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SG Savage Spikes 1.0 Cricket Shoe Rd
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About Brand

About SG Cricket Shoes

The SG shoes are admired by the International cricket players in the Indian continent and sub-continent. SG (Sanspareils Greenlands) is the manufacturer of cricket shoes. Virender Sehwag became the brand ambassador of SG cricket shoes in the year 2008. SG offers shoes fitted with the latest technology to improve the game of the players. Keeping an eye on comfort level and injury-prone area of the feet, SG shoes come with the technique of shock absorbance and breathable quality. The SG shoes are especially designed for all cricket forms- batting, bowling, and fielding.

The latest technology in SG shoes

The SG shoes come with the latest technology of Helion-tech, which brings better rebound facility and comfort during running. The shoe cushions come with the combination of Helion-tech and cloud technology known as Helion foam. The super foam material is lighter, durable, agile and softer for all-day comfort.

The innovation of metallic spikes adds extra gripping to the ground during running. The focus of new technology is to provide fast running with lightweight and shock absorbance quality. The latest technology with ultra-comfort based upon running on cloud makes your feet light during running. The C-Max technology used in the heel area of shoes with dual material matric enhances the performance of the player.

The cloud tech and Helion tech makes the shoes with 50% Helion and 50% cloud technology to add extra comfort level. The light cushion foam used in the innovative shoes supports both Pushes on and push off while landing and picking on the ground. The duo-tech technology made from dual-density material adds extra ease in the arch area to provide natural foot movement.

Best SG cricket shoes

SG has a wide range of cricket shoes with all new technology fitted in the shoes. Some of the best quality shoes offered by SG are:

SG Sierra Full spike Cricket shoes

The SG sierra full spike cricket shoes are made up of top-quality synthetic material which provides durability and breathable comfort. The toe reinforcement is made up of cloud technology HP-PU stuff which adds durability features. The outsole is made up of rubber to add flexibility and shock absorbance quality over the ankle length. The rubber sole gives maximum traction during running and bowling. The SG cricket spikes come in metallic and rubber form. The upper part is made up of PU stuff for soft comfort. It comes with high grade Molded EVA in-stock to provide premium comfort.

Hilite T-14

The Hilite T-14 is the Sg cricket shoe spikes offered by SG. It is formed with a combination of upper mesh and high peeling PU material to add durability and comfort in wearing. The toe is reinforced with the PU microfiber for providing extra strength. FLX-V technology offers speed and flexibility for optimum tractions. The C-Max technology and duo-tech technology offers a combination of high-grade density material with dual matrix in the arch area for natural movement of the foot. The midfoot strap provides extra foot stability. The EVA lining provided below the arch gives extra comfort and shock absorbance. The SG cricket shoe rubber spike adds extra gripping during running for a firm landing on the ground.

The SG Screamer Cricket shoes with full metal spikes

The full metal spike shoes come with featherweight and with great innovative looks. The upper part made up of PU stuff with mesh provides durability and comfort. It comes with premium quality flexible rubber in the outsole to provide extra support and maximum tractions. The heel made up of modular matrix adds extra stability and form gripping on the ground. It comes with C-Max technology to provide dual-density in the arch area. It is helpful in the natural foot movement. The TPU spikes provide lightweight and optimum performance.

SG Xtreme 4.0 Cricket shoes

The SG Xtreme cricket shoes come with FLX-technology to provide maximum tractions and speed during running. The upper part consists of mesh and synthetic fibre which offers breathability and comfort for enhancing performance. The lightweight EVA midsole provides superior cushion and reactivity during running.

The arch area is fitted with moulded TPU tech to provide better support and comfort in the arch area. The TPU form allows the balance to the foot. The heels fitted with superior foam cushion provide fast pickup during the game. The high-grade moulded EVA present in the sock area enhances the comfort and performance of the player. The extra durable heels provide shock-absorbing features and provide stability during the landing phase. The mid-foot straps provide additional security and reduce stress from the ankle area.


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