Cricket Thigh Guards

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An Insight into Thigh Pads


Injuries are inevitable during sports, irrespective of the game you opt for. But guards or pads specially designed for the purpose of protecting the players from an injury are a relief. They can be stated as an aid in improving the performance of a player.

In today’s age of secured sports, various kinds of pads are being sold to protect the different parts of the body of players from injuries. Various kinds of pads are available for players to protect the knees, elbow, thighs, and the sensitive parts of the body of players from an injury. In this article, we are going to unveil information about the thigh guards.

Cricket Thigh pads or leg guard is the protection giving equipment used by the cricketers to safeguard their thigh region from injury. It is not just confined to cricket, rather players of baseball, ice hockey, rugby, etc use it in their sports too. The purpose of this leg pad is to minimize the impact of hard hitting ball which otherwise can even break the tough bones of the legs. If you are a cricket match lover, then you must be well-versed with the terminology of Thigh pads.

Is thigh pad important?


Well, if you can withstand and protect your thighs from the fast pacing balls delivered near your legs, then it is definitely not important. But the fact remains that it is literally not possible to protect your body from the force with which the tough leather cricket ball is thrown towards the batsman. It is vital for a batsman, wicket keeper, and the players standing at catching positions near the batsman to wear the thigh guard cricket; simply for the reason to be able to play for a longer period.

Protection is important and these hard thigh guards safeguard the thighs from abrasions, scrapes and, cuts; thereby minimizing the possibilities of strain, sprain, and fractures due to hard fall.

In short, if your wellbeing is important, then a thigh pad too is.


Types of Thigh pads


In the game of riches i.e. cricket, two types of thigh pads are found, a batting pad and a wicket keeping pad that are worn by batsman and wicket keeper respectively while being on the field. Let us have a detailed info on the two types of thigh pads-


Batting pads- These types of pads act as a shield to the knees, shins and to the zone of lower thigh. The base of batting pad is designed to accommodate foot comfortably with a half curved structure. Batsman often wears additional padding beneath their thigh guard to reduce the impact of fast deliveries of the bowlers.

Wicket keeping pads


It is different from the pads used by a batsman, though earlier batting pads were used by wicket keepers too. It was noticed by the players that knee protecting flaps caused hindrance in swift movement that a wicketkeeper is expected to make while catching the ball. These pads are smaller than batting pads with irrelevant knee flaps. It comprises of two straps with one located just below the knee and other at the bottom.

5 top thigh pads


Thrax Opti run thigh guard- This is a uniquely designed run guard facilitating easy and comfortable run for the player. It was made to reduce the inconvenience in giving shots, therefore flexible upper was ensured. It is a lightweight pad with eventual durability and hard resistance to fast bowler’s bowling attack. It comes with fine quality 3 straps confirming better and tight fixing as well as ultimate safety to the leg region.

Moonwalker thigh pads –


As the name suggests, Moonwalker thigh pads facilitate running between the wicket, as smooth as a moon walk. It comes with integrated thigh pad safeguarding inner as well as outer thigh region. It is made up of 3D composite material which imparts ultimate safety. Its flexible snug and hinged designs confirm better fit and effortless running because of being extremely lightweight. They are available in all sizes for left hand as well as right hand batsmen.

Adidas XT 2 Thigh Pad


It is a lightweight guard fabricated from fine quality fabric with a view to eradicate discomfort that generally arises due to the material used in the making. These are manufactured from breathable as well as absorbing material resulting in dry feel to the player wearing it. It comes with inner and outer guards with the detachable inner thigh guard. Also, top-quality Velcro is used in it.

Kookaburra Cricket Thigh pads These offer confirmed protection to the batsman wearing it. Extensively developed Kookaburra cricket thigh Guard is the eventual security system to batsmen. It provides exceptional protection due to the flexible as well as rock-solid material used in its manufacturing.

MRF Genius Dual thigh guard


It offers complete lower body protection with clip-on inner thigh guard. It is available for both left hand as well as right hand batsman. The leading MRF brand has worked upon to give high durability along with maintaining flexibility, giving strength as well as comfort to the players while running between the wickets.

Conclusion Above are all leading and credible brands which have proved their sturdiness in the recent times. If you too are looking for a cricket thigh pad, buy the one that fits you well along with serving you the purpose of batting or wicket keeping.