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  1. Kawasaki MAO 11 II Badminton Racket
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  2. Young GT 100 Badminton Racket
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The most extensive and finest assortment of badminton rackets available in India:

Khelmart provides a comprehensive selection of badminton rackets from various international brands, offering distinct options across a spectrum ranging from entry-level to professional-grade equipment, catering to the diverse needs of players.

Badminton rackets are essential equipment for badminton players, as the entire game and one's ability to win depend on making the right racket choice.

Players must exercise careful consideration when selecting a racket, taking into account the following points:

Choose the appropriate racket weight according to your game's requirements: 

Choosing the right racket weight is a critical decision, as it directly influences your power and racket swing. Mid-weight rackets (approximately 85 to 89 grams) are highly suitable for professional singles players as they facilitate maximum power transfer to the shuttle. However, it's worth noting that mid-weight rackets demand more wrist power for easy manoeuvrability. Lightweight rackets are primarily recommended for beginners or doubles badminton players, especially in scenarios where swift racket swings and nimble manoeuvrability are essential for fast-paced rallies. 

At, we offer a convenient filtering option that allows buyers to precisely identify the right racket based on weight.

The balance of the racket is pivotal for achieving success:

Buyers must exercise meticulous attention in selecting the racket balance, as it directly affects their gameplay. Head-heavy rackets deliver significant power in shots (examples include Yonex Voltric series, Li-Ning Axforce, and Thrax G Force series), while head-light rackets provide exceptional swing speed and manoeuvrability. Yonex Nanoflare, Li-Ning Bladex, and Thrax Nano-implues series belong to the head-light category.

String and its Tension for Badminton Players:

Careful consideration of string type and its tension plays a vital role in enhancing overall racket performance. At Khelmart, when a buyer opts for custom stringing, our experts handle the stringing process in accordance with the racket's standard and technical specifications, ensuring that the player attains maximum performance.

There's a common misconception among players that a high string tension racket provides better power. However, from a technical standpoint, higher string tension offers improved control over the shuttle and is primarily recommended for professional players. For intermediate-level badminton players, we recommend a string tension in the range of 25 to 26 pounds, as it offers an excellent balance between power and shuttle control


Q and A for Badminton Rackets

Q:  What factors should I consider when choosing a badminton racket?

Ans: Consider your playing style, skill level, and budget. Factors like racket weight, balance, and string tension are also crucial.

Q: What is the ideal racket weight for a beginner?

Ans: Newcomers to badminton often prefer lightweight rackets, typically weighing between 78-80 grams, as they offer improved handling and manoeuvrability. Notable choices for beginners include the Thrax Airstrike 78, Yonex Astrox Lite 27i, and Li-Ning Air Force 78.i and Li Ning Air force 78 are some of the rackets suitable for beginners.

Q: Should I choose a pre-strung racket or opt for custom stringing?

Ans: Opting for custom racket stringing significantly enhances performance. For instance, selecting Yonex BG 65 with a string tension of 25 to 26 lbs ensures the racket delivers enhanced power and optimal repulsion. Therefore, custom stringing is strongly advised for improved results.

Q: What string tension should I use for my racket?

Ans: String tension varies based on playing style. Intermediate players often opt for 25-26 lbs for a good balance of power and control.

Q: Can I use a badminton racket for both singles and doubles play?

Ans: When playing at a club or for recreational purposes, it's acceptable to use the same racket for both doubles and singles matches. However, professional players typically employ distinct rackets for doubles play. Skillful doubles players often favour head-light rackets, while those focused on powerful play opt for head-heavy rackets.

Q: What is the difference between graphite and aluminium rackets?

Ans: Aluminium-based rackets primarily cater to beginners due to their relatively heavier nature, limited capacity to withstand higher string tensions, and limited ability to generate power. Conversely, graphite rackets excel in impact strength, shaft flexibility, and rebound potential. Graphite rackets are lightweight and capable of handling string tensions up to 30 lbs.

Q: Do you offer guidance on selecting the right badminton racket?

Ans: Indeed, Khelmart offers expert guidance to assist you in selecting the ideal racket tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. Buyers can reach out to Khelmart's customer care hotline or directly message us on WhatsApp to receive personalised, complimentary advice on racket selection based on their individual skill set.