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  1. Thrax Storm Football Shoes Lime Black
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  2. Nivia Carbonite 5.0 Football stud Shoes Sulphur Green
    Special Price ₹690.00 Regular Price ₹849.00

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  3. Nivia Oslar Blade Football Shoes
    Special Price ₹1,090.00 Regular Price ₹1,649.00

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  4. Thrax Striker Football Shoes Orange
    Special Price ₹460.00 Regular Price ₹1,199.00

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  5. Thrax Storm Football Shoes Orange Black
    Special Price ₹460.00 Regular Price ₹1,190.00

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  6. ProAse Rebel Football Shoes Lime Black
    Special Price ₹700.00 Regular Price ₹799.00

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  7. Nivia Dominator 2.0 Football Shoes BLK GRN
    Special Price ₹1,080.00 Regular Price ₹1,499.00

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  8. NIVIA Ultra Football Shoes Black and Silver
    Special Price ₹485.00 Regular Price ₹1,090.00

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  9. Nivia Airstrike Football stud Shoes Black Green
    Special Price ₹839.00 Regular Price ₹999.00

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  10. NIVIA Ultra Football Stud Shoes Blue and Orange
    Special Price ₹580.00 Regular Price ₹1,050.00

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Latest 2023 Football shoes at


The game of football is popularly also known as soccer. It is the most popular game and has a massive fan base all over the world. This game has given us stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Messy and who can forget the mighty Pele, who is an all-time great player of the football world. It is one of the wealthiest games among the all other sports, and last but not least, a real example of passion.

In the game of football, players do not have any equipment like a bat to smash the ball or hockey stick to hit the ball. It is the game of mental and body toughness. Your body fitness, balance and timing are all you need to play this game. However, one thing that we can consider as an aid for players is their football shoes. The spikes and hard sole based shoes can give ultimate help for gaining the needed speed and balance.

So, here we are going to discuss the football shoes and their much-needed elements, the latest 2023 football shoes at and what are the factors that you must keep in mind while purchasing good football shoes?


Football shoes

Football shoes are the true friend of players. Like any sports equipment, they will help you in gaining high speed during the harsh run, much-needed balance while having difficult position, excellent control and grip in your feet, and many more things.

There are numerous football shoes in the market, and you can also purchase them online, but the point is that how can you find out the best shoes for you. What are the factors that need to be considered? And what you need to ask and look while purchasing?

So, as we all know that football shoes are a bit different from routine shoes and other sports too. They are more lightweight and have various stud combinations to make things easier for the players. So, let's check out the different types of football shoes according to the playing ground and conditions-


1) Firm ground shoes

The firm ground shoes are made to perform better on natural grass pitches. The soles of the shoes are capable of handling dry and damp pitches too. The firm ground shoes mostly have moulded studs of rubber or hard plastic. These shoes have multiple studs on the sole in comparison to regular football shoes with six studs.


2) Soft ground shoes

As the name is saying, these shoes are designed to endure the tricky situations of muddy and damp pitches, where the grass is short or can be extended too. The soft ground shoes are perfect for the winter situations where players need to have the traction.
The soft ground shoes are designed traditionally. It means six studs on the soleplate, and now some modern shoes are showing the concept of moulded studs.


3) Artificial grass shoes

These shoes are the perfect solution for the 3g turf pitches or ground. The 3G turf pitches have the little black cracks or bits, and in those particular conditions, you need the football shoes that offer excellent grip and extra cushioning. These shoes are similar as firm ground shoes but the only difference is the hollowed-out studs. It gives the additional ability to absorb the impact and provide lightweight quality.


4) Turf trainers shoes

The turf trainers shoes are not as comfortable or offer much grip as the artificial grass shoes. We can say that these shoes are designed for a mini version of the game. They are wearable in sand-based or water artificial (grass) pitches. They have multiple rubber studs on the sole plates.


5) Indoor shoes

The indoor shoes are used when indoor football game is played rather than outfield based. They have a beautiful look and offer the normal rubber sole (flat or slightly raised sole). The only difference between turf trainers and indoor shoes is based on their flat and stud sole. These shoes are more popularly used in South America, where people play a game of futsal.

So, these are the different types of shoes based on playing surface of the game and now let's check out the other factors that need to be considered while buying your football shoes-

1) On the basis of playing position

The playing position of the player is one of the most significant factors that need to be considered while buying new football shoes. Because a player who is quick in his feet or runs fast need lightweight shoes and those who don't run much in the game require protective and stable shoes.

For example, a goalkeeper or defender needs a reliable and stable pair of shoes that can mitigate the chance of injury and provides the extra grip. On the other hand, for a forward player, you need lightweight, light studs or soft leather shoe which can give you the timely acceleration and accuracy. And the same thing goes with midfielder and winger back because you need to be quick between the grounds with high precision.

2) The selection of right foot size

The soccer shoes are not as similar as regular shoes where you can buy a little bigger shoes. Here, it would be best if you were very specific with your foot measurement because perfectly fit shoes will only give the right balance and power in the kick.

Though the size of shoes may vary from company to company, if you are trying to shop a new brand shoes for the first time, then it would be ideal for you to go to the shop and then buy them. This will mitigate the chance of size errors, and you can also check the comfortability too.

3) The shape of the feet


The shape of your feet is an essential factor and plays a vital role while finalizing the right pair of shoes for your feet. As we all know that every single person has different feet widths. Some brands offer higher breadth, and some offer a little shorter. So, it would be best if you stayed with a brand that suits your feet measurement.

You can have good, high arches or may have flat feet too. The height of the dome can also help you to find perfect fit support.

4) Make a wise decision


The sellers or marketers are known for their enticing habits. They can make you agree for buying an expensive pair of shoes just because they are new or advertised by celebs. But you need to understand the fact that you are not purchasing the shoes for any other big player. So, buy a shoe that suits your feet and your budget.

5) Purchase best for high comfortability


The shoes that you are going to buy will ultimately support your feet and will give the right balance and speed. So, it would be better for you to spend little extra and buy a great deal and not waste your money just because of high prices. Because the great football shoes can protect you from legs, feet, and knees injury.

Top and latest football shoes at Khelmart


1) Adidas


A) ADIDAS COPA 19.3 FIRM GROUND Football Shoe-

Adidas Copa 19.3 firm ground football shoes are a perfect combination of comfortability and power. These shoes come with the higher brand reputation of Adidas and will make your very kick into a master goal. It will give you the quality of soft leather on the upper and side stitching will improve the ball control. The cushion of the outsole will absorb the harsh impact and will give extra power and comfortability.


'Your action speaks louder than words a famous cliché that suits these pair of shoes at its best. The predator 19.4 flexible ground football shoes are the classic example of a comfortable fit and specifically designed for better control. The boots come with high heels and stitching on the front makes the grip stronger for greater ball control while shooting and passing. Overall, it's a must-have deal under a fantastic and affordable price.

C) ADIDAS NEMEZIZ 19.3 turf GROUND Football Shoes-

Adidas nemeziz 19.3 turf ground football shoes are the fantastic combination of comfortability and affordability. These shoes are lightweight for getting quick speed and feet movement. These shoes are manufactured with mid-cut design to prevent your ankle from sharp turn and twist. The boots are without laces and have agility mesh for ball control and responsive touch.

2) Latest Nike football shoes


A) Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Academy LVL UP MG Nike Football Shoes:

The enthralling look of Nike mercurial superfly six is inspired by the carbon-fibre Mercurial of 2008. It is combination of astonishing speed with great ability on artificial and natural grasses. These shoes are manufactured with highly durable synthetic and (dynamic) fit colour for a natural fitting. The boots also have the micro-texture that makes them fast and easy to handle the ball. Last but not least, these shoes come with a multi ground plate for more excellent traction.

B) Nike Tiempo legend seven elite FG football shoes:

The Nike Tiempo shoes, for the first time, are coming with ultra-soft leather with fly knit manufactured heel and Flywire cables for the midfoot. Nike has used kangaroo leather for a cushioned touch with interior quilting. They have given stability pads inside the collar cups for ankle support. Nylon plate with Pebax material enhances the stability and mitigates the weight. Overall, it's an ultra-light shoe for those who love sprint.

C) Nike Tiempox Lunar legend seven pro TF shoes:

Lightweight foam cushioning and the leather of premium quality for a flexible fit describe this shoe. It shows a great touch of domination while playing on the turf pitches. The lunar legend seven shoes from Nike are the sort of a fantastic offer for a sprint lover in the football field.

3) Latest shoes from Thrax


A) Thrax Stricker black football shoes:

The Thrax stricker black is the latest product from the brand with greater comfort, game enhancer and higher abilities. The PU and PVC stuff (microfibers) are used for the upper case of the shoes that will give the quality of lightweight and flexibility. The net is also used for the feet breathability. The BOA and TPU is used for extra durability and studs for more excellent grip. These studs will give you explosive acceleration and greater control over the feet.

B) Thrax Vapor Lite Black Lime football shoes:

The upper part of the boots is made of PU microfiber that enhances flexibility, and TPU technology is used for the Sole. These shoes are ideal for the grass and hard ground because the full-length outsole is used for the high acceleration and it offers multidirectional grip in the field.


So, these are the best football shoes for men by various top brands, and you can purchase them through Khelmart at fascinating prices. Football is the game of acceleration; that is why, always choose the shoes that can enhance your comfortability and balance at high speed too.