Puma EvoSpeed 18.1 CrickBowl Fade Cricket Shoes Red Lime and Black
MRP Rs.9999  31% Off
Puma 19 FH Rubber Cricket Shoes Puma White Nrgy Blue Green
MRP Rs.5499  24% Off
Puma 20 FH Rubber Amaze Green Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5499  22% Off
Puma 19 FH Rubber Red Blast Yellow Alert White Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5499  22% Off
Puma 19 FH Rubber Red Blast Yellow Alert Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5499  22% Off
Puma 19 FH Rubber Bluemazing Orange Glow Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5499  22% Off
Puma 20 FH Rubber White Bluemazing Orange Glow Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5499  22% Off
Puma 19.2 Spike Cricket Shoes Red Yellow White
MRP Rs.6499  21% Off
Puma Spike 19.2 Elektro Green Nrgy and Blue
MRP Rs.6499  20% Off
Puma Spike 19.2 Cricket Shoes Puma White Puma Black Orange
MRP Rs.5999  17% Off
Puma 22 FH Rubber VK Puma White Gold Puma Black Cricket Shoes
MRP Rs.5999  10% Off
Puma Team Full Spike II Cricket Shoes White Black Orange  Purple
MRP Rs.6499  10% Off


About Brand
Puma is the third-largest manufacturer of sports shoes. Just like other cricket equipment, shoes also play a vital role in the performance of a cricketer. Puma is a German-based multinational company that brings innovative designs of cricket shoes with technology. Puma cricket shoes are still the first choice of many international cricket players including the current captain of the Indian cricket team. This company was owned by two brothers, namely Rudolf and Adolf Dassler. But with the passing time, the brothers separated from the company and both run two entitles now- Puma and Adidas. Puma is owned now by Rudolf.

Technology in Puma cricket shoes

Technical advancement is the need of the time to enhance any product and so does in shoes. The technique and the cricket shoes collaborate to create sneakers and spiked shoes to improve the performance of the cricketers. These spikes and sneakers are adjustable to the cricketers as they move. The shoes are manufactured with sustainable material. The sneaker tech is still keeping on releasing the best customized performing shoes to meet with the needs of the athletes.

Virat Kohli Puma cricket shoes

Indian cricket team captain is the brand ambassador of Puma shoes. In less than ten days before world cup 2019, Puma has launched the special editions for paying tribute to Virat Kohli. The special collector edition is Virat Kohlis shoes . The limited-edition Puma one8 shoes Virat Kohli comes with golden spikes 19.1 collectors edition. These shoes come with golden colour spikes and also with removable spikes on the outsole, along with rubber studs. Virat Kohli, as a special tribute said that I feel honoured for this tribute given by my Puma family. I am always fond of white and gold custom made shoes. I cant wait to take the field with this custom-made shoe that truly fits my style.

The best Puma cricket shoes with an innovative approach

The Puma cricket shoes have launched a wide range of cricket shoes with innovative approaches and techniques. Timely, Puma keeps on extending the previous version of shoes to meet with the requirements of the players and the game also. Take a look at the new range of Puma collections:

Puma Evospeed 18.1 Cricket spike shoes

The Puma Evospeed shoes come with an innovative approach and appealing design. It is one of the lightest shoes that come with a protective and lightweight combination. The upper features of the shoes are composed of synthetic material including breathability by the fully fused window. Closure straps give additional stability. The outsole that is anatomically engineered provides support and stability. The high-tech material used in its manufacturing minimizes the weight.

The Puma Evospeed 18.1 spike shoe fade

The Puma cricket spikes shoes are an extension of the above Puma Evospeed spike shoes. The upper features of the shoes are made from synthetic material. The fully fused mesh window provides extra stability and breathability. The outsole offers support and stability. The use of high-tech equipment makes it light-weighted.

Puma team full spike cricket shoes

The Puma teams full spike shoes contain soft synthetic material that allows breathability and also provides stability. The Puma cricket spike shoes allow quick pick up whenever and wherever the ball moves. The team full spike cricket shoes are an extension to all the spike shoe range of Puma. It comes with soft synthetic material which provides stability, support, and, breathability through a fully fused mesh window. The closure strap supports the need for balance. The outsole made with anatomically engineered outsole gives you strength and stability.

Puma Evospeed bowling Cricket shoes

The innovative design of Puma Evospeed bowling shoes is specially designed for the bowling purpose for instant pickup. It allows the bowler faster run with a comfortable grip. The Puma cricket shoes rubber spikes is an extended version of spike shoes. The upper features of the Puma Evospeed bowling cricket shoes are a form of soft synthetic material which gives extra stability and breathability through the fully fused mesh window. Additional, stability is provided through the closure strap which is required by the pace bowler. The high-tech material used in the manufacturing of Puma spike cricket shoes minimizes the weight of shoes and provides stability and strength to the players while running. The rubber sole plate comes with removable spikes and rubber toe reinforcement. The midfoot stability is supplied by TPU shank and comes with EVA foam.

So, here are some of the best collections of Puma cricket shoes which help in the enhancement of performance of the cricket players. The Puma company keeps on upgrading the shoe collection so that players get the best from the rest.

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