have thoughtfully provided both the shoe size and the corresponding foot dimensions in centimetres. Buyers should take care to check and measure their foot length in centimetres to select the perfect size accordingly.

Exercise caution, as oversized cricket sports shoes may slip off during sprints between wickets, while undersized ones can lead to discomfort, resulting in ankle pain and potentially affecting your concentration during the game.

The playing surface and turf are crucial factors to evaluate: If you're playing for leisure or on a rugged surface, including indoor synthetic courts, regular grip shoes are sufficient. However, if you're playing on a grassy field, your choice should depend on your playing skills, with options including rubber studs or spikes.

2. Choose your shoes based on your playing style:

For newcomers, be it a batsman, bowler, or fielder, it's advisable to begin with rubber stud shoes. If your budget is below 2000 Rs, you can consider checking out brands like SG, SS, DSC, or Thrax for rubber stud shoes that offer outstanding durability, comfort, and grip.

If you're a batsman seeking additional grip, comfort, and optimal cushioning, it's advisable to opt for shoes with half spikes. Many shoes are available in full sizes with removable spike options, allowing batsmen to remove the spikes from the heel area. At Khelmart, we offer a variety of options ranging from Rs 1500 to 10000 Rs, featuring renowned brands such as SS, SG, Thrax, Kookaburra, New Balance, Puma, Asics, and many more.

Lastly, if you are a dedicated fast bowler or spinner, it is advisable to opt for shoes with full spikes, optimal cushioning (with the option for additional cushioning if needed), and an impeccable fit. These qualities will enable you to give your 100% effort on the cricket field. Brands like New Balance, Puma, Asics, and Kookaburra offer professional spike shoes that encompass all the essential features for top-notch performance.

3. A Selection of Spike Shoes for Cricket Players:

New Balance offers a wide selection of spike shoes, including the CK -W series, featuring cutting-edge cushioning technology that enhances comfort, grip, and durability. The latest CK10 R5 series introduces new features for even better performance.

Puma's 22.2 series of spikes is highly favoured by cricket players for their superior grip, style, and comfort.

Asics is renowned for the quality and advanced technology of its spikes. The ASICS Gel Gully, ASICS Gel 300 Not Out, and ASICS Speed Menace FF are top-quality spike options from Asics, known for delivering exceptional overall performance.



Q: What features should I look for in cricket shoes?

Ans: In the realm of cricket, players consider their footwear requirements. Fast bowlers and batsman prioritise full-spiked shoes for optimal performance, whereas fielders or novice cricketers may opt for rubber-studded options. Additionally, cricket shoes should boast a lightweight design and incorporate advanced cushioning technology for enhanced comfort and support on the pitch.

Q: Are metal spikes or rubber spikes better for cricket shoes?

Ans: Metal spikes excel in providing superior grip on grass pitches, whereas rubber spikes are more suited for synthetic and firm surfaces. The decision should be based on the specific characteristics of the playing field

Q: How do I choose the right size for cricket shoes?

Ans: It is essential for players to take precise measurements of their foot size and then refer to the shoe size chart in centimetres. Players should choose the appropriate size as indicated. Since various brands may have distinct size charts, it is important for players to make a thoughtful selection by comparing their measurements to the specific brand's size chart to find the ideal fit.


Q: Should I consider ankle support in cricket shoes?

Ans: In the realm of cricket, maintaining adequate ankle support is crucial, particularly for bowlers, to mitigate the risk of ankle injuries. Certain cricket footwear options are equipped with integrated ankle support features to provide the necessary reinforcement.

Q: Do cricket shoes require any specific care and maintenance?

Ans: Certainly, it is crucial to adhere to a regular cleaning regimen and ensure thorough drying after every use. Moreover, timely replacement of worn-out spikes and insoles can greatly enhance the durability of your cricket shoes.

Q: Can I use cricket shoes for other sports or activities?

Ans: Cricket footwear is purpose-built for the unique movements in cricket and may not be suitable for other sports. It is advisable to opt for sport-specific footwear for different athletic activities.

Q: Where can I purchase high-quality cricket shoes?

Ans: Here at, our extensive collection of cricket footwear caters to players ranging from beginners to professionals. Selecting the ideal pair based on your specific needs and preferences is a breeze.