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Cricket Shoes Guide -2023:

Every cricket match requires a minimum of two and up to five kilometres of running. The knees and ankles of a cricket player endure an immense amount of pressure. Good cricket shoes are designed to absorb impact and ease the strain exerted on the body over long periods of running.

A cricketer's performance may vary greatly with the quality of their footwear. That's why every athlete has their own preferences when it comes to shoe size and mass. Being one of the mushrooming cricket players, you should also inspect the footwear thoroughly before making a purchase.

Why are cricket shoes necessary?

Bowlers should first examine the tops of their shoes for any potential issues. In most scenarios, polyethylene or microfiber is recommended for the top. Since polyethylene is both lightweight and has a leather-like appearance, it is favoured by athletes.

The material is very long-lasting, even on the tough cricket pitch. It will also remain intact in damp conditions. Cricket shoes with anti-skid soles are used by both bowlers and fielders. Much of their footwear features spikes on the sole, which improve traction.

Shoe padding should be doubled for fast bowlers. This will ensure a safe and stable landing. Because of the high levels of friction their feet experience, it is also important that they have adequate ventilation.

This eventually gets us the best cricket shoes, which will prepare you for a solid match in cricket.

Explore the benefits:

Having a perfect pair of shoes during training or a live performance can have some amazing benefits for the player’s overall physical movements. Such as,

The best cricket shoes will give your feet the necessary support.
Players can run much faster with much-needed stability.
Promising for long sessions or intense practices
Prevent severe strain and internal injury.
Breathable fabric prevents wetness on the feet.

Quality of Cricket Shoes: Rubber Studs

Shoes with studs are preferable for bowlers since they help you land in the right spot. The studs on a stud shoe sole are often composed of rubber, making them both comfortable and long-lasting. Dangers can strike at any time, necessitating the need for constant caution. Rubber shoes of great quality will protect your feet in any potentially harmful setting. Its major benefits have been explained below. 


The key advantage of rubber studs is the improved grip they offer against the ground. This traction is essential for athletes to have in order to keep their balance while they are running, halting, or switching where they are going on the field. This is of paramount concern in fast-paced games like cricket, which require a great deal of rapid movement as well as frequent directional shifts.

Stability: Moreover, rubber studs give the player's foot stability, which is vital for preventing injuries while they are playing the game. They act as a kind of anchor for the foot, preventing it from slipping or sliding on the ground while you move.


Rubber studs tend to be more resilient than metal studs, which can quickly wear down on hard surfaces or artificial turf. But this is not the case with rubber studs. They are able to handle a significant amount of wear and tear, which makes them a favorite option for cricket shoes. Metal studs are also more expensive. Thus, you can make a budgetary choice by investing in rubber stud shoes.


Rubber studs are adaptable and can be used on a number of surfaces, including natural and artificial turf, as well as concrete and asphalt. As a result, they are an excellent option for cricket players who, during the course of a match or competition, may be required to compete on a variety of playing surfaces.

Quality of Cricket Shoes and Spikes Shoes

Players can't run, stop, or rapidly switch positions on the grassy field without the added traction spike shoes that are provided in cricket shoes by almost every company these days. The spikes provide traction and stability, so you don't have to worry about slipping and sliding. Cricket spike shoes have a supporting outsole with metal or rubber spikes attached to it. The number of configurations of the spikes can vary depending on the company’s innovations. That’s why, while you purchase cricket shoes, pay added attention to the spike shoes and essentially analyze their quality. Take a look at the benefits that the superior quality of spike shoes can serve during cricket matches.


Spike shoes are crafted to increase a player's grip on the ground, which is crucial for preventing falls and maintaining stability. To help athletes confidently run, stop, and change direction on a variety of terrain, manufacturers introduce spike shoes with strategically placed under soles.


Supportive footwear for the feet, ankles, and lower legs is essential for cricket players. The uppers and soles of high-quality spike shoes are built to last and provide the required stability and protection. Ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis are two ailments that can be avoided with properly cushioned, well-constructed shoes.


The constant starts and stops, sharp turns, and high-impact actions of cricket cause significant wear and tear on players' footwear. Quality spike shoes are constructed from long-lasting materials that can endure years of use on the cricket pitch.


Cricket players rely heavily on comfort, particularly during lengthy matches and practices. Superior spike shoes feature airy uppers, padded collars and laces, and cushioned insoles to ensure a pleasant wearing experience. Players are better able to concentrate on their game without worrying about any physical discomfort.


Cricket players' abilities can be improved by wearing high-quality spike shoes, which offer essential support, stability, and traction. This can help them get an advantage over their opponents on the field by increasing their speed, agility, and precision.

How to Select Good-Quality Cricket Shoes

A cricket player's footwear has a significant impact on his or her style of play. However, the decision to purchase cricket shoes should be influenced by a number of factors that are better expressed in this quick, short guide below.

1.       Size

 Size plays an important role. Shoes should fit comfortably without being so loose that they fall out during the run-up. Also, the right size shoes are worthwhile so that the wearer doesn't have any discomfort when running.

2.       Pitch Type: synthetic or turf pitches?

Strong rubber shoes are essential when playing on synthetic fields. This is particularly necessary if any moisture or dirt from the outfield makes its way onto the field. For bowlers in particular, the soles of standard athletic sneakers or running shoes can wear out quite quickly. On the other hand, cricket spikes would be an excellent idea if the game was played on turf fields.

3. Your Role as a Cricketer

Batsmen should wear half-spikes. With longer spikes, you run the risk of puncturing the turf and severely restricting your movement. Your performance and body will suffer if your shoes prevent you from executing the footwork necessary to counter pace and spin bowling.

For bowlers, the best possible grip is essential, and as was previously said, quality cricket rubber shoes are essential for use on synthetic grounds. Nonetheless, full cricket spikes are recommended for turf fields, as they provide maximum traction throughout the bowler's delivery stride and follow-through. If you are a fast bowler, shoes with more ankle support are recommended.


Having a set financial limit in mind can help you focus your inquiry. If you're competing at a high level, or even if you're just trying to play well, you should try to invest in a good-quality shoe that empowers your performance on the field.

The Best New Balance Cricket Shoes for 2023:

New Balance has long been considered a reliable source for cricket gear, and their newest offerings for the year 2023 are no exception. Explore the brand’s trendy range.

1.     CK4040 J5

The CK4040 J5 from New Balance is a top-performing cricket shoe that offers unbeatable comfort and support.

Designed to enhance your performance on the pitch
Boasts an array of features that deliver superior traction and cushioning

2.     CK4030 J4

The CK4030 J4 is one of the best cricket shoes on the market for 2023, and given below are its vital features.

Lightweight design
Durable material, supportive, and comfortable

3.     CK4020 J4

The CK4020 J4 from New Balance is a cricket shoe that combines style and performance.

The sleek design is awesome.
Advanced features include a cushioned midsole and a breathable upper.

The Best ASICS Cricket Shoes for 2023

Asics is a trusted brand for high-performance cricket shoes, and given below are three of its prominent creations.

1. Asics Gel Peake 2

The Asics Gel Peake 2 cricket shoe is a top choice for players who want comfort and performance.

In the shoe, you receive a gel cushioning system.
Durable outsole
Breathable upper

2. Asics Gel Odi Cricket Spike Shoes

The Asics Gel Odi cricket spike shoe is another interesting creation, and given below are its prominent features.

The shoe has sturdy construction.
Has gel cushioning and a reinforced toe cap
Superior support and traction on the pitch

3. Asics Gel Speed Menace

The Asics Gel Speed Menace cricket shoe is engineered for speed and performance you have a strong appetite for on the cricket field.

The shoe has a lightweight design.
Advanced gel cushioning system
And also has a durable outsole for excellent traction

The Best Kookaburra Cricket Shoes for 2023

The Kookaburra Pro 780 spike cricket shoe is designed for players who demand the best in performance and style. Given below are its two prominent creations.

1. Kookaburra Pro 2.0 RBR Stud

The Kookaburra Pro 2.0 RBR Stud cricket shoe is designed to provide maximum comfort and support on the pitch. Take a look at the features.

The shoe features a shock-absorbing insole and a breathable upper.
The sturdy rubber studs provide excellent traction.

2. Kookaburra Pro 2.0 RBR Spikes

Whether you're a professional player or a recreational cricketer, the Kookaburra Pro 2.0 RBR Spikes shoe is designed to help you perform at your best. Notable features are as follows:

The shoe features a lightweight design.
It has advanced features like a reinforced toe cap and a responsive midsole.
Its durable rubber spikes provide excellent traction.

The Best DSC Cricket Shoes for 2023

With a focus on innovation and quality, DSC is bringing the finest range of cricket shoes to serious cricket players who demand the best on the field. Below are some of its top-selling creations.

1.     DSC Jaffa 22

The DSC Jaffa 22 cricket shoe is a top-performing shoe that delivers both comfort and performance at the same time. Apart from its durable construction, DSC Jaffa 22 advanced features are-

Breathable upper
Sturdy outsole
Impressive design

2. DSC Hawk 2.0 Spike

The DSC Hawk 2.0 Spike cricket shoe is built for speed and agility and engineered to deliver maximum traction on the pitch. The following are its notable features:

The shoe has a lightweight design and advanced spike technology.
The breathable upper keeps your feet cool and dry during even the most intense matches.
Its cushioned midsole provide superior comfort and support.

FAQ of cricket shoes


Q: What is the use of cricket shoes?

Following are the uses of cricket shoes:

  • For batsman, it provides the protection against the fast bowler especially against the Yorker balls. Also it offer better grip so batsman can focus better on shots selection and placement.
  • For fast bowler, cricket spikes shoes provide better grips so bowler makes good pace, posture and stability during bowling run-up.
  • For cricket fielders, it offers stability, control and better traction force so fielder can effectively cover maximum fielding area and save runs for team.

Q: How many spikes do cricket shoes have?

Most of the cricket spikes shoes are equipped with 8 to 11 metal spikes per shoe.

Q: How to choose your cricket shoes?

Cricket shoes to be selected based on following parameters:

  • Traction
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Performance


 Q: What cricket shoes are called?

Cricket shoes are made of rubber outsole with rubber studs or metal spikes as cricket shoes required better traction force, grips and stability. Also cricket shoes are developed with light material with extra protection on toe area so player can feel safe against fast bowling attack.


Q: Do cricket shoes come with spikes?

Generally two types of cricket shoes are available for players

  • Rubber Studs
  • Metal Spikes


Q: What is the weight of cricket shoes?

Cricket shoes weight varies from 300 to 450 Gms , spike cricket shoes are bit heavy as compare to rubber stud shoes.


Price of Best 10 Crikcet shoes for Year 2023:

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New Balance CK4020 J4 Stud Cricket Shoes

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DSC Jaffa 22 Stud Cricket Shoes White Orange

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Kookaburra Pro 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoes

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Asics Gel Peake 2 Cricket Shoes

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Adidas Howzat Spike 20 Cricket Shoes

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Asics Gel Odi Cricket Spike Shoes 

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Gray Nicolls GN Velocity 2.0 Rubber Cricket Shoes

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Adidas Mens Crihase Stud Cricket Shoes

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