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New Balance CK4020 14 Cricket Shoes
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Rs. 4840
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Rs. 9399
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MRP Rs. 6299
New Balance CK4020 Stud Cricket Shoes
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Rs. 5099
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About Brand

The New Balance cricket shoes are designed for all types of fielding, batting, and bowling. New Balance Athletics is an America-based multinational company and the biggest manufacturer of sports shoes. The New Balance cricket shoes are endorsed by the worlds fastest bowlers like Dale Steyn and Liam Plunkett.

It recently launched the whole new range of cricket shoes with vibrant designs and a smart look. The nb spike shoes have been worn by Joy root during the world cup of 2019. The shoes have a keen eye on safety measures while playing. The New Balance shoes come with cricket spikes to stand off the ground thumbing force.

Whats new in the New Balance shoe technology?

The New Balance shoe comes with latest technology to improve the comfort level and shock absorbance to reduce friction from the ankle area. The midsole cushioning and comfort created with the technique called Abzorb with the help of Dupont is incredible. It consists of comfort characteristics and is lightweight because of the EVA foam. It creates extra bounce and resists compression.

The outsole comprises of rubber which is incorporated between the midsole and the pavement. The outsole comes with motion control technology which helps to support the natural structure of feet to compensate your bodys natural gait. The insole comes with typically removable padding of shoes that go inside the shoes. The New Balance shoes also offer Aetrex brand insoles.

Best New Balance cricket shoes with the latest technology The NB cricket shoes launched the whole new range of exciting cricket shoes with the latest technology; which is as follows-

New Balance CK4040 W3 Cricket shoes

The New Balance CK4040 W3 cricket shoes are specifically designed for fast bowling. A fast bowler generates fast action, force, velocity, and speed; and for achieving this, they require the right footwear to absorb the impact of landing and exploding. The heel consisting of revlite midsole and adzorb protect and support the foot during the bowling action. The New Balance bowling spikes consist of Abzorb, revlite midsole, medial post, midfoot support strap, Soft leather upper part, elastic fibre, 11 recessed spikes configuration, and protective cushion.

New Balance CK10 L3 cricket shoes

Nb cricket shoes are comfortable and lightweight, and are endorsed by Joe Root, England cricket team captain. It comes with 4mm thick heel to toe drop, which helps in gathering the ball during fielding. The New Balance CK10 L3 cricket shoes enhance the balance and also increase the reaction time with instant pickup. It consists of revlite midsole, synthetic upper part, 4mm heel to create toe drop balance and control, 11 spikes configuration, and an artificial upper part.

New Balance CK4030 W3 Cricket shoes

The New Balance CK4030 W3 cricket shoes contain Revlite midsole. The cushion of the heel and forefoot is made up of abzorb to minimize muscle fatigue during playing time. The New Balance cricket spikes consist of 11 spikes TPU plate that aligns to the foot and toe power for exceptional power. The heel cushion is of 12mm drop. The upper part is made up of synthetic leather and mesh to provide extra durability and breathability. It comes with removable spikes to offer superior traction.

The New Balance-4030 full spikes shoes

The nb full spikes shoes are specially designed for durability, comfort, and support. All the mentioned aspects are crucial for the performance of a cricket player whether it is a bowler, a batsman or a fielder. The nb cricket shoes come with a revlite midsole which helps in keeping the support to the feet through the lightweight cushion. The Abzorb crash pad present in the foot region provides strength and shock-absorbing quality to prevent fatigue. The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather and mesh to give durability and breathability to the wearer of the shoe. It consists of full spike length made from rubber which provides extra bounce during toe drop. The nb cricket shoes provide additional balance and strengthen the power by enhancing the performance of the player. The new balance-4030 full spike shoes come with removable spikes to offer superior strength and motion.

The latest technology fitted in the New Balance shoes helps in providing long-term durability to the shoes. It is manufactured with the help of latest technology to provide strength and stability for enhancing the performance of the cricketer. These are some of the best editions of the New Balance cricket shoes that are designed for all types of cricket players whether they are bowlers, batsmen or any fielder.


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